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Dhemlan has become a land divided. The corruption that Witch’s Purge wiped out in the rest of the Realms was preserved by the well-meaning sacrifice of the territory’s Ebon Gray Queen. As such, the corruption here has only intensified. The tension between the Landen and the Blood who were meant to care for them is fast reaching a boiling point.
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Author Topic: Amadeus Holguin  (Read 1509 times)

Description: Warlord Prince. Rose to Blood Opal. Played by Haloriel.

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Amadeus Holguin
« on: May 14, 18, 04:48:25 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Amadeus Tristan Holguin
Nicknames: 'Say it with me, A-ma-de-us.'
Age and Birth Year: 491 | 298BP
Race: 1/2 Dhemlanese 1/2 Sceltic
Caste: Warlord Prince
Birth Territory: Calzada, Dhemlan, Kaeleer
Home Territory: Pamplona, Dhemlan, Kaeleer

Birthright Jewel: Uncut Rose
Offering Jewel:  Uncut Blood Opal

Role: Consort
Faction: Falkirk Clan


Play By: Sterling Sulieman
Distinguishing Features: Amadeus' less than full Dhemlanese heritage shows in the facial hair he is able to grow, and the curl of his hair which worn artfully short. Eyes are partially golden eyes and Sceltic-green and generally outlined with minuscule brushes of Kohl. Though only just considered darkly jewelled, one can note passion in his expression and movements, and the focus of Prince Holguin's gaze. While there are many psychic scents, Amadeus specifically combines the most soothing part of a fire with blue flames; not any of the smoke or soot, but the core of it. Heaviness in the air from an impending rainstorm with lightning, honeyed wax expected from tending stringed instruments, richness from ancient and well kept steel blades, all wrapped in the core of heather flowers and superfine leather paired with perfect silks.


Personality: Passionate Romantic. A Widower just out of a gentle mourning for a beloved wife, and the imaginative, clever father marks Prince Holguin very particularly. While without a doubt capable of the swift rage of a Warlord Prince, the passionately violent side of Amadeus Tristan makes itself known in subtleties as a result of training from the very beginnings of youth.

The Warlord Prince has a delight in paperwork and more especially books that allow him to absorb material he might learn from. Being upon the edge of his fifth century, he both enjoys long and short lived people, as well as those that are caught between, like himself. Trained very keenly in Protocol both by loving and loyal relatives, that fact colours the man's presence in a restrained grace even as a roiling wildness rests in both Amadeus' gaze and motions. Honour is not a matter of possibility, something made clear by experience and loss.

Very much he is the expressive father, and delights in the children that the family of his once wife living still in the area near Calzada allowed him to see and partake in raising as much as he desired, even though they are very much at least these days - according to especially his even Darker Jewelled Warlord Prince of a son - grown up. While the children do not follow his every step as they are now just past or to their majority, it is very much their aunts and grandmother's place to keep each content to a majority degree (their words). Having that familial support expected in a very matrilineal place has allowed the grief of losing his wife colour him less as a person. As man and one predisposed at least to fall in with a bed partner here and there, the sadness registers as a dull ache much more akin to the notes in an aged Brandy, than hopelessness, while the lessons of that relationship at the same time have allowed Amadeus to further grow into himself as a Warlord Prince as only love, and love lost and closure gained from that loss can do.

Given that he's also a Warlord Prince with a Blood Opal Offering, this of course means Amadeus comes equipped with some variety of the same seemingly endless passion and barely tethered violence well known to the Caste. Occasionally, this will mean movement toward a fight of some kind, of which Amadeus is perfectly keen to lend his expertise. At other times, that same need will manifest as a skin hunger, or unintentional flirtation tightly reigned by Protocol at the last possible moment, like the skimming of gloved fingers down a woman's back during a focused tango, only to withdraw to her fingertips. While he's spent much of his life in etiquette and combat training at both Salamanca University and the Dhemlan Naval School before entering a lengthy period of Culinary Arts specialization as his desired career, it also means that an unconventional use of self defense might as well be noted: wooden bowls stacked together to distract while a brace of knives from the block going flying with Craft is only one of these oddities.

  • 1 Craft Infused Delights: Fizzy drinks, and very good Whiskey, and if one can combine them so that the sharpened flavour of liquor is less present, that's even better. Amadeus enjoys many, types from alcoholic beverages to a variety of foods intended to taste just a little better when partaken of by those of the Blood, from cake with frosting that will change colours when touched, to warm, soft bread that will change shapes and hue for a child's amusement. Clothing made extra durable as well is on this list, as it is another item that one can make considerable funding from.

  • 2 Stargazing: The stars above in the evening are often a mystery as well as a curiosity. The bright lights are typically a balm to the wildness in Prince Amadeus, while the lists and learning required to study stars, their function, charts that ease the passage of ships are a cerebral heavy activity that often helps hold back the gentleman's rage. The colour and mystery keep Amadeus focused on the intentions and plans he has. Given the difficulty of the Culinary Arts and their learning in Dhemlan, it is very much an assist to maintain a topic that keeps Prince Holguin occupied as much as possible. If he can add in stargazing to a dance by moonlight, that's even more a delight for all of the senses.

  • 3 Poetics: It is more the reaction of women toward his attention for poetry, and how they feel about being the object of the Warlord Prince's muse. While there are a number of women that he has considered to that level of interest given Amadeus' lack of a bond, his beloved wife was the very last. While one still delighting in penning a verse here and there, it is the man's young children that he truly thrives in for penning thoughts that rise from the mind in a variety of forms.

  • 1 Broken Oaths: When a promise is fairly and honourably made, especially with the weight of Blood, Clan, or familial tradition behind it with all of the seriousness this entails, then subsequently broken, the Warlord Prince will be undoubtedly one to have plenty to say about this fact. He's not one to forget of all of the tools, and creative weapons that exist in a kitchen, dining area, bedchamber, or any room for that matter, to defend said broken oath.

  • 2 Glitter: While he can appreciate the flash that Craft Glitter gives to a place setting, what Amadeus really doesn't like is that the stuff can never manage to come off of whatever clothing one was wearing near the glitter covered display. Worse yet, if it was made using Craft at all, it seems to have its own permanent radius of cling. Even beyond this, his children love the infernal stuff and adore dragging items covered in it everywhere. Amadeus is aware his dislike of the decorating material is certainly an overreaction.

  • 3 Wasted Beauty: When one spends two days creating a masterpiece as a Sous Chef only to be told to trash it and start over because the colours were wrong, or the pattern was three degrees off, it can be very disheartening. When one is as well told its not possible to donate the mistaken piece, for no honest reason that seems sensible, it can feel like that piece of creativity, of beauty, is completely wasted.

  • 1 Shipwrecks: Shipwrecks to Amadeus are especially feared, not only due to the considerable risk and coin loss from his trade upon them, but there have been a number Captains that demanded a share of the damages cost to their destroyed ship. More than once has this been such a risk that his accounts were nearly emptied for it especially when his children were young. More than this, the weight of Landen and Blood life that this can effect well beyond his own; his employees, their families. If he were short lived, its likely he'd have some silver hairs from the stress.

  • 2 Confinement: Even though Amadeus has a heavy, disciplined handle on his temperament as a Warlord Prince, in no way does the Blood Opal Jewelled male appreciate or like being confined. Generally this has to do with rooms with enough open space due to his having grown up and living in a very, very small house when coming of age, but often has to do with what he is permitted within an area. It is the one difficulty in which it is troublesome to try and keep calm: bars with too much of a crowd, a Red Moon House without enough breathing space, small alleyways with shady personages. While panic attack isn't quite the word one would use, it is absolutely a slackening of control and a more likelihood of someone ending up slammed against a wall because they refused after being warned to move from Amadeus' path.

  • 3 Landen Council: As a man that prides himself upon what he has managed to build from a poor family to a fairly wealthy one, the Landen Council, for as much as he believes they have absolutely earned their recognition, the Landen, he fears them, because unlike the Blood, the Landen do not appear to have any real check on their society, and they make up 60% of Dhemlan's population. Amadeus does not understand them very well, and fears that they represent an end to the middling Blood business, which he at least, has worked so hard to maintain. While he is content to share profits and ownership with his family, being forced to partner with Landen in the same way, whom have no Protocol, chills the Hotel Proprietors skin.

    Craft Strengths:

  • 1 Hunter's Mark: Though he quite thrives in his career, Amadeus is no slouch in the combat arena almost breathing natural to his Caste. Having trained particularly for protecting the various women in his life, the multitude of sisters possessed, his late wife. Having small children around a business and knowing where they are at all times is very calming to those hair trigger instincts, especially given that his young daughter is a Queen. Amadeus can maintain a Mark upon those that he interacts with on a daily basis the best, and less often needs to renew it unless some distance between the two has occurred, while lastly is able to mark more than one person at a time, which is a very useful skill.

  • 2 Warming and Cooling Spells: As a concierge and hotel proprietor, keeping items, people, and areas precision warm/hot and occasionally even frozen are a considerable importance, especially when it comes to food items. His need to be exact, competitive, and even possessive comes out as a Warlord Prince in subtle ways here. Amadeus truly does not like to share what is his unless specific leave has been granted and as such, the controls of the Hotel needing to be a cut above all the rest, the food needing to be at the perfect temperature for the most enjoyment, be that the perfect ice cream folded into the shape of swan's wings, or a soup being perfectly piping hot until delivered to a room on the eighteenth floor are a very big deal.

    Craft Weaknesses:

  • 1 Power Bolts: Despite the handiness, Amadeus isn't capable of the efficiency needed to sustain a Power Bolt at the level of his Offering Jewel at all without great consequence. Nosebleeds, and near blackout are common occurrences if he attempts more than one or two in an emergency. An upper limit of exactly six at the level of the Birthright Jewel have been what he could sustain in a real fight for his life before noting severely drained Jewels.

  • 2 Witchfire: Amadeus is able maintain fire only for the space of time that he is directly concentrating. Small items, such as needing to light a cigar are possible, while extended fire is limited to a single burst with any use of Jewels at all. The lack is a distinct annoyance, as being able to use this skill with cooking advanced meals or at length defensive measures interest the Warlord Prince greatly. He considers it one of those 'works in progress' that will likely never mature.

    Life Story

    Paternal Great-Grandmother: Lisena Graham-Falkirk, Black Widow, Short Lived. Deceased. White - Tiger Eye.
    Paternal Great-Grandfather: Asier Gonzales, Warlord, Long Lived. Deceased. White to Rose.
    Paternal Grandfather: Casimiro Garcia, Jewelless Blood, 1/2 Long Lived. Deceased.
    Paternal Grandmother: Anne Graham; Jewelless Blood. 1/2 Long Lived. Deceased.
    Mother: Elisheva Holguin, Jewelless Blood. Deceased. 1/2 Long Lived.
    Father: Amilcar Graham, Prince, Deceased. 1/2 Long Lived. White - Tiger Eye.


    Blanca Holguin, Trained Healer, 1/2 Long Lived. White - Tiger Eye* 394 | 202BP
    Cecilina Holguin, Hearth Witch, 1/2 Long Lived. 294 | 102BP Yellow - Rose*
    Emelina Holguin, Priestess, 1/2 Long Lived. 194 | 2BP Summer Sky - Purple Dusk*

    Brother: Zorian Holguin, Warlord Prince, 1/2 Long Lived. White to Rose.

    Wife: Fiona Durham, 3/4 Long Lived. Trained Healer. Deceased. Rose to Purple Dusk.

    Iris Fiona Durham-Holguin, Queen, 3/4 Long Lived, Opal to Green* 20 | 189AP
    Ilana Fortuna Durham-Holguin, Priestess, 3/4 Long Lived, Rose to Opal 20 | 189AP (chosen)
    Aidan Celestino Durham-Holguin, Warlord Prince, 3/4 Long Lived, Purple Dusk to Sapphire* 22 | 183AP


    Born a little outside of what was and still is unofficially referred to as "Scelttown" in Dhemlan Kaeleer, his family is one of those that ended up some variety of mixed Scelt and Dhemlanese heritage though, half Long Lived is generally a fair category for them. Most of these while true end up vanishing within the Scelt Clans that will take them, or the Dhemlanese that won't judge them lacking, that is, they eventually marry or have children with one or the other, and end up choosing the life and culture of the Long or Short lived entirely. Some smaller few do not take these more common paths and find themselves delighted in both parts of their heritage. In Amadeus' case, both his parents and grandparents were part of families like this with those "less than entirely one or the other" or unwilling to choose. It seems as a result that ones that love a little spice in their food stuffs and have an interest in tossing cabers might turn out to find one another.

    Centuries ago, his great-grandmother, Lisena Graham-Falkirk, one of those city dwellers that eschewed the clan life and fled to Tuathal rather than accept either having her snake tooth removed, her life heavily controlled, or any number of unpleasant scenarios for a Black Widow in Scelt. From there, she boarded a trade ship to Dhemlan and given the warfare between clans, eventually was believed dead where others went on with their lives in Scelt. To Dhemlan, the woman came with a years' worth of wages as a lady's maid and a Falkirk great-kilt with a strip through the beautiful fabric indicating a distant clansman and a broken family line blended with the Graham. She kept this item while she worked in Dhemlan primarily around the University and along the docks for meagre pay as a fortuneteller; while yes, she was Jewelled, and Casted, she did not know enough about life in Dhemlan to get herself to a wealthy, steady position that meant much of anything, especially before the Purge.

    Piling together her wages, Lisena eventually found herself in the employ of a Dhemlanese household with enough work credits and references to her name; easily four times as many as a native Dhemlanese woman would have required. It was the Stable Keep Head in said expansive home that could afford a Jewelled Warlord, even if Lord Asier did bear the White to Rose to her White to Tiger Eye, it meant they were a very good match. She had the prickly presence of a Black Widow, but not so much that the middle class Stable Keep didn't fall head first in love with her blue eyes, and she with the beauty of his golden brown skin.

    They bore a single daughter, eventually shown to be Jewelless and half long lived; her mother Lisena died from complications of her birth, and as such with no female family, Anne was raised by her father, whom stayed on as Head Stable Keep to his death due to an accident with the Master's Stallion, which occurred just before his daughter had birthed a child to her own husband, Casimiro Garcia, also Jewelless, whom had been born to a ship's Captain of Scelt that had a one perfect night stand with a Red Moon Lady. Anne gave the great kilt to the son she had with her beloved Casimiro, whom eventually decided he couldn't handle being a father at all and had preferred the idea of it.

    All of these were the people other than the Landen that kept Dhemlan playing, working, and moving as hard as ever. Still, with the Purge nowhere in sight, Anne raised her bitter tempered Amilcar, whom grew up to purchase a plot of land in Pamplona only to place a Hostel on the place. Though close to the Queen's Palace in the city, it wasn't a location anyone much paid any attention to. In those days, some eight hundred years before the Purge, Amilcar and his mother turned a reasonable profit before returning to their home around Calzada after needing to sell the Hostel that had been a pipe dream.

    The interim owner held and ran the Swan into the ground, and eventually gave the deed back to the Lady Anne, whom tucked it in a box of broken dreams as one did when there wasn't enough money to go around. It was during this time that Amadeus and his siblings were born, and each received their Birthrights and Offerings. While each sister was carefully monitored when the time came through a Virgin Night, Amadeus and his brother were taught to carefully and safely manage both their Ruts, and the open, healthy sensuality allowed equally to both women and men alike in Dhemlan.

    It meant that when Amadeus' father finally chose to marry the mother of his five children, he was sure to wed the woman that had originally had a little funds to her name had quite a bit more from her Holguin parents after the births of each of her children. The extra, along with the very considerable pride from her parents in their grandchildren, allowed the Holguin family their first ever break. First, having two Warlord Princes born into the family regardless of Jewels was a big deal. It meant that their eldest daughter, Bianca was given Healer Caste training, which offered an immediate return so that the next eldest could receive Hearth Witch tutelage.

    With the youngest being born a natural Priestess and her eventual acceptance into the lowest to middling ranks of the Cáthedra, the Holguin family were officially middle class Dhemlanese, and if they had a splash or more than a splash of Short Lived heritage, perhaps it could be overlooked by those outside the family. With the Purge and Amadeus with his brother having been centuries long recipients of Protocol and Caste Training by the Lady Corazon Chavez at Salamanca University, it meant that the Ebon Grey Queen's sacrifice had kept them and their Jewels safe as well as that of their sisters'.

    Fifty years after the Purge, Prince Amilcar died in an accident with craft use in a kitchen setting; his wife died of heartbreak but four days after he did, leaving the five Holguin adults now, without the strong, guiding influence of their mother Elisheva especially. The great kilt, which Lady Lisena had brought to Dhemlan looking for an escape from Scelt and its persecution over a thousand years before, passed hands from generations down finally to Amadeus himself, which he had completely restored and wears with the broken Graham side visible, along with four additional slashes of different colours stitched in to denote the number of generations distant he is from that family lineage.

    Though the loss of his parents pained them dearly, it meant that their work ethic grew that much stronger, while Prince Amadeus' choice of career was entirely settled for the love of his artful manner with food and talent. Decades passed, in which Amadeus spent much of it without control of what was done in the kitchen, being beholden especially to elder and more experienced staff. There were times this was easier to bear, and others that the still considered very young Warlord Prince all but bristled under the surface, with naught save his rigorous training with the 'University Queen' being the only thing that kept him from lashing out at minimum, and at the worst in, causing death or destruction.

    This was one of the first times, and wouldn't end up being the last that tutelage of controlling his rage and natural disposition for violence made him relieved that he had been born and "blessed" by mother night without darker jewels than his powerful Blood Opal and power than he already held with the grace of a full descent and entirely Uncut jewels. It was after his son, and twin daughters both gained their birthrights, and his sweet partially short lived wife passed on from a fever illness while Amadeus was spiritually lost in grief that he found the deed to the Gilded Swan, which by now, after the Purge, was a forgotten about hole in the ground hidden by clever foliage not far from the Queen's Palace at Pamplona.

    For the first time, it meant there was something he could have control over in his long career and studies learning how to minimize his rage and outward expression of it toward other people. Though it took a full ten years to revive the place, that it is now one of the favoured locations of the courtier is Pamplona to house their excess guests, this only helped build the luster and beautiful reputation of a dream so long ago broken, that it had been entirely forgotten.

    Run entirely by the family, it was something he did not have control over in previous work positions and healed a considerable number of painful past brushes to his pride. Not everyone can serve in a Court permanently after all, and as such, the Gilded Swan has both an internship and a reference system to any Court or stylish and fashionable restaurant a former intern might wish to seek permanent employment at. When he can, Amadeus sends his recommendations along to the 'University Queen,' Lady Corazon Chavez for those seeking additional study of both the history and creation of food in service but do not have the funds.

    Amadeus is lastly known for maintaining passion in and for his generosity which is suitable for a man of his Caste particularly given his lifestyle. Before he could even finish repairing the once inexpensive Hostel turned famous Hotel, Prince Amadeus decided that mistakes in food creation in Amadeus' Hotel, the Gilded Swan, would be required to be given to establishments that serve a more neglected portion of Dhemlanese society, whether that is Landen, migrant workers, or the dancers that work at the Plaza del Toros. Old bedding and furniture are as well, properly restored and donated to various segments of need.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Character in Play:

    One hand shoved in his pocket while he brushed manicured fingertips over his pocketwatch, Prince Amadeus waited for his Queen daughter to emerge from her Offering ceremony with the Priestess, with the other hand settled on his son's shoulder. He did his very best not to radiate anxiousness, and to keep his son at ease waiting for his sister. While the young man had gained his Sapphire a couple years before, and Queens were very abundant in Dhemlan, it was different when they were in ones own family. With Iris' sister Ilana studying at the Cáthedra and unable to get away due to being in the middle of exams, it was the two of them, and their aunts and uncles both maternal and paternal to sit vigil.

    It didn't matter that Iris would never be chosen to rule even the slightest tiny circle of farm land, it was a point of emotional pride for Amadeus, having been deprived his wife when the three were just after their Birthrights by very few years, and thus, a mother to keep their hearts warm and balanced, that with the help of both his family, and their mother's relatives that they had made it just to a proper adulthood. Enough that his brother had begun to prod Amadeus if he'd planned to have more children, and should, to which his response had been rather non-committing.

    Yet, all of that faded to unimportant background noise as his younger by five minutes daughter stepped forth clutching her Green Jewel in her hands. She looked exhausted, but it was done. Amadeus could feel himself smiling, not to speak of the suspicious gleam of tears in his eyes. Stepping forward with the controlled ferocity that was simply himself, he bowed over Iris' fingertips. She was still young, certainly, but the part of her life of being her father's smallest baby girl was officially done. She, her sister, and brother now as well were part owners of the Gilded Swan. That too, filled the Warlord Prince with immeasurable pride.

    "You've done well, so very well. May I hug you, Little Lady?"

    "Dad, you can always hug me. I might have my Jewels now and my own life, but you'll never stop being Pops."

    "Your mother would be--"

    "In tears, I remember."

    For several long minutes, he embraced Iris, eventually waving a hand for the whole lot to come in and get an appreciative, very proud squeeze.

    Petitions (if any): Reactivation Petition

    Why did this character became inactive? Illness and a hospital stay, as a result I missed the deadline to pay a waiver for him.

    What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again? Actually write him. :D

    What are your plans for this character? He's to be the Consort to the Falkirk Clan Queen, as previously plotted, original application here.

    Number of previous Reactivations: None, ever.

    Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) : Added in Craft Strengths and Weaknesses as per the ruling shift.

    Player Name: Haloriel.

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Re: Amadeus Holguin
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 18, 04:49:21 PM »
Ready for Reactivation Review.  ;D
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Re: Amadeus Holguin
« Reply #2 on: May 15, 18, 08:56:55 AM »

Don't forget to update his age!  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker