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Author Topic: Angharad Maddox  (Read 1817 times)

Description: Queen. Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk. Played by Kellee

Offline Angharad Maddox

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Angharad Maddox
« on: Jan 06, 19, 10:43:26 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Angharad Maddox
Nicknames: Ange, or Angie
Age & Birthyear:  23, 171 AP
Race:  Short-lived
Caste:  Queen
Birth Territory: Westwood District, Dharo
Home Territory: Westwood District, Dharo

Birthright Jewel: Cut Tiger Eye
Offering Jewel:  Uncut Purple Dusk

Role: Village Queen
Faction: Tormaa Village


Play By: Maia Mitchell
Distinguishing Features:



Warm and gracious even on her worst days, Angharad is a firm believer in putting forward her best face even when things are crashing down around her. As a Queen, she feels that she doesn’t have the luxury of letting her temper fly or showing her emotions for all to see.  Still, Ange would rather be out doing something about the things crashing down around her rather than sitting idly by and waiting for someone else to fix things.   Angharad wants very badly to be a good Queen, and make her family proud.  Like most Queens, she’s happiest when she can be outside puttering around in her garden and tending to the land and it’s people. 

In the three years that she’s been at Court, she’s lost some of the naivety that she once had.  Learning to navigate the politics of Dharo’s Courts has taught her that she can’t blindly trust what people will say or do. That actions speak louder than honeyed words whispered in confidence.  She’s become more guarded with her feelings, and is less likely to wear them for all to see as she once would’ve.  Angharad has managed to learn some restraint recently, even if she’d still rather cut straight to the heart of the matter in most dealings.

Her time with Tegwen has taught her to harness her ambition and drive, instead of striking out blindly.  Angharad is better prepared now to plan for the long game, rather than simply for the here and now.  She’s not quite perfected it, after all she is a young Queen. However she knows that in Dharo, she doesn’t have the luxury of being slow to learn the skills she needs to rule. And equally important, the skills she needs to help her people.

  • 1 Being treated like one of the guys. Angharad knows that she’s considered special. One of the few Queens born of Cymrean descent. And while she’d never shirk her duties, or try to be anything than the best Queen she can be, she desperately wishes she could be just one of the guys, instead having to be treated as a fragile thing that must be protected at all times. Thankfully, her brothers are there when she needs a break.
  • 2 The Outdoors. Ange is more than happy to spend all of her time outside. She loves exploring the land around her home, and can often be found in her twin’s castoff clothing with her hands buried in the ground or tending her garden.
  • 3 Learning about practical things. The Queen loves learning, but specifically the things that are practical and useful.  Weapons, shielding, and Queen’s Craft all top the list of her prefered lessons. Protocol comes in a close second as she understands that it's what keeps the Blood safe.  Who cares if she knows all of the latest dance steps, or if her needlepoint looks worse than what a cat could do?
  • 1 Politics. Angie is young, but she knows that if she wants to succeed as a Queen she need to learn how to play the game of politics.  She’s been closely paying attention to what her mentor does, taking mental notes about what she says, and dosen’t say.

  • 2 Parties. Granted, with the state of the Cymrean people she hasn’t had the opportunity to attend many parties. But by and large she finds them to be unnecessary and a distraction from getting real work done.  She puts a good face on when she has to dress up and be in the spotlight, but inside she’s terrified of making a mistake.
  • 3 Feeling unsure of herself. As a Queen, Angharad knows that she’s held to a higher standard. She’s the mentee of the Queen of Westwood and knows that she has an opportunity to soak in a great deal of knowledge and make the right connections. Still, she worries that eventually she will make a misstep that will not only embarrass herself, but Tegwen and her family.
  • 1 Being a bad Queen. Ange has grown up on the stories of the Cymrean people. Her lineage is one of strong-willed men and women who have never forgotten who they are or what they’ve lost.  She’s heard stories of corrupt Dharo Queens, who’ve used their power to only be concerned with themselves and not the people they’re sworn to protect.  She know’s that her Tiger Eye isn’t the Darkest Jewel, and that at best she’ll Descend to the Purple Dusk.  Which, while respectable, she worries that it’s not the strength that the Cymrean people need.
  • 2 Not being able to rule. Even with the connections she’s trying to make, and with the luck of training in the Queen of Westwood’s Court, Angharad worries that she won’t have the chance to rule.  Her desire to protect and defend her people sometimes overrides her good sense, but she wants to do right by the Cymreans and their corner of Dharo.
  • 3 The core of who she is changing. At heart, Angharad is a good person. A little naive at times about how things actually work. She’s learning in the Province Court that often in order to do right by the people, you have to make concessions you’d rather not make.  There are times when you have to compromise yourself for the greater good. This both scares and challenges her, and she tries to hold on to who she is as she navigates the politics of Court.
Craft Strengths:
  • 1 Queen’s Gift. Angharad’s strongest strength is her Queen’s Gift.  Her garden flourishes, where she spills her blood the land responds greatly, even before she’s had her Offering. She’s learned the hard way however, not to let her power flow unchecked.
  • 2 Empathy Craft. The Queenling is deeply in tune with the people around her.  Given a chance, she’ll monitor those she cares about always on the lookout for spikes of anger or distress, in the hopes that she can alleviate their pain. 
Craft Weaknesses:
  • 1 Aural Craft Enhancement. Even though it would be helpful when she’s speaking to a roomful of people, Ange can’t use enhancement to modify her voice. She’s tried to use Craft to enhance her voice to invoke a sense of authority, calmness, or even the volume of her voice, and all she ends up with is a raging headache.
  • 2 Compulsion Craft. Not everyone will take into consideration what she says or tries to do. And while it would be helpful to be able to weave subtle compulsion Craft around her voice to sway people to her point of view, she’s never quite gotten the knack of it.  This likely stems from her straight forward nature. With Angharad, what you see is what you get.
Life Story

Mother: Elain Maddox, Rose to Purple Dusk witch, age 59,  b 135 AP
Father:  Caradoc Maddox, Purple Dusk to Green Warlord Prince, age 54, b 140 AP
 Dylan Maddox, Yellow to Rose  Prince (oldest), age 36,  b 158 AP Adoptable

 Trevor Maddox. Rose to Purple Dusk Warlord (middle), age 28,  b 166 AP Adoptable

 Idris Maddox, Opal to Sapphire Warlord Prince (twin), age 23,  b 171 AP  Adoptable
* Jewels rolled on Angharad's sheet, can be re-rolled if adopting player would prefer.


By the time Elain became pregnant with the last of her children, she knew what to expect. The witch good naturedly put up with her husband’s fussing, even though the idea of not being able to use her Jewels still was annoying.  No one was more surprised when she learned that she was carrying twins.  The eldest entered the world loudly, announcing his arrival.  After a quick glance over, the scent of Warlord Prince was apparent and Elain gave a brief thought to the tempers that could collide in their little household. Her attention soon turned however to the second babe. Why hadn’t Idris’ twin made their entrance yet?  Her concern grew as Healers began to fuss over her, their worry apparent even as they tried to reassure her.

The second babe had turned, and had to be maneuvered into a better position. With the use of Craft, and hands, Angharad entered the world later than her twin. She needed more care than her twin, and so the scent of her Caste didn’t immediately register with her concerned parents.  It was hours later before Elain and Caradoc realized the importance of their twins. Warlord Princes were somewhat common in their family on Caradoc’s side.  However, Angharad was a Queen.  Very few Queens had been born into the older Cymrean lines, and the Maddoxes were elated that their youngest had the potential to help their people.

Surrounded by the males of her family, Ange grew up in a rough and tumble family.  Of course she was sheltered and protected, but she was also treated like one of the guys in many ways.  Always shadowed by her twin,  Ange grew up rambling through the forests near her home.  Her days were spent learning about the history of the Cymrean people, basic craft, and protocol.  She grew up on the stories of strong Queens, and corrupt Queens of Dharo.  Angharad took to her lessons well, always striving to learn as much as she could.

From her brothers she learned how to fight dirty, where to strike for the greatest effect, and the rudiments of how to defend herself. The more womanly skills were pushed aside for the more practical skills that her family thought she would best need.  Ange was a Queen of Cymrean lineage, and her parents wanted to give her the best chances for survival among the other Queens of Westwood.

As her Birthright approached, Ange hoped for a Dark Jewel, something to make her parents and people proud.  Entering the Temple, she turned her thoughts toward the ceremony and prayed.  Emerging with her cut Tiger Eye, she was proud of her Jewel. It wasn’t as Dark as she had once hoped, but once she held it in her hands, if felt perfect.  However, no one was more proud of her twin’s Birthright than Angharad.  Idris’ Opal was a point of pride among the family, pleased that she would have a strong protector.

Her life accelerated now that she had her Birthright Jewel. Her days were filled with lessons, Protocol, and Craft.  Gone were the moments of sneaking off with her brothers to play in the woods or tussle like a pack of unruly puppies.  Lessons on being more ladylike, and how to play the game of politics didn’t come easily, and she often felt discouraged.  Still, she persevered and learned what she was put to.   

She was sixteen when she came to the attention of the new Queen of Westwood.  As a Queen of Cymrean descent, she was sent to the Province Court to meet Tegwen, and see if the Queen would accept her.  With an offer to train in Tegwen’s Court, Angharad was quickly thrust into the limelight.  Before, she was a Light Jeweled Queen, who while gifted in Queen’s Gift, hadn’t truly brought much attention to herself. 

After three years in Westwood’s Court, Ange began to come into her own. While it was an abrupt, if terrifying entrance to politics in Dharo, she quickly learned to become adept at playing the game of politics. The naive girl who came to Tegwen all wide eyed and trusting was quickly forced to change thanks to Tegwen’s methods of teaching, and the fallout from the Arinthrope Letters. After the uproar that Tegwen’s exit made, and the fear that she’d be somehow included in her treachery, Emma’s arrival in Westwood caused the young Queen to wonder where she’d fit into the new Court. 

It wasn’t long into her apprenticeship with the new Queen,  that Emma offered her the Village of Tormaa to rule.  While she didn’t [i[quite[/i] feel ready, she jumped at the chance to strike out on her own. The appointment was the final push she needed to complete her virgin night and offering, as, being on her own and ruling meant that she’d need to be at her best.  Moving from working on small tasks in the District Court, to ruling her own Court, even a Village Court, was a bit of a culture shock.  She’d inherited most of the previous Queen’s Court, and without males of her own, she’s had to rely heavily on her brother, who serves as her First Escort.

 Now that she’s been ruling for almost a year, she’s begun to make cautious inquires into gauging her people’s feelings on Cymrea. Overall, it’s been a good experience for her growth as a Queen, even if she often feels like she’s flying by the seat of her pants.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:
Angharad waited patiently for her lesson to be over.  Well, mostly patiently.  The Queen was well past the days of throwing a tantrum when things weren’t as she’d like, but there was still a slight indication that she’d rather be doing something she considered useful.  Still, Ange managed to keep a polite expression of interest on her face as her tutor went over the correct use of silverware for what felt like the fourth time. 

When she’d come to train at the Province Court, Angharad hadn’t quite known what to expect.  In many ways, she’d been naive in her beliefs that she’d simply focus on how to be a good Queen.  She’d had assumed that most of her time would be spent with Tegwen, shadowing her day to day activities.  And for the most part, she did.  What she hadn’t counted on was the accelerated lessons in things she had previously considered herself sufficiently trained in.  Which was something the young Queen was struggling with. 

Ange had never considered herself to be a slow learner. In fact, she’d been quite proud of how quickly she’d been able to pick up her lessons and move on to the next one.  Now, she was diving deeper into the finer points of Protocol and keeping up with Tegwen’s schedule. Which meant early mornings, and late nights studying.  Still, she didn’t mind those lessons. They were useful, unlike this particular lesson which felt like the worst kind of busywork.

Still, it was her job to learn and theirs to teach, as her mother had often reminded her. Which was why she was doing her level best to pay attention, even if she’d rather be doing anything but this.

Petitions (if any): 
Why did this character became inactive? Grad school and real life craziness

What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again? I'm in my last semester of school, and working with the plot lead to fit Ange into the Dharo plot

What are your plans for this character? Find ways to drive plot for her Village court, and find ways to make her of use to the overarching Dharo plot

Number of previous Reactivations: 2 for Agne.

Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) : Updates for Current Westwood District Queen/Offering/Ruling a Village

Player Name: Kellee

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Re: Angharad Maddox
« Reply #1 on: Jan 21, 19, 04:34:54 PM »
This got missed for reactivation. Make sure you post a reply to the character thread stating that it's ready.


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