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Author Topic: To Wear Such Pain So Bright  (Read 61 times)

Description: Tag: Xiaowen

Offline Suleiman Basarab-Musatin

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To Wear Such Pain So Bright
« on: Oct 25, 19, 05:15:33 PM »
Locale: Territory Court, Bidea

Suleiman's Suiting
Once more, though he seldom was the sort to repeat a suit unless it was really simply adored, Suleiman was attired in his pink and purple and very eye catching suit. It matched the flowers in the garden that he stood fairly close to arranging with a very precise care in a new crystalline vase. Floral arrangements were one of Suleiman's favourite activities because of the beauty and precision naturally present within the artform. One could not be sloppy because the chances of insulting a man or a woman with the spray of gentle buds sent could cause wars if careful compassion was not considered in the tension of a moment.

Bluebells or orchids? Such a choice was nearly as important as life and death at times, though there were absolutely people that would never agree with such a sentiment. Suleiman understood that fact as well. Taking a deep breath, he shifted his eyes to his utterly stunning companion for the next few hours. The Lady Sibylla Aelius or Traianus depending on whether addressing her by maternal or paternal name, he had learned. Having spent decades in Hayll, people like her were utterly fascinating to Suleiman because she wasn't entirely Hayllian but there were many that would never know this detail on sight.

"Do you like the orchids, Lady?" His voice was soft and yielding to her greater expertise on the matter. There were very, very few people Suleiman as a man was softened and yielding to, an extremely shortlist that consisted mostly of Queens he wished were his own. His golden-brown eyes closed and once more his heart ... his emotions felt stretched crazily thin. He watched as Sibylla walked from her table of fascinating experimental vegetables and approached him. Tears swam in the man's eyes. "Do you?" He moved aside when she approached, letting a breath slowly out in doing so and waited for her to answer.

When Sibylla did it was so soft and kind. "I do enjoy the orchids with this creation, but more importantly, have you allowed yourself to weep for your beloved departed daughter? Her death was by no means your doing, Prince Basarab." Suleiman froze in hearing the Black Jewelled Black Widow's words. "It was indeed my fault."

"No, by your own reckoning, you were able to do nothing to stop the dangerous labour your wife was in the midst of. Have you allowed yourself to grieve her beautiful face, what she could have become?"

Suleiman swallowed carefully. "N-no. I ... Noemi ... was ..." he grit his teeth, the pain shining like a beacon in his eyes. "You are right. She was a perfectly formed baby who just couldn't get enough air in time to live." The Warlord Prince tilted back his head, and for the first time in decades let out a low, painful sob, and in doing so embraced his strength of showing his vulnerability to anyone that could see. Anyone at all.

"It is all right, Prince. We have all lost people from time to time."

"... True, very true, Lady."

Offline Sibylla Traianus

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Re: To Wear Such Pain So Bright
« Reply #1 on: Oct 25, 19, 05:17:57 PM »

Sibylla's Suiting
She stood with him in the very public and not an entirely private moment until he turned and dragged the Black Jewelled Black Widow close and against him after waiting for clear permission to have done so. Sibylla laughed lightly, and startlingly - blushed. Her impossibly long hair was bound into a tight and heavy near chignon at the back of her head in a very Tacean manner that was more Tang than from the mainlander culture; she'd learned the styling from her mother before the woman's death.

She was taller than Suleiman was despite the fact that he wore four-inch heels and wore them very well, and nearly better than Sibylla herself did. Her slender frame towered over his as the Warlord Prince pulled the delicate, but terribly powerful woman close to kiss her ... just softly on the cheek. The passion of the nearly chaste motion sliced through the garden given the relative darkness of each of their Jewels. "Thank you, Lady Aelius. You often offer the perfect response to my pain without clumsiness."

A simple grin only curled up her lips. "And I think you are lucky that I prefer to toe the line with Dena Nehelian spaces. Your people here are so much more ... modest than Hayllians." She smoothed the pin-straight lines of her suiting, today dressed precision perfect in trousers in black on black pinstripe. In terms of expected colour heterosexual nonsensical norms, the pair were reversed, Sibylla wearing an all-black tuxedo type attire while Suleiman was in his pink and purple.

The suit he wore even had glitter pressed into every elegant fold of the fabric. They'd planned it for fun, with Suleiman egging the Black Widow on until she offered him what he was looking for. She was nearly six feet tall or perhaps somewhere over that even without heels. With heels, the woman neared a full six foot four and was elegantly wiery and rail-thin except for the few curves she possessed. They had been striking every time when seen together, and the Black Widow tended to calm his wild unbonded impulses - like the ones he was having just that moment a little before. Suleiman watched Sibylla and let out another breath. "If I do not soon find a Queen, I may take a Blood bond. I have considered the Lady Sorinna, because ... she will not die before me if we are very well blessed by Mother Night," he whispered in pure anguish.

"Is it a terrible idea? Do you think she would have me?" He looked toward Sibylla with reddened eyes.

"I cannot say I know the minds of Queens, Prince. It is possible she would help you, especially as there is the chance you could Bond a lady that is entirely short-lived since this is Dena Nehele after all." Sibylla smiled in sympathy at Suleiman as he nodded slightly toward Sibylla's words taking them at the plain face value that she intended them to be. By now, even she knew that something was very wrong with her, that she was missing something and had been since the night that Meredith Mercer's body fell from the ceiling of the party hosted by Prince Atreides. She felt ... as if she were missing half of her heart. The Black Widow blinked, suddenly understanding what was wrong in light of the Warlord Prince's question.

"I think I Bonded a Queen several months ago, and I do not know the woman's name," Sibylla said softly with real pain in her voice. "There are times I feel surrounded by a woman's ... a Queen's scent as if it were there, and then it is not. I wondered why I had been feeling so lonely lately and it is ... perhaps not because I want for the company of the people of Dena Nehele, but that ... I ... I need my lady. Oh, Mother Night. What am I to do?"

Suleiman stared at Sibylla with a startled half-frightened expression, as what Sibylla was describing sounded like a fucking joke of a nightmare. "Are you sure?"

"Oh yes," she said softly. "Yes."

"That is terrible, Lady Aelius. I am ... so very sorry. You do not think she is dead, do you?"

Sibylla shook her head, now her own eyes filling with tears. "N-no. I do not. I think I would feel it if she was and much worse than how I feel now." The pair stared at each other at a complete loss at what to do other than keep arranging the flowers. He'd eventually ready one of the pairs for his visit to see none other than Rilandra Vlas. New Queen Mother and a wound upon his heart if he'd ever heard of a possibility. Mother Night help them both.