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Author Topic: Aristocrats' Clubs  (Read 2855 times)


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Aristocrats' Clubs
« on: May 25, 12, 09:40:39 PM »
Aristocrat Clubs

Though commonly referred to as the "Aristocrat Clubs" these institutions also included members of the middle class who were high in the instep and possessed the proper references. Aristocrat Clubs are members only, private clubs with strict member limitations, and that are open to man and woman alike.

Joining the Clubs
To gain entry to any of the Clubs a potential member must acquire at least one sponsor who is already a member; they are then added to a waiting list. The more sponsors a potential member can acquire the higher their priority becomes on the waiting list.

It is rare for a member to belong to more than one club, especially among the Big 3. It is rare due to the difficulty of gaining entrance to a single club, never mind multiple ones. That is not to say it is not done but it is rare and difficult.

The Aristocrat Clubs
The Aristocrat Clubs each have their own branding to attract specific members and they often relate to specific professions, interests or schooling. They are almost exclusive to the capital of Coventry.

There are 3 Major Clubs in Coventry:
  • Gray's (Political set)
  • Carlton's (Finance/Business)
  • Westerly's (Trade/Mercantile)

There are 6 Secondary Clubs in Coventry:
  • Erudite Club (Literary)
  • Travelers Club (Travel)
  • Brimstone Club (Gambling)
  • Savage Club (Spin-Off Major 3)
  • Immortal Club (Spin-Off Major 3)
  • Notable Club (Spin-Off Major 3)

The three spin-off Clubs were created without clear identities that were spin offs from the three major clubs after the waiting lists became too long.

History of the Clubs
The Clubs have existed for as long as memory serves in Dharo and have had influences throughout the Territory during that time. There were nearly a dozen more Secondary Clubs before the Purge but with the lack of qualified Blood many of the Clubs were forced to close their doors. Each of the Clubs also carries with it their own set of traditions and peculiarities.

Purpose of the Clubs
The clubs serve different purposes in their existence and members use their benefits in different areas. Each specific club has its own setup but many include meeting spaces and resources available to members (such as news papers from around the Territory). All Clubs have a full kitchen staff and serve all meals. Many members take personal and professional meetings over breakfast or tea; which is very common. These clubs help to facilitate friendships, alliances and business dealings. Gambling is prevalent at all the clubs and most keep "betting books"; where wagers are recorded and tracked with the propriety of the Club handling the outcome. In the Aristocrat Clubs wagers can be as simple as "Who will win the carriage race between Coventry and Avon?" or can be as silly as "What tree in the garden will bloom first?". These bets can be inspired by the most inane of activities.

The Underworld Clubs
These clubs have inspired a set of counterpart clubs found in the underworld of the Territory. The underworld clubs are not licensed by the Territory (while the Aristocrat Clubs each possess a license and a strict code of conduct that they follow).  These clubs bank on the popularity of the "aristocrat clubs" but with none of the prestige. They consist of some of the worst gaming hells and opium dens within the Territory.

The Hell Clubs
There is a third level of Clubs that are often created in a much smaller setting with no more than a dozen or odd members; these Private Clubs are also prevalent and are usually common between friends with similar interests. They are often referred to as the "Hell Clubs" on a collective level. One of the most infamous is Infamy's Den which is known for its debauchery and scandal. The Rampart Club is another of the known Private Clubs but it is a mere whisper, an urban legend, and none have true knowledge of the Club's purpose or existence.

The Hell Clubs:
  • Infamy's Den (Gambling, Debauchery); Proprietor is Dazel Curzon
  • Rampart Club (Unknown/Urban Legend)

(The Aristocrat Clubs are inspired by the Gentlemen's Clubs found in London, such as White's.)

(OOC: If you are interested in joining or running one of the clubs and want to run concepts past me I am all ears. If you have questions on any topic of situation that is not covered here please let me know. I want the Clubs to be a culture basis that people can use to their advantage in world plotting and character building so do not be shy with them.)