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* Plot Information for Dhemlan, Kaeleer

Dhemlan has become a land divided. The corruption that Witch’s Purge wiped out in the rest of the Realms was preserved by the well-meaning sacrifice of the territory’s Ebon Gray Queen. As such, the corruption here has only intensified. The tension between the Landen and the Blood who were meant to care for them is fast reaching a boiling point.
Court of Dhemlan
Culture of Dhemlan
Castes of Dhemlan

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Author Topic: Castes of Dhemlan  (Read 1445 times)


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Castes of Dhemlan
« on: Jun 13, 15, 03:54:50 PM »
Queens - Queens in Dhemlan are celebrated as the penultimate rulers of all, by order of the Darkness itself. What began as noble reverence, however, over the long years has turned into a system that glorifies and spoils the women who are supposed to nourish and serve the people of the land. Dhemlanese Queens have become models of aristocratic excess, with their whims constantly catered to by those around them. Those who displease (or sometimes even just disagree with) a ruling Queen are dealt with severely and without recompense. Ruling positions are fiercely fought over, though in truth even those Queens who do not currently rule are treated extremely well. Everyone is aware that just because a Queen doesn’t currently have a throne doesn’t mean she won’t have one, eventually. Woe be to those who find themselves on the bad side of a non-ruling Queen when she later comes to power.

Priestesses - The Priestesses of Dhemlan serve the Cáthedra Abyssum (chaTHAYdruh uhBISsoom), the seat of the Dark Religion near Amdarh. Once upon a time, the Priestesses were noble servants of the Darkness, invested more heavily than any of the other Blood in exploring and worshipping the source of all power. The Dark Religion was a passionately held creed by more people than not in Dhemlan, at least among the Blood. The Darkness and Mother Night were invited into the lives of Blood families on a daily basis, and their worship and reverence for the Darkness provided much of the motivation for their lives. Somewhere along the way, however, greed and ambition found their way into the hearts of the Territory's many elaborate cathedrals. Now, the Priestesses worship the positions within the church as much or more than they worship the Darkness they supposedly serve. High Priestess is an incredibly illustrious office, less now for any true notion of piety and more for the luxury which the office affords its avatar.

The feelings of charity and reverence that used to infuse so many of the Blood households in Dhemlan have been replaced by avarice and materialism. The Priestesshood is a machine of social power, and its members wield that power with a sharply-bladed acumen reminiscent of the Territory’s most shrewd businesspeople. To please a Priestess is to please the Darkness, and the higher ranking the Priestess with which one can curry favor, the more devout and pious the scion of Darkness one is labeled. Wealth and showmanship have all but replaced acts of faith.  In fact, much of the rise in taxes on the middle and lower classes of Dhemlan is a result of Queens wanting to be seen tithing more extravagantly. Priestesses maintain the law of the land, and that law favors the most “devout” Blood. These, of course, are those who recognize that the Priestesses are the infallible liaisons between the Blood and the Darkness from which their power comes.

Healers – Dhemlan has long suffered a natural shortage of healers for reasons no one has been able to determine. This has caused a schism between the incorruptible and the corrupt. Healers are in extremely high demand. Most wind up going wherever the most generous conscription takes them, despite the fact that sometimes this means they are all but personal Healers for the Queens who can afford them. Those who cannot be thusly swayed by the lure of money or prestige try to keep the rest of the populace tended to, but they are spread far too thin. Those casteless witches determined to make something more of themselves sometimes strive to train into the Healer caste. While this provides the promise of steady income to a degree, it is taboo for the aristocrats to use a trained Healer instead of a natural one. Therefore, trained Healers serve the middle class and the poor, and are never taken on as luxury personal Healers as some natural Healers are. Still, it's a better life than one of poverty. Finding a natural Healer with the time and inclination to train someone is no small feat, and often the fees for such training are substantial.

Black Widows – There is no one group in Dhemlan who is more keenly aware of the true state of affairs than the Black Widow Coven. While so many of the other castes are blinded by their own excesses, the Black Widows have bided their time in the shadows, watching and maneuvering to take for themselves control of the entire Territory. They suffered a great setback when Mitra's doppleganger - a shadow illusion constructed by the Coven - was denounced and her corrupted court dispatched. They are far from toppled, however. They have spent many long years cultivating a quiet trade of designer drugs, a range of concoctions offering something to appeal to just about everyone. Mitra was not the only Queen whose throne was secretly controlled by the Coven.

Princes, and Warlord Princes - These castes run the gamut of intentions and motivations just like they do in other realms. A slight abundance of Warlord Princes has many of them repurposed serving as guards for the Cáthedra Abyssum rather than in the overcrowded courts of Queens.

Warlords, witches, Blood - White & blue collar classes. These have decent homes and jobs, and are better off than the truly poor, but are still far removed from the “monarchy” of the higher castes.

Landen - Everything else, from the lower-end blue collar workers down to the truly poor. There is a significantly lower percentage of Landen compared to Blood people in Dhemlan than the rest of the realm, but the Landen in Dhemlan are depended upon for a much higher portion of the manual labor and clerical work that keeps the territory running. Manual labor and agriculture are exclusively done by Landens, in fact. As the Dhemlanese are long-lived, there is no land that has not been claimed in Dhemlan by one family or another, and no aristocratic Blood would be caught dead tending their own land. The more adventurous of the Queens might have a small garden, but it would be strictly for her pleasure.