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Author Topic: Welcome to the house  (Read 519 times)

Description: tag: Beckett

Offline Hamish Bullard

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Welcome to the house
« on: Oct 16, 19, 02:03:20 AM »
((Extra study material for you  :P))

Having answered the bell already expecting the man standing on the front porch, Hamish had been happily prepared to take charge of matters then and there. It was, after all, a privilege of his position. That privilege should have resulted in an invitation over the threshold for one Beckett Orval, conducting him to the drawing-room and there asking after his preferences in refreshment before sending one attending maid to the kitchen and making his own way to the master’s study to announce the new teacher’s arrival. All very formal and routine. Perfectly professional.

Instead, the first introduction was to the boys running between them at the most inopportune moment. The second was between their heads as both men reached for the falling luggage and the twins vanished out the door.

The next thing Hamish knew, he and several other staff members were left staring after the master and the tutor in something like shock before his attention was drawn to the… untidy display left behind. A frown escaped him then, hand dropping from his forehead where he’d been massaging the likely place of a future bruise, as he took in the clear indication of unorganised packing. But he only gestured wordlessly to right the sprawled trunk with Craft and carefully sat on the footstool nearby. It was very low, but it obeyed the letter of the law Prince Graywarren had tossed his way before leaving. He was sitting. He had no intention of taking the full two hours, however. It would be a sore waste of his time.

Working efficiently, it took the maid and footman very little time to neatly fold and arrange the displaced clothing back where it belonged. They, unlike a certain someone, had little difficulty closing the lid. “Take it to his room, if you would, Laurie.” Hamish directed the man with absent familiarity, rubbing his head again, before glancing upwards towards the room they’d made up for the tutor and considering the new record achieved in creating chaos. “And may be as you should look about for whatever fun the children have prepared.” Darkness help him, but he was becoming paranoid. “Wouldn’t want to ruin his first impressions further.”

Why hadn’t the children decided on some elaborate prank this time? He could have done something about that quite handily, but the dear terrors had already learned that sometimes simple was best. He’d have been prouder if his head wasn’t hurting so much. An unforeseen consequence on their part, likely.

With a sigh, he hauled himself back upright and back to work. There wasn’t really anything more to do in preparation of Lord Orval’s arrival and integration into the household until Prince Graywarren released the man. But there was plenty else to set his hands to. And Hamish spent his time quite busily until he was informed that the tutor and the children had been introduced, nothing had yet exploded, and Lord Beckett Orval was currently in his room settling in. He gave the man a while longer to wrap his head around the ordeals he’d just faced, and then took it upon himself to pay him a visit.

Earlier, he’d assigned himself the role of tour guide with the thought that his presence might avert disaster. Clearly, he’d been too hopeful, but as it was too late to disrupt anyone else’s day, it remained his task. So, he paused at the door for a second’s straightening out of his uniform before clearing his throat to draw attention. “Lord Orval? If I’m not imposing, I’d thought to show you the house for familiarizing yourself now. But, might be you’ve had a tiring afternoon?”

Although they’d met before when Hamish interviewed him, their positions were now more or less equal, in that a butler had no say in the children’s education. They were in charge of different departments, so to speak. But Hamish held further responsibilities than many butlers, and the complete trust of his employer: he was in charge of Beckett’s salary, and had in fact, taken it upon himself more than once to teach the Graywarrens himself, in between tutors. So, he led with formality, but finished with a more cordial tone that discreetly acknowledged the difficulties of dealing with Warlord Princes and the Graywarren brood. If Beckett would rather rest and recover his mental fortitude in peace, the tour could be delayed.