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The intrigue that drives, and plagues, the Territory of Dharo has built and destroyed empires throughout the Territory; and everyone is eager for political power. The reign of Rheava Evesham has been challenged by these power struggles and even more so by the undercutting of power in her Court. The game of politics had bred the need for Spies within the Territory and they have become the backbone of the Queen's reign.
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Author Topic: The Rampart Club (Ancient Spy Organization of Dharo)  (Read 2435 times)


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The Rampart Club (Ancient Spy Organization of Dharo)
« on: Oct 21, 14, 05:05:33 PM »
The Rampart Club


The Rampart Club is a group of truly elite agents that exist outside of the reign changes in Dharo; it is rumored, even among its own ranks, that the existence of the Club started over several thousand years ago. Their allegiance has always been to the Territory and not the Ruler. Though they will outwardly pledge allegiance to a newly sworn in leader it is often only a payment of lip service for they rarely answer to that leader when called upon.

Though following the deposing of Rheava Evesham the Rampart Club uncovered quite a bit of useful information to help reinstate her as Queen. Officially they had no part in the reinstatement but quietly re-swore their allegiance to Rheava when she was made Queen once more.

Many believe that the Ramparts have their own agenda separate from that of the Queen of Dharo. The members of the organization are anonymous and the organization is often perceived to be more legend than truth. These individuals maintain a life in the high society circles, merchant businesses or Courts of Dharo without anyone being any wiser to their true vocation.  To the Queen they exist only as code names on paper. The Spy Master is the only one in the Territory to know their true identity; and even then there remain many mysteries behind the code names.

They own a block of townhouses in a middle class neighborhood in Coventry. The town houses are linked by tunnels and mazes that eventually lead to a shared suite of offices and lounge space. Several staff are employed by the Rampart Club but they are those that owe life debts to the members.

Though the core members are typically progeny of former members or related to them; they see their duties as members of the Rampart Club as an inheritance and value it as such. Other agents can be recruited through the Seekers and do not necessarily have to fit the core requirement of being a descendant of former members of the Club.


The Rampart Organization has always adhered to the morals that it was founded upon:
Loyalty. Integrity. Honor.

The exact Creed has been lost to the test of time but those three founding pillars have remained at the very core of what the Rampart Club has represented throughout the years it has served the Territory of Dharo.

Rampart Organizational Structure / Specifics

The organization is broken down into four key areas: Leadership Council, Core Team, Triad Cells, and Guards.

Leadership Council

The Leadership Council is comprised of retired members from the organization at large. As there are few Ramparts who live to old age these members are revered, feared, and remain in charge of making the key decisions for the group and Territory. The identities of the members of the Council are one of the best guarded secrets within the Rampart Club, and this is for their own safety. Little is known about the Council, not even the number of members is known, but it is their duty to uphold the core values of the Rampart Club and ensure that the teams are run under strong leadership and management.

Core Team

The Core Team of the organization is the primary support team and management for the live missions, activities and interests of the Rampart Club. They are responsible for the training, special operations, and recruitment of the Club at large.  They are the primarily specialists within the organization and therefore lead training on all the elements it takes to become a strong agent within the Rampart Club. The team work directly from the base in Coventry to support those in the field and run individual and solo missions; they visit the Island of Harrow frequently to support the training of the Triad Cells but primarily they are based from Coventry.

This team comprises primarily of those who have inherited their place within the Club or who have showed an unmatchable talent; and therefore were recruited to their place within the Club. Additionaly if there are promising individuals who do not fit within the mold of a Triad Cell they might be recruited to join the Core Team; this often happens when there are promising members who do not work well within a team or who were too old, or a misfit, to join the Triads.

The Seekers, essentially the recruiters and handlers, are also members of the Core Team but are often members of the Triad Cells who have retired or moved on from the day to day field work that those Cells face. They can be in charge of more than one Cell at a time depending on the number of available, dedicated, and skilled Seekers.

Triad Cells

The Triad Cells are the operable agents who serve missions at the behest of the Core Team or the Council. The Triad Cells represent the backbone of the Rampart’s organization. These teams are grown organically and recruited to make a full team of three members who work seamlessly together. They are always recruited in threes and each unit is referred to as a Cell.

The skill sets in a specific group are always chosen to be balanced, and selections are made with that in mind. The traditional model that the Seeker strives to maintain is to match a warrior, a leader and a scholar as a Cell. The skill sets of each individual and each group often vary tremendously, even if that model is achieved; one group might be exceptional at cracking code and another more capable of infiltrating the highest Courts in the Realm. Each group is trained to be unique, lethal, clever, and merciless in their pursuit. Each team will have a natural leader who reports directly to the leader of the Core Team or their specific Seeker depending on situations and missions.

The Cells are recruited in their adolescent years and are sent for training on the island of Harrow, located at the very tip of the Yarton District.

Triad Cells are usually comprised of men, due to the violent nature of many of their assignments, and the help of team bonding without a source for rivalry. Occasionally a female is recruited to serve a specific team but the dynamics have proven dangerous in the past. The biggest problem, outside of fraternization, is that the women tend to be far more volatile and violent than their male counterparts.


The Rampart Club agents are not necessarily a trained army. They work in cells or small groups to complete specific missions. Over the years the model of the Club has proven most efficient and effective when they have a group of Guards to watch over their facilities, families, and support them in the field. Often times Guards are brought in to complete missions when the target has been acquired.

They are lead by the Captain of a Guard, who reports directly to the leader of the Core Team, and the numbers fluctuate depending on the needs and requirements of the organization; but usually they station a dozen guards minimum at each of their primary residences (Coventry & Harrow), in addition to employing another deployable team of 12. Each team is lead by a Team Leader who reports directly to the Captain of the Guard.

Training on the Island of Harrow

The training facility for the Ramprt Club is located on the Island of Harrow. It is primarily used to train the young recruits chosen for the Triad Cells but also manages training for the Core Team as well.

 It is a remote location, well guarded and difficult to reach. There are Guards stationed around the island to protect the training facility and keep away unwelcome visitors. They’ve had thousands of years to perfect the legends of shipwrecks, natural disasters, and other excuses to keep unwanted visitors away. The school on the island is known to house a school for troublesome students. The island has also been known to once have held one of Dharo’s most formidable prisons. The trruth is that there remains a prison on the island that has ancient spells lost to time and knowledge which locks away the guests, the highest traitors of Dharo.

Current Roster of Rampart Club Members

  • Dazel Curzon, Leader
  • Adair Nash, Trainer (NPC)
  • Doesine Nash, Trainer (NPC)
  • Janica Nash, Cryptographer & Trainer
  • Aric Clark, Weapons Specialist (NPC)
  • Leina Hawken, Infiltration Specialist (NPC)
  • Galen Pratt, Crytophraphy Specialist (NPC)
  • Carwen Astley, Interrogation Specialist (NPC)
  • Jace Seymour, Assassination Specialist (NPC)
  • Tanner Langston, Forgery Specialist (NPC)
  • TERRIBLE TRIO: Peregrine Mason (NPC), Keating Warren (NPC), Tansin Slattery (NPC)
  • LORDS OF VICE: Crispin Woodard (NPC), Tarquin Cross (NPC), Colton Turner (NPC)

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