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Canon: © Anne Bishop
Board's Plot: Blood Rites
Points Scheme: Mother Night
Ratio System: Blood Rites

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Established February 2010
by Jamie, Gina & Bowie.

* Plot Information for Dhemlan, Kaeleer

Dhemlan has become a land divided. The corruption that Witch’s Purge wiped out in the rest of the Realms was preserved by the well-meaning sacrifice of the territory’s Ebon Gray Queen. As such, the corruption here has only intensified. The tension between the Landen and the Blood who were meant to care for them is fast reaching a boiling point.
Court of Dhemlan
Culture of Dhemlan
Castes of Dhemlan

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  1. Let Me See a Wandering Star
  2. Aiming Blind
  3. A Confusing Conundrum, Expanded
  4. Finest Wardrobe In Offering
  5. Most Precious a Treasure, Bartered for Maror
  6. Viva la pasión y la fuerza
  7. The Gala of Queens: Velocity
  8. Stand Up Quick, Fire in the House
  9. Once Your Beauty Is Mine
  10. To Burn Out Forever Or Light Up A Spark
  11. Creatures And City Lights
  12. Life goes on and on
  13. Everything I've ever done
  14. Got a date with destiny
  15. and the world was without light
  16. Undeniable Proposition Number Seven
  17. Breaking Bread
  18. Faith in All the Wrong Places
  19. The Gala of Queens
  20. Heaven's So Far Away
  21. Justice with No Name
  22. Hidden treasure
  23. Crazy like a fox
  24. Catch the sun before he slips away
  25. The Taming of the Shrew
  26. The Price of a life
  27. Count bodies like sheep
  28. palm tree escape
  29. Hold This Space So I Can Hold My Life Together
  30. I have seen the fields aflame
  31. Just a pinprick
  32. Paying Dues
  33. Liaisons
  34. Lie and smile to get what's mine
  35. Iterations: Castles in the Sand
  36. Where the sky meets the sea, it calls me
  37. The Remedy
  38. everything you want, everything you need
  39. There's a stranger in *my* bed!
  40. Roughened Diamonds Singing
  41. The Prettiset Summons: Tides of Change
  42. Reallocation of Asshats
  43. Thoughts, Curved Like Boomeranged Knives
  44. A Better Offer
  45. fog bound
  46. Know Virtue, Know Vice
  47. Lost and Flawed Diamonds
  48. Thousand Steps O'er the Sea
  49. Anywhere but here
  50. A wave o' th' sea
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