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Dhemlan has become a land divided. The corruption that Witch’s Purge wiped out in the rest of the Realms was preserved by the well-meaning sacrifice of the territory’s Ebon Gray Queen. As such, the corruption here has only intensified. The tension between the Landen and the Blood who were meant to care for them is fast reaching a boiling point.
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Author Topic: A Voyage to Forget  (Read 83 times)


Offline Kyosti Sisco

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A Voyage to Forget
« on: Jan 09, 18, 05:03:41 PM »
Summer 192 AP: Arrival in Amdarh, Dhemlan

The voyage had been...stressful, to say the least.

This dark bargain would be the end of him if he didn’t find a way out of it. Kyosti stood at the bow watching final docking procedures. He itched to get off the ship and have it cleaned of the sins committed there. A dark spectre approached the Prince. Tendrils of Craft climbed across his stiff body and pulled him towards her. He stared into the eyes of a wickedly beautiful female. Every aspect of her face was perfect, but as he saw her beauty he also saw her rotten soul. Mother Night protect me.

Kyosti turned his face from the Dark Jewelled woman who held him prisoner. She rubbed her cheek against his, her sweet floral perfume smelled of death in his nose. Her arm coiled around to the back of his neck. The viper gave him a soft blood-red smile.

“I trust your crew can keep their peace.” She hissed in his ear.

“Of course my Lady.” He gasped out.

“Excellent, we have much work to do in the city. We will bring Mother Night’s errant children
back home or return them to the Darkness.”

The Sapphire Prince managed to nod his head in reply.

The witch laughed and pulled him into a hard kiss.  She pulled back and walked towards the stairs. “I must finish packing, but I’m sure I’ll see you very soon my dear Prince.” She said as she blew another kiss towards him before departing to below deck.

Kyosti’s legs trembled as he grasped the ship’s railing for balance. He drew in a ragged breath and wiped his mouth on his sleeve leaving a smudge of red on the white linen. The Sapphire Prince gathered his wits and brushed off the traces of Craft left on his body. He then noticed Brock staring at him from across the deck. Kyosti flushed as Brock started to make his way over.

The Landen wore an unreadable expression as he addressed his employer. “Shall I begin disembarking the passengers?”

“Brock,’s not what it looks like...I didn’t mean for any of this to happen.” Kyosti stammered as he struggled to explain the inexcusable.

Brock ground his teeth but maintained his impassive facade. “You’ve made the bed for all of us. Now, what about the passengers?”

Kyosti winced. “Yes, let them off first.”

“Very good sir.” Brock snapped his heels together and departed.

The Prince rubbed his hands across his face. Fuck!

Soon afterwards, the remaining passengers began to file down the ship’s ramp to the dock. Kazel caught his eye as she helped a heavily pregnant Blood female. He caught his messenger’s eye and saw her expression shift to fury. Kazel raised her middle finger at him then continued to help the young woman. Kyosti looked away guiltily.

Kyosti waited until every crate had been unloaded before departing himself. As he made his way to the nearest Inn, he feared the worst of the journey was yet to come.

Offline Kazel Torin

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Re: A Voyage to Forget
« Reply #1 on: Jan 12, 18, 02:32:48 AM »
Kazel couldn’t wait to get off that damned cursed ship. She nearly dragged Kassondra in her hurry to put distance between them and Kyosti’s poor decisions. Kazel would need to think long and hard about stepping back on that floating horror show. Especially if that psycho was planning to return to Glacia with them. Kazel made sure to indicate her disapproval of his actions or lack thereof with an appropriately rude hand gesture at her boss.

The Jewelless Blood female waddled at such a slow pace it grated on the already raw temper of her caretaker. More than once on the journey Kazel had briefly imagined smothering the difficult passenger. It didn’t help that Kassondra had failed to disclose her pregnancy at the outset of the journey. Uck. The experience had reaffirmed Kazel’s aversion to having children.

Slowly the pair made their way to a budget Inn. Along the way Kazel politely refused ‘good paying work’ offered to them by the helpful males that lingered around the dock. Kassondra’s terribly wide-eyed expression didn’t bode well for her future of fitting in to the new Territory.
Once Kazel settled the pregnant female into the least expensive room available, she told the Blood girl to rest as she made preparations for her permanent residence. Exhausted from the journey, the girl quickly fell right asleep. Kazel gently closed the door and made her way down to the tavern and ordered a glass of sweet ale.

Kazel spun a coin on the bar as she drank. A fork lay in her path. Kazel knew people on both roads, one paid out the other one needed to be paid for. Both dealt with refugees, just in very different ways. Kazel wasn’t a bad person for considering the options before her. It was only natural for a girl to want to find the best deal possible after all. She would check around and just think on the possibilities.