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With the full force of the Guilds at her back, Rilandra Vlas seized the Territory Throne of Dena Nehele. The common born Province Queen now owes allegiance to the Master of the Guilds for his assistance in both securing the throne and securing Darcia Glassade's continual safety. Trapped between the demands of the Guilds and the demands of the Aristos, Riley is struggling to rule, finding the palace more of a cage than she could have dreamed possible.
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Author Topic: The Master and His Second  (Read 9689 times)


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The Master and His Second
« on: Jul 21, 12, 05:24:36 PM »
The Master has risen through the ranks of one of the guilds, and yet he has transcended them all. Often, he has not even acted as Master of a guild at all before rising to this rank. This man holds all the secrets of Dena Nehele. He knows which Aristo families hold the most money - which have a hidden Queen. He knows which Merchants are aligning themselves with which families, and he knows who the members of each guild are.

Secretive, it is often a dead man who fills this role - one no one believes could ever survive. His desk is filled with secrets, and it is he who looks out for the best interest of the guilds. It is he who sends his members into the Territory Court, or sends them targeting specific families in order to sway the power how he believes it should be swayed. The most powerful man in Dena Nehele and most people believe he is just a fairy tale.

With identity kept secret, this man deals directly with the guild leaders, though he will never bring them to his private office. He has meeting rooms across the Territory, ones where he houses them when he wishes to discuss something face to face. When he doesn't, he will leave them an unexpected note, and how he sneaks them past the wardings of the Guild Leaders, they will never know. The only one who comes close to knowing this man's identity is sworn to silence, an oath that if broken will result in death - only a protege and heir would ever serve the Master as closely as that.
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Re: The Master and His Second
« Reply #1 on: Jul 21, 12, 05:35:03 PM »
Hierarchy is very important in the guilds. Hand chosen from the ranks of one of the guilds, the Master chooses his heir. While that member still owes allegiance to his guild, he is also above such dealings - the only one who is. As the future Master of Guilds, it is his duty above all to protect the secrets of the guild and Territory. He is the one that the Master discloses his secrets to - the one who learns the tricks that keeps him the most powerful man in the Territory.

Usually the Master will disguise a series of tests in the form of contracts, which eventually lead to only one of two conclusions: This member is ready to take on the unknown and face the Master's training, or this member is not suited. Once chosen, the oath is sworn. Full allegiance goes first to the Master and his secrets - and of course to the protection and furthering of the guilds in Dena Nehele.

The hand of the master is not a position to scoff at, and though there are always rumors, no one ever knows for certain who exactly it is that is answering to the Master alone.
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