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Title: Schooling in Dharo
Post by: Rheava Evesham on Aug 07, 12, 03:25:08 PM
Schooling in Dharo

The Dharo culture takes their schooling process very seriously. Schooling is broken into 3 levels in the Territory, and all Blood and Landen are expected to attend school until the age of 18.

School Levels 1 - 3 are funded by the Territory and are available to all citizens. It is mandatory to attend school until a student has cleared Level 3; it is also possible to clear Levels earlier than the recommended age brackets.

Elite schooling for Levels 1 - 3 is available at considerable cost to the family of the student. These institutions are geared towards those seeking higher education and Universities. Many are often boarding schools. The two most famous and well reknowned within Dharo are: Baton and Twicken and there is a strong rivalry between the schools.

Schooling Levels:

Level 1 - Age 5 to 8
Education covers the topics of reading, writing, mathematics and basic craft.

Level 2 - Birthright to 13
Education covers the next levels of reading, writing, mathematics, and includes history and basic jewel craft (or continuation of basic craft for those with no Jewels). Those with castes begin training within their caste, but continue with the standard schooling.

Level 3 - 13 to 18
Education covers the high levels of reading, writing, mathematics, history.
Caste training is predominant for those of castes and it is managed by the caste organizations.
Vocational training and apprenticeship is available to all those without a caste.
* Caste and Vocational training take place of traditional Education; though both include elements that would be otherwise covered under the umbrella of traditional education.

University Level - 18 onwards
Education covers topics specific to the field of study.