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The intrigue that drives, and plagues, the Territory of Dharo has built and destroyed empires throughout the Territory; and everyone is eager for political power. The reign of Rheava Evesham has been challenged by these power struggles and even more so by the undercutting of power in her Court. The game of politics had bred the need for Spies within the Territory and they have become the backbone of the Queen's reign.
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Author Topic: Espionage and Spies in Dharo  (Read 3508 times)


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Espionage and Spies in Dharo
« on: Jan 13, 14, 05:21:32 PM »
Dharo's Spy Network & Organizations

Political intrigue has ruled in Dharo for centuries and they have mastered the art of delving information from the most obscure of sources. Rheava Evesham, with the help of the Spy Master (Rhiannon Devine), has had many years in power and rule to secure herself one of the most intricate network of Spies that Dharo has seen. Given the many needs of the Territory and Court there are many different types of Spies that are employed by Dharo and Rheava Evesham through her Spy Master Rhiannon Devine. These spies are in particular loyal to Rheava Evesham and Rhiannon Devine first and foremost. The organization that they've assembled over the years has grown astronomically during Rheava’s second tenure as Queen of Dharo, and has been trending towards an organization rather than simply a network.

The other large organization is the Rampart Club. The Rampart Club is an ancient network of hereditary Spies with a focus on the longevity and success of the Territory, and not any one particular ruler. The Ramparts have been the primary supporters of having the Queen nationalize her network into a Territory initiative that reports to the Queen in a chain of command but is not loyal to any specific Queen. The Ramparts view this as a legacy opportunity for Rheava Evesham and a benefit to the Territory at large.

It is not unusual for Queens to create their own networks during their rise to power but many do not have the focus or interest to sustain large enough networks to gain influence through their connections. The Queen of Tabotshire has had the most notable success in building her network and had initially picked up the pieces of Rheava’s broken network when she was deposed (many of whom have returned their loyalty and allegiance back to Rheava).

There are rumors of a rival organization to the Rampart Club. According to the history of the Ramparts such an organization was systematically destroyed by their ancestors nearly ten thousand years ago. However there have been leads and information in the last year that have indicated that the organization may have been dormant, awaiting the opportunity to strike against the Ramparts and Dharo alike.

The Eyes and Ears Network

The Eyes and Ears are the backbone of Rheava’s success as the Queen of Dharo. Before true agents were recruited and trained Rheava had begun her information gathering using a network of informants throughout the Territory who would feed her information in small tidbits, which she would then have to place together to tell a larger story of movement and intrigue.

The Network comprises of:
  • Eyes and Ears: They are the average citizens of Dharo who have agreed to pass along interesting bits of information through a network to the Queen of Dharo. The information can be anything, from general movements, to notes on gambling debts, or information on extramarital affairs. Anything that was out of the normal would be fed back to Coventry through a complex series of way stations and agents. The Eyes and Ears are not outright paid by the Queen or anyone within the Spy Organization of Dharo; instead they often receive their benefits through patronage or other means. Furthermore, the Eyes and Ears are often every day people going about their normal business and are often not suspected as being a Spy for the Territory.
  • Paid Informants: These agents are specifically paid to maintain an open channel of pertinent information to a Handler within the Organization. They are often shady, or a bit murky in their own loyalties, but money is a great incentive for them and have earned the Queen quite a lot of valuable information in the process. Money often greases the wheel most successfully and there are many people in the ranks of Spies that are simply paid informants; individuals who are paid specifically to ferret information on specific targets.
  • Handlers: The network has grown so significantly that it can no longer be managed and run by the Queen and Spy Master, as it was in the early days of the program. Instead they have a team of Handlers who are in charge of recruiting and maintaining relationships with the Eyes and Ears, and Paid Informants.
  • Analysts: Their job is to sift through the endless reports from across the Territory and the far reaches of the Realm to determine what is valid, and what is nonsense. They are trained to identify specific patterns of behaviour that could raise a red flag, and any unusual circumstances that should concern the Territory.

The Spy Organization

The Spy Organization is head up by Rhiannon Devine and was originally a humble network before time and ambition grew it tenfold, and then again by another tenfold. Though the actual organization is relatively small, given it’s fledgling state and relation to the Queen of Dharo, it does boast a wide breadth of talent and agents.

Spy Agents:
  • Field (Domestic) Agents: The Domestic field agents operate specifically within the borders of Dharo. Given the political climate of the Territory the handful of Domestic agents are considered to be quite valuable to the Queen and Territory. Since the inception of these agents they have proven to have a lower survival rate than that of the Inter-realm Field Agents, especially if caught.
  • Field (Inter-Realm) Agents: The Inter-realm field agents operate specifically outside of the borders of Dharo. There are only a handful of them and though they are multi talented and even multi cultural they have been unable to penetrate Askavi, and have difficulty in Dhemlan as well. They are sent abroad to gather information on the states of the other Territories and any key tidbits that they can send back are key. As Kaeleer is at peace these agents do not see much in the way of combat, though the risks are still quite high.
  • Deep Undercover: These spies have been trained to infiltrate any situation and go undercover to help gain information for Dharo. These spies can also be sleeper agents; which is an agent who has been carefully placed in a strategic position. They are often a deep undercover agent instructed to go about their daily lives until the necessary moment when they should "wake up" and perform a strict set of tasks.
  • Support: These agents are trained to provide any necessary support to the field agents in action. They are field trained but do not often leave the comforts of their headquarters in Coventry. They can be anything from an analyst, to a trainer, to anything else that benefits the program.

Known Dharo Spies:

Though the program has grown in recent years there are only a handful of field agents for each of the specific categories. The majority of the agents reside under the umbrella of the Eyes and Ears Network. Though Rhiannon is tirelessly attempting to further grow the support and working base of the field agents of the Spy Organization.

  • Spy Master: Rhiannon Devine, Birthright Opal to Broken Red hearth witch
    • Eyes and Ears Network:
      • Unnamed NPCs.
    • Spy Organization:
      • Domestic Field Agent:
        • Unnamed NPCs.
      • Inter-realm Field Agent:
      • Undercover Agent:
        • Unnamed NPCs.
      • Support Agents:
        • Unnamed NPCs.