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Author Topic: Rhiannon Devine  (Read 805 times)

Description: Hearth Witch. Opal to Broken Red. Played by Phedre.

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Rhiannon Devine
« on: Jun 14, 17, 10:21:45 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Rhiannon Devine
Nicknames: Rhi, Rhiann, Anna (James only)
Age: 39 (born 154 AP)
Race: Short Lived 
Caste: Hearth witch
Birth Territory: Dharo, Kaeleer
Home Territory: Dharo, Kaeleer

Birthright Jewel: Uncut Opal
Offering Jewel:  Broken Red

Play By: Elçin Sangu
Distinguishing Features:
Rhiannon has long red hair and eyes that change from brown to golden hazel depending on the lighting and her mood.


Rhiannon is a whirlwind of soft silks and flowery perfume. She has a gentle artistic soul that is constantly craving the newest and most beautiful pieces her hands and her Craft can create. She sweeps into a room and commands the attention of everyone there. She is rather eccentric, but not beyond what would commonly be expected for an artist of her skill and acclaim. She has taken up a position within Rheava's court as the court's personal fashion designer and seamstress. Her designs set the bar for all of aristo society.

She is extremely feminine, even delicate in her nature. She loves to socialize and glides easily through social functions. Her smile is dazzling and her laugh is infectious. People feel happy just being in her presence. More than one man has fallen under her spell and quite a few women have as well. Her presence is requested at endless social engagements and she must sort through them all in order to choose the ones she feels would be the most enjoyable or the most beneficial.

Beneath her perfectly practiced grace lies a logical and calculating mind, one very few people know exists. She uses this lack of knowledge to her great advantage. She is exquisitely skilled at gathering bits of information and piecing them together to create a mass amount of knowledge and dirt on all of the aristocracy of Dharo. She shares this information with her Queen. Like a skilled conductor, she orchestrates an army of spies who have infiltrated every aspect of Dharo's society, yet only the few trusted at the top tier know that she is the mastermind.   

Her amiable nature and the public knowledge that she was broken has created an illusion of gentleness and vulnerability. Nearly everyone forgets that she is still a powerful and skilled Opal witch. Rhiannon is fine with their forgetfulness, and even plays into the image they have created of her as it suits her purposes well. 

  • 1 High Fashion. Fashion is her life. She loves it, breathes, it, creates it. Her family is quite wealthy, allowing her the freedom to pursue her passions regardless of earning a living, but she does extremely well as one of the top fashion designers in Dharo.
  • 2 Flowers. Rhiannon loves flowers. She keeps a small flower garden on the terrace outside her rooms and spends a great deal of time in the court's gardens. Her perfume smells like lilacs.
  • 3 Social gatherings. While it suits her ulterior motives to be included in as many social gatherings as possible, she truly loves the energy of being around people. It revitalizes her.
  • 4 Her sisters. Rhiannon adores her sisters and would do anything in her power for them. The five Devine girls are extremely close and viciously protective of each other. Both Seren and Morgan work for their older sister and Anwen and Brynne are also close at hand whenever their duties allow.
  • 1 Boring people. Life is too short to spend time talking with people who have no idea how to have a little fun.
  • 2 Getting wet. While she enjoys being outdoors on days with mild weather, her wardrobe is in no way designed to withstand getting wet. Many of her fabrics would be ruined by the rain.
  • 3 Pity. While she has used her image as delicate and vulnerable to her advantage, she loathes when people look at her with pity in their eyes. It happens less now than it did after she was first broken, but still occurs often enough for her to be reminded how much she hates it.
  • 1 Losing her Queen. The chaos that occurred with Alora Kent damaged and fractured Dharo and has not yet been fully repaired. As the spy master, Rhiannon knows better than anyone what people say behind Rheava's back. She will do whatever is within her power to keep Rheava from being harmed or taken off the throne again.
  • 2 Nightmares. In the quiet darkness of her mind, Rhiannon is forced to relive the attack that left her broken over and over again. She avoids sleeping at night whenever she can. For some reason, the nightmares are not as brutal during the early morning hours as they are at night.
  • 3 Being discovered. While she is extremely careful in who she trusts, there is always the chance that she will trust the wrong person and her true nature will be revealed. Her father trusted the wrong person and it cost their mother her life.
  • 4 Her sisters being hurt. Rhiannon is extremely protective of her sisters. While she acknowledges there is inherent danger in the family business, she has taken whatever precautions she can to keep them safe, like having Anwen use her skills as a Black Widow to link Rhiannon, Seren, and Morgan's Opal Jewels together so that it is difficult to detect which sister is which by searching for their Jewels or psychic scent.
Craft Strengths:
  • 1 Turning fabric into stunning fashion. Her skill with cloth and thread is nearly unparallelled. She can use Craft to create multiple beautiful gowns at the same time, sitting in the middle of a riot of silk. Her studio is generally a complete disaster area and anyone walking through needs to be careful or else they may be struck suddenly by needles or scissors flying through the air.
  • 2 Gaining access to people's first inner barriers. This is a skill she has spent years perfecting. Everything about her, from the sight of her to the sound of her laugh to the smell of her perfume, overwhelms a person with so much of her, they take no notice when she slips underneath their first barrier and reads all the thoughts they would never want her to know. They simply sense her everywhere around them and never realize she was there, gaining the pieces of information she needs.
Craft Weaknesses:
  • 1 Cooking. Most Hearth witches are excellent in a kitchen, but Rhiannon once managed to burn water. She really wants to be good at it, but after the last incident that involved a rather sizable explosion, the court cook banned her from the kitchen. Not being able to cook a proper meal affects her sense of self as a proper Hearth witch. It also results in merciless teasing from her youngest sister, Morgan, a skilled Hearth witch capable of making all kinds of delicious meals.
  • 2 Shields. If she had been better able to shield, perhaps she would not have been broken. Perhaps her mother would still be alive. While she has tried to improve this skill, it is simply not something her Craft is capable of.
Life Story

Mother: Victoria Devine White to Tiger Eye Healer Deceased
Father: Liam Devine 64 Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk Prince
Siblings: Younger sisters:
Brynne Devine 30 Yellow to Rose Healer
Seren Devine 28 Rose to Opal witch
Anwen Devine 25 Yellow to Rose Black Widow
Morgan Devine 22 Summer Sky to Opal Hearth witch

Rhiannon's family is well known through out Coventry. A Purple Dusk Prince with a shrewd mind for business, her father made his fortune young. Her mother was a gentle woman and a skilled Healer. Their marriage was one based solely on love, not on advantageous connections or political power plays as were so many unions in Dharo. The Devines spoiled their children with love and beautiful things, particularly their father, who could not have been happier to have five little princesses to come home to every day.

Rhiannon showed skills with fabrics early on, playing dress up with her younger sisters as if they were living dolls created specifically to show off her creations. Soon enough, Brynne was pulled away from the others to apprentice with their mother as a Healer, but the youngest three were at Rhiannon's mercy. Not that they minded. All four of her sisters idolized Rhiannon and her ability to turn a simple table cloth into a dress filled with sparkling witch lights. After consistently finding her clean linens needed for healing turned into skirts and capes and turbans, Victoria put her foot down and insisted Liam purchase proper fabrics to meet their daughter's voracious appetite to create. By the time she was 15, she was already designing all of her own clothing and the clothing for her sisters as well, even baby Morgan. Within a few more years, requests began to pour in from other aristo houses. As a gift for reaching her majority, her father set her up with her own shop where she could work properly. This was not an entirely unselfish act, Rhiannon's work had taken over multiple rooms of the Devine townhouse.

There was great unrest in Dharo. Rheava Evesham had been stripped of her throne and brutally broken back to her Birthright Purple Dusk. Alora Kent had taken the throne. Coventry was plunged into chaos and violence. Liam was nervous and agitated. Unknown to his family, Liam's private business involved being part of the network of spies Rheava Evesham had throughout Dharo. His loyalty to Rheava was absolute, and now that she had been dethroned, he feared his family was in danger. Liam made plans to take his family away to the coast under the guise of an extended family vacation. But it was time for Rhiannon's Offering and she wanted to complete it before they left. Since there was no way he could easily object without drawing attention to the real reason he wanted to leave, he agreed to take Brynne, Anwen, and Seren to the coast and Victoria would follow behind in a few days with Rhiannon and little Morgan. Liam had wanted to take Morgan as well, but she was only eight and refused to leave without her mother, so he reluctantly left her, his wife, and his eldest daughter and went to the coast. It was choice that would would cost a tremendous price: his daughter's full strength at the Red and the life of his beloved wife. 
The townhouse was attacked the night after Rhiannon's Offering. She was unable to save her mother. She shattered her Red Jewel protecting her sister. She learned her father's other profession and extracted a promise from him to teach her how to be a spy. She in turn taught her sisters. When Rheava returned to the throne, the Devines returned to Coventry. Rhiannon took up her shop again. Brynne worked as a Healer for the aristo families. Anwen began her formal training with the Hourglass Coven. And Seren and Morgan worked with Rhiannon creating the high fashion that all the aristo's coveted. At Rhiannon's insistence, Liam introduced her to Rheava and shared with her both sets of Rhiannon's skills. Rheava gave her a place at court as the official seamstress of the Queen. Her real value of course was as a spy. Within a few years, Rhiannon had built up an impressive network of spies, but only a select few knew that she was the spy master they ultimately reported to. 

Show Us What You've Got

Writing Sample:
"You lied to us." Rhiannon hoped her words hurt her father. When she saw the pain in his eyes, she regretted her anger for a moment. Then the memories flooded her again and she steeled herself against her regret.

Morgan was screaming. Rhiannon stumbled out of bed, still exhausted from making her Offering the night before. She could hear her mother yelling, could hear the sound of men's voices. Barefoot, she ran through the lengthy halls of their townhouse and came to a sudden stop when she reached the top of the stairs. Morgan was cornered in the front hall, two large men shooting bursts of power at her wavering Summer Sky shield. Her mother was on the other side of the room. She was struggling ineffectively against the two men who held her. She lashed out with a burst of Tiger Eye power in a desperate effort to reach her youngest daughter, but it was no use. The last man was standing in the middle of the room. He looked up at Rhiannon and smiled.

"If you had told us the truth, this would have never happened. Our mother would still be alive. I would wear the Red." The tears welled up in her eyes, thinking of the pieces of her uncut Red Jewel she had cradled in her hands after the assault.

"I'm sorry, Rhiann. I'm so sorry. I was trying to protect you and it meant so much for you to be able to go forward with your Offering and..." Liam stumbled over his words as the tears spilled down his daughter's cheeks at the mention of her Offering. She would have been so strong. And now she would be cut off from her full strength forever. Rhiannon's eyes took on a distant look as he watched her.

Rhiannon's shield faltered and she felt a sharp pain as a bolt of Rose power struck her. She had never really understood how to shield properly, despite her father spending an extensive amount of time trying to teach her. Her Red power was still so unfamiliar and her uncertainty was making it even harder to maintain a proper shield. She didn't know her limits. She clutched Morgan closer to her, shielding her eyes from the sight of their mother being brutally beaten on the other side of the room. She couldn't figure out how to continue to shield Morgan and lash out at the men hurting her mother. She had to do something. If she didn't, none of them would get out of this alive.  

Rhiannon pulled herself back to the confrontation of her father. "Protect us? How was lying to us protecting us? You should have told us you were a spy for Rheava. Even if you thought we were too young, you should have told your wife!" Liam flinched at the mention of Victoria. It was still a recent heart wound, but it was one he didn't think he would ever recover from. Rhiannon had arrived at their coastal estate bloody and battered carrying a terrified Morgan on her hip. When he asked about Victoria, Rhiannon had thrown open her inner barriers and shown him the grotesque image of his wife's corpse. Then she had handed him the shattered pieces of an uncut Red Jewel and walked away in search of her sisters. 

Rage grew in Rhiannon until she couldn't control it. The attack went on and on. Her mother was yelling at her to take Morgan and run, but her words were gargled as she choked on her own blood. And then it was silent. Rhiannon reached for her mother with her mind. Nothing. Rhiannon's rage boiled over. She stood up, placing her body between Morgan and the men. She turned inward and plummeted toward her Red web. She was going so fast. She knew it was too fast, but it didn't matter. All that mattered was that these men paid for the life they had taken. Just before she reached her Red web, she unleashed her power outward in an arc. It tore through their attackers. In that moment, she knew why they were here, knew they had come to take out members of her father's family.

It took all her effort to keep Morgan safe. She was so focused on making the arc precise, she didn't turn in time and crashed through her inner web. The pain was immense as she fought to surface. Focusing outward again, all she could see was red. Blood painted the entry hall. She opened her hand and looked down at the pieces of her broken Jewel. She would never again know the Red. But at least she still wore the Opal. And Morgan was alive. The girl wore a Summer Sky Birthright and would be able to travel with her if she kept to the lighter Winds. Picking up her little sister, she turned her back on the carnage and left the Devine townhouse.

"Please Rhiann, tell me what I can do. I can't take it back. I can't bring her back. I can't give you your strength back. But I will do anything else. Anything." Rhiannon took a breath. In that moment, her father watched her shift from a gentle young girl to a determined and calculating woman.

"Teach me."

Petitions (if any): Re-activation
Why did this character became inactive?
This character became inactive as part of the great character sweep when life swallowed by whole like a giant whale. I have been since rescued and having finally swam ashore, am reestablishing my plot arcs with the characters that have fun and shiny plots to write in.

What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?
Not getting swallowed is step one, obviously. Beyond that, I have been able to keep all of my characters that I have brought back so far active by either writing them or purchasing activity waivers. Rhiannon has always been a verbose character and with all the plots in Dharo, I do not see any issue keeping her active.

What are your plans for this character?
SO MANY PLANS. Gavin and Jai and I have plotted extensively (we have a spread sheet!) for what the future plots for our entangled characters will be. Rhiannon will be resuming her place as the Spy Master of Dharo, and need to work closely with Rheava to regain her Queen's trust. I have also plotted with Reid, who writes Tanner, a key player in Rhiannon's character arc, and Lene and I have discussed her bringing back Rhiannon's sister, Anwen.

Number of previous Reactivations: 0

Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) :  Age updated

Player Name: Phedre

Advanced Mind Delving gifted here

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Re: Rhiannon Devine
« Reply #1 on: Jun 15, 17, 05:29:37 AM »
Rhiannon is ready for review, pretty please!

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Re: Rhiannon Devine
« Reply #2 on: Jun 15, 17, 10:07:20 AM »  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker

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Re: Rhiannon Devine
« Reply #3 on: Dec 02, 17, 04:22:54 PM »
I would like my Thanksgiving shop Advanced Psychic Cleansing Spells for Rhiannon, pretty please. Thank you!
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