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Author Topic: History of Cymrea (the Westwood District)  (Read 2601 times)


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History of Cymrea (the Westwood District)
« on: Oct 21, 14, 05:08:06 PM »

The District of Westwood, in the Province of Wartonshire, was once known throughout Kaeleer as the Territory of Cymrea. Over time the identity of the former Territory has faded into history and eventually has become only a tale of legends; even the long lived races have forgotten much of Cymrea though it appears in their archives of the short lived history.

Early history between Cymrea and Dharo was fraught with blood, death and destruction. Historians insist that Cymrea was the primary aggressor in these battles as they sought to claim land beyond their borders. The descendants of Cymrea claim that the land was rightfully theirs and had been carefully accumulated over time and through marriages to the ruling powers in the neighboring land; they also believe that they had been forced to retreat to the highly defensible heart of their Territory, now known as Westwood, leaving behind even more of what was rightfully their land.

Sheltered by the mountains and ocean they fortified their borders and protected what land indisputably belonged to them. Time was capable of healing most wounds and the Cymreans began to slowly forget about their grudge against the Dharoans for taking their rightful land beyond the Mountains of Snowdon; though there were some who clung stubbornly to that grudge even as the Territories began to foster peace.

The peace achieved between Cymrea and Dharo ended up creating a uniquely strong bond between the Territories in Kaeleer. Hundreds of years of peace brought prosperity that was shared between the Territories, and alliances became forged through marriage, further linking the two Territories together.

When a drought of Queens in Cymrea led to over a decade of challenging harvests, poor crops, and whispers of the dangerous word 'famine', it was Dharo who sent Queens into Cymrea to help restore balance to the land. In order for those Queens to rule in Cymrea they married Cymrean men of power to claim the thrones throughout the Territory. However the Queens were Dharoan at heart and saw an unprecedented opportunity due to their unusual positions within Cymrea. They banded together and agreed to annex the Territory into the far larger Dharo for the support that the more powerful Territory could provide to Cymrea.

The native Cymreans rose up against this decision by the Dharo born Queens and fought for their independance. The Queens used the combined forces of their Court, supported by the Dharoan Guards, and after weeks of fighting had culled the uprising through an efficient, and deadly, use of force.

Over the course of several hundred years the number of proud native Cymreans began to dwindle until even their own heritage had become a legend to them. Over time Dharo's influences over Cymrea erased much of their strong heritage despite the considerable efforts to maintain their autonomy.

Power was always Dharo's primary currency, often in lieu of gold, and as it began to shift with the tides of time Cymrea changed considerably. Dharo's power struggles eventually consumed Cymrea following a historical battle that saw the Province lines of the Territory redrawn to balance power, resources and strong alliances. During this excercise the Province of Cymrea was downgraded into a District and was merged into the larger Province of Wartonshire. In an effort to disassociate the Cymrea name, which had gained further support following such a demotion of significance, the Queen of Wartonshire renamed the District, calling it Westwood. In a similar show of power she renamed her Province's other district to Northwood and created a matching pair between the two. Thousands of years passed and Westwood became just another District in Dharo, despite their Cymrean legacy.

At the time of the Purge Westwood was one of the worst affected Districts in Dharo. The Queens of Westwood were the hardest hit and without an ability to care for the land history repeated itself and Westwood was forced to a brink of famine when they were unable to produce a successful harvest within the first 10 years following the Purge. Once more Dharo came to their rescue and provided Queens to support the land in Westwood; and once more the men of Westwood provided the significant support and protection for these Queens.

Despite the heavy Dharo influences throughout Westwood there is a small, and quiet, faction in the District who refer to themselves as Cymrean and consider it their duty to restore Cymrea to it's former glory. While much of Kaeleer have forgotten the former Territory, or written it off as mere history, this faction has clung to the legends. The bloodlines of the Cymrean aristocrats had become severely diluted throughout the thousands of years since the Territory had last existed. Even so a Queen was at last born to what has been considered to be the purest of the Cymrean bloodlines and she has recently come of age. This Queen represents their hope for significance within Dharo and to restore glory to their home, though they appear to be at odds on how to proceed or even what would be an appealing outcome. One group believes that the only good outcome would be to have their land restored to it's rightful power as a Territory in Kaeleer; while another group are modestly looking to return power to the Territory by making a bid to have a Westwood ruler at the helm of Wartonshire; and finally another group would see their District elevated to it's rightful place within Dharo as a Province. Though the goals are unaligned the people remained focused in providing their Queen the support she needs to gain not only power but also momentum for their general cause.