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Title: Ere to a town you travel
Post by: Lyoshka Moon on Jun 18, 19, 05:27:09 AM
This thread takes place before Riley gives birth.

The polearm they gave him was too large.

This disturbed Lyoshka greatly. He was of average height for a Tacean Healer, or perhaps just a few fingers below it. It seemed to him that any weapon should have been made for someone about his size in mind, but this one was long enough that when he tried to go through his forms, one end or the other banged on the hard-packed dirt of the training ground. When the dull end hit the ground, it just reverberated up the long bones of his arms to catch between his shoulderblades. When the sharp end did, it stuck. It was made for someone at least a hand-span taller than he was, and heavier than he was used to. The forms didn't come easily as they used to, either, lost with more than a year where he hadn't laid finger on a weapon at all.

At some point, he'd given up his own naginata, the one that had been made for him when he'd finally stopped growing. Foggily, he knew he'd had it at some point. He remembered its smooth shaft in his hands, so it couldn't have been so long ago. A lot of sensations had vanished from his mind, and others... others still clung. It was the feelings of worn wood and the heavy weight of the weapon in his hand that he missed. Perhaps they were disappearing. Perhaps they... weren't. He remembered other things, soft and smooth, too. (A muscle twitched below his eyelid at the memory.)

He let the spear drop to the ground, where it thumped awkwardly, the sound reverberating along the flexible shaft. There Lyoshka left it as he stared at the place where grass began to eat into the red dirt of the practice field, thinking of nothing at all.
Title: Re: Ere to a town you travel
Post by: Jeremiah Mercer on Jun 29, 19, 05:52:43 AM
There were few things that would see him out of the Territory Court of late but most of them involved appointments that related to either his position as Steward of Dena Nehele or his being a Black Widow. Yet there were things that were more personal that could draw him out for a little while. Especially when they required that he pick something up.

His mind drifted, a common occurrence when he did not watch himself, as he was on his way back to the Territory Court. Raking a hand through his hair, he recognized that part of it was Lisichya. When the Black-Jeweled Healer drifted, swept under because of his chalice that was still in the process of being slowly--oh so slowly--repaired, if Jeremiah did not mind himself then it would reverberate along the tether between them and see him sink as well. Today was not as bad as others could be, though there was still a sense of disquiet that echoed.

It was never hard to know where Lisichya was. Even if he did not have an almost preternatural sense of the Healer's location, the uneasy whispers of some of the staff would have guided him. There were not many that would want to be around a Black Jewel who wished to train. Even if Lisichya were not as he was now, Jeremiah knew that there were far too many uncomfortable with the depths of the Healer's power.

So the practice field was largely empty--save for the guards that were just out of sight--as the Black Widow Warlord Prince arrived. The afternoon sunlight cast an eerie glow upon the field, one that would have been distracting if he had not caught sight of Lisichya going through the katas with a polearm that was far too large for his size.

"Lisichya," he called out, blinking in surprise as the Healer almost immediately stopped trying to work through his forms and moved to hide the polearm behind his back. The expression on Jeremiah's face was perplexed, bright blue-green fixed upon Lisichya and the polearm he couldn't hide if he tried (without vanishing it, at least).
Title: Re: Ere to a town you travel
Post by: Lyoshka Moon on Jul 14, 19, 03:35:22 AM
Lyoshka wasn't sure why he wasn't acting to hide the polearm. It was too large; he couldn't hide it properly behind him, and he wouldn't have been able to even if it had been properly sized. Still, he didn't want this Warlord Prince to see how rusty he'd become in the training. Once he'd been very good with the polearm, and slightly less good with a sword, but now his body felt all... tight-strung, off-kilter, like someone moved the world a half-foot to the left and left Lyoshka anchored in place. "Prince," he said, dropping the polearm again as if to say what, this? Nothing to do with me, Prince, I'd never. His hands ached with the blisters that would, eventually, become calluses, so he left them behind his back, uncharacteristically chagrined.

Something wasn't right about the Steward being present just then. He had this idea in his head that Mercer was supposed to be somewhere else, doing something else that wasn't bothering Lisichya as he tried to remind his body of the things it could do that weren't... That required more activity than the other things he could do. One hand drifted away from the frenetic clasp at the small of his back to press his fingertips into the scar at his hip. He could feel it there, a raw Red mote of power that would never be properly healed.

He scuffed the soft dirt of the training field beneath his feet, and found himself toe-to-toe with Mercer. Lisichya had to crane his neck to squint up at the silver-haired Warlord Prince, his nose wrinkling as he took in the male's appearance.

"Mercer," he said. "You stink like a brothel." This settled, he planted both hands on Mercer's chest and pushed him back towards the Court building. "You need to shower."
Title: Re: Ere to a town you travel
Post by: Jeremiah Mercer on Jul 15, 19, 07:37:24 AM
Jeremiah was not quite sure what to do with this Lisichya who looked at him as he did. Not with that looked, he thought, a lot like the Healer had been caught doing something either he should not be or something he did not want to be seen doing. It was only natural that he regained his form, was it not? The thought of Lisichya taking the steps in regaining the form closer to that which he saw in the deep places was appealing in more ways than Jeremiah knew how to put into words.

"Lisichya, you know I would not mind j--" started Jeremiah, only to stop as the Healer's fingers were pressing to where he knew that one scar was. The one that could not be healed away and reeked of Red. It bothered him more than he would admit and was, in some ways, worse than what had happened to his Healer while in Makoto's grasp. Lisichya was suddenly there, (because he had let himself drift again) with his hands pressed to his chest, quickly pulling his attention back.

"I-- What?" It was not the most elegant moment ever as he started walking backward with only the lightest of pressure from the Healer. He had not even thought about his scent, though Claudia often complained about his scent--psychic or otherwise--often being cloying and too much. Especially on the days when he drank a purgative to ensure he did not reek of the Twisted Kingdom. The smell it left was sometimes too sweet and then compounded by going through the areas of the market that he had ...

"Alright," said Jeremiah, with his expression now chagrined, "as I don't want to stay smelling like that. How ever can I expect you to be around me if I do?" He took another step backward before he spun on his heel and dropped a half-step back to fall into place at the Healer's side. With his work done--for the day; all that he wanted to see accomplished--he was free. Riley's son would not be born quite yet, he had no lessons with Arkadie, nothing to go over with Claudia, and Aleia had not left him a sign that she wished to see him in his capacity as a Mourning Dove.

It left the late afternoon and evening free for him to pursue his own interests for a change. To talk with the Healer about things that had been delayed long enough. With a quick glance backward, one last look at the polearm on the ground, before he looked down at Lisichya and smiled briefly before they headed inside. A quick shower would take no time at all.