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Winter, 194 Years after the Purge

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Author Topic: Will Heaven Step In  (Read 546 times)

Description: Letters to Elenor in Mid-Summer 193

Offline Guadalupe Fabrizia

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Will Heaven Step In
« on: Sep 06, 18, 01:22:26 PM »
Lupe had taken command of the Atholi Province only within the last few months and had a mountain of work to sort out with the execution of her predecessor. Isadora had ran a tight ship and the Court was well maintained - but many of those loyal to her had either resigned or been taken into custody themselves when all of her crimes had been revealed.

The new Queen of Atholi was one of the youngest rulers in record and the burden of ruling Atholi, the breadbasket of Dhemlan, was no small matter. She'd hit the ground running taking on meeting after meeting, getting her Court put together and all the contracts made. She'd made a specific point of making sure every male to serve in her Court would wear a Ring of Obedience. Unlike her predecessor, however, it was clearly stated and made an open requirement. Those who refused did not serve in her Court, simple as that. No harm, no foul. Some whispered Guadalupe was just Isadora remade, but it was an old tradition and one Lupe was willing to fall back on in these uncertain times. With Alexi raising hell on the roads and causing a crisis, she had absolutely no tolerance for disloyalty or division.

With the mounting problems of trade becoming clear, she turned to Isadora's records that had been kept in the Court Mansion. Isaodra's Steward had been a very competent man, albeit held against his will, and she'd been thankful for his recordkeeping. Correspondence that had been for Isadora had been stacked up, and during one particular lull in her schedule, the every high-octave Queen thought best to get through the backlog.

Among them was from a Queen of the Sabbah. Guadalupe had remembered Isadora's talk about her bountiful trade with the Geiba of Pruul, and Lupe recalled her lessons in the Academy that the Geiba were a daugher tribe of the Sabbah.

Wheels turned and turned. The Sabbah were a powerful tribe in Pruul. They had ruled up until recently, she knew. The Salt Mines had supposedly been shut down by the edict of a child-messiah Priestess Queen, (The Mother, she remembered the term), so that meant that they likely weren't peddling in flesh anymore.

Too bad, it would have been a convenient way to get rid of Alexi, she thought with some annoyance.

Still, trade to the north may not have been as difficult as trade to the rest of Dhemlan. With Alexi blocking the roads only the Winds sufficed, and that was a shade of the true potential of Atholi's trade. She needed more. More people, more resources, more money, and she had good she could give with her bountiful little Province.

Rather than have her Steward transcribe, Lupe took quill to parchment herself and began to write...

To the Lady Elenor Lirion al-Sabbah,

I must offer my deepest apologies for the lateness in this address. I am Lady Guadalupe Fabrizia, the new Queen of Atholi Province in Dhemlan of the Realm of Light. I understand you have attempted to have correspondence with my predecessor, the late Lady Isadora Diamente. I must unfortunately inform you that the Lady Diamente no longer rules Atholi and indeed has passed from the realms of the living. I was her protege for the last decade and have taken up the Province Seat.

The lateness of this letter is purely attributed to the sheer amount of work that has been done in Atholi since her passing and is not born out of any desire to ignore your offers of friendship, Lady Lirion al-Sabbah. Atholi and the Geiba had a long history of cooperation and that extended to Prince Andremelech al-Sabbah after the destruction of the Geiba at the order of Lady al-Kaid. I understand that Prince Andremelech no longer leads the Sabbah as its voice and I would hope that you and I, as the newest prospective leaders of our groups, can continue a profitable and mutually beneficial partnership as our predecessors had.

No doubt, our goals are different from our forebears - yet let us speak not of how we differ, but how we align.

You are always welcome to meet me at my home in Atholi. I would very much like to see you and speak to you Queen to Queen. If you are unable due to your responsibilities to Clan Sabbah, I wholly understand. Ours is a heavy mantle to bear.

I eagerly await your correspondence.

Sincerely Yours,
Lady Guadalupe Fabrizia
Queen of Atholi Province within Dhemlan in the Realm of Light

Offline Elenor al-Sabbah

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Re: Will Heaven Step In
« Reply #1 on: Sep 06, 18, 03:25:59 PM »
To Lady Guadalupe Fabrizia,

Before all else, please allow me to offer my condolences for the death of your mentor and congratulations on your ascension to power. You are right, it is a heavy mantle we bear and I sincerely hope it is not proving to be too stressful in this first while. Please think nothing of the lateness of your reply. In times of such tumultuous change, things are bound to fall through the cracks.

Your letter caught me by lucky happenstance while very close to Atholi. While I understand if the short notice does not suit you, I could be available to come to visit for a day and night three days from now. If that is not convenient, I would be happy to correspond until I am next able to travel out of Pruul. I'd offer to host you in return but my residence in the city of Onn is not entirely accessible these days and I would not want to put another Queen in danger.

As you already expressed, I am happy to let the past remain in the past and meet as two new Queens of our respective peoples, to determine how we might aid each other. It is true that Prince Adramelech al-Sabbah no longer serves as Voice of our Clan and his goals and methods are not ones the current Voice, Lord Fin al-Sabbah or I intend to carry on. However, we do hope to maintain a friendly alliance with Atholi as has stood in the past and I look forward to finding ways to work together to benefit both of our great peoples.

Sincerely Yours,
Lady Elenor Lirion al-Sabbah
Queen of Clan Sabbah of Pruul

The letter had been hard to write. It had been an emotional and... explosive week and Elenor was exhausted, but when it arrived unexpectedly at the guesthouse where they were staying, she had spoken with her Master of the Guard and decided that they could spare a day in their schedule to go to Dhemlan. On the Darker Winds, after all, travel was relatively quick and painless, so as soon as a reply arrived they packed up and left Hayll behind.

Thank the Darkness.

It hurt with an almost physical intensity as they crossed over the edge of Pruul briefly without stopping or dropping from the Winds, but Elenor just tightened her jaw and continued penning notes and letters in her tiny cubicle of a cabin at the back of the Coach. By the time they neared the manor of the Queen of Atholi it was near dusk and her back and neck ached, head throbbing like it always did these days. She changed out of her comfortable travel clothes into a Pruulian dress that would suit the heat that still managed to be intense even this close to sunset and waited until her traveling companions were ready as well before requesting that Danyal lower the Coach to the Landing Web.


Nods, sounds of approval. Considering the last meeting they had, had literally ended in flames she wouldn't blame them if they were a little apprehensive of her stability. "I promise not to punch, knee or stomp on anyone today."

A grunt from Danyal was all the answer she got. He must still be feeling grumpy about it. Elenor could apologize again but what good would it do? No, better to just keep her mind on the meeting at hand. There was no reason to think it would go poorly this time. Well, other than the fact that Atholi had cheerfully traded with both the Geiba and Adramelech under the last regime. Hopefully, this new Queen wouldn't be expecting more of the same in Elenor.

As the exited the Coach, Michael took up a place at her left, offering her his arm, which she took, Luc and Danyal falling in on either side with the Ladies trailing behind. Lady Fabrizia was waiting for them with her own entourage and Elenor bowed politely when they got close enough to exchange greetings.

"Thank you for having us at such short notice, Lady Fabrizia. It's a pleasure to meet you in person."