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Author Topic: The next two years of your life  (Read 134 times)

Description: Renata

Offline Judith Grigorie

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The next two years of your life
« on: Feb 11, 19, 06:01:46 AM »
The Conservatory opened in a week and three days, not like Jude was counting. She was counting her students, though: Thirteen Healer candidates, two of whom already possessed the Caste and needed further training and a round twenty Escorts. The youngest Healer candidate was a girl of thirteen with a Rose Birthright; the eldest Escort was in his fifties and wore the Red. Most of the students, though not all, were young men and women from the lower classes. Several would be boarding at the school.

Not the student she was waiting to meet today. Renata DelMaro was an aristocrat, a natural Healer whose gifts had not been properly nurtured. It seemed unthinkable that someone could have been given a natural-born Healer and have ignored all the many skills that a Healer needed in Dena Nehele... yet that was what she was looking at, a young woman with some skills in a few areas, but none in the most useful specialties. The cruelty that implied was beyond Jude's ability to countenance, but not beyond her ability to imagine. The aristo didn't have the same kind of emotions as other people, she was sure of it. That was the only thing she could think of to explain why a mother would keep her daughter from learning the Craft that the young woman would've loved to learn.

Well. No time to grumble about it now. Renata DelMaro was here now, and Jude would see her well-trained by the time her two years were up. She could serve as a teacher's assistant in the classes she knew until they reached the boundaries of her knowledge, and attend classes with her peers where she needed the instruction. That was the purpose of today's meeting: figuring out exactly where to place Renata on the schedules. Where did she need to be an assistant, and where did she need to be a student? Did she want to help in the greenhouses? (It was required for some scholarship students or students who simply liked plants, but Renata didn't belong in the former category and possibly not the latter, either.)

Jude straightened her red brocade jacket and settled down in the same comfortable alcove that she'd met with Zamfir Groza in, though the table now sported a coffee service and a collection of shortbread cookies. One of the admin assistants would see Renata to her when the young woman arrived, and until then there was plenty of paperwork for Jude to go over.

Offline Renata DelMaro

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Re: The next two years of your life
« Reply #1 on: Feb 24, 19, 08:17:03 PM »
Renata arrived at the slumbering Conservatory a good fifteen minutes early. It was not like the DelMaro’s to be prompt, as her mother was sure that fashionably late was in all considered a gift for attending at all. Raquel had all but insisted of touring the grounds along with her granddaughter, a fact that Renata herself took exception to. To her females in her family, a position within the Bidea Conservatory was only a stepping stone to her eventual future as a private Healer to Aristo families.  Having some formal training outside of private tutors would suit her well, so tuition had been paid for generously and well in advance.  Raquel fussed over every aspect of the meeting until her granddaughter tired of every question that could possibly be asked of her and the thousands of ways she was capable of making an embarrassment of herself and by proxy the whole of their family. "Don't worry Nan, I am not going to blow bubbles in my tea and force the DelMaro women to fling themselves off the most convenient cliff, I can imagine the scandal." This comment did not inspire confidence in Raquel who groused as though her point had been proven.  One did not tell Raquel no, especially if they intended on appearing at the Conservatory alone.  So Renata indulged her Nan and dressed in accordance to how she was “meant” to and rehearsed her most demure smile.

In this case it was a silken forest green blouse with a lace neck and long sleeves and a knee length black skirt with a sheer ruffle running along the hem. All very expensive fabrics, and far too hot for her tastes. Her long dark hair was gathered back behind her head in an elegant twist, all meant to display two tear drop Summer Sky earrings in a silver setting. It was proper, refined and everything she hated but was forced to tolerate.

It didn’t surprise her that Raquel was able to schedule such an early tour or that her mother disapproved of what she assumed would be the school’s mediocrity.

A polite assistance greeted her in the foyer and lead her into a waiting room so that she could be announced to Lady Judith Grigorie, the Head Mistress of the Conservatory and a woman with many connections within the Territory Court.  In two years she would learn all the skills she needed to be an above grade Healer. The school represented change, and freedom, away from her family’s suffocating vigilance, so if her grandmother wanted her to wear a hat with an entire stuffed quail amidst a bed of ribbon and flowers she would have soldiered on if it meant the next three weeks would pass sooner.

The assistant returned to lead her to the alcove where the two Ladies were meant to meet.  The scent of polished wood mingling with the faint aroma of dried herbs had greeted her at the door.  Lady Grigorie, with the cutest bob cut she had ever seen, looked up from a stack of papers as she entered giving Renata a second to study the pretty woman’s profile. The scent of a fellow Healer was instantly recognizable though she had to admit she could not hold herself up to the Lady’s station yet. She waited politely for her to finish whatever she was doing, and smiled as she had practiced. For some strange reason the action made the lace around her neck feel itchy. “Lady Grigorie, thank you for seeing me. I am Renata DelMaro. I appreciate you taking time away from your preparations so that we could meet.”