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With the full force of the Guilds at her back, Rilandra Vlas seized the Territory Throne of Dena Nehele. The common born Province Queen now owes allegiance to the Master of the Guilds for his assistance in both securing the throne and securing Darcia Glassade's continual safety. Trapped between the demands of the Guilds and the demands of the Aristos, Riley is struggling to rule, finding the palace more of a cage than she could have dreamed possible.
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Author Topic: It's not the same, but different isn't always bad  (Read 29 times)

Description: Attn: Radu

Offline Quinten Heartly

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It's not the same, but different isn't always bad
« on: Aug 09, 18, 08:35:13 PM »
Quinten had woken up from a nightmare. One about his father. He looked at the sleeping brew he had been given, the one that usually sent him into a blissful dreamless sleep, but he pushed it aside. Kale wasn’t here and he never slept well when his brother wasn’t beside him. Getting out of bed, the boy padded into the hallway and waved to the guard, half-asleep. Heading down the hallway, the Jack clutched a small rock that had carved into a turtle tightly. He had taken to sleeping with it lately, clutching  it in between his hands. Whenever he became nervous or anxious he ran his thumb over the smooth shell and tried to let his worries slip away.

Sighing, the former street rat padded down the hallway until he got to Radu’s room. Kale had drugged him up so much that the poor Warlord Prince didn’t even have enough focus to snarl properly these days. It was kind of cute though. Made Radu seem like a puppy that couldn’t keep his balance.

Slipping into the Prince’s room, the boy snuck into the male’s bed and curled up beside him, leaching his warmth. Q didn’t know if his friend was too drugged to wake up or had sensed his presence and let him enter, but no snarl met his presence. After a few minutes he drifted off to sleep, one arm gently resting on Radu in a half hug. By morning, his turtle had slipped from his fingertips and rested right in front of the Warlord Prince.