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Author Topic: La Familia  (Read 6137 times)


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La Familia
« on: Feb 20, 14, 05:11:36 PM »
the sect of our lady

The Sect of Our Lady of Guidance and Peace is colloquially known as La Familia -- the Family. On the surface, it’s a fringe element of Blood society that feels that the Purge was not instigated by Witch, but simply a Black-Jeweled Queen of the Black Tower. They believe that the true Dreams Made Flesh is coming to right the wrongs done to them by that false Lady, and what they must do to be worthy of Her is spread the word of Her coming. Upheld as the prophet of Her arrival is the man known as the Patriarch, a shadowy figure who is rumored to be a descendant of Prince Fermin, the Priest who led the rebellion against ancient Anagon and won Sarque’s freedom. Attempts to discern the truth of the Patriarch’s identity are rebuffed by his followers--through misdirection, threats, and often violence.

The beliefs of the Sect are fairly simple. It is founded upon three simple facts: firstly, that the Darkness is a loving protector of life, not a destructive force. Secondly, that Senja Ankelo, the Black-Jeweled Queen of Ebon Askavi, was not Witch. Finally, they believe that the true Witch is coming.

The three tenets of the Sect of Our Lady of Guidance and Peace are Correspondence, Concordance, and Conference. Correspondence is heavily influenced by Tacean philosophy; it is the belief that the Darkness is in everything, and because of this fact, nature cannot help but be full of signs which will speak to the arrival of Witch. Concordance is the study of other systems of belief, from Dena Nehele to Chaillot. Sectists believe that at the heart of every religion is the same set of traditions, the ones handed down from the Dragons at the conception of the Blood, and through study of all religions, one moves closer to the Darkness. Conference is the requirement to come together at a pre-ordained time in order to share what you know and receive guidance from those higher in the Sect. Conference also requires the sharing of wealth between the members of the Sect, as well as willing assistance within each individual’s ability.

Most of the members of the Sect are not pureblooded Dhemlan. In fact, most pureblooded Dhemlanese shun the Sect as delusional. They are disproportionately of mixed heritage, what many would refer to as ‘half-breeds’, with as many as four mixed-heritage Dhemlanese to any one pureblood Dhemlan. In the Sect, one sees a variety of coloration and bone structure not seen in any other part of Dhemlan’s society; many of those under its aegis may not even be Dhemlanese at all, but a mix of other races found throughout the Realm.

dual-heritage movement

While the Sect is a legitimate religious movement, it is also a front for something much more sinister. The Sect, in addition to its lofty philosophical goals, is a protection scheme devoted to the promotion of mixed-heritage fortunes within Terreille in general and Dhemlan in specific. It acknowledges that the life of a half Long-Lived person is a unique kind of torture; with a lifetime too long to fit among the short-lived, but one far too short to fit among the long-lived, they have few places to go where they may be accepted. So the sect within the Sect--the Family--seeks to level the playing field. Businesses which pay the Family a reasonable fee are protected from competition, theft, and--to a certain extent--the law. The Darker-Jeweled or high-Caste of the Sect are often pulled to produce reprisals, from violent to subtle, for those who attempt to compete with shops or companies under the Family’s aegis of protection. The money earned from this scheme is often fed back into mixed-heritage shops and businesses.

Recently, the Family has taken matters into its own hands regarding the perceived inequality of grain distribution within Dhemlan. It actively raids shipments from Atholi to Gravardi and beyond; in part, this is reprisal for the Queen of Atholi’s continued attempts to force a reunification of ancient Anagon, but it is mostly inspired by those in Sarque who are starving. The natives of Sarque consider themselves indomitable, but starvation has no face for them to punch, and they are extremely poor in Queens. It is difficult for hunters, whether conquistador or hidalgo, to follow the natives among the mountain paths, so they often are successful in their raids.

Most of Sarque considers itself more a part of the mountains than the rest of Dhemlan, despite the racial differences between themselves and the other mountain people, i.e. the people of Raej. Interbreeding between the Dhemlanese and short-lived races is more common in Sarque than in any other Province. In Sarque, Warlord Princes are significantly more common than Queens, especially in the wake of the Great War. But even before, there were few natural-born Sarque Queens, and male rulers are more common in Sarque than anywhere else. Sarque’s last Queen was Amparo Vargas, who wore Purple Dusk but died of shortly before the Great War of complications from congenital illness.

The lack of Queens is why, in part, the Family has begun to openly strive towards drawing ‘half-breed’ families to the mountains of Sarque. They have been drawing mixed-blood families to Sarque for a good fifty years now, which already had a critical mass of dual-bloodlines, and have no real intention of stopping as long as they can feed them all.