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Title: at night we have the curtains drawn and closed
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Late Winter, 193AP. Takes place following  Words to be shared as one becomes two (

There were a great number of things that Gabriella Robles remained completely ignorant about. One was how escorts were trained to manage escorting more than one person at the same time. She didn't think she could do it. How did you know how fast to walk? Or how slow? How did you know how quickly to navigate the stairs when two different sets of heels and dresses were involved? And corners! How did corners even work?

Luckily, whoever did understand these mysteries had clearly helped to train Nick, who seemed at ease in his role as escort to two Queens. One of which now ruled Dena Nehele, something Gabri commented on their way to Sora's room.

"You've worked extremely hard for this. I am so proud of you. My only regret is that soon I'll be on the other side of the Territory and not get to watch you be utterly amazing at this. But Nick will be here and can tell you how wonderfully you're doing when I can't," she said, smiling brightly as she volunteered Nick for emotional maintenance and support of the woman she loved.

It might have seemed out of place if it wasn't for the fact that Sora had shared her trust and fondness for Nick with the Green Jeweled Queen, as well as the ways in which they had grown closer. Gabriella approved. While they both missed Cezar, and likely would indefinitely, it eased Gabri's instinctive worry for her beloved knowing that she was leaving her with capable and skilled males to look out for her.

"Ben will be an excellent First Escort. And your dad seems to be managing quite well in his role as Steward." Gabriella hadn't quite reached the point of referring to Riley as Sora's mom. For one, she never wanted her confused with the Priestess who had abandoned her daughter. What Drake had told her about Savion's death did not alleviate Sora's birth mother of responsibility for simply not showing up to perform her daughter's Offering. But she had reached a point where it was easy and comfortable to refer to Jeremiah as Sora's dad and Gabri tended to do so anytime they weren't in a formal setting.

As they drew closer to Sora’s room, Gabriella sent the other Queen a thread, distaff to distaff. *Would you like me to excuse myself when we reach your room so you and Nick can be alone? Or... invite him to stay with us?* Sora would be able to sense Gabriella’s arousal along their thread. *I really like when you share me. I’d like it if you wanted to share me with him.*
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Sora walked with purpose as Nick escorted her and Gabri back to her room. As soon as they were out of sight of the party, the new Proxy Queen of Dena Nehele reached out and took the hand of the Neamt’s new Queen. She liked having Gabri close by and she enjoyed Nick’s company. Despite the trials and difficulties that lay ahead in the near future, Sora was ready to get to work on maintaining Riley’s work of making Dena Nehele a better place. Riley still had a few months before the baby arrived. Then she would have to recover and bond with the baby before she could resume ruling Dena Nehele.

Sora hoped that she was equal to the task.

Gabri positive encouragement made Sora smile. She had to leave for Livada soon, a thought that weighed on Sora’s mind more and more with each passing day. Her love would soon be ruling in her own right and there was no telling when they would see each other again. It didn’t escape her notice that the relationship between her and Gabri had some parallels to the relationship between Riley and Adamara Pavel. Maybe not quite directly, but they were present for those who knew how to look.

Hey, don’t talk like that. We’ll see each other again. I promise you that. I don’t know where I’ll be assigned, but we’ll make it work.” Sora said, bringing Gabri’s hand up to her lips. She kissed the back of her hand and continued walking, though she spared a glance at Nick as they drew closer to the stairs that would take them to the family wing. She knew the path so well after all these years, but walking this path with these two people meant so much more.

Ben’s excited to get to work, though, and Jeremiah's going to stay on and help me. Is it selfish of me that I’m glad? I don’t have anyone in mind as a possible interim Steward and there’s been enough change in that position already. Combine that with Prince Bane being away due to Lady Bane’s pregnancy and...we just need stability for the next few months until Riley returns.” Sora said. She didn’t look forward to some of the things coming over the next few months, but she would endure them because Riley needed her to. The people of Dena Nehele needed her to be strong.

And what Dena Nehele needed, Sora would give as best she could.

The trio drew closer to Sora’s room and suddenly everything in the world was sharper, clearer, and stronger. Nick’s presence couldn’t be ignored and she wouldn’t have ignored him even if it was possible. The warmth of Gabri’s hand, the feel of her own heart thumping against her chest. She halted, allowing Nick to step forward and check the room to his satisfaction before letting them inside.

Gabri’s thread preempted her speaking, but Sora’s lips curved upward into another smile.

*No, I want you both to stay. We didn’t get to celebrate your ascension and...I just want you both here for awhile.*

*I really like when you share me. I’d like it if you wanted to share me with him.*

Sora’s grasp on Gabri’s hand tightened.

Alright.” she said.
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There had been many Queens at Riley’s announcement, and that was a fact that Nick had met with both curiosity and concern.  He had chosen his Queens; Riley, Sora, Orianna.  He was content with that, and while there was a part of him that was curious about what a Bond must feel like, psychically and physically, he did not think he ought to be inflicted on any one Queen.  He was complicated at best, and difficult at the very worst.  How does one keep one’s mask on if one’s soul is shared?  Surely other Myos had similar to deal with, but that was their burden to bear, and currently, it was not his.  Nick had looked at every Queen that he did not know well, Precious and Gabriella were the newcomers to his experience.  He had known of them, of course, because he was a bit of a midnight wanderer, but he had not been directly exposed to them.

Neither of them were his, and they would never know their good fortune.

Sora was the closest to being an actual Bond.  She had touched a part of him that only Sway had ever reached, and he was satisfied with that intimacy in person and in spirit.  It was a quiet comfort, a kind of peace he had not really expected to find in anyone else’s company.  He could sit for hours with Sway, just holding her, just knowing she was there, and he found that he could like to the same with Sora.  She did not need him to speak, or to be gregarious, she was happy in h is company and perhaps even glad that he was comfortable, even pleased, to be in hers.  There were emotions attached to Sora because of her Craft and her person, and since he did not have those for anyone often, they were worth protecting and exploring.

Nick might not enjoy socializing, but no one could argue that he had not been trained to do so.  Prince Belmont had seen to it that he could manage Protocol even in a crowd, and Lady Sala had reminded the  young Red Warlord Prince that he might be called upon to dance.  He had been shown the standards as part of his training, and could perform them well, when either leading or being led.  Nick saw it as a challenge, not unlike fight training, it was just another form of muscle memory, and he was already fluid in motion.  He could not be embarrassed, at least not by this, so there was also an air of confidence whenever he did dance, even if it was really just a lack of fear and the firm knowledge that this was what he had been trained for.  Indeed, it was why he was a member of the Third Circle.  Escort duty might include dancing, and he was prepared.

When Sora expressed a desire to retire a little early, Nick was happy to escort her back to her rooms.  When she asked Gabriella to come along with them, he thought noting of it.  He knew that Sora and Gabriella were close, and he would have defended both of them with his life for that reason alone.  He knew the Palace, and knew enough to cast his particular senses ahead.  Nick also covered both of them in his shields, consciously retracting them when there was need so the two Ladies could touch each other, as people often did when in conversation and close.  He walked ahead of them, but he let them set the pace, knowing that their dresses and their shoes were not suited to speed.  Nick was more than willing to move slowly, as it allowed him the pleasure of experiencing the psychic scent of two Queens, along with whatever mundane scene Sora had added to her own for the evening, which he was very conscious of.

”It is clear ahead.”  He said in his quiet way, tilting his head first to one side, then the other.  The closest hearts, the nearest life, that he could sense were the Queens.

Gabriella was effusive in her praise of Sora, and Nick was glad of that.  Support was what his Queen needed, even if the other Queen could not remain.  His name was mentioned, so he felt it would have been rude not to add something equally supportive.  ”I already tell her how wonderfully she is doing.  I will continue to do so until she believes it as I do.”  Of Sora’s Males, the one he knew best was Marius.  He knew the others, of course, but only in passing.  Marius had been trusting him for some time now, and Nick returned that sentiment, and even a little gratitude for his forbearance.  He would be available to Sora while she ruled, barring his duties keeping him away, but he could listen for her anywhere in the Palace, and he was only a thread away.

He stopped at the top of the stairs, and turned to face them, ”I can Ride the Winds.  If necessary, I can help in bringing Gabriella to you, or you to Gabriella, safely and swiftly.  You are not limited by distance and travel time if I can help you.”  Nick turned to Sora, ”You are not selfish.  Jeremiah wants to be on hand, I am sure.”  He turned around to continue leading them towards Sora’s rooms.  ”Prince Bane’s second is very capable, and we have others on hand to assist, such as myself and even Savi.  You will do well, Sora.”

As with Riley and Jeremiah, Nick could sense of the subtle buzz of threads, especially when this close and this aware of the people under his protection.  He would never try to stop them or listen in, but he was aware that they were privately discussing something, and because he did not often consider himself the subject of discussion, it would never have occurred to him that he was in their thoughts.  Certainly, he was walking two women to Sora’s rooms, where he and Sora had spent time together, but he was also aware that Gabriella was not there every day.  He had no immediate assumptions about the future, and so when they arrived, he turned to both of them and with a gesture asked them to wait.  Nick checked Sora’s chambers, at various spectrums of power, and with all of his senses.  He knew to look for screens, and to feel for heartbeats, the rush of blood, the flood of adrenaline. 

”Your rooms are safe, Sora.”  He said as he returned tot he door, and gestured for the Queens to enter.  ”I will seal the room and keep watch if there’s nothing else.”  Nick was not put off by the two women holding hands, or made to feel at all awkward.  He was becoming used to people that cared for each other.  He would have to explore why that was sometime soon.  He moved to Sora, and leaned down to kiss her forehead.  ”I’ll wait outside if there’s nothing else.”  He smiled very slightly, very softly for her, and then turned to Gabriella.  ”Gabriella, It has been a pleasure and an honor, I am glad to have finally met you.  You are lovely, and I am happy that you are here for Sora.”  He stood close to both women now, and took a very deep breath.  He was not going to leave them, but neither did he assume he would be staying in the room.  Nick could keep watch in the hall, it would not be the first time, as Sora knew.
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Gabriella’s fingers tightened around Sora’s as Sora tightened her own grip. She agreed and Gabri had to stop herself from jumping up and down. Perhaps it was a silly thing to be excited about, but Gabriella intended to take full advantage of the time that she had left in Bidea. It wouldn’t be long now until she was leaving for Livada. Even with Nick’s generous offer, she knew that between setting up her own Court and Sora ruling the Territory, their time would be limited, regardless how excellent the travel service offered.

She rested her head against Sora’s shoulder as she waited for Nick to return from his sweep of the room. When he did, she was relieved to hear everything was fine. She had expected it to be, but there was this small, scared voice in the back of her mind that thought Sora stepping into the light painted even more of a target on her than had been there before. It made her nervous. She didn’t realize how nervous until Nick’s reassurance caused her muscles to relax.

”Thank you, Prince,” she said, smiling at him. ”Before you go, Sora has something she’d like to ask you. Don’t you Sora?” Gabriella looked at Sora with a significant glance before turning the other Queen towards her and kissing her. It was a rather more passionate kiss than they generally shared in public, even if the were standing just a few feet from the door to Sora’s rooms. Gabri’s fingers tangled in Sora’s hair as she kissed her. When she broke the kiss, she stood breathless for a moment before looking between Nick and Sora.

”I’ll leave you two to talk then,” she said, quickly darting into Sora’s room. Once inside, she stood in front of Sora’s mirror. She smoothed her hands down the front of the red dress she was wearing. Would Nick be interested in joining them? She didn’t know him well. What if he wasn’t attracted to her? Or only wanted to bed Sora when they were alone?

Gabriella took a deep breath, her fingers tangling together in a knot. Her thoughts drifted to Stela. Her sister had liked Nick and been quite upset when Sora had first slept with him. What would she think when she learned of what happened here tonight? Assuming anything at all happened. She wished she knew how the conversation between Nick and Sora was going. Before her thoughts had a chance to return to Stela, she felt Sora’s presence behind her and turned to face her and see what Nick had said.
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Sora smiled as Gabri and Nick said their farewells. They seemed to have taken a positive impression of each other, fueling Sora’s hopes that tonight would happen the way she’d imagined. Gabri’s request brightened that smile and Sora realized that she was grinning like an idiot by the time Nick said his farewell. She knew that he’d stand guard all night without being asked. His devotion to her safety (and the safety of the other Queens in the palace) was moving.

Gabri spoke up, just then, saying that Sora had something she wanted to ask Nick. Before Sora could grasp her hand make her stay here so that they could both ask him to stay, the other Queen kissed her. The move was bold, in a good way, and it shifted the ground beneath her feet. Maybe Gabri wanted to seize every moment she had left in Bidea. Maybe it was the just the emotion and spectacle of the day. Whatever it was, Sora sensed that something had shifted in the other woman, that her hunger was sharper, her need deeper than before. She didn’t have time to ask.

Gabri turned and walked into Sora’s room, leaving her in the hallway with Nick.

Sora stared after Gabri’s retreating form for a long moment before she shifted her focus to Nick. She’d wanted to do this differently, but Sora scrapped that plan. Nick was a direct man and responded better to direct words and actions. Sora still couldn’t get their first night together out of her mind, daydreaming about it at inappropriate times. Their shared time together, of late, built up Sora’s confidence and gave her another person that she could talk to, another friend among her former Wards. Despite his upbringing, Nick was a kind and gentle man. He liked children. He didn’t judge her for her appetite. And he never allowed her self-deprecation to pass without challenge. If Sora had any regrets, it was that Mother Night had not bound them together in truth as she had through friendship and the people they both cared for.

She’s right. I do have something I want to talk to you about, Nick. So...I have to refuse your offer to stand guard tonight.” Sora said.

Will you come inside? I’d rather not talk about this in the hall. Marius will be here soon.” Sora said.

She took his hand and lead him into the room, knowing that he would join follow. A flicker of her White pushed the door closed behind them with a soft click that sounded more final than she expected.

The layout of her room remained the same, with the white couches surrounding the low coffee table just off of the entrance. Another of Nick’s sketches was on a nearby wall. Gabri stood before the long mirror, smoothing out her red dress. She could sense the other woman’s nerves from the other side of the room. Sora stepped forward, still holding Nick’s hand in hers. Now Sora was feeling nervous at having the two of them here.

Gabri won’t be here much longer, Nick. I...I’m sorry. I’ve imagined this moment a couple of times, but usually I say something more eloquent. I don’t have those words, though, so I’ll just say it.” she said.

Sora looked to Gabri and then reached out with her free hand to take her other hand.

The two of you are important to me. I can’t explain why because it’s so different from what I feel with my Bonded or anyone else. And we’re all going in different directions in the future. Nick, I know you’ll be here while I’m standing in for Riley, but...when that’s done, I’ll be moving on, too. And you’re taking on more responsibilities in the Court.” she said, raising his hand and kissing it.

She looked to Gabri. “We knew what was coming since the day we met, but that doesn’t make it easier for me to accept. But you’re going to rule in Livada and do amazing things. I would never stand in the way of that. I want you to have every success and happiness you can get.” she said, raising Gabri’s hand to her lips.

They would leave her behind in other ways, but Sora pushed those thoughts aside. She had to make it through this.

Things are changing. I hate change, honestly. Few things in my life ever change without being for the worse. But I can’t hide from that anymore. Tomorrow, I’ll be ruling Dena Nehle for a while. So tonight, I’d like to...I don’t want to make anyone feel cornered or pressured, but...I just want spend time with you.” she said, looking between them.

I want you both to stay with me tonight.
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Nick had long ago learned to pay attention to his senses, even when it did not serve him to do so. He could tune them up or down, whether it was olfactory or touch or his vision. Joined with this was his sense for life, with the purpose of causing death. He had focused that gift on the anatomy of a subject, and it had made him terribly deadly at a distance, but it had also allowed him to tap into that sense. He heard and felt the beating hearts around him, even as his mind showed him all the ways to put a stop to that life, it did not prevent him from first sensing everything about it. Nick could focus on individuals and learn still more, which would have been far too narrow a focus to Escort two Queens. He had verified their safety, so he adjusted the spread of his perception.

He could already hear the comforting and familiar beat of Sora’s heart. He could already enjoy the personal scent of her, and the way she warmed the air around her. He could hear Gabriella’s as well, though he was less familiar with hers, he would recognize it from that night forward. That she was a Queen carried its own impact, but her scent held hints of Sora, of excitement and anticipation. Her heart did not speak of fear, and neither did Sora’s. The Queens’ physical scents blossomed with the rush of their blood, and Nick wondered if they realized the effect that had on him. His mind was pragmatically able to parse those changes and perceptions, and divine their moods and feelings, but his body did other things all on its own. Nick did not growl, did not change his expression, but he was very attentive to the both of them.

Nick nodded at Gabriella’s gratitude, and then very soon afterward, found himself witnesses a passionate kiss, not between friends, but between lovers. He knew this because he had eyes, and all the rest of his senses. Still, he did not growl, but that took conscious effort to avoid. It was not jealousy or possession, he did not own Sora, and seeing her happy pleased him. It was interest, physical and otherwise, an arousal that he could no more deny than he could deny his own nature. The Red had underscored those needs, and moments like the on he just witnessed served only to engrave that truth ever more deeply into his conscious thoughts. Despite himself, his bright cat-like eyes followed Gabriella into the room, before cutting back to Sora expectantly, waiting for her to clarify what the other Queen had meant. For her part, Sora seemed distracted by the departing Lady, and Nick could hardly blame her. He had been distracted as a bystander.

He tilted his head slightly when Sora said she did not need him to stand guard. Of course, he could do so anyway, he would just be a ghost, if that was what was needed. There would be two Queens in that room, and he owed Marius—his thoughts were abruptly brought to a halt when Sora invited him inside instead, pointing out that Marius would be there soon enough. She even took his head, and Nick followed, allowing himself to be led by the Queen that had chosen him. He did not think that Sora realized how very little he would deny her. Nick felt her close the door, and lock it behind him, and without a thought, he Red locked the room, with no exceptions in the screen, a very rare step, not that either Queen could sense that, or know it. He found the room precisely as he left it, perhaps with a one or two more subtle touches that he was directly responsible for. That also pleased him. It gave him a sense of—of—permanency

Gabriella stood before the mirror, a combination of anticipation and concern. She fussed with her dress, as if she could look any better than she already did. His calm gaze returned to Sora again, and as was his way, he silently listened to her. She still held one of his hands, and reached out the other for Gabriella’s. Nick felt something for Sora. It had become much more difficult to define since their emotional healing. Hearing her make such a firm claim was, well, good. Very good. Sora kissed his hand, and one of his ghostly smiles curled his lips very slightly. The smile faded as his Sorinna went on to speak about how they would soon be in different locations, how those that he had made his own were slowly moving away, beyond the reach of even his protection. It was something that had not gone unnoticed for him. Nick did not know that he hated change, but everything still felt new to him, and it seemed so soon for things to be changing. At her final statement, his eyebrows rose, and he moved closer to both of the Queens, reaching out to take Gabriella’s free hand to draw her near. ”I will stay.”

It was clear that was not all. Nick released their hands, and curled his arms around the both of them, nuzzling Sora and then Gabriella, before stepping back. ”I do have something to add, for all of the reasons you just described.” He pulled his Grandfather’s Watch from his pocket, and he took a breath, ”I am sorry that I cannot do this for both of you. I did not expect—this.” That small smile returned again, for both of them, before he turned his eyes to Sora. ”I have taken a very small shaving of my Green, and asked that his watch be spelled with my Mark. I knew that I could not be near you to renew it in the future, but I had to do something.” He took Sora’s hand and lifted it in his own, placing the watch in her palm, and closing her fingers around it. ”Keep it close. Keep ti available to you, please. I do not know why anyone would harm you, but I do know our home’s reputation. If this is with you, I can find you anywhere you are. No one can simply take you from me, from us.” His hand reached out to, touch Gabriella’s cheek briefly. ”It is a small thing, but it will give me a measure of peace to know that you have it.”

Then he looked to Gabriella, ”You are Sora’s. After tonight, you will also be mine.” And here, he did growl, because he felt no need for restraint of that sort as he pulled both of them closer. Then something odd pulled in his chest, something new and unlooked for, and he began to chuckle, very softly at first, and then he began to laugh and he hugged the both close. I—I am sorry. I spent most of my life locked in a cellar. When I came here I had no idea what would happen to me, who I would become, and now I am surrounded by Queen, and I want to keep and hold you.” Maybe Mother Night really had tested him all his life, only to spill her gifts over him when he had his Offering. ”I am yours.” He said to both of them, even though the whole of his heart belong to another, he could give large portions to these two. It was big enough for all, or he would make it so. He smiled, truly smiled, for a moment, and then the expression faded to his usual, as he plainly stated, ”The room is locked and shielded.” Uncertain what else to say or do, he took his cue from Gabriella, first he kissed Sora with undisguised and utterly confident passion, and then after only a moment to give the other woman time to state a preference, he kissed her with as much confidence, but with new hunger, with a desire acknowledged and now expressed.
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Sora's fingers slid between hers and she turned to face her and Nick. Her heart beat rapidly in her chest. She could feel it hammering against her ribs.  The sound was deafening. Could they hear it? She was sure the rapid drum beat must be loud enough to encompass the entire room.

Her beautiful Queen spoke of change and Gabriella squeezed her hand. They tried not to think about, but they knew what was coming. Just because they had managed long distance before didn’t mean either Queen was looking forward to doing so again. Still, it was better to have the parts of her beloved that she could and the time with her that she did than having nothing at all.

She invited them both to stay and Gabriella’s eyes dipped down as she smiled. Would Nick accept? She had barely a moment to wait before he moved closer and took her hand. Her fingers slid over his palm, the feel of skin against skin sent a slight shiver over her skin. He pulled them both closer for a moment and she was distinctly aware of the heat of both of their bodies. When he stepped back, her arms curled around Sora’s waist, pulling the other Queen against the curves of her body. She stayed quiet and still while Nick spoke. He gave Sora a deeply precious gift, and Gabriella nuzzled her cheek against Sora’s shoulder. Not to distract or draw her attention away, but merely as a moment of understanding for the depth and importance of the moment.

Nick’s fingers brushed over her cheek. ”I am glad you will be here to watch over her,” Gabriella offered the Warlord Prince. ”For us.” It didn’t matter that he wasn’t Sora’s anymore than it mattered that she herself wasn’t Gabriel’s. The bond between Warlord Prince and Queen was sacred. It could be one of the most soothing and fulfilling bonds in both their lives, whether they were Darkness bound, Blood bound, or not bound at all.

”You are Sora’s. After tonight, you will also be mine.”

Nick’s words caused her breath to catch in her throat. She released Sora just enough that Nick could easily take her in his arms as they kissed. Gabri watched, the scent of her arousal clear in the air between them. She understood then why Sora enjoyed watching her with Savi. When they were finished, Nick turned to her. Gabri nodded her head. She wanted this.

His arm slid around her waist and she found herself pressed against his body. From this close, there was no hiding the firm musculature of his chest and abdomen. He kissed her and she moaned softly against his lips. Her tongue explored his, softly at first but quickly building in passion as the kiss continued. One hand slid against the side of his neck to curl in the base of his hair, while the other reached for Sora, pulling the Queen closer against her body. Sora’s hands moved over her body, causing her to whimper against Nick’s kiss and turn to face Sora. Her hips arched back against Nick’s as she pulled Sora against her and kissed her. Her fingers moved to the fastenings of her dress and she broke the kiss with Sora.

”Nick, help me take this off. I suddenly feel very overdressed.”
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Sora’s attention turned to Nick when he mentioned that he had something to add. The watch he presented to her reminded her of one that she’d seen in a shop long ago. She nearly purchased it, but decided against it at the last minute. To see one here, and that Nick was the one giving it to her, made Sora smile. She’d never told him that she’d wanted one but it felt like he was in her head anyway. Nick took her and placed the watch into it, closing her fingers around it. When he said that he’d placed slivers of his jewels inside, Sora worked to keep the tears welling up in her eyes from spilling over.

He wanted to protect her.

I’m honored by your gift and I promise to keep it close and safe, as I will keep you.” she said. Sora moaned against Nick’s lips when he kissed her, her hunger matching his. She felt Gabri’s desire increase as she watched, making her kiss him just a little harder. When the kiss broke, she smiled and fell silent as Nick and Gabri spoke to each other. They both worried over her.  It was one thing to know that two people cared about her well-being; it was something else to see it demonstrated before her. She clutched Nick’s watch in her hand, studying it briefly. The slivers of his Green meant that Sora had a piece of him, that part of him belonged to her. Something in that thought was empowering and made her feel even safer. Nearly dying earlier in the year had ripped away much of the comfort she felt, even in the places where she should felt safest. Her males worked hard to rebuild that sense of security, just as Jeremiah and Riley had. But Nick and Gabri had each played their own parts in rebuilding her confidence and desire to do anything more than stay inside and fear the outside world.

She vanished the watch to her psychic cabinet for safe keeping.

Their kissing captured Sora’s attention. It was far different from when Gabri kissed Savi, but it had the same effect on the Rose Queen. She reached down, grasping Gabri’s ass with one hand and stroking Nick’s back with the other. She was content to watch them for as long as it took until Gabri turned and kissed her once more.  Sora moaned against Gabri’s mouth, her hands roaming over Gabri’s body over the fabric of her red dress that reminded her so much of Nick’s jewel. She bit Gabri’s lower lip tugging on it with the teeth before Gabri broke the kiss once more.

Sora called upon her Rose, using her Craft to undo the laces of her cream-colored dress. They loosened enough that Sora shrugged her slim shoulders, causing the dress to fall to the floor, pooling around her feet. She stepped out of the dress and kicked off her heels, then stood before her Warlord Prince and the Queen tha she loved.

You two should undress each other.” she said, stepping over toward the bed and lying down. She was still wearing her bra and underwear but, thus far, she seemed content to watch them enjoy each other. She turned to lay on her side, exposing the length of her slim body to both of them if either of chose to look.

She looked forward to the performance that they had in store for their Queen.
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Nick could read the autonomic responses of their bodies easily.  It was as if the Queens were broadcasting their desires without the need or benefit of Craft, and all the Red Warlord Prince could do was receive them.  His body and mind responded, his heart quickened, he felt his blood rush and rise, and his senses caressed Sora and Gabriella with a clarity that would have been startling were it not so very intimate.  Taking Gabriella’s hand was a small experience in sensuality, the way her fingers stoked across his palm, the quick electric signal of the shiver that ran through her.  Nick always read the details, he always saw, literally and figuratively, to the heart of the people he chose to spend time with.  He read everyone’s body as though their biological systems were just books, but this was different.
It had been different with Sora since that first night.  He was more than familiar, more than aware, and he kept a finger on the pulse of her life psychically, often without realizing he was doing so.  Sway bore his Mark, so he knew that she was not only well, but where she was.  For Sora, he expended a trickle of Craft to check on her from time to time.  Their ongoing togetherness had only cemented Sorinna in his memory, the way she breathed, the way she moved, even the way she smiled coyly when something aroused her interest.  He was obviously not as familiar with Gabriella, but he meant to be.  She was moved by his gift to Sora, if it could be called that, he was putting himself at ease, as much as he was giving something to his precious Queen.
Gabriella spoke of the three of them as a unit, and here again, he felt that strange pull somewhere deep in his chest that was as unexpected now as it had been when he felt the same with Sora alone.  ”Yes.  For us.”  Nick did not deserve their kindness, their affection, but he was powerless to deny, weak against it, hungry for it, because the offered it so freely, because Sora knew him, and gave herself to him anyway, and now she would share Gabriella with him.  How is that not a gift every bit as important as the Watch?  Whose importance was only made clear by Sora’s reaction to it.  She restrained her tears, his Rose Queen, but Nick knew they were there, and it was not sadness that made them.  She promised to keep the watch close, but more than that, she promised to keep him, and to keep him safe.  Nick could never put into words what that sentiment meant to him, especially from her in that moment.
He kissed her, and for a moment, let everything else disappear.  Nick could sense Gabriella’s reaction to that, and in turn, when he kissed Gabriella, he could sense Sora’s observation.  It was an intoxicating mix, with Nick essentially between them, open to their scents, physical and psychic, and to their desires---and to what they were.  They were his Queens, they had chosen him.  Gabriella pressed against him, and Sora against her, the kiss went on and on, and he could feel touch, feel the way they moved together and responded each to the other’s touch.  She turned to kiss Sora, and Nick pressed against her instinctively, wanting the heat of her body, their bodies, against his own.  Gabriella’s words were heard, but it took him a moment to pull himself from his perceptions.  Sora teased Gabriella with her kiss , and then teased them both by removing her dress.  Nick’s attention was captured by that display, and then the Rose Queen spoke as she lounged like a cat upon her bed.
Nick’s hands rose to Gabriella, his eyes rising over the Green Queen’s shoulder to meet Sora’s gaze for a moment.  His bright eyes, pale and green and cat-like, took in her gaze and the heat between them, before he pulled his focus to the nap of Gabriella’s neck.  He had been given a task, and he would fulfil it.  His hands rose to Gabriella’s hips, and he let them wander slowly, sensually over the fabric of her red dress.  Nick moved along her curves with the care of someone seeking to memorize her lines so he could reproduce them later from memory.  As he did so, he nuzzled aside her dark hair, and kissed the nape of her neck, and then her shoulder, and back again.  Nick pulled Gabriella against him, and kissed the side of her neck, before he stepped back and began to under the button and hooks that held the back of her dress together.  Each fastening revealed a little more skin, and each time he pressed a kiss to her spine.
When the garment was loose enough, he lifted his eyes to Sora again, and stroked the dress slowly from Gabriella’s shoulders, so the red fabric slipped away and pooled at her feet.  Nick turned the Green Queen around to face him, and took a moment to absorb the sight of her, before he kissed her just as passionately as he had the first time.  As he kissed her, he let his jacket slip away and fall to the floor behind him. He had worn a suit, and it felt like too many layers.  He removed the waistcoat, and tossed it aside, and broke the kiss briefly to remove his cravat, the pin flying across the room to make a small clatter when it struck the wall.  Nick broke the kiss, his lips hovering above hers, and stepped back just a pace, and raised his arms  to either side.  It was her turn to undress him; he had only helped a little.  Nick looked to Sora, wondering if she would just vanish his clothes; it would not be the first time.
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Sora withdrew from Gabriella’s arms, moving to the bed after having slipped from her dress. Gabri's eyes followed her, drinking in the sight of her like it had been years and not days since they had last been alone together. Every moment seemed precious, more so now that her leaving for Livada loomed before them.

Sora told them to undress each other. Nick followed directions far better than Gabriella would have imagined. Most of the Warlord Princes she had personal experience with were stubborn and often bull headed about such things as being in charge. Even her Gabriel (when had she started thinking of him as hers?) could be a stubborn ass.

His hands pulled her back closer against him. The heat of his body at her back, of his lips along the curve of her neck, had her hips arching back against his. He hovered over that spot at the back of her neck where her scent was the strongest, where there could be no doubt that he held a Queen in his arms. Nick's lips followed the line of skin his fingers revealed, and Gabriella moaned openly in response.

The dress fell to the floor, pooling at her ankles. He turned her and for a moment, he just looked at her. Between his gaze and Sora's, she felt so deeply seen. It was an achingly vulnerable feeling. She never wanted it to end.

He kissed her with all the passion she felt burning beneath her skin. He broke the kiss several times to remove another layer of clothing, always returning his lips to hers. She grew hungry for his kiss each time he pulled away, her hands seeking to help strip every shed that kept them from being skin against skin. When he held his arms up for her to remove his shirt, she did so eagerly, finally revealing the skin she craved to touch.

Her fingers trailed over his stomach and chest, as if she was tracing a pattern only she could see. Pressing harder, she could feel each curve of the muscle beneath. Bending her fingers caused her nails to sink lightly into his skin, the next pass leaving pale pink lines over the expanse of his abdomen.

Pulling both hands to the center, she hooked her fingers over his waist band and tugged him to move slightly closer. He stepped forward easily and Gabri turned to Sora with a giant grin. She felt like she and Sora and a toy to play with for the evening. “What would you like to see, my beloved?” She couldn't help but feel she was on display for Sora to watch, to enjoy, to devour. Her standing in the Abyss deepening had not changed her natural desire to defer to the other Queen's desires.

Sora replied, "Bring him over to sit down and then suck his cock." Gabri unfastened his pants before letting them fall down his legs. Her fingers trailed over the waistband of his boxes, but she didn't try to remove them yet. Rather she pulled him against her, her breasts pressing against his chest as kissed him again, completely unable to pull herself away for several moments before finally bringing him to the bed. She had him sit down on the bed next to Sora, and then climbed onto the bed on all fours. She moved up his body, leaning over to kiss Sora before returning her attention to Nick.

Using her teeth, she pulled his waistband down and away, revealing his hard shaft. Her tongue slid over him, starting at his base and rising to the crown before she took him between her lips. Gabriella moaned around him, learning the feel of him against her lips and the taste of him against her tongue.
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Sora watched as Gabriella followed her instructions. Gabri unfastened his pants and made a show of pulling him close to her. Sora fell silent, remaining patient as they made their way to her bed. Nick sat down beside where she lay, so Sora sat up to watch them. She reached out with her right hand, tracing her fingertips along Nick’s spine. Then Gabri climbed onto the bed and moved over to kiss her, long and deep, with Sora returned with equal hunger.

Sora leaned over and kissed Nick’s shoulder as Gabri pulled his waistband down with her teeth. Sora’s caress against his back remained feather-light, as did the kisses to his shoulder. Her teeth nipped against his pale skin as Gabri drew her tongue from base to crown. She remembered how Nick had reacted the first time that Sora had taken him into her mouth and smiled. If she timed this properly…

When Gabriella’s lips parted to take Nick into her mouth, Sora gently turned Nick’s head in her direction. She kissed him, softly at first, just as Gabri moaned around his cock. The Rose Queen deepened the kiss, trapping the Warlord Prince’s own satisfied moan between their lips. It was Sora’s turn, now, to let her hands roam over the flat planes of Nick’s chest and stomach. Her hand splayed over his chest and kissed him harder. Her nails grazed his flesh, moving down toward his stomach. Sora dragged her fingers up and down Nick’s torso several times before breaking the kiss.

She watched Gabri’s head move up and down in slow, deliberate movements as she continued to take him further and further into her mouth. Sora’s breath hitched while she watched the other Queen work. She leaned in and kissed Nick’s neck and throat before whispering in his ear.

She’s so beautiful, isn’t she? Show her what you like, Nick.” Sora whispered, pressing another kiss to his shoulder. She took Nick’s left hand in both of hers and kissed his fingertips, one by one.  Her teeth worried at her bottom lip as she heard Gabriella grow more aroused, more invested in pleasing the Red Jeweled Warlord Prince. Sora loved how eager she was to please him. She released Nick’s hand and reached down to gather Gabri’s hair and move it out of her face to make things easier for her, placing it over the other Queen’s shoulder.

Then Sora sat back on her heels where she could watch Gabriella continue to take Nick into her mouth and throat. The sound of her moaning and her hot, wet mouth made wetness gather between Sora’s thighs.

She slipped her left hand into the waistband of her panties and massaged her pearl in tight, slow circles. She cursed softly at how sensitive she already felt.

She watched those who were hers continue to please each other, knowing that the night was still young. 
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In a private moment with Sway, long before Sora had ever applied either her Touch or her Emotional Healing to Nick, he had come to a conclusion. He could not define the feeling, but neither could Sway. They agreed that if what they had was love, then they would do all they could to keep it and hold it. Nick had no other relationships that felt as real as that one. Even Riley and Jeremiah and all their kindness seemed so alien to him, that it was delicate, ephemeral; tissue paper that could vanish under the first heavy rain. His Uncle's voice had still whispered in his mind then, forcing him to protect and cherish their trust and kindness, to preserve close to his small dark heart that had, at the time, seemed only large enough for one person to occupy.

In still another private moment, where he and Sway revealed certain truths to each other, Nick had explained to her not only his perspective, but her importance. In those early days, he was in a quiet sort of pain, subtle and unrelenting, plagued by nightmares that no one should see or even hear about. He had shared them since then, with Jeremiah, with Sora, and their burden had been lightened, and thanks to Sora, in many ways, removed, but at the start it had been so heavy, so terrible, so hopeless. Nick would startle awake from a nightmare, when he did sleep, and seriously debate his own necessity. He would weigh his life on a scale, and wonder if it just would not be easier to simply remove himself, erase his life before he caused anyone any harm, as for a time he was certain that he would. After all, he did not deserve the kindness or trust of the Court; he had slaughtered his family, his Blood, for good or ill, and felt no remorse.

It was at those dark times he had to make a choice, and as he had told her, he always chose Sway. Hurting her with his own destruction was a poor option, despite the specter of his Uncle encouraging it, and so he had persisted, he had grown and learned. Over time, he found room near his heart for others. Sway was his constant, as sure and steady as the north star, but he found that he no longer had to make that choice, between Jeremiah and Sora, his Uncle’s whispers were all but gone, and that as he had grown in power, so too had the number of his connections. It would be unthinkable to hurt others with his absence; Sway, Jeremiah, Riley, Sora, Orianna, Savi and even Asimov, and now Gabriella. When had his heart grown? When had his soul expanded beyond the limits of his experience? He believed it was The Offering, he believed that along with his Red Jewel, he had discovered a primal truth—one that he had only been able to define the edges of.

Sora and Gabriella were now a part of that truth, and part of his efforts to define it.

For of his social impatience, Nick was sensitive to the changes and moods of the people around him, anatomically and biologically so, but with the additional evidence of his eyes. Gabriella took in his gaze, but there was something more, a subtle change in the way she stood, in the set of her shoulders, and in the way she looked back at him. It was emotional, enticing, and important. Sora was his, and if she wanted to share the woman she loved with him, then he would accept it as he accepted all things she gave to him; it was another gift in a list of things and reasons that bound her, and now Gabriella, to him. The Green Queen returned his kiss with as much heat, even as he teased her with brief interruptions. Soon, her hands and her nails ran against his skin, and he arched slightly to the feel of that. Nick went where she led, when she pulled him closer to the bed and to Sora, asking the other Queen what she wanted to see.

Sora answered so directly, Nick’s eyebrows rose sharply, before Gabriella demanded his attention with her actions. It was a teasing touch, and a kiss that was a passionate surprise, and the Red Warlord Prince allowed himself the pleasure of becoming lost in his senses, feeling the press of the Green Queen’s body against his. He was very aware of his skin, and the press of her breasts against his body, her fingers in his hair as they deepened the kiss for several long, memorable moments, and then she moved over him, forcing him to lie back on the bed, his feet still on the floor. Sora was near, so his hand found her thigh, and caressed the skin as she kissed Gabriella in a fashion that was both arousing and somehow--joyous? It made him happy(?) to see it, to see two people with such deep feelings for each other, and awed by their willingness to share that with him. Gabriella returned to him, bringing a slightly smile to his lips with the way she dispensed with his boxers.

He felt Sora beside him, basked in her scent, shivered in pleasure from her caress and the kisses she pressed to his skin, and the tease of her teeth. There was expectation in that moment, foreknowledge born of experience, and when it happened, when the warmth and softness of Gabriella’s mouth took him in—he found the sound of his pleasure stifled in the best way possible. Sora kissed him, drowning him in a new sensation, and diverting part of his focus to her with a sensual demand he could not ignore. It was a long kiss, the efforts of both Queens pulling his back into a slight bow as he tried to rise to Sora’s nails, and move to the strokes of Gabriella’s soft lips. When it broke, he felt almost drunk, rising to run his fingers through Gabriella’s hair, setting it complete loose from the elegant style it had been in. Sora kissed him, pleased him, and he had to gather his thoughts just a bit to speak. ”Gabriella IS beautiful, as are you. Together, you are heart stopping.” Nick paused a moment, to caress the curve of Gabriella’s ear, ”I think she already knows what I like.”

Sora took possession of one of his hands, and he turned to her at the feel of the first kiss to his fingertips. He tried to keep his attention on the two Queens, but Gabriella’s sounds and actions vibrated through him, and had his hips moving to the rhythm that she set. He turned to Sora at her softly uttered curse, and made a motion for her to get closer. Corporeal Craft was a part of his particular expertise, something he had a talent for, especially when it came to causing a target to expire. It was not a difficult thing to go from understanding the body’s functions, and how to end them, to understanding the body’s functions, and how to please the body. Nick had a deep well of power to draw from, and he only needed a fraction of it. For Gabriella, the sensation of his fingers through her hair continued, even when his hand was absent, and then after a moment, that soft brush of his hand and fingertips, with their calluses from training, soft skin and rough, slowly ran down her back. It was as though Nick were behind her, though he clearly was not, nonetheless, the feeling of hands settled gently about her neck, and then glided down her back in a long caress that slid over her bottom, and then along the top of her thighs, to slide back up along her inner thighs. The sensation circled the center of her, and then flowed back along the same lines it had navigated over her body.

For Sora, Nick made use of the same power, where there was her own hand, there was now more than one. The Rose Queen was familiar with this particular talent of his, once that line had been crossed, Nick had not been shy about that part of their relationship. He did not tease her often, but from time to time he had, when he felt she needed the distraction. Even if she smiled and told him to stop, it was always worth the effort for that smile. His caress ran over her body with intimate familiarity, he knew where Sora liked to be touched by him, and how, and he took advantage of that knowledge, though Gabriella and Sora’s actions sorely tested his ability to divide his mind. Then he added something new, the tone of his voice was husky, hungry, filled with desire that slid into Sora’s mind. It was a subtle and brief thing, and Nick barely realized he had done so. ”Come here.” He said to Sora, the tone barely above a whisper, ”Vanish these.” He lightly Compelled her, and when she was near, he reached out and guided her to her knees, and pulled her body over him, so she could still see Gabriella, something she clearly enjoyed.

Now though, Nick could pleasure her with his mouth, and he moved to do so, his hands sliding over her skin, kneading her breasts, and finding her bottom. She leaned forward, as he wanted, and he pulled her sex to his lips and found the very place she had just been touching. He lavished her with his attention, tasting the desire of her body, and eagerly giving her more. The sounds of his pleasure not vibrated against and through Sora’s sex, and she had a full few of the way Gabriella made the muscles of his abdomen tighten and relax as his hips rolled. She also had full view of Gabriella, as her lips continued to move over Nick’s ready member.
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When she heard Nick’s moan muffled against Sora’s lips, she echoed the soft sound around his cock. She couldn’t easily smile, but the warmth that flowed through her knowing that Sora was kissing him while she licked the length of his shaft. She listened to the sounds he made and watched the responses of his body. The crown of his cock pulsed against her lips as she took him into her mouth, moaning gently around him.

Gabriella had learned since her Virgin Night how much she enjoyed giving head. The skill and precision needed was different from person to person and dependent as well on their particular anatomy, but she loved losing herself in the taste and feel of pleasuring someone else. She couldn’t necessarily say she gained more pleasure from licking and sucking someone to orgasm than from being brought to orgasm herself, but it was so close the difference really seemed insignificant.

Nick’s Craft traced over her body and Gabriella’s breath caught even as she took him deeper into her mouth. The feel of his Red was welcome, even if it was a different Red than the one who had caught her attention earlier in the evening. It felt as if he was beneath her and behind her at once, like hands were circling her throat before spilling over her back and roaming over her ass and thighs. She moaned around his shaft, rocking slightly as the sensation heightened and then began again.

The movement drew her attention up Nick’s body, looking up at the Warlord Prince and her Queen as Nick positioned Sora’s sex over his face. Gabri’s eyes shone with desire as she looked up at Sora. Wrapping her fingers around him, she let her lips venture free to find Sora’s as she leaned forward. Gabriella kissed her Queen before pulling her down with her towards the throbbing cock she held in her hand.

This time, when she kissed Sora, it was over and around Nick’s hardened length. Soon, two tongues were running over him from base to tip and sliding over the swollen cap. Moisture gathered at the tip and Gabriella collected it on her tongue before sharing it with Sora, moaning against the heat of the other Queen’s mouth.
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Sora had learned to expect, at times, Nick’s teasing with Craft, more than once having to hide her reaction when Nick interrupted her brooding over Dena Nehele’s greater issues with phantom fingers between her thighs or fingers upon her shoulders. It served its purpose and made Sora smile in his direction when they were alone...or made her redouble her efforts not to look at him when they were in public.When Nick drew Sora, placing her sex over his face, the sensation of his mouth combined with the teasing of her pearl brought her to the very edge.

His real hands, grasping her breasts and kneading her ass pushed the Rose Queen over the edge and she cried out as she came for the Red Warlord Prince. She was in the midst of catching her breath when Gabriella ceased her ministrations on Nick to look up at her. Gabriella drew her down and kissed her, the taste of her mouth and Nick’s cock earning a deep and hungry moan as Sora tasted the other Queen’s mouth. With Gabri focused on her mouth and Nick teasing her nether lips, Sora reached up to grasp Gabri’s raven locks and kiss her harder. Another climax built deep inside her and she bit Gabri’s lip hard enough to taste copper between them.

Her hand reached down, closing around Gabri’s to help her stroke Nick’s shaft between them as they kissed. Nick clearly approved, if the way his hands grasped her hips was any indication. That made Sora moan once more against Gabri’s lips. Her love drew back and Sora followed, letting the other woman guide her head down, down toward the crown of Nick’s cock. Gabri kissed her once more and their tongues danced and swirled over his crown. The taste of him on Gabri’s tongue, combined with the hint of Gabri’s blood was intoxicating. Sora’s hips rolled softly against Nick’s lips and tongue while she and Gabri concentrated on stoking his hunger. Phantom hands continued to caress them, but it was Sora’s right hand that shifted from Nick’s cock to grasp his balls and slowly massage them in her hand.
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It was not that Nick had been trained to service a Queen, or any woman in this manner, it was simply that he took guidance and instruction well, and remembered lessons learned on his own.  It was also his ability to focus entirely on the task at hand.  It had earned him the name Trance, for many reasons.  Multi-tasking had never been an issue for the Red Warlord Prince, thanks in part to his ability to compartmentalize.  Unknown to the Ladies he was with, they had taken Nick into their bed, but it was Trance that rose and responded to their desires.  The most complete version of Nick Faa was not the face he wore at court, but the mask he wore when under contract, the one that these two would never, must never, know.  It pleased him to explore his new limitations, especially in this particular context, with Sora nearby, a feeling that would extend to Gabriella.
That they were Queens only served to smooth the rough and jagged edges of his appetite, and lent him more confidence about his place in their ties to each other, and now to him. Instinct bade him to serve, and so serve he would.
The reaction to his Craft made Nick’s hips rise with Gabriella’s attention.  He felt the brief hesitation, felt the sound of her pleasure envelope him as she took him deeper, and he muffled his own sounds against Sora’s inner thigh, kissing her there as a tease to her senses.  He felt when Gabriella’s lips slid off of his length, and when Sora was pulled down towards the other Queen for a kiss.  Nick delivered his own kiss, granting Sora more of his focus for the moment, as his lips and his tongue pulled her close to her release.  He recognized it in his gentle Queen, the small tremors in her body, the way she breathed, the rush of her blood, and the shiver in her thighs.  It pleased him to know that he was responsible for all of that, as his flesh and blood hands roamed her body, and the combination brought her across.  Nick could taste the rush of Sora’s pleasure, and only refrained for a moment, kissing her other thigh, teasing sensitive skin with his teeth, before he continued.
The combination of Nick’s attention and Gabriella’s kiss renewed Sora’s hunger it seemed, as he felt the motion of her hips over him, his hands kneading her bottom as she moved.  He did not know how, or why, but there was the subtle salt tang of blood, Queen’s blood, only the slightest, and Nick’s grip tightened to bruising on his Queen’s buttocks, his fingertips dimpling her flesh as he pulled her sex against his mouth.  Nick growled softly, his chest resonant with the sound as he felt Sora’s hands join Gabriella’s, along with her lips and her tongue.  They combined efforts, Sora’s breasts brushing tantalizingly against his skin, as the Queens took turns with his shaft, or encouraged the other to apply their own ministrations, while someone’s lips and tongue moved elsewhere on his cock.  Nick groaned against Sora, and his moan escaped him, along with a soft sigh as Sora’s hand moved to rest of him.  His hips rose from the bed, as his heels found purchase, eager for more of what the Queens had to offer him.
Nick attempted to identify which sensation offered belonged to which Queen, not out of any real need, but out of a means to maintain his control, despite the pleasure being offered to him.  He ached at his center, his member smothered in the affection of the Queens.  He lavished his renewed attention on Sora , eager to make her climax once again.  For Gabriella, the touch of Seduction Craft continued to caress her body, moving over her skin, and teasing her senses even as she focused on pleasing the Male caught between the two Queens.  Nick groaned again, his center twitching slightly against the sweet confines of the Green Queen’s lips, when next it was free, offered to Sora he opened a thread to them both, his lips never interrupted in their hungry work.  *Gabriella, please, I think it is time you were up here with us.*   Nick teased Sora’s sex with his knowledgeable touch, his fingers coming away slick, as undulated slightly from beneath her, and sat up.  He turned and the length of her hair, pulling her lips to his own, the taste of her pleasure still upon them.  ”Just…a…moment…”  He smiled, and turned to Gabriella.
His fingers curled into the Green Queen’s hair, without pushing her lower over his cock, or changing her rhythm.  Nick simply gazed into her eyes for a moment as she worked him, his pale green gaze, so like a cat’s, boring into her, as though he could see into her body to the heart and desire with in.  He favored her with the slightest, ghostly smile, before he pulled her gently off of his member, and pulled her up for a kiss that was as fiery and passionate as the one he had just shared with Sora.  Nick guided her to her feet, and onto the bed so that she was facing Sora’s beautiful nude form.  He also got onto the bed, on his knees, positioned  behind Gabriella, and gazed into Sora’s eyes now, as his hands came to rest and tighten on the visiting Queen’s hips.  He frowned slightly, but his fingers hooked into the lace of Gabriella’s lacey undergarment, and with a quick use of razor slim combat shields, the fabric parted.  The Red Warlord Prince tossed the scrap of cloth aside, and growled softly.  Nick eased his length into Gabriella, thrusting deep at the very end, pulling her tight against him as he claimed her sheath for his own.  He gasped softly, and began to move, gliding into Gabriella’s body, as one hand expertly undid the clasp of her bra and pulled that away as well.
Nick’s slow thrusts pushed Gabriella towards Sora’s ready mound, and his nearly completed task.  It was only fair that if the Gentle Queen were going to enjoy her second climax, he should do his very best to grant Gabriella her first.  ”Let Sora enjoy your lips, Gabriella, just as I have.”  The words were breathless, and spoken deliberately, as though it had been a bit of a struggle to organize them, let alone speak them.  His real hands slid over Gabriella’s body now, while phantom hands moved over Sora’s, encouraging her to position herself just so for the Green Queen’s attention.  Nick met the Gentle Queen’s eyes over the beautiful line of Gabriella’s back, and he smiled slightly, before the heat of the Green Queen’s body made him groan.
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Sora’s lips tasted of candied flower petals. Kissing her was enough to leave Gabri’s panties soaked through. This, this was something else entirely. Sora bit Gabriella’s lip hard enough to split skin, bright beads of crimson rising to stain her lip before being quickly licked and sucked away by Sora’s mouth. An echo of copper flowed between them as their tongues entangled and explored Nick’s rigid length.

Of all the sex acts Gabri had explored and learned since she had first started to explore, she was always happily surprised when things flowed smoothly between Sora, herself, and their chosen third party. Nick excelled in his role, bringing Sora across even as they worked his cock. Gabri captured Sora’s lips against hers for a second, floating in the myriad of sensation.

When Nick urged her to join them more fully, she easily followed his directions. Her hands traced over the darkened flesh of Sora’s nipples, catching one between her teeth before yielding to the position Nick placed her in. His hands slid over her as he sheathed himself inside her, pulling a deep moan from her throat. For a moment, she simply braced against the bed and allowed herself to grow familiar with the feel of him thrusting deep into her core.

He felt so fucking good, for a moment she completely lost herself in the sensation. But when he urged her to let Sora’ enjoy her lips, she didn’t hesitate. Her hungry mouth quickly found Sora’s already soaked sex. She licked and sucked on the other Queen’s sensitive pearl, moaning at the taste of her beloved. Nick thrust further into her and she cried out against Sora’s slick nether lips. ”Harder,” she gasped. ”I promise you won’t break me.”   

Any words that followed were lost against the soft flesh of Sora’s thighs and the heat of her against Gabri’s tongue. As she drew Sora closer to climax, her own built within her with each passing stroke of Nick’s length. Her back arched more deeply, her mouth worked more frantically, her body beginning to shudder beneath him until he brought her screaming against Sora’s sex, a fresh wash of heat slicking the Warlord Prince’s thick cock.
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The taste of Gabriella’s blood lingered in Sora’s mouth even Gabriella moved away from her lips and captured her nipple between her teeth. She spared a glance at Nick as she controlled Gabriella’s body, the Green-Jeweled Queen caught between the possessive nature of a Warlord Prince and a Queen who wished to claim every scream and sigh she made. She and Gabri had shared other lovers this way and Sora enjoyed it every time. She loved watching them take each other for her enjoyment and she loved when they focused their attention toward her pleasure. She was getting a little bit of both right now as Gabri’s mouth moved lower still, tasting her nether lips followed by her pearl.

Sora cried out something inarticulate and inviting, demanding that Gabri keep going. Grasping fingers reached down and tangled in Gabri’s hair, holding her close even as Nick drove himself into her. She allowed Gabri the space to speak, to demand what she wanted, but then the other Queen returned her attention to Sora’s sex. All thoughts that Sora had of directing the event’s entertainment or just watching for her own amusement were lost as Gabri lost herself to pleasing the Rose Queen. Sora’s moans grew louder in time with her lover’s and she climaxed shortly after Gabri, screaming her pleasure loudly to her lovers.

She sat up and drew Gabri up to kiss her full on the mouth, the taste of blood and sex commingled between them. She wanted Nick to take his fill of Gabriella, to use and enjoy her as she wanted. Gabri wanted to be shared; Sora never denied her. Not when she’d been so wonderful today, and every day since she arrived. Very soon she’d be in Livada and there was no telling when she might see her again. It could easily be months or even a year before they could be together.

Fuck him, Gabri. I need to see you enjoy him, too. Please.” Sora demanded, needing to watch them together as much as she needed a respite from her love’s lips.
Title: Re: at night we have the curtains drawn and closed
Post by: Niccolo Faa on Jul 23, 19, 01:24:29 PM
Until he had come to the Territory Court, Nick had rarely had the opportunity to satisfy this part of his instincts with any regularity.  He had known it was something that needed to be dealt with, a hunger that had to be fed from time to time, so that when he was overcome by the Rut, he was not a raving beast.  Women had died thanks to his Uncle’s experimentation with the young Warlord Prince.  Julian had known about these cycles in a Warlord Prince’s life, and he had used them against the young man he had abused, the weapon he had molded through horror.  It was Sway that forced him to reexamine this part of himself, it was Sway that had given him the tools to reassess and even enjoy this aspect of his Caste.  Like many things, she likely did not realize that she had done so, but without those moments with his mentor, he could not have had the moment he was having with Sora and Gabriella.

This was different.  They were Queens, and their very souls, their psychic scents, and their desires called to him like the song of mythical sirens.  He responded but at a basic level, a primal level that he could observe and enjoy.  He was a Warlord Prince, and he found comfort in the nearness of Queens, and had an instinct to server them, and in this particular context, it coupled with the interest to physically claim them.  Combined, the need was as potent as it was urgent, but he could control it, shape it, let it guide him through the pleasant gardens of their conjoined ecstasy.  Nick wanted them, both of them, and his need had been fired, kicked into an inferno by Sora’s gentle invitation.  There had never been any time where he thought he could or would turn back.  He was connected to Sora now, not only because he had chosen her, but because he had marked her in the only way that he could.  They continued to choose each other.  He gad been given Gabriella, and Nick could not deny a gift such as she was.

It would have been a lie to say that Nick was not enjoying the end results of following his instincts and his own nature.  He used only a fraction of his Power to continually touch his partners, the warm feathery hands of his Craft passing intimately over the skin and flesh that he could not reach.  Sora was the main benefactor of his phantom touch, he could not reach her, so he teased her in a fashion that was unmistakably his own.  Phantom hands caressed and fondled her breasts, teased her nipples, even as others combed gently fingers through her long silky hair, or kneaded her buttocks despite the obstacle of the bed.  Gabriella got a fraction of this attention, but only when Nick’s hands moved to her hips as he continued to thrust into her.  HIs real hands found her breasts, his phantom touch swirled lower, finding the sensitive button of her sex, and rhythmically circling against it as he ran his length deeply into her with every return.  He took his time, extending the moment, allowing Gabriella to become accustomed to him, until her words pushed him onward, his hips smacking against her bottom.

He ceased his motion only when he felt Gabriella’s climax cause her to collapse around him, and he grunted from his effort to resist her end causing his own.  There was a phantom smile curling the corners of his slips, as his fingers tightened to bruising on her hips, and the Green Queen’s pleasure washed across his sex.  It combined with the music of Sora’s climax as Gabriella brought the Rose Queen across with her.  It was more intoxicating than any liquor Nick had ever consumed, and likely would remain sweeter than any narcotic he could ever be offered.  When he withdrew from Gabriella, he remained turgid, and he encouraged the Queen up onto the bed with the other and followed her not a moment later.  Nick moved between the two Queens after Sora’s demand, and pulled Sora down beside him, kissing her passionately, as his phantom hands encouraged Gabriella to mount him and set her own pace.