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The intrigue that drives, and plagues, the Territory of Dharo has built and destroyed empires throughout the Territory; and everyone is eager for political power. The reign of Rheava Evesham has been challenged by these power struggles and even more so by the undercutting of power in her Court. The game of politics had bred the need for Spies within the Territory and they have become the backbone of the Queen's reign.
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Author Topic: Residence of the Queen, Rheava Evesham  (Read 2536 times)


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Residence of the Queen, Rheava Evesham
« on: Jan 07, 12, 08:43:27 PM »

The Queens of Dharo have traditionally called the Court of Dharo their home. It sits along the River Avon, just across the river from the center of Coventry, the capital of Dharo. It is a large manor that can house the Queen, and her First Circle, along with any visiting dignitaries. Much of the rest of the Court lives in nearby residences that sit in the shadow of the Court of Dharo, or across the river in the posh neighborhoods of Dharo.

The home is extraordinarily lavish and ornate but somehow manages to be considered historical rather than garish in nature. The main corridors feature marble floors, ornate and expensive artwork from around the Realm and beyond, and intricate carved furniture that is the envy of all aristocrats.