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With the full force of the Guilds at her back, Rilandra Vlas seized the Territory Throne of Dena Nehele. The common born Province Queen now owes allegiance to the Master of the Guilds for his assistance in both securing the throne and securing Darcia Glassade's continual safety. Trapped between the demands of the Guilds and the demands of the Aristos, Riley is struggling to rule, finding the palace more of a cage than she could have dreamed possible.
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Author Topic: Culture of Dena Nehele  (Read 12457 times)


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Culture of Dena Nehele
« on: Dec 08, 10, 03:44:28 AM »

    Capital City:  Bidea

    Population: 4.5 million combined of Blood & Landen
    Population Breakdown: 89% native to Territory
    Caste Breakdown: Caste Breakdown: 25% Landen to 15% (pure) Blood - 60% of the population mixed Blood and Landen heritage of varying percentages / Deficit of Queens (not only in birth - they have historically been murdered while young for political advantage) and Deficit of Healers (both natural born and trained)

    Major Exports: Agriculture (primarily corn and wheat), Wines, Wool, Livestock, Dairy Products, Lumber, Pottery, Assassins and Spies
    Major Imports:  Tobacco, Medical Herbs, Raw Metals (gold, silver), Stone, Poultry

    Climate:  In the south, the summers are harsh, while the winters could be considered mild in comparison to the rest of the territory.  They receive the most rainfall on the flat plains that the south boasts.  The northwest has a moderate climate with well defined seasons, while the northeast has the harshest winters of the territory.  The snow piles through the passes in the mountains effectively cutting off many smaller landen villages from larger cities.

    Map and Geography:
    In the north, a river and mountain range divides the Province of Aechia and Moesia, but the southern part of the Territory is completely dominated by Tulzbruja Province. The entire light tan section of the map is Tulzbruja, the border delineated rather by the large expanse of farm land as opposed to the natural waterways.  The Province of Tulzbruja is filled with fields and arable land.  In the northeast are the mountains of the Province of Moesia.  The roughest terrain in the territory, it is also subject to the most brutal winters.  In the northwest is the Province of Aechia.  The smallest province, it is also the most beautiful terrain and architecture as this is where most of the Aristo call home.

    • {Aechia} (Districts: {Alsa} & {Brisaov})

    • {Tulzbruja} (Districts: {Caecian} & {Lesser Caecian})

    • {Moesia} (Districts: {Iasi} & {Neamt})

    Dena Nehele has a very strong connection to tradition.  There is a great respect lent towards the Priestesses of the territory.  At one time, it is claimed that they held great power, even more than the Queen should they wish, however they often worked closely together for a harmonious territory.  In recent times, the Priestesses are almost completely limited to matters of tradition and worship.  Though common throughout the territory, each district has one ruling Priestess who is considered a member of the Conclave.  These women reside over their district rituals, and also meet to support or elect the next High Priestess.  Within the court, though working alongside the Territory Queen, the High Priestess is also outside the realm of current court politics.  They behave more as a guide for the territory neither powerful nor weak as they have no comparison.

    While much of the Blood has accepted the Landen, and even begun mixing bloodlines, there are the few who hold fast to support the purity of the bloodlines.  Aristo are beginning to exploit the lower class, especially in the southern regions.  Farmland is often owned by the Aristo and granted to the landen and mixed blood to work - though they are only given a portion of it to plant for themselves.  The rest they must use to plant whatever crop the owner decides would make the most profit.  The Aristo have an almost complete monopoly on imports and exports, expanding their wealth.  For that reason, there is no hope for the redistribution of wealth and many of the poorer families are unable to feed their own.  Various gangs of small children roam TULZBRUJA, often finding themselves apprenticed to a guild if they survive long enough to be noticed.  Even the merchant class is beginning to notice a significant loss of wealth while the Aristo grapple greedily for power.  Perhaps the only competition for wealth in the territory would be that of the guilds, as they feed on the power lust that has gripped most politicians.

    Still, Dena Nehele has always been very rich in culture.  In the northeast there is a great amount of weaving, creating beautiful clothing, tapestries and rugs.  They are also well known for their pottery design which is quite sought after in other territories in the realm.  In the south, there is a wealth of folk art including painters and musicians.  Songs and stories are told throughout the streets, and on occasion, an artist may be requested to come to Court to enrich the lives of the noble.  When this occurs, usually the artist will become very wealthy, as many of the Aristo appreciate their name known.  They may request songs be spread in their honor, or a painting that displays only their attractive qualities.  A savvy artist of lower class can make a happy living once welcomed into the court.

    Illness and physical disability are common in Dena Nehele. This is due in part to the brutal life that is often experienced here by those native to the Territory. Whether from battling a grizzly bear or a close run in with the Guilds, missing limbs, blindness, and visible scars are very common. While many of these injuries would normally be seen to by Healers, there is a lack of both natural born and trained Healers in the Territory, making those who cannot afford care more prone to debilitating illness as well.

    Queens are exceptionally rare - as when born to lower class, they can be stolen away by the Aristo to raise as their own, and when born or raised by the Aristo, they are commonly assassinated by another family in order to keep the power from falling into an opponent's hands.  There are a few who have survived, but nearly all are light jeweled - and there are not to rule all the seats in the territory. [/list]
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    Re: Culture of Dena Nehele
    « Reply #1 on: Dec 11, 10, 12:46:00 PM »
    History of {DENA NEHELE}

    Pre-Purge History
    Inner squabbles have long been a part of Dena Nehele. With scarcely a line for their territory borders, the tribes who had claimed power were far too concerned with their inner territory lines to worry about outsiders. Out of the Blood rose a Queen who wooed the raging territory, bringing uneasy rest to the denizens. Instead of raising one tribe to power, she worked tirelessly to unify the people of Dena Nehele - Blood and Landen alike. As the Landen were inherently weaker than Blood, she saw their purpose and considered them as needing protection. Protection the Blood could give, and in return the Landen would lend stability to the territory.

    Through generations of meticulous planning and training, her ideals reigned. Queens rose and fell from power with ease, and the people lived in harmony. This could be considered a time of abundance in the land, but all good things eventually end. There arose another Queen intent on taking power. Once she had claimed the territory seat, she began to levy heavy taxes on the Landen population - and as their funds were depleted she shifted her target, the burden falling on the lower class Blood as well. The poor conditions gave way to disease, which placed stress on the agriculture of the region. Exports began to fall which weakened the financial strength the territory had accumulated. Unrest began in the lower class. Groups of children, often orphans banded together, stealing what little these people had remaining. The streets were unsafe, and tolls were often required when passing through less savory areas.

    The Landen were treated as second class citizens - even the poorest Blood was more worthwhile than the wealthiest Landen. After years, the Blood began to believe these teachings. Business relations with their Landen neighbors became difficult. The Blood began lashing out against them, hoping to subjugate them more - and the weak were left without a protector. The world was a dangerous place for a person born of Landen blood, and soon there circulated stories among their populations. These stories from the Blood told of creatures sent from the Darkness to eradicate them - and the Blood were quick to ensure the stories were solidified in the weaker minds of the Landen. Through the Blood's terrorizing them, the Landen become extremely superstitious. The precarious edge on which their trust had been balancing was ripped from them.

    Desperate, the Landen sought out a sympathetic Priestess to beseech the Darkness for them. Where the Queen had betrayed them, casting them aside, the Priestess listened. She began ceremonies, calling on her sisters to help cleanse the land. Though the stories still circulated and the Blood still terrorized them, the Landen supported the Priestess and the conclave she created. These women slowly stepped outside the structure of power, raising their High Priestess to almost a level with the Queen. The two strove to rule side by side, the Queen was forced to listen to the strength the Priestess had supporting her, while the Priestess interceded on behalf of the Landen. Though conditions were not ideal and business between the Blood and Landen was rocky, there came a time of moderate peace. The Landen never lost those stories that infiltrated their society - they have been passed down generation to generation, often in the form of bedtime stories for children.

    Another group had begun to meet as well. Though the purpose and members of this group were kept under the cover of shadows, they attempted to build a better world for those around them. These men and women developed into a predecessor for the guilds, though the full organization of multiple fronts was not defined until the purge. This group began to put pressure against the Aristo, stealing from them when the poor would go hungry.

    The line of rulers continued, though each was increasingly diseased with warped belief. None were capable of truly healing the land, nor were they interested in anything that did not weight their pockets. The only order to be found was with the military found around the Aristo who could afford such a commodity - usually at the expense of others. Despite the work of the Priestesses, the territory was already slipping well beyond repair when the purge descended on the land.

    Purge Era
    The ruling Queen was destroyed during the Purge. Her most loyal followers vanished, and many believed them to be suppressed. No one could find those who had once ruled, and even the conclave of Priestesses was torn apart by the devastation. The Blood population was greatly diminished, and Dena Nehele was in such a state of solitude that they had no true allies to help support them. The Landen population was less affected by the Purge, than by the diseases which had been ravaging them for years. Those who survived were tough workers of the land with no real education of which to speak.

    From the Blood who remained rose a small sect of major Aristo families - what was left of them. Those who survived began vying for the seat of power, ready to continue exploiting the poor to help build their own strength again. The conclave of Priestesses convened, electing a new High Priestess from their ranks before throwing their support behind a Queen. One of the darkest jewels in the territory, she had survived with her Red descent still intact. Unbroken, she drew strength from the ravaged land, and courage from the old histories.

    Her reign was complete, though many submitted rather unhappily. She worked alongside the Priestesses, taking their suggestion to draw in the Landen population. Revealing the weakness of the Blood to the Landen after such an unprecedented display of power, she began rebuilding the territory on the strength of the two races combined. Though far from flourishing, the territory regained an inner strength that it had lost quite a time before the Purge.

    She was the glue that held the territory together during the dangerous time. There was still a darkness in the land which could not be purged - there were still those powerful families who wanted an elite society. Out from under the shadows, the guilds began operating once again. The rumors of their existence prior to the Purge is a well kept secret, and probably why many of the Aristo fail to see the guilds as an actual threat. Training was separated, and different faces of the guilds were given different purposes - they began training themselves to be useful to society. A leader of these guilds arose, though kept to hiding. No one knew who he was, though it was rumored that he was more powerfully connected than anyone knew. Very few people were allowed close to him - and those who were often disappeared rather suddenly.

    The Queen's reign continued until a time that her daughter, though not a dark jewel but a Black Widow Queen ascended. She kept her ideals aligned with those of her mother, but she was young and unprepared for the deception of her inner court. She soon grew consumed with her visions and lost sight of her territory. When her decline began, it was not her family who continued to rule. Instead, a shadow seemed to relieve her of her duty. Her family was frightened into declining the ascent.

    Instead, another Aristo family attempted to take control. After a powerful stuggle, a new Queen emerged. Her family support lent her the protection she needed, though she could not completely revert back to the life before the Purge as they wanted. Still, she reinstated a sense of elitism that had been wasting away. Those who had accepted the Landen into their bloodlines were shunned by the Aristo, and only those who were considered pure acceptable.

    Post Purge History
    There was no stable line for the following years. Queens rose and fell quickly, often exiled or killed after another family had taken over. There was a general unrest among the Aristo, and Queens were easy prey for assassins. No family wanted another to have advantage over them, so families began dealing more with the guilds. As a result, they became a powerful entity in the territory, secretly holding the strings of the Aristo. The Aristo continued on in blissful ignorance, while the middle class Blood and Landen began to unite. Art and folk tunes emerged from these lower classes helping to reshape the culture which drew together denizens of Dena Nehele.

    The lower classes entered a sort of renaissance, while the upper class was slowly deteriorating in an effort to grasp the elusive control. The guilds thrived on more than simple street robberies, and began placing key members among the Aristo. Citizens without pure bloodlines were considered a disease by the Aristo - ostracized from high society. Queens were becoming quite rare, and were often kept secret - hidden for their own protection and for the future use of their families.

    Modern History
    Drawing their ties as an Aristo family back to the Purge, the Glassade family lacked only the coveted Queen born to their line. Queens were rarely allowed past their first decade in any case, and every Aristo family craved one. A Queen with family support would be the prime choice when making a play for the territory seat. So the Glassade family took action.

    They sent out a hired knife into the poorer sections of town - ordering him to steal away a Queen child in the night that they could raise as their own. Raised as full Aristo blood, she would be placed on the territory seat. Naturally, nothing of that importance went beneath the radar of the guild leaders. After convening with the Guild Master, they decided what must be done. The hired knife was returned with the guild's precious cargo - a presumed Queen child whose blood line was tied to those in the northeast, whose bloodline had been tied back to the Queen who ruled before the Purge.

    The Glassade family had children already, but none as precious to them as Darcia. She was spoiled, given everything she desired, though she was not educated beyond what was deemed necessary to gain the trust of the people. At the age of eight, she was assigned a guardian - a member of the palace guard who had shown promise and came highly recommended by a trusted adviser. He was to accompany the young Queen on every outing. His chambers were next to hers, and should he deem a threat important enough, he was permitted to use his own discretion to keep her from harm.

    Of course there was very little to worry about. The guilds may have rivalries between them, but none would dare touch the choice plans of the Guild Master. There were attempts on the child's life - feigned only to keep suspicions from being high. As this was the case, the only hint of danger was that into which the young girl found herself. For eight years, the two spent every waking moment together, and Darcia grew very comfortable with her shadow. He became a trusted companion to the young girl, a constant in a very dangerous world.

    Darcia's father, Lucien Glassade, had been making secret arrangements with Gavril Contra - a young gentleman of what was considered pure Aristo blood. He was the perfect match in all senses. His jewel would balance Darcia's, while her caste would support his. With the unity of the two powerful families, there would not be any question of who would hold the power. At the age of fifteen, Darcia was engaged to be married. She was delighted with her father's choice - the handsome, attentive Gavril was what any young girl would dream of. At the age of sixteen - they were married. As she now had a powerful husband to protect her, Darcia's guardian was dismissed. Though offered a position back with the guard, he left court life to pursue more closely the life he had known prior - his job for the Guild Master was complete.

    Within two years, another family began to upset the balance of the territory seat. Seeing his opportunity begin to close, Lucien Glassade forced his daughter to her descent in order to strengthen his play for the territory seat. With the most powerful families in the territory aligned, there was little the other families could do except grumble about the swift takeover. For a time, the Aristo families settled, though it was not a time of easy peace. There squabbles soon began over Province courts hoping to wait for a weakness to reveal itself in Glassade's plan.

    Darcia was kept in ignorance of the state of the land, while her husband and father began plans to exploit the tainted Blood and Landen populations once again. Together, they place only chosen companions around Darcia - those who will not lead her to any interest in the affairs of her father and husband. And none who would help awaken the understanding and compassion for a dying land that she cannot explain. Though they cannot completely dismiss the Priestesses, they are rarely welcomed in discussions, unless it is believed they can be exploited.

    Of course, there are always eyes and ears in court, and no one is truly safe as long as they hold what another desires. The Queen and her Consort rest on a delicate balance, and though stable for the time, there are those who are constantly seeking to disrupt the power - to seize it for their own. And the Guild Master is growing impatient waiting for his own plans to come to fruition. He lacks only opportunity before revealing the strength of his own power, and ties to the Queen child who rules.
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