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Author Topic: Naraii Elizondo  (Read 1679 times)

Description: Witch. Purple Dusk to Blood Opal. Played by phinn.

Offline Naraii Elizondo

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Naraii Elizondo
« on: Feb 20, 15, 02:50:12 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Naraii Elizondo
Age:  184 (Born 10 PP)
Race:  Long-lived
Caste: witch
Birth Territory: Dhemlan Kaeleer
Home Territory: Dhemlan Kaeleer

Birthright Jewel: uncut Purple Dusk
Offering Jewel:  uncut Blood Opal

Play By: Amerie
Distinguishing Features:
Naraii is something of a tomboy and has always been a little on the fearless side. She's earned more than a few little scars here and there as a result, but nothing grotesque or overtly noticeable. She's typical for a long-lived Dhemlan female, with the possible exception of her athleticism.

Naraii doesn't have a particularly strong scent; she doesn't care for perfumes or incense. She does use natural soaps that leave her smelling faintly of local oleander and orange blossoms.


As with most people, much of Naraii's personality as an adult stems from things which impacted her life in her younger, formative years. That her life began with the death of her mother - nay, as the cause of her mother's death - is knowledge Naraii lives with daily. From the time she was old enough to understand what it meant that her mother died in childbirth, Naraii has clung to her brother and mimicked his ways. It was as if a young Naraii thought that if she blended in well enough at Headrix's side, no one would remember that it was her that'd killed Leah Elizondo. If she could pull that off, then she wouldn't risk losing the love of the father she so idolized. This was perhaps where an acute distortion in Naraii's sense of self-worth originated. By her adult years she has managed to shield this view well from common sight, so much so that she is hardly aware of it herself, much of the time.

Following an older brother about and trying to match him step for step was no easy thing, but being left behind was not an option Naraii considered viable. She needed to be where Headrix was, making herself valuable and useful in the same ways she saw her brother establishing his own worth. Being willful and determined often won out against exasperated trainers and even her father, if she was careful in the application of stubbornness. Surely some of that bullheadedness was just bred into her blood, but its potential usefulness was confirmed for her early on. That this has became woven into the women she has grown to be is a boon at times when persistence pays off, but it often becomes a thorn in her side as well. There are often times when compromise is necessary and Naraii is left floundering because of what feels like an inability to let go of how she thinks something should be.

Growing up at her brother's side meant her friends were his friends. She learned to enjoy coarse humor, bawdy laughter, idiotic stunts for attention (watching them - she was too proud to perform them for the entertainment of others, naturally), food, ale, and general merrymaking. Naraii loves to laugh, loves to be entertained, and is generally hard to upset once she's set her mind to relaxing. When she's set to serious matters, she's a bit easier to rankle. She is her father's daughter, and holds herself to very high standards. This exacting and critical eye is merciless when judging her own work, though it's rare that she will slander her own efforts aloud to anyone but Headrix. When she is testing herself, though, her pride is often an easy target by which to unseat her.

Her time spent at court is a constant exercise in restraint. Naraii is pleasant and gregarious while there, and sometimes even enjoys the conversations she has and the people she meets. However, she has a short supply of patience for the monotonous, redundant parts of court. Headrix took to his place at court like a fish to water, and for once Naraii does not try to emulate him so closely. She is far too forthright a person to enjoy herself in spite of the duplicity and falseness that Protocol requires. She puts in her time of service, and she holds herself in check until she is given leave. While it is commonly known that she and Headrix spent some years travelling abroad, it is NOT so well known that they spent much of that time hunting bounties. In fact, precious few people outside of the family know about Naraii's fascination with combat and her insistence in engaging in it. Having such a thing be tossed through the rumor mill would run too close to something like a scandal, and Naraii is NOT about to have her family name given over to those slandering wolves.

Even if she constantly has to fight the very unladylike urge to throttle certain people at court.

Naraii is generally friendly to those she meets until they give her reason to dislike them. That said, she is slow to make truly close friends. Once she does she is loyal to a fault. It's as though she does not know how to love someone a little bit; it's either acquaintanceship or friends-till-death, it seems. This may be due to the fact that one cannot get to know Naraii well without understand how much she loves and emulates her father and brother - right down to fighting styles. Naraii has a hard enough time keeping her secrets herself during the trying days at court. Inviting intimacy with someone else is asking for complications and drama. So generally, she doesn't.

Naraii does not have a large family to speak of, but those people of her blood and their long-lived household are vitally important to her. The Elizondo reputation is sterling, something her father worked long and hard to accomplish, and Naraii intends to see that it stays that way. Outwardly, she seems an outgoing, fun-loving but respectable representation of her father's house. It is only those closest to her that see the mule-headed, rowdy, lives-to-scrap version of her that is more truly her heart.

  • Challenges. Naraii has never enjoyed the easy path in anything. Despite all the bluster and smack she talks, she has little pride in herself. She makes up for it in taking pride in her accomplishments, and the bigger the challenge, the bigger the bragging rights when she topples it.

  • Travelling. She truly enjoyed the time she spent exploring the realm with Headrix. While it would terrify her to attempt the same sort of travelling without him (specifically, without his reversed shielding), she looks forward to the point where she can set out once more in search of adventure.

  • Revelry. Naraii likes to play as hard as she fights. She grew up hanging out with her older brother Headrix and his friends - rowdy, raucous boys. This was where she learned to socialize, how she learned to have fun. To this day she enjoys a round of drinks and some lively storytelling at a pub, and would rather be there than any high-brow social event. She did acquire a love of dancing at one point in her life, but that isn't a fact she admits to often... especially not around the guys.

  • Being told she can't do something. This is the surest way to make sure Naraii does something. It's a blow to her pride to be told she can't do something that she thinks she can do. It isn't that she things she can do anything she pleases - she's no Tiberius Octavian. But she's learned that many things which seem impossible can be accomplished with enough cleverness and hard work.

  • Cowards. Fighting, whether physically or otherwise, is part of life. People fight every day for what they have, and then they fight to defend and keep it. This applies to physical possessions in some degree, but more importantly to one's honor, one's name, one's family, one's station. Naraii cannot understand people who would rather give up something vitally important to them rather than stand up and fight for it.

  • Lying. Her father impressed quite soundly upon both Naraii and her brother Headrix how disappointed in them and hurt by them he was when they disobeyed him and continued Naraii's training without his knowledge. Though the family has mended since then, Naraii still clearly recalls how it felt to bear her father's displeasure. She has attached this feeling to the notion of lying, and has made every effort to be truthful as possible ever since. Even white lies make her uncomfortable, and she despises being lied to.

  • Losing control. Though Naraii has had some success at using meditative techniques to keep herself from losing control during a fight, she still heavily relies on Headrix's shields in the heat of the moment. She fears that one day he won't be there when she needs to confront something, and that she'll do more damage than good as a result.

  • Sullying her family name. Now that her father is gone, his reputation is all that remains. That and his children. As one half of that equation, Naraii understands how easy it would be for her to slip up and bring shame down on the family. Though she has yet to commit a serious faux pas at Court, but when there she feels a bit like a bull in a china shop.   

  • Headrix's death. Aside from some household members that have been with the family for centuries, Headrix is all that Naraii has left. They are the last remaining blood of Cirunael's family line, and though she has no reason to think that either of them will perish any time soon, it's still a fear that haunts her now and again.

    Craft Strengths:
  • Passing through objects. One of the trademarks of Naraii's fighting style is to simply not be there when a strike lands. When she can't (or chooses not to) accomplish this by physical movement, she has become adept at letting the weapon pass through her, much to the consternation of her opponent. She typically does not employ this tactic unless she is in serious danger, however, as it feels a bit like cheating, to her.

  • Tracking craft. Naraii and Headrix spent years 'adventuring' and exploring the realm. For a good portion of this time they worked at hunting down bounties, and Naraii learned through experience how to fine-tune the craft aspects of her hunting habits.

  • Advanced Stealth Craft: Just because Naraii returned to Dhemlan and lost Headrix's company to a court position doesn't mean Naraii has stopped poking her nose into places it doesn't belong. She's simple learned to do so quietly while on her own. Once she began trying to learn, she found she had a natural proclivity for Stealth Craft, and with practice has managed to perfect a truly impressive amount of subtlety when she wants to remain unnoticed.

    Craft Weaknesses:
  • Mind Delving. Craft is craft, but for some reason mind delving feels to Naraii like breaking some unwritten rule somewhere. She has never been able to get past the discomfort the subject brings her enough to learn how to do it well. If she needs to forcibly pull information from someone, she'd much rather beat it out of them. Don't tell Headrix.

  • Death spells. Again -  cheating. Naraii loves a challenge, but she does not love killing. If it must be done - a circumstance that is rare enough in her mind as it is - then it ought to be done honorably, face to face. Her distaste for death spells is so strong that she cannot overcome it in order to learn them.

  • Timed Craft: Without Headrix's constant coaching, Naraii no longer has the ability to correctly deploy Craft that requires a timed element. This inhibits some aspects of her Tracking Craft, as she can no longer successfully leave a lure or trigger for a quarry to trip. It also prevents her from utilizing timed spells in more mundane ventures, such as preparing food or setting trap spells.

    Life Story

    Mother: Leah Elizondo Yellow - Rose witch (deceased)
    Father: Cirunael Elizondo Tiger Eye - Summer Sky Warlord Prince (deceased)
    Siblings: Headrix Elizondo Rose - Purple Dusk Prince (Born 7 AP)

    Naraii was the second child born to Cirunael and Leah Elizondo, three years after her brother Headrix. The birth was a difficult one, and though Naraii was born strong and healthy, her mother succumbed and died mere moments after hearing her daughter's first cries. Cirunael was a loving but reserved man, a stalwart member of Mitra Sa Roya's old First Circle tasked with overseeing the territory's military. Suddenly, the wife he'd expected to spend thousands of years loving was gone, and Cirunael was left with two very young children depending solely on him. A well-regarded man, he'd made a name for himself as a respected strategist and tactician . He was known not for the strength of his magic - he was a light-jeweled man - but for the strength of his mind, his integrity and his courage. He possessed a keen insight into resolving situations, be they on a battlefield or in his own home. He did the best he could with the situation in which he found himself. Despite being far from the perfect father figure, neither Naraii nor Headrix ever had cause to doubt that they were greatly loved. In fact, Naraii idolized Cirunael and grew up wanting to BE her father, and from the age she could walk she was at his elbow nearly every moment that he would allow. Cirunael allowed much, because Naraii's insatiable curiosity and apparent interest in the world around her made him proud. Though both she and Headrix were headstrong and a little too clever for their own good, they might well have been the most well-behaved children in Dhemlan. Not even hardheaded Naraii thought it wise to test her father's patience, after all, and his reputation was very important to him.

    Naraii and Headrix grew and learned in tandem. Though Headrix was older and quite intelligent even as a boy, Naraii had willpower and courage to spare. What she might have lacked in size or might, she made up for in sheer determination. When it came time for Headrix to begin the sorts of combat-oriented lessons from which women were typically excluded, Naraii was horrified when she was told to wait for him at home. When she begged and pleaded to be included in the lessons, Cirunael acquiesced more easily than he might otherwise have, had Leah survived. Keeping the pair of them together only made it that much easier for him to keep watch over his children, and the soft spot he carried for his daughter made it difficult for him to refuse her.

    He soon regretted his decision. He'd trusted the nature of women in general to eventually turn Naraii's head away from combat training. Surely she'd begin training with Headrix, but be distracted by some more appropriate pastime before long, he'd thought. But the first time an eight-year-old Naraii disarmed an eleven-year-old Headrix, Cirunael began to realize he'd let things go too far. He began to try and dissuade Naraii from such ventures. She resisted at first, but her compulsion to obey her father outweighed even her great love of fighting, so she tried her hand at other hobbies as he instructed. To appease her, he allowed her to shift her focus to things that were still combat-oriented, but were traditionally more feminine. Fletching and archery, for instance, and learning about other, ranged weapons. Naraii drank it all up, but nothing quite satisfied her like drawing a sword and dancing back and forth with Headrix. She still watched every one of his trainings that she was allowed to watch, and when the two played it was always at fighting if Naraii had any say about it. Cirunael kept trying to distract her with other pastimes, even going so far to draw her into a wager in order to trap her into agreeing to dance lessons when she lost. Naraii wound up enjoying dance more than she anticipated, but even spinning gracefully about the dance floor was no match for the rush that fighting gave her.

    Cirunael was eventually left with no choice but to blatantly forbid Naraii to fight. His daughter did not understand fully, but Cirunael knew the dangers of a Blood woman who engaged in physical combat. Their emotions were too tempestuous, their spirits too closely tied to the jewels that gave them strength. It was too easy for an impassioned witch to infect everyone around her with her killing rage, if she ever got to that point herself. And Naraii... restraint of her emotions had never been her strong suit. Point in fact: when Cirunael laid down the law and refused to continue allowing her to train, the entire household suffered a blanket of melancholy for weeks, a mere echo of Naraii's great despair.

    If either of Cirunael Elizondo's children were going to disobey him, anyone asked would have bet on it being Naraii. It shocked Naraii as much as anyone when it was Headrix who came to her and told her that he'd figured out a way that she could still train. The pair bickered and fought here and there like normal siblings, but Headrix loved his sister and felt responsible for her, just as Naraii loved and looked after Headrix. He couldn't stand to see her so sad, so unwilling to be cheered, so he'd devised a spell that functioned like a reversed shield. Instead of keeping threats out, it would keep her emotions in. Naraii would still have to control her own temper lest she be dragged down into the full grip of her passion, but with Headrix's spell in place she could at least fight without having to worry about inciting bloodlust in others.

    The two enlisted in Dhemlan's Navy when they came of age, Headrix first and Naraii just as soon after as she could manage. Cirunael was more than willing to let her go, hoping against hope that the various specialties she'd be exposed to while serving would help her to find a less physically-involved way to contribute what she felt was her part. Naraii did indeed tackle every new opportunity and specialty with a zeal for learning that she'd inherited from her father, but this did little to deter her from also continuing her training with Headrix.

    Of course, the long-term plan had been to gradually wean Naraii off of Headrix's shields. She worked at meditation in an attempt to control her emotions. It did not come easily to the naturally impassioned woman, though, and it was difficult to find ways to test her progress without endangering others. Matters were made more difficult by the secrecy the pair maintained around her training. They were stationed near home enough that they saw their father frequently, and only dared train while away from him, serving. Slowly, though, they made gradual steps and wanted to one day present her to Cirunael as a triumph when she'd learned to fully control her heart while fighting.

    Of course, Cirunael was no fool. Careful as Naraii and Headrix attempted to be, Cirunael nonetheless deduced that he'd been disobeyed. He confronted his children - though by then they were both well into adulthood. It didn't matter. He made his displeasure known and for quite some time there existed a sort of rift between father and children. Years passed and their breach of trust was eventually forgiven. In time, Cirunael even came to enjoy watching the pair of them fight, again. He felt he'd done what he could to prevent Naraii from choosing the path she had, and took it as something he simply could not change, any more than he could single-handedly change the direction in which a river flowed. He began to  help school Naraii in meditation himself. If she was going to insist on training, he wanted her to have the best chance possible at controlling herself.

    Years turned to decades, and Naraii and Headrix eventually decided to resign their commissions in the Navy and explore the realm a bit. They travelled together for years, finding smaller adventures and slight bouts of mayhem. They returned home frequently but were always soon off again, chasing down bounties or exploring places they'd never visited. Eventually, though, the visits home began to bother Naraii. Her father seemed to her to change a little more with every visit. He admitted to no illness, but Naraii was certain that something was wearing her father down over time. She convinced Headrix to return to Amdarh and settle for a little while, wanting to keep an eye on her father's well-being. The siblings took up minor roles in Mitra Sa Roya's court, where Cirunael still served. Sadly, the family had not been reunited for even a year before tragedy struck. Cirunael was involved in trying to quell some of the riots that plagued Dhemlan in the year 187 PP. He was killed while trying to restore peace there.

    Naraii has not been quite the same since her father died. Though the entire family mourned, Naraii's world in particular had revolved around her father. She'd never for a moment considered what it would be like to inhabit a world where he did not exist. She withdrew from society for a time, sinking into despair until Headrix managed to crack the shell of her self-imposed isolation. Naraii found her father's journal and began reading it from the start, hoping it would help her feel closer to the man she so missed. It helped for a time. Eventually, though, she began to read things that bothered her. Cirunael hadn't been explicit in recording certain thoughts, but Naraii found certain entries that eventually made her begin to suspect that Ciruneal had stumbled onto something foul beneath the smiling veneer of Mitra's court. The more she read, the more she became convinced that her father's death could not have been the product of mere poor circumstance as it'd seemed. She became convinced that he'd uncovered a conspiracy, and that he'd been silenced to prevent him from bringing it to light. She has shared her suspicions with Headrix, but he's convinced Naraii is merely drawing connections that aren't there, desperate in her grief for her father. Naraii is convinced, however, and will not stop until she has exposed the very plot her father died for uncovering. soon as she determines precisely what that is.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Writing Sample:
    "We're not children anymore, Naraii," Caden said, finally, his eyes opening again as he turned his head to eye her. The pair of them were sitting on the balcony of Naraii's mother's old room, their legs dangling off of the edge, under the wrought-iron rail that looked down on the grounds where a celebration was ringing in the night. The lights and sounds from below seemed distant, far away. "We're not even adolescents anymore. You can't spend your entire life only looking for the next battle. You'll miss the things that you're supposed to be fighting for. Like peace. And freedom. And a life you carve out for yourself inside of that freedom and peace," he said, nodding his chin towards the square, where a newly-wed couple was dancing even now. "Making families. Have you even thought about finding that sort of--Naraii!"

    For she'd rolled her eyes at him, and was pushing herself to her feet. Caden pushed himself up as well, his grace putting him upright in time enough to catch her arm. She whirled to face one of the few people she'd carried with her as a friend since childhood, her jaw tight with anger.

    "Caden, why do you have to start all that up again?" she nearly hissed, pulling her arm away from him.

    "It isn't something that's just going to go away, Naraii," he insisted, gently, following her off of the balcony and into her mother's room.

    "There is no it," she insisted, quietly, as she made a beeline for the bedroom's door. Caden followed her through it, speaking again while she locked it closed once outside.

    "But there could be," he said, failing to move when she righted herself again. She turned, expecting to walk, and found herself face to face with Caden, who was looking at her in entirely too soft a manner. She stammered, and he lifted a hand to cup the side of her face tenderly. "If you wouldn’t  be so afraid of--"

    "Afraid?" she balked, pushing his hand away, her brow buckling in insult for a moment before she stepped past him.  "Of what?" she asked, as she walked. "Of you? Don't be ridiculous, Caden. Even if I thought you were out to cause me harm, I seem to recall you winding up on your back far more than I, when we used to spar."

    Caden sighed, shaking his head. "Yes, Naraii," he murmured, his tone a little tight, a little annoyed. "You're an excellent fighter. We're all well aware of that. My point is that you're more than that, as well. But you're too afraid to step out into something unfamiliar to ever see that for yourself."

    "That's absurd. I take risks all the time, Caden."

    "Outside of a fight? When? Name once when  you've really put yourself out there for something that wasn't  related to training, or fighting. One time where you took a chance on something where there was a chance you'd wind up looking like a fool." Her pace towards the staircase had been steady and swift, but she paused now, a few feet from the head of the stairs, and considered his words. She looked back at him, her expression more confused than convinced.

    "You've never liked not knowing what you're doing," he said, his pace slowed a little, but still carried him towards her. "And having the father and family that you do, it's always been so easy to be consumed by training. You never developed a love for anything else. Never even tried. For years, the only things that you've let yourself fall into are ways to hurt people, break things, stay alive." He was in front of her again. He was closer than she liked, but his insinuation that she feared him had pricked her pride, and she rooted herself to her spot this time. Still, the closer he came, the more agitated she felt. She wanted to strike him, suddenly, and was appalled at the urge. She was annoyed, but this was Caden.

    "You didn't used to be so scared," he told her, quietly, his eyes peering into hers. He was a bit taller than she was, and she hated having to look up to hold his stare, but it was unavoidable, this close. His shoulders were a little broad, and though he wasn't bound in muscle the way some of her father's men were, there was a solidity to his presence that made him seem grounded and strong. It suddenly felt mildly imposing.

    "Do you remember? We used to jump off of cliffs into the river. Blind to what the riverbed might look like beneath the water. Do you remember how we used to laugh, because we were so nervous and scared while picking a spot?" His mouth curled into a lazy grin while he spoke, remembering their youthful antics. Naraii couldn't smile, though she remembered just as clearly the days he spoke of. There was something about the way he was looking at her that made it impossible to smile, to brush this off as just another nostalgic tale between them.

    "Do you remember the moment we jumped? Hand-in-hand, for just a minute, it felt like we were flying. And then the fall... the most terrifying feeling. Like we couldn't breathe. Like the world had stopped. Like we were the only ones alive. When's the last time you felt that way, Naraii? When's the last time you reminded yourself what it feels like to really taste life, fragile and fleeting as it is? When's the last time your heart hammered that way in your chest, and your skin felt like it was on fire with excitement?"

    As if his words were merely a spell in disguise, his hand slid out to cup her waist, and the very electricity he spoke of rocketed through her. She shoved his hand away and pushed past him towards the stairs, unprepared and perhaps unable to deal with such a response from a simple touch from him.

    "We were stupid children playing a reckless game, Caden. We were lucky we didn't get ourselves killed." She didn't pause again to look back at him before moving down the stairs, her pace brisk and unrelenting. Caden remained there on the landing for some time, watching her run away, yet again. 

    Petitions (if any): 
    Why did this character became inactive?
    People & plots left.

    What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?
    People & plots are back! Yay! I will play!

    What are your plans for this character?
    Mainly to buckle some swash. And to save Headrix's ass. Plots are brewing with Rayen, Dinks, and potentially a PC version of Headrix.

    Number of previous Reactivations: None, I think?

    Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) : None.

    Player Name: phinneas

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Re: Naraii Elizondo
« Reply #1 on: Feb 20, 15, 02:58:56 PM »
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Re: Naraii Elizondo
« Reply #2 on: Jun 13, 17, 05:12:16 PM »
I'd like to use the Dark Ally roll purchased here: LINK  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker

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Re: Naraii Elizondo
« Reply #3 on: Jun 13, 17, 05:16:38 PM »
Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an uncut Opal Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with an uncut Red Jewel at your Offering.



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Re: Naraii Elizondo
« Reply #4 on: Feb 02, 18, 11:54:24 AM »

Naraii has been blessed with Advanced Stealth Craft.

You may add this specialty to this character's existing Craft Strengths section, with an accompanying Craft Weakness for balance.
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