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Author Topic: The Conservatory  (Read 7824 times)


Offline Judith Grigorie

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The Conservatory
« on: Apr 16, 19, 06:43:24 PM »
Founded in 194AP by Judith Grigorie and Ji Yoon Moon, the Bidea Healers' Conservatory is an apolitical entity dedicated exclusively to training Healers and their Escorts. The purpose of the Conservatory is to counter the low natural birthrate of Healers in Dena Nehele, to prevent the mistreatment and abuse of lowborn Healers, and to ensure the protection of newly-trained Healers once their Caste develops. They draw no support from any Court in Dena Nehele. The school is funded by a generous endowment from an anonymous donor, by aristo patrons, and by tuition from students who can afford it. Currently, the vast majority of students are from Dena Nehele.

Healer Candidates
Healer candidates are the reason the Conservatory exists. The vast, vast majority of them are from Dena Nehele. Most of them are from lower economic classes, attending on scholarship. The Healer Candidate cohorts cap out at thirteen students. Initial training (up until the development of the Caste) takes eighteen months. If a student does not develop the Caste by the end of the eighteen months, they can be dropped back to the cohort behind theirs to repeat the last six months of training up to three times before they’re considered untrainable. A new class of Healer candidates begins every six months. Once initial training is complete, students are sent to various free clinics throughout Dena Nehele to complete their training for another eighteen months. After that, their education is complete.
  • Students can be anywhere from 12 to 50 years of age.
  • Students can be male or female, though each class trends heavily female.
  • Students can be of any Jewel strength. Dark Jewels are not given priority over Light Jewels.
  • Students can be of any Caste, with preference given to witches/males over students attempting their second or third Caste.
  • Natural Healers who wish to begin or complete their training through the Conservatory will be placed according to their ability, but most will occupy an instructional assistant-type position.
  • While students can theoretically come from any Territory in the Realm, applicants from Dena Nehele are most likely to be accepted. Expatriates from other Territories should be discussed with Reid (on discord as shibrogane#6607).
Class of Late 195

...and 10 NPCs

Escort Candidates
Escort candidates are possibly one of the most critical functions that the Conservatory serves. Many Healers throughout the Territory make do with no Escort or an escort who isn't trained for the role at all, exposing them to danger not only from desperate potential patients but also from themselves. Like Healer candidates, most escort candidates are from Dena Nehele's burgeoning underclass. Escort cohorts cap out at fifteen students. New classes begin every six months. Upon completing their training at the Conservatory, they are assigned to a Healer for their first year in the field. After that, they're free to serve whoever they like.
  • Students can be anywhere from 18 to 60 years of age.
  • Students can be male or female, though each class trends slightly male.
  • Students can be of any Jewel strength. Descent Jewels of at least Rose are given priority over lighter Descents.
  • Students can be of any Caste.
  • While students can theoretically come from any Territory in the Realm, applicants from Dena Nehele are most likely to be accepted. Expatriates from other Territories should be discussed with Reid (on discord as shibrogane#6607).
Class of Late 194

...and 14 NPCs

  • For Escorts and Healers both, the first six months of training are devoted to anatomy, theory, and learning basic Healing Craft (the kind that even those without the Caste can do). This serves to weed out anyone who doesn’t have the dedication to the grueling workload that the Conservatory places upon its candidates or, for Healer candidates, the personality to successfully develop the Caste. Students also spend time in the greenhouses learning to properly identify plants.
  • The second six months of training focus on learning the mechanics of Healing (things like bone shaping/resetting and long-term healing). Students may begin to specialize here, spending more time with the instructor of a course which they feel they are called to or better suited for. Students also spend time making specific tonics, learning to recognize poisons, and brewing antidotes.
  • The final six months of training are devoted to the Practicum. Students still have classes (continuing on with a deeper study of one particular area of Craft and the Healers’ Seminar where they learn details and discuss challenges of practice) but they spend at least four hours every day out at a clinic working as apprentice Healers.
  • Escort candidates take the first six months of training alongside Healer candidates, with the addition of Protocol lessons and an ‘Escorts’ Seminar’ where they’re taught other, miscellaneous details about their role.
There are three kinds of scholarships: full, work-study, and partial.
  • Full scholarships tend to be named for the aristo family that sponsors them. They provide tuition, materials, room, and board.
  • Work-study scholarships provide materials, room, and board in exchange for working somewhere in the Conservatory four nights a week. Due to the demographics of the program, work-study students are not looked down upon for their work.
  • Partial scholarships provide tuition only.
Currently, most instructors at the Conservatory come from Tacea, though the Conservatory is always hiring and has made a concerted effort to involve as many Healers throughout the Territory as they can. In a bid to promote closer bonds between the Territories, the Inaba School in Tacea has sent a small contingent of instructors and Escorts to Dena Nehele. Trained by the Ariake Clan, these men and women are some of the most talented Healers that Tacea has to offer. Many of them are experienced instructors. The current instructional team is:
  • Judith Grigorie, Headmistress. Rose to Blood Opal Healer.
  • Ji Yoon Moon. Rose to Blood Opal Healer.
  • Victoria Adam, Territory Court Healer. Broken to White Healer.
  • Lyoshka Moon, Healer in Residence. Red to Black Healer.
  • Minerva Tailor, Healer of Caecian. Purple Dusk to Opal Healer.
  • Sayako Sato (NPC), Head of the Tacean Detachment. Tiger Eye to Rose Healer.
  • Eight Tacean NPCs of varying Jewel strengths.
  • Carson McCool. Broken to Opal Warlord Prince.
  • Ten Tacean NPCs of varying Jewel strengths.
**The Conservatory is a player-run plot. Before your character can be associated with the plot, you should talk to Reid and Leez.