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by Jamie, Gina & Bowie.

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With the full force of the Guilds at her back, Rilandra Vlas seized the Territory Throne of Dena Nehele. The common born Province Queen now owes allegiance to the Master of the Guilds for his assistance in both securing the throne and securing Darcia Glassade's continual safety. Trapped between the demands of the Guilds and the demands of the Aristos, Riley is struggling to rule, finding the palace more of a cage than she could have dreamed possible.
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Author Topic: Previous Dena Nehele Petition  (Read 11678 times)

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Previous Dena Nehele Petition
« on: Mar 09, 18, 10:02:55 AM »
Character's Caste: Queen

Territory Plot:

The common people know the truth, that Darcia Glassade does not rule them, but rather Gavril Conta takes advantage of them at his every opportunity, stripping them of even the most basic necessities needed for essential survival. The working population who produce the food go home hungry, too poor to purchase any of what they spend all day producing. Famine and disease spread through towns and cities and too few Healers exist to care for those who need them. Orphaned children wander the streets, learning early on how to steal food or money in an effort to survive.

All of this occurs while the Aristos live lush lifestyles filled with decadence and riches, parties and fancy dinners. Food that could feed an entire family is simply thrown out because it is not to the wealthy’s liking or because the party is now over and well, what can one do with so many leftovers? No thought is given to how even a portion of their indulgences could be spent instead on caring for an ailing man or feeding a sick child. Many live in ignorant bliss of what the other side suffers. Others, such as Gavril Conta, know exactly what it is that they do.

Contempt such as this breeds violence. Those who walk the streets of Bidea are among the most deadly in all of Terreille. The Myos, Shaos, and Jacks Guildsmembers make their way through Dena Nehele smoothly, taking contract after contract, seeing that those who can pay keep their hands clean of the blood they wish to see spilled while still having the secrets they desire delivered unto them. They are not just bedtime tales parents tell their children to frighten them into staying inside at night, they are real, living, breathing nightmares who walk among the people, watching what is occurring. The Jacks take particular issue with the state of the people, being known for recruiting street urchins and doing what they can to help the children who sleep outside in the gutters.   

But there are some within the Guilds who have a plan. The Master of the Guilds wants the Territory Queen kidnapped and brought to him. She will grant him leverage over the Court and allow him the power he needs to see his plans brought to fruition. Ventus, the Guildleader of the Shaos, has a different plan entirely. He intends to kidnap the Queen for himself and seize power, as much power as he can possibly gain, taking over the Guilds and the Territory itself if his plans are carried out with the precision that he has crafted them.   

Succession Plan:

With Darcia’s kidnapping and Gavril’s being blamed for the act, a void will exist in the ruling seat for Dena Nehele.[NEW QUEEN], [A PROVINCE QUEEN], will step forward to assist where she can. She will help deal with the matters of ruling the Territory while pushing hard for a ceaseless search for Darcia. While Darcia being returned could jeopardize her chance at actually taking the throne, she must be completely committed to her return in order for Remus, Darcia’s brother and [QUEEN'S] friend and ally, to believe that her only interest is to rule in Darcia’s stead and not attempt to take over the Territory seat. Darcia has too much backing for [THE NEW QUEEN] to attempt something like she did when she rose to the District and Province Courts. Those underhanded maneuvers won’t work, not right now. 

With Darcia’s brother’s support behind her and the deep love of the people at her back, [THE QUEEN] will spend months holding the Territory seat in Darcia’s name. Having always suspected that Gavril ran everything and the Queen herself had little to no say, she will discover how true this is as the First Circle and Darcia’s father bar her from doing anything but being the most rudimentary figurehead, a Queen sitting the throne simply so that the people of Dena Nehele do not panic over the loss of the sweet and gentle Queen who reigns in name only. The frustration and tension will grow as time passes and Darcia remains missing. [THE QUEEN'S] inability to do what is needed to properly care for the people as she did from the Province level will cause a sense of restlessness and anger among those who support her and questions of her safety at the Territory seat will begin to cross all of Dena Nehele. Those who can will start to travel to Bidea, creating more chaos in the city than already exists as the tensions between common people and Aristo steadily increases.

When Darcia returns to the Court with Nicu at her side, having been kept safe by the Guilds this entire time, [THE QUEEN] will embrace Darcia and celebrate her returning to rule. Their friendship will grow under the ever watchful eye of Nicu. She will return to rule her own Province, but will visit often, as she has, except now she will be visiting both Darcia and Remus. In the midst of the joy of Darcia’s return, Remus and[THE QUEEN'S] relationship will begin to grow more serious, and a long held secret will be revealed to Remus. His anger over the revelation will be extreme, fracturing their relationship and the possible future that was growing between them. They will remain civil, but the trust Remus had for her will shatter. During these revelations, Remus will also learn of the way the Guilds have long called him The Fool and have used him to do their covert bidding. 

As time passes, it will become clear Darcia is not actually fit to rule in the manner she has been. When Gavril’s name is cleared of any wrongdoing, the Aristos will feel triumphant about bringing Darcia back under their control. But Darcia is not the same unknowing pawn she was before. [THE NEW QUEEN] will watch from a distance as Darcia is forced back under the controlling hands of her husband and father. Darcia and [THE NEW QUEEN'S] formerly superficial friendship deepened when she returned with Nicu and [THE QUEEN] is now watching her friend suffer mercilessly with no ability to ask for help.

With the help of her a Jack who serves her First Circle, [THE QUEEN] will secure a meeting with Aleister Florin and the Master of the Guilds. She will make him an offer: she will smuggle Darcia out of the palace and take her away from the hands of Gavril and her father and return her to the Guilds safe keeping in exchange for a pledge of Guild support for [THE NEW QUEEN'S] rule as Territory Queen. No longer driven simply by her own desire to rule, [THIS QUEEN] will open her mind to Aleister and show him the way in which Darcia is suffering. The knowledge is enough to spur him into action and pledge his support if [THE QUEEN] can get Darcia out. But the Master of the Guilds is not so easily swayed. He will require more: both a voice for the Guilds in the Court and a promise not to meddle in any Guild affairs. [THIS QUEEN] already holds support from a faction of the Jacks, but support from the Guilds as a whole as well as the people would mean the Aristos would not be strong enough to bar her from ruling. [THIS QUEEN] will agree.

[THIS QUEEN] will follow through with her end of the deal, using both Jack and Shaos Guildsmen to smuggle Darcia out of the Court. In the morning, when Gavril and the Court awake, [THIS NEW QUEEN] will be there waiting, backed by a heavy force of her own men and Guildsmen who are there to ensure the succession goes smoothly. To the Aristos’ fury, [THIS QUEEN] will be declared Territory Queen of Dena Nehele. The people in the street will celebrate, throwing huge parties all throughout the Territory. The Aristos will retreat to gather their wits about them and decide what to do about what they see as [THIS QUEEN'S] hostile takeover of the Territory.

Behind closed doors, Gavril Conta and the other Aristos will attempt to find a way to bring [THE NEW QUEEN] off the throne. But after days of discussion, they will realize what [SHE] already has: that with both the Guilds support and the people’s support behind her, she is simply too powerful to simply dethrone. Instead, they come up with a compromise. The new Queen will be assigned two Aristo advisors, men that the Aristos feel they can trust. One, Gavril Conta, has experience ruling the Territory before at the side of his now estranged wife. The other, Lord Istok, is a long trusted friend and confidante of Gavril’s. The two men are to serve as co-advisors to the new Queen to ensure that the Aristo’s needs are being looked after fairly. She must also make room for those of Aristo birth in her First Circle. After all, a common born Queen simply does not know what it is that the Aristos may need.

There is also to be considerable political pressure put on the Queen to marry within the Aristo class and all eyes fall to Remus Glassade. It is not uncommon knowledge that the two were once close and were even lovers, but their falling out and the reasons behind it have been kept more private. It is the opinion of those gathered that whatever misunderstanding the two had should now be put behind them. The marriage would be both advantageous for the Glassade family as well as make the Aristos feel more secure that their interests would be seen after.         

Impact on the levels of District/Province/Territory/Realm::

The price of [THIS QUEEN'S] succession will sit sour with some members of the Guilds. There are some who will look in anger at their Guild Master who sold their loyalty for the price of a Queen. This will begin a fracture within  the Guild structure, as Guildsmembers fight among themselves over where their loyalty should lie. The Jacks who were loyal to [THIS NEW QUEEN] before her succession will continue to be so, placing their loyalty to her now as Territory Ruler over that of even their loyalty to that of their Guilds Master. Some Shaos and Myos will question whether they should remain loyal to the Master at all if their own support can be sold for what they see as so low a price. And others still will remain ever faithful, standing by their Guild Master as they always have.

These internal fights will have far reaching consequences. The Hayllians who use the Guilds for their own dirty work will be angry that it is significantly more difficult to obtain reliable contracts. Unable to outwardly voice their frustration and draw attention to their use of the Guilds, they instead will begin to create difficulty in the once smooth trade that existed between Dena Nehele and Hayll. Not used to matters of inter-Territory trade, [THIS NEW QUEEN] will be forced to rely on the Gavril and Lord Istok to navigate these issues, allowing them even more power within her rule.   

Gavril and Lord Istok have yet another reason for wanting to remain securely in positions of power. Without the former Queen’s knowledge, they derived a plan to bring more power and strength to the Aristos. They have been secretly smuggling in Dark Jeweled slaves from the underground market that exists in Chaillot to infuse the Aristo Bloodlines with a fresh wash of Dark strength. They do not want the new Queen to discover their secret, nor do they want their new business venture to be interrupted. Many of these slaves come to them broken, which is just as well. They are easier to control that way while still offering the Dark Jeweled bloodlines the men seek. They rely on an inter- Territory slaver who has connections in both Dena Nehele and Chaillot to make these secret deals for them.     

With her Aristo advisors tying her hands on a near constant basis, [THIS QUEEN] will find herself less effective as a Territory Ruler than she was as a Province Ruler. [HER PROVINCE], which thrived under her rule, will begin to struggle once again. Food shortages will begin to occur, affecting the poor first and foremost. While the Aristos in the richer Provinces of Aechia and Moesia will continue to be able to afford the higher prices, the common people throughout the Territory that [THIS NEW QUEEN] has strived and fought for will not. Hunger will lead to starvation in the poorest areas if things are not changed.

Illness will continue to rage through Dena Nehele. Desperation often leads to violence and it is all too common for those without the ability to properly protect themselves to find themselves at the mercy of someone stronger or more powerful than they are. There are not enough Healers to address the needs of the people, especially in the smaller towns throughout the less populated Districts. Illnesses and injuries that would normally easily be healed are too often the cause of death for lack of proper healing. There will be a push to train more witches as Healers in an effort to meet these needs. Naturally born Healers will continue to be treated with a great deal of respect.

Still, not everything is lost. [THIS NEW QUEEN] will pour power into the hands of the Priestesses and they in turn will work tirelessly for the common people. With the backing of the Territory Court, they can do more work than they have ever been able to do before. The public face of good work, the Priestesses will enjoy a resurgence of appreciation and faith as the common people flood to the temples seeking the assistance they are able to offer. More funds will be put toward the creation of homes for the orphaned children that roam the streets of cities like Bidea and a select group of Priestesses will be trained specifically to deal with these children who have never known anything but life on the streets.

A surprising show of support for the new Queen will come from Dragomir Armistead and the Hourglass Coven as the Black Widows align themselves with Queen and Court. The Coven of the Hourglass has for many years attempted to remain separate from the politics that drive Dena Nehele, but no longer. Now they emerge from the shadows and add their support to that of the people and the Guilds, further infuriating the Aristos who want nothing more than to tear [THIS NEW QUEEN] from the throne at the first opportunity. Unrest will swirl around the Coven at this unprecedented decision, adding yet another faction in the war between those who would see [THIS NEW QUEEN] thrive and those who would see her blood spilled on the throne room floor. 
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