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Author Topic: Coming to a Mutual Beneficial Arrangement  (Read 90 times)

Description: attn: Samson/Wren

Offline Angharad Maddox

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Coming to a Mutual Beneficial Arrangement
« on: Apr 07, 19, 08:29:10 PM »
Morning found the young Queen ensconced behind her desk with a sizeable mug of coffee. She was dressed simply, a cozy sweater, leggings, and serviceable boots, as she hoped to get some time outside in after this meeting.  She’d had enough of dresses over Winsol.  Despite her attempt to argue that coffee was indeed breakfast, the males in her Court had insisted on a “proper” breakfast.  Not willing to stop working when she was already in a good place, Ange managed to hold them off by agreeing to have a tray brought up after her next appointment.  Still she, was happy with the way the morning was going.  It felt good to be back at work after the Winsol holiday.  It was all well and good to dance for the glory of Witch, she could do without higher class Aristo’s looking down their noses at her. 

Sighing, she took another sip of coffee, before sitting it aside and spreading out the files regarding her next appointment on her desk.  It wasn’t uncommon for a Village Court like hers to take on young members of the Blood for training.  Afterall, it was often beneficial for both parties.  The Court got a chance to look at the up and coming members of society, and a bit of added strength, and the trainees got to experience a working Court and gain polish they might not otherwise get.  Although she’d not planned on having more than a single Circle, she’d eventually agreed that there was enough funds to support two, if they were judicious with their spending.  Speaking of that, she made a mental note to schedule a follow up meeting with her Steward.  It never hurt to be careful, afterall.

She didn’t expect to have too many wards coming into her Court, they were a small village, and nothing that would be considered a stepping stone up to a bigger posting.  A few youths from the village, perhaps.  Or maybe someone’s distant relative who needed a safe place to learn.  Which was why she was surprised to see a message from a Dharoan Captain cross her desk.  It seemed that he could easily find a higher Court for his Warlord Prince son, given the connections she assumed he’d have.  Even with the lightest of Jewels, a Warlord Prince was both dangerous, and a beneficial Caste to have in any Court.  Still, she was curious, and so agreed to meet Prince Graywarren to discuss his son. 

A light mental tap from the guard alerted her to his arrival, giving her time to sweep her papers into an orderly pile, before rising to her feet as the door swung open.  Smiling in greeting, she moved out from behind the desk, and offered her hands in greeting. 

“Welcome to Tormaa, Prince Graywarren”

Offline Samson Graywarren

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Re: Coming to a Mutual Beneficial Arrangement
« Reply #1 on: Apr 08, 19, 05:29:57 PM »
Samson would not have initially considered the village of Tormaa if his son hadn't brought it up himself in conversation the other week. There were quite a few reasons that even if he had thought of it himself he likely would have dismissed the idea only a moment later. It was a small village, for one thing. The ruling Queen was also young, and had only been ruling for something around a year, for another. He probably could have found half a dozen other things, too (did she even have any Warlord Princes in her court that could mentor the boy?), but since he'd already decided he would interview with her in consideration he didn't waste the energy.

No, Jacob had brought up the Court and Samson would give it due consideration because of that. The Warlord Prince may be a bit rusty and unpracticed in the fatherhood department, but he wanted his children to be happy and he did value their opinions... when it was about something pertinent. When it was just inane chatter he sometimes found it hard to follow them at all.

And so, Samson had arranged the coach to take him out to Tormaa to meet with this young Queen and see if this might be a suitable place for his son to apprentice.

Samson hated riding in coaches. He much preferred riding astride. Unfortunately, as had been the case for the past few months, he was not in quite the condition to do either. His White couldn't quite handle the strain of Wind-travel just yet, and his physical condition was... aggravatingly lacking at present. So instead he confined himself to the stuffy, blasted coach and allowed himself to be carted off to the small village within Westwood District that his son, for some reason, knew about and was interested in.

The ride was bumpy, uncomfortable, and felt far longer than it probably actually was. By the time he got out of the box-on-wheels, leaning heavily on the cane he hated that he was thankful to have brought, he was in rather a sour mood. Then again, Samson was usually in some sort of sour mood or another.

Even so, he nodded appropriately and was Protocol-polite to both the man who answered the door and the one who lead him up to where he would be meeting with the Queen.

The door was opened and he was allowed into her office. Having seemingly been previously-alerted to his approach, the Queen was already waiting and moved forward to greet him. "Lady Maddox," he greeted gruffly with a stiff bow over her hands before giving himself a moment to look her over and get a preliminary assessment and form an initial opinion.

Which was, in no uncertain terms, that she looked far too young to be ruling anything. The record said that she was thereabouts twenty-three - but clearly this was a mistake in reporting. This girl in front of him was certainly no older than his Naomi. Naomi! Who was only eighteen!

"Thank you for.. having me," he finally added after an awkward moment, leaning on his cane again.