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The intrigue that drives, and plagues, the Territory of Dharo has built and destroyed empires throughout the Territory; and everyone is eager for political power. The reign of Rheava Evesham has been challenged by these power struggles and even more so by the undercutting of power in her Court. The game of politics had bred the need for Spies within the Territory and they have become the backbone of the Queen's reign.
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Author Topic: Alora Kent  (Read 3394 times)

Description: Queen, Summer-sky to Opal. Played by Jamie

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Alora Kent
« on: Jul 15, 10, 10:42:51 PM »
Character Application
Petition for a Character whose Sheet that sank with the Titanic (IPBFree)

Name: Alora Kent
Age: 153 AP (40 years old)
Caste: Queen

Birth Territory: Dharo
Home Territory: Dharo

Birthright Jewel: Summer Sky
Offering Jewel: Opal

Play By: Eva Green

Family: (Daughter) Pippa Kent, Birthright Summer Sky witch ( 8 )

Bullet Point History:
    It was a testament to the times that the District Queen of Eastwood had established a haven for broken witches on a small manor close to the village of Newell. It was there that Alora had been born to a broken mother and a nameless father. The Manor, as it was known in the village, was home to nearly two dozen broken witches, a staff of five Healers, and countless other servants. Even with so many to tend the residents many frequently fell through the cracks, disappearing in the dead of the night or finding relief within the Darkness. It wasn’t long after Alora’s birth that her mother was one of those unfortunate few to wander away from the shelter of the Manor.

    As an orphan one might have expected Alora’s childhood to be one of misery and neglect but neither was true. She became a child of the Manor and as such counted herself loved but all within, from lowest scullery maid to the darkest Healer. The strength of the witches there was something Alora easily inherited and embraced. Her status as a naturally born Queen could only be ignored so long and her anonymity within the Territory of Dharo lasted until her eighth name day, and her Offering.

    A Queen wearing the Birthright of a Summer Sky was not something easily ignored in the difficult times that Dharo was experiencing. The District Queen of Eastwood, Daria Hansen, quickly took interest in Alora’s well being and training. Hesitant to remove her from the comforts of the Manor and the displace her from the only life she’d known, Lady Daria allowed her to maintain residence at the Manor but all her classes and tutoring were held at the Court of Eastwood.

    In a society that awarded the clever minded and ambitious it would have been simple for Lady Daria to sabotage Alora rather than nurture the young Queen. Like the broken witches and staff of the Manor, Lady Daria too understood that Alora was something special. At the tender age of thirteen Alora decided to leave behind the comforts of home and move to the Court of Eastwood, where she would be better served by Lady Daria’s tutelage in the way of ruling the people and the land.

    Alora’s only friends growing up had been those of the Manor and the only child she had  contact with, which was quite infrequent, were those that visited family at the Manor. It became increasingly clear to Lady Daria that Alora needed an opportunity to socialize with those her own age. Though the gatherings at the Court of Eastwood frequently involved the children and teens from the local villages that Lady Daria oversaw it wasn’t providing Alora with the kind of interaction she would need to learn from to eventually rule her own Court someday, nor were those interactions providing any contacts that would help Alora build her future Court. Lady Daria appealed to the Queen of Dharo to take the young and promising Queen on as a ward and even before the words had come out of her mouth the Queen had eagerly agreed. Young Queens were rare and far between and a young Queen with the potential to wear one of the Dark Jewels was too good of an opportunity for the Queen of Dharo to pass up.

    Alora’s arrival at the Court of Dharo overwhelmed the young Queen. Suddenly her peaceful existence in Eastwood was disrupted with the chaos and subterfuge of Court life. As many lessons as Lady Daria had taught Alora on understanding Court rituals and managing the men in her life there had never been a lesson about avoiding manipulation or the cruelty that lined every dealing within the Court of Dharo. Alora was warmly welcomed at Court as she possessed the strength of jewel, warmth of character and was eager for tutelage. These qualities made her a prime prospect for future Court of Dharo but also made her a delectable morsel for the less savory types that preyed on the Court, on Dharo and on the young developing talent of a Territory soaked in blood.

    Alora was oblivious to the machinations of the younger members of Court, as they tried to assert their power and position in a Court that was not yet their own. Amongst the jaded Court born and bred Alora appeared naïve and was unable to spot those few who would be a true friend. There was a particular trio, a Warlord named Wulfric, a witch named Alivia, and a Healer named Morgan who tried to look out for the young Queen having recognized the kind of trouble she was likely to attract. They were her own private pack of protectors though she could not appreciate it at the time. Instead she saw in them a group of unconnected Court members looking for an easy way in. Even after saving her from herself following her first incident, in which a young Prince had tried to weasel his way into her esteem well before the point where she should have been considering virgin nights, she felt she could not truly trust their motives. They quietly shadowed her for a while being weary of her skittish tendencies around people.

    It was just as they were wining Alora’s trust and friendship when all their hard work was quickly broken by Dirk Ryder, a Warlord Prince with a keen eye and a brilliant mind for manipulation. Dirk was a trouble maker at court, a bad boy who loved the reputation he had courted. Alora liked that he was open and honest about his reputation and that he didn’t pretend to be something he was not. Dirk was a legacy to the Court of Dharo, following a very talented father with financial smarts, and took pleasure in flaunting the strictures of Court to defy his father’s wishes. Alora felt like she understood him and was instantly attracted, feeling that she could trust someone who was so open about their intentions. She felt that knowing that Dirk could admit his faults, even while he reveled in them, gained Alora’s trust.

    Alora believed she could spot the filth or corruption at court as easily as she could spot a stain marring the soft silk of an evening gown. If someone harbored evil intentions or a malicious personality Alora had faith that she would see signs. After all, she was a Queen, and it would someday be her job to rely on such intuition. Stubborn and craving rebellion, Alora ignored the warnings of her mentors, her friends and those whose true desire was simply her well being.

    Alora was ignorant of Dirk’s true intentions and of the seething loathing he harbored against the Queen of Dharo, Rheava Evesham. In fact Dirk’s elder cousin, Savenna Ryder, was a Summer Sky jeweled Queen who had had considerable weight in the Territory and who had worked hard to achieve that weight. Instead the role of Queen was taken away from Savenna and given to the young and immensely gifted Rheava Evesham. Rheava had not been long past her offering but had a certain grasp of Dharo politics and she swiftly rose to power within Dharo and was named the Queen just shy of her twenty-first birthday. Rheava was a Queen who spun webs of politics, alliances and pawns and she excelled at managing the Territory, her Court and all those around her. Most were unlikely even aware that they were being manipulated by the gifted Queen who worked endlessly to better the lives of all those in Dharo.

    Savenna had quietly seethed over her fall from power, thinking that she had wrapped up her position as Queen of Dharo. To be outmaneuvered and outplayed by a child riled her anger. With the aid of Dirk they concocted a plan to use Rheava’s strength at manipulating and meddling to backfire against her. Savenna tasked Dirk to find a Queen that they could control without anyone being the wiser of Savenna’s involvement. Since everyone had been privy to Savenna’s outburst at Court when Rheava had been chosen over her by the Queens of Dharo Savenna recognized that she had ruined her chances to become Queen herself especially if she was involved in Rheava’s fall from grace; which became just another trouble for which she would lay the blame upon Rheava.

    And that’s where Alora Kent came into their plot. Dirk discovered the young and lonely Opal Jeweled Queen and the plan that he and Savenna had been working on seemed attainable. Though Alora was new to Court she was already a rising star amongst her contemporaries and had earned the respect of her elders and mentors, in particular she had earned the respect and trust of Rheava. Dirk spent a considerably amount of time wooing her and while he was tied up with Alora and was quietly building a suitable Court for her, Savenna was going to work to set up Rheava for a harsh fall using Rheava’s own tactics to backfire against her.

    Dirk joined a small force of Dharo’s army to help quell a particular bandit problem one of the smaller Districts was facing. The bandits had been raiding the landen villages for essential supplies and then selling them for increased prices to the few Blood who could pay for the ill gained goods. While with the army Dirk planted a letter of carte blanch power signed by Rheava with the bandits and the evidence was set to topple the Queen. Once the evidence from the arrest of the bandits comes to light Dirk pushes Alora to convene the Queens. Alora called forth as many Queens as could make the emergency meeting so that the Rheava’s disgrace could be dealt with. Alora managed to pull together the minimum number of Queens required to depose Rheava and they accomplished it without ever giving Rheava a chance to defend herself in the matter.

    Almost instantaneously following the decision to end Rheava’s reign as Queen those very same Queens voted to name Alora the chosen successor. Though Rheava had been the one mentor to whom Alora felt a true connection the younger Queen had been appalled by Rheava’s tactics. Certainly Alora had known that Rheava could be ruthless but she had never suspects just how ruthless the Queen was.

    The Dharo Queens had voted to depose Rheava but when they voted on the punishment for the crime Alora didn’t feel as confident in her vote. Overwhelmingly the Queens chose to see that Rheava paid for her meddling and the decision was to break her. This was something that curdled Alora’s stomach and that she refused to be a part of.  Unfortunately Alora couldn’t save Rheava from her eventual fate, which was being broken from her Offering of Sapphire.

    For several years Alora ruled Dharo with an inexperienced hand and through the puppetry of Savenna and Dirk. During that time she made every kind of mistake possible, digging herself a deeper whole and putting Dharo in a compromised position amongst the rest of Kaeleer. It was a particularly difficult time for Alora who blamed herself solely for the problems of the Territory and remained blind to the troubles that Savenna and Dirk stirred up with their involvement. Her own Court had come to question her ability to fairly rule Dharo and everything seemed to be falling apart beneath her. It seemed as if there would be no escape for her other than to fall upon her own sword. There were few Queens remaining in Dharo who would be capable to clean up the mess that Alora had made and that fact made everything worse.

    Clever and cunning Rheava returned to Coventry in a whirlwind of gossip and chaos. The truth was what had hurt Alora the worst. Rheava had proof that she had been set up all those years ago and stated he intentions to heal Dharo. She returned with a quiet reserve and determination to bring Dharo back together and to heal the breach caused by Alora’s chilling decisions and taxations.

    Rheava confronted Alora and the Court publically and Dharo’s Court became an instant state of upheaval. Rheava posed the questions that no one could answer and it was a chilling representation of the state of Dharo. All at once many things came to light before Alora, who had been unaware of the truth impact of her decisions. Certainly she had seen the difficulty that Dharo was going through but she had rarely been able to connect the troubles to her own Court. She had been frustrated that her Court could not fix those troubles but suddenly she understood the origination of Dharo’s difficulties.

    To make matters worse for Alora she discovered during Rheava’s siege of Coventry, that she was pregnant and the father was Dirk Ryder. With all the truths coming to light thanks to Rheava’s revelations Alora became uncomfortably aware of everything that she had been an accomplice too since Rheava had been deposed. Combined with her pregnancy Alora discovered a very real realization of the world in ways she had never seen it before. The process seemed to uncloud what the word ‘love’ had manipulated her to do for those years she was in power. She saw, with a newfound clarity, the terror she’d wrought against the Court, and the nightmare she’s levied against Dharo.

    There was only one way she could escape the gilded cage that the Ryder’s had built around her and it would involve her seeking the aid of the Queen she had betrayed to win her seat in that cage. Publically Alora stepped down as Queen of Dharo only a week after Rheava had returned to Coventry, with the truth as her only weapon. Privately she turned to Rheava and begged aid in finding a place to live in anonymity for the safety of herself but most important for the future of her unborn child. Rheava tasked her Master of the Guard with the sole duty of seeing Alora safely hidden and incognito with the aid of several trusted guards. Though rumors indicated that Rheava had been nefariously involved with the Queen’s timely disappearance there was little that could be proved, and she remained the strongest candidate to rule in the wake of Alora’s vanishing act.

    Though Rheava’s Master of the Guard had returned to Coventry several of the guards remained behind to make a life in the small village that Alora chose to call home. There was little that could be done to mask the scent of a Queen but none knew the Jewels she wore and that aided greatly in shielding her from unwanted attention. After all, upon arriving in the village she spent nearly eight months never using craft as she bore Dirk’s daughter. She learned to hide the Opal whenever possible, and only wear the Summer Sky in dire emergencies.

    Life was peaceful in the country and Alora was pleased to live simply with her daughter. Rheava had bestowed a Queen’s gift upon her and it was enough to allow Alora to live comfortably in style, but every time she was forced to dip into those funds a wave of guilt nearly drowned her. Although the village was against her decision she took over teaching at the small school when the elder Priestess retired. Many felt that a Queen was out of place in the village to begin with and to see her teaching left others discomforted. Yet the children positively loved her and she learned as much from them as they learned from her. Everything was peaceful until the day she received warning from the Steward of Dharo that Dirk Ryder was searching the Territory, even the Realm, for her. Alora could only guess that he hadn’t been satisfied with the change of power that had left him on the outside looking in. For several years she received updates from the Steward, through one of the guards, of Dirk’s search only to learn that after five years looking he had returned to Court in an attempt to worm his way back into the Court’s good graces.

    Distraught by the thought of Dirk making his way back to Court Alora joined Rheava’s large network of spies across the Territory. There was little that could be offered in aid to Rheava’s cause from Alora’s small village but she served as an intersect between many other of the spies. The large network served to provide Rheava with intelligence from all corners, big and small, of Dharo.


    * 8 years following Alora's escape it seemed that Dirk had finally found a place to become a nuisance to Rhea. Blaming her for the untimely death and disappearance of his Queen he began a guerilla attack to wreak havoc on the Court of Dhaor, killing off members to get to Rhea. As her court begins to crumble Rhea reaches out to Alora for aid- to prove that the murder accusations were false. In truth Rhea had been keeping an eye on her former protege to see how she handled herself following her falling out with Dharo, and knew it was time to reintroduce the Queen
    * Alora returns, intent on righting the wrongs she'd committed but Rhea has other plans and promtply names Alora to her First Cirlce with every intention of following up what they had started before Alora's Offering- seeing her become the Queen she was meant to be of Dharo. But first they would need to confront Dirk.

Writer Name: Jamie

* Please note: Though I was able to salvage a portion of Alora's history I did not have it all and it is not complete. Only her old character sheet, that was scrapped, remained in the cache and this history is all I had saved to my computer.

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Re: Alora Kent
« Reply #1 on: Jul 18, 10, 09:14:35 PM »

Alora is accepted...