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Author Topic: cleaning up the dark  (Read 66 times)

Description: [ for Lomenar: Morag ]

Offline Alina Cardei

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cleaning up the dark
« on: Apr 19, 19, 06:16:19 PM »
( Winter 194 | Rookwood, following dancing under rainbows )

The space between breakfast and lunch was usually a quiet time in her experience. Of course, there wasn't much experience to be had in her current line of work. When she had come to Rookwood to get her head together and have a chance to quietly adjust to the new power of her Opal, Alina hadn't expected to find work at a tavern. Yet, here she was sweeping the floor and humming to herself as she worked.

A simple arrangement had been made to work in exchange for room and board. Sometimes she helped in the kitchens where she was able to learn a few skills in making and preparing meals, while other times she served tables or cleaned. It was physical work, but also satisfying in a way that she hadn't felt before. As an apprentice, she hadn't really been able or allowed to sell her webs and services as a Black Widow to others. She had needed to focus on her training too much for that.

Now, she wondered at the possibilities that someone of her caste could find outside that line of work. She supposed that it would be a terrible disappointment to the gift she had been given with her visions, if one could call what happened to her a gift in the first place. Still, she had already promised that she would return to the Coven and continue her training as a Journeymaid when she felt ready again. There was still so much to learn. So many things. Too many for one life time. Alina had never envied the long lived races before, but she was starting to now.

Looking up as the door swung open and cut light across the wooden floor, Alina blinked at the sunshine and the figure that was haloed by it. Within the tavern, a few people who lingered from breakfast shuffled and quieted before they eventually went back to their conversations. The scent still whispered across her senses though, pulling her a few steps closer to the witch with a curious glance over the features as her eyes adjusted again to the dim light of the tavern. For a moment, she froze as they registered familiar, more even than the psychic scent of another Black Widow.

That face that she saw in these aged features was a phantom from another life though, and she gave herself a small shake to insist that she was being ridiculous. Instead, she swallowed and took a breath before smiling gently at the older witch. "Oh, um, good morning. I can get you some of the leftovers from breakfast if you'd like, Sister?" Accustomed to having every Black Widow she met being a part of the Coven, Alina fell into the customs she had grown up with in the past several years.

Offline Morag Lemir

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Re: cleaning up the dark
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 19, 05:25:44 AM »
Régine had come down with some sort of flu and had been bedridden for the past few days. The healer had assured Morag that her sister would be just fine with a bit of rest, but Morag still worried. She also worried about food. Or not...worried...exactly, but she was a bit concerned with what they were currently eating. With Régine sick and Morag doing all of the cooking, the two sisters had been forced to eat very simple fare due to the fact that Morag was a disaster in the kitchen. She could make very simple things, but anything beyond that and she was lost. It did not make for the most nutritious or healthy meals, which was why Morag had decided to brave the outside world and walk down to the tavern to get some -proper- food for the two of them.

It was well past breakfast but not quite close enough to lunch time and Morag sent a silent prayer to the Darkness that the tavern would at least have -something- that she could bring back home for her poor, sick sister. Régine had never once complained about the food Morag provided for her, and she never would, but Morag knew that she was just as bored with it as Morag herself was. Besides, Régine was sick and needed proper nutrition to get better.

Telling herself the same arguments over and over in her mind, to remind herself of why she had gone out in the first place, helped her keep the anxiety at bay as she walked down the street towards the tavern. If her steps were a bit more hurried than anyone else’s, well...hopefully no one would take notice, or if they did they might actually get out of her way. That would be a blessing. She repeated the arguments in her mind a few more times before entering into the dim interior of the tavern, blinking a few times as her eyes adjusted to the change in lighting. She looked around curiously before her gaze fell on the young woman who approached her.

Black Widow. What was a Black Widow doing working in a tavern? Morag stood in silence for a few minutes, contemplating this mystery before she realised that the woman had actually spoken to her. Her cheeks heated with colour and she stared at the floor, anxiety rolling off her in waves.
“Good morning. I did come here for food...yes. Leftover breakfast sounds perfect. Would I be able to take it with me?” She raised her gaze and studied the room a bit more closely, instinctively noting any possible escape routes, before focusing her attention on the young Black Widow once again.
“...not that I have anything against this establishment, of course. But my sister is sick and I am bringing food for her. Yes, that is what I am doing.” The anxiety made her blurt out every single thing that entered her mind and Morag silently cursed herself. Darkness have mercy, what was wrong with her?!