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With the full force of the Guilds at her back, Rilandra Vlas seized the Territory Throne of Dena Nehele. The common born Province Queen now owes allegiance to the Master of the Guilds for his assistance in both securing the throne and securing Darcia Glassade's continual safety. Trapped between the demands of the Guilds and the demands of the Aristos, Riley is struggling to rule, finding the palace more of a cage than she could have dreamed possible.
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Author Topic: Quick Reference: Character Creation Guide  (Read 7091 times)


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Quick Reference: Character Creation Guide
« on: Oct 24, 19, 10:32:07 PM »

Dena Nehele is a large territory with a robust history. While one can make use of the Culture of Dena Nehele article as well as the individual articles for the Jacks, Myos, and Shaos Guilds, there is a great deal of information that is not otherwise within an article due to the years that the territory has been running and the amount of writing that has gone into it. This won’t replace reading threads or articles, but it will help you hit the ground running when it comes to creating a character.

Jump to a Section

Names | Jewels | Castes | Guilds | Culture & History

● Dena Nehele is based loosely on Romania. Character names have come from a mix of Romanian, Serbian, and Russian cultures. A list of taken first names for the site can be found here.  If you need help with naming your character, here are some resources:  Behind the Name, this wikipedia category, and this generator link. The last is preset to the most commonly used, but can be adjusted by clicking settings towards the upper right (and thus can be used for any territory you want to play in). You don’t have to use any of these, but it’s here if you need it!

● Surname overlap can--and has--happened. When picking out a surname for a character, it’s helpful to do a quick search to see if the last name has been used in Terreille. If it has and you’re really into it, think about asking the player of the character if they are interested in a family member! In most cases, players are open to this and it can be a great plot hook to get you involved. If you need to change a surname after you’ve already made the subaccount, you can get it changed here.

● Dena Nehele trends Dark (all hail the troller) but some of the most feared and notorious individuals within the territory have been and are Light!

● That said, within Dena Nehele it is not the depth of Jewels that commands respect, but what one does with the power they have.

● Due to the Decimation in the summer of 193AP, there is a surplus of both broken Offerings and fully broken Blood. If you want to take advantage of a fully broken character for your ratio, Dena Nehele is a great place to do so!

● Dark Jeweled Queens in the territory were practically unheard of as they were broken of their Offerings, assassinated, or somehow removed until Rilandra Vlas bought the safety of Queens in spring 191AP with her allegiance to the Guilds. Please keep this in mind when creating new characters and NPCs who have been in the territory since before 191AP.

● More on the last two points can be found below.

● Deficit of Queens. This is waning as Queens are able to return with the rise of Rilandra Vlas’s rule. It is expected that over the next decade an increase in the number of Queens reaching adulthood will be seen, as the deficiency of Queens was always due to their being removed or worse by the aristocracy and others who did not want them rising to power. Adult Queens that have lived in the territory all their lives will have to explain how they were hidden or otherwise protected.

● Deficit of Healers. Unlike Queens, this is actually due to both the low birthrate of Healers as well as a lack of those willing to train the Caste. Initiatives such as the Conservatory are working on improving the number of Healers in the territory, but numbers are still low. Those who wish to train as Healers will not be turned away due to gender.
↪ Due to the rarity of Healers, it is greatly preferred that they are not brought in as NPC family members or otherwise. If you have an idea or plot that requires an NPC Healer, please reach out to Phedre!

● Black Widows are common in Dena Nehele. That said, properly trained Mind Healers have been rare since the Purge. One of the more dangerous paths a Black Widow can train into, strong discouragement from the aristocracy helped further thin the ranks. This number is slowly increasing as the Coven’s initiative spreads. Younger and newly trained Black Widows are coming into their own and still others have been sought from outside Dena Nehele to help in the aftermath of the Decimation.

● Priestesses hold a great deal of respect and sway within Dena Nehele. The territory is both traditional and spiritual and they are the keepers of both. For more specific information, please see the article on the The Conclave. (coming soon!)

● Dual-Casted individuals will find that Dena Nehele is extremely welcoming and receptive to them. This is especially true of Dual-Caste males. They’ve been known to hold powerful positions, such as Dragomir Armistead, Black Widow Warlord Prince and previous Head of the Hourglass Coven.

● The Guilds within Dena Nehele are not just an option to play as a character, but are also in place to be used and hired for contracts by player characters. There is an in-character bulletin board that sometimes holds contracts found here!

● There are three well known Guilds, the Myos, Shaos, and Jacks, and one secret Guild, the Mourning Doves. Myos, Shaos, and Jacks characters can be created at the time of character creation by following the guidelines within the articles linked above and plotting with the leader of that Guild. Mourning Doves may only come about through IC play. If you have any questions, please reach out to Dany or Phedre!

● Jacks are the largest and most visible, willing and able to manage a variety of different contracts. Shaos focus on spy work, information extraction, and kidnapping. The Myos are a Guild of assassins, and as such their identities remain tightly guarded secrets.

● A quick way to run afoul of the Guilds is to encroach upon their respective specialties. Non-Myos assassins, for example, may find themselves face to face with the Guild Executioner.

● If you ever have questions or concerns about something within any of the Guilds of Dena Nehele, please feel free to make use of the Guild FAQ thread!

Rilandra Vlas, Rose to Opal Queen, allied herself with the Guild Master of Dena Nehele in spring of 191AP. This deal brought protection to the Queens of Dena Nehele, ending the era of the aristocracy making use of the Guilds to do away with them.
↪ This does not mean that Queens are no longer attacked as these can and do still occur (such as the death of Sheyla Grey and the attack upon Sorinna Roman). These incidents are not known to be perpetrated by the Guilds.
↪ It is possible to run a plot wherein a Queen is attacked by the Guilds within Dena Nehele (such as when Garen L’Voide made a deal with the Guild Master to have Toyani no Kagen attacked) but should not be considered a common occurrence (just as the attack is not common knowledge). This is not a plot undertaken lightly and comes with ramifications. If you’re interested in running a plot like this, please reach out to Phedre and Dany.

● The dawn following the summer solstice saw Dena Nehele struck by a witchstorm in 193AP. Referred to as the Decimation, not only was death widespread but also the breaking of Jewels. The territory is finally on the path to recovery, but many are still suffering from its effects.
↪ While there are rumors, the truth of the event--who and what caused it--is not widely known.
↪ Even Landen were affected. This was caused by the witchstorm creating chaos and volatility within the Blood they lived alongside, rather than damage from the event.

● Use of slave collars was made a crime punishable by death following the Decimation. Aechia Province is free of the known use of slave collars while the Provinces of Tulzbruja and Moesia are expected to follow suit in the fall of 194AP.
↪ Slave collars--and thus slavery--were most commonly used in Tulzbruja by lower aristo families to run their estates and farms. From the fall of 194AP, anyone still using slave collars needs a writ of permission from either the District or Province Ruler in which their land resides.

● Prior to the Treaty with Askavi in the fall of 193AP, the appearance of Eyriens with wings was practically unheard of due to the inherent distrust born of the Eyrien occupation of Dena Nehele before the Purge. Now, Eyriens wishing to come to Dena Nehele can do so through proper channels. They should still expect that most people they encounter in Dena Nehele will have never seen an Eyrien in their lifetime.   

● The differences between being of the aristocracy and being a commoner are staggering. Even the contrast between the echelons of the aristocracy themselves can be somewhat daunting. With the aristocracy’s stranglehold on land and commerce, many people grow up in poverty and on the streets.

● While the number of orphaned children is rather high, resulting from poverty, disease, and the Decimation, there are individuals that have started their own operations to look after and house these children. The Conclave and the Jacks have long been known to help orphans.

● Blended families of Blood and Landen are somewhat common. While the people of Dena Nehele may not see this as a problem, much of the aristocracy looks down upon those they know are mixed blood. This also includes the mix of Long-Lived and Short-Lived, but it carries a lesser stigma.

(The idea and outline of this was borrowed from Reid’s Quick Reference for Tacea, <3. Special thanks to Rated em for the graphics.)

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