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It is natural for a Long-Lived Territory to remember the past, but it is equally essential to for them step into the future, and Dhemlan’s future is Democracy. With a proud tradition of representative government already in place, post-war Dhemlan has chosen to let the people decide their path forward. With drought and starvation looming, no one knows who the next ruler will be, but they do know this: the fate of Dhemlan Terreille will be decided not on the battlefield, but at the polls.
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Author Topic: Stay Awhile and Listen  (Read 230 times)

Description: attn: Joana

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Stay Awhile and Listen
« on: Dec 31, 18, 02:33:51 PM »
Today, he was visiting the Ardath.  The last time he had been here was to do a 'small' concert.  This time he was here on 'official' business.  He'd heard of how Dhemlan was going to try something new - that something being an election to determine who would rule Dhemlan.  Frankly, he thought it a brilliant idea. 

But he wasn't here to announce that he was going to run, even if he was technically capable of doing so.  No, he was here to apply for something else.

The ability to make sure that the candidates got their messages out there.  The ability to make sure that the people heard their voices, and saw the debates, (because of course there would be debates), and could witness history in the making.  He wanted to put his mark on that.  Who better than someone whose entire existence revolved around the public in the first place?

The parliament building was not his favorite building in the Territory.  The acoustics here were terrible.  That was really why he didn't like it.  If Dhemlan was going to make a building which would house the very government, shouldn't it go all the way and make sure the acoustics were worthy of the sound the government would make?  That, however, was probably just his inner musician complaining.  He was willing to admit it was a personal quirk.

Settling into a chair in a small lobby to await his 'turn', he pulled out a book and settled some glasses on his nose.  No need to strain his vision while he let his mind wander through the adventures of fantastical Dhemlanese warriors, after all.  Reading this book might just help him remain relaxed while he waited to see if he could land this position.

Hell, he really wanted this position.  It surprised him, actually, just how much he wanted it. 

His mother thought him a bit silly - after all, he might be beloved by his fans but the Territory at large was still going to see him as a Half Breed first.  That was fair, he'd always said.  But his heritage didn't have to hold him back - and he could make of his life something to be an example to others why they shouldn't concern themselves with such stupid categorizations. 

They might still not allow you to do this, considering..

That didn't matter.  For his little sister, for himself, he was going to try.