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Canon: © Anne Bishop
Board's Plot: Blood Rites
Points Scheme: Mother Night
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Established February 2010
by Jamie, Gina & Bowie.

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* Plot Information for Dharo

The intrigue that drives, and plagues, the Territory of Dharo has built and destroyed empires throughout the Territory; and everyone is eager for political power. The reign of Rheava Evesham has been challenged by these power struggles and even more so by the undercutting of power in her Court. The game of politics had bred the need for Spies within the Territory and they have become the backbone of the Queen's reign.
History of Dharo
Provinces & Districts
Court of Dharo
Espionage & Spies
Aristocrat's Clubs

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  1. All Signs Point to Betrayal
  2. Family Matters
  3. Proximity
  4. Welcome to the house
  5. planning for a victory
  6. To observe the scowls on skeletons
  7. His good intentions leave me shaking
  8. What is the cost of the future to you?
  9. half the man I used to be
  10. Throw me to the Lions
  11. Coming to a Mutual Beneficial Arrangement
  12. A Gathering of Allies and Enemies
  13. Works in Progress
  14. Walking in a Cymrean Wonderland
  15. the truth hurts, but a lie's worse
  16. The Kidnapping of a Queen
  17. And walk out the door
  18. Hidden Messages Buried Deep
  19. Local Boy and the Sunshine Pony
  20. (Alcoholic) tea and sympathy
  21. Violate all the love that I'm missing
  22. Pleasant Unplanned Business
  23. the garden of your thoughts
  24. No Stone Unturned
  25. Bind me with your secrets
  26. Call Me a Rebel
  27. Written in the Stars
  28. Wheels, wagons, and the horses behind them
  29. The image I'm trying to project to you
  30. Is this the ending of what we've begun?
  31. say something to us we can learn
  32. Even the Rain is Sharp
  33. Top of the Morning To Ya.
  34. Embracing potential
  35. Reassembly
  36. Winsol gifts
  37. where do your loyalties lie?
  38. The Hungry Search Begins
  39. Prelude to the Game
  40. Clash of Queens
  41. Queen to Pawn in three moves...
  42. making an offer
  43. nothing thicker than blood
  44. A labor of love
  45. Adjusting the Status Quo
  46. Letters to the Queen
  47. Righting a Wrong
  48. Changes
  49. The Current in my Veins
  50. If I had a heart I could love you
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