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Author Topic: Zamfir Groza  (Read 260 times)

Description: Warlord. Tiger Eye to Rose. Played by Gavin

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Zamfir Groza
« on: Jul 06, 18, 06:01:11 PM »
The Basics
Character Name: Zamfir Groza
Nicknames: Sam
Age & Birthyear: 38 (155 AP)
Race: Short-Lived (Dena Nehelian)
Caste: Warlord
Birth Territory: Dena Nehele
Home Territory: Dena Nehele

Birthright Jewel: cut Tiger Eye
Offering Jewel: cut Rose

Role: Chairman
Faction: The Odobesti Collective


Play By: Mark Consuelos
Distinguishing Features:

Tan skin, dark hair greying at the temples, but colored regularly, strong jaw. Wears a suit well. Sometimes wears a few days of stubble, but enjoys being clean-shaven whenever possible.



Zamfir Groza is a shark, always looking for a way to put himself above others and enjoy the lifestyle he thinks he deserves. He works hard to maintain his body and his advantages, especially now that he’s growing older. He’s always wanted to lead a powerful family, but that chance is slips further away from him with each passing year. He’s sacrificed blood, sweat, and sleep to restore his family’s prestige. Being an aristo is the cornerstone of his worth; without money and prestige, life is meaningless.

When it comes to business, all that matters is closing a deal and making as many marks as possible. There's no depth that he won't sink to in order to win. When he can make a lucrative deal and get even with an enemy, so much the better. Years ago, a powerful aristo family ruined his father by capitalizing on his distraction and pain. Zamfir’s taken that lesson and expanded it, doing whatever is necessary to ruin the people he deems his enemies. He never goes too far and he’s never in the wrong. If he hates you, you deserve it and you deserve to burn.

This makes Zamfir a petty and bigoted man who judges people harshly at first glance and rarely, if ever, changes his opinion about them. If you’re a poor piece of trash now, you’ll always be a poor piece of trash. If you’re rich and successful, then you’ll stay that way. Zamfir is a successful man and the success that he enjoys is the result of destiny and hard work. Meanwhile, he struggles with feelings of inadequacy and a bone-deep fear that he will always, always, always fail to measure up against others in the eyes of the people he craves acceptance from. Second place is the first loser and Zamfir is not a loser.

Zamfir craves the approval of his family, in the form his siblings and his wife. He worked hard to become a worthy suitor and harder still to gain her father’s blessing to marry her. He’s a selfish bastard, but he loves Irina as much as he can love another human being. He wants her to be the mother of his children and continue his bloodline. This makes pleasing her a priority, along with proving that he’s the man for her. Zamfir is selfish, though, so he sees his own success as paramount to keeping Irina living the life to which they’re both accustomed. She’s as much a symbol of his power and status as his finely tailored suits and the flavored bourbon he enjoys. She’s his prized possession and their relationship has always been about protecting his legacy, rather than loving her for the person she is.

The same goes for his siblings, but to a lesser degree. He’s warm with them and generous to a fault, but he has high expectations of each of them. When they fail to meet those expectations, his disapproval is evident. He envies their deeper standing in the Abyss, so if he has to emotionally manipulate them to keep them working toward the family's (read: his) best interests, then it must be done. In the end, they'll get what the need. 

He only has their best interests at heart.


  • 1. Revenge: Zamfir loves sticking it to his enemies. Ruining their lives, taking their fortunes, and cutting his enemies down to size is one of his favorite pastimes. He remembers a slight or an insult long after the other person has forgotten it, using it as justification for doing something terrible to them later.

  • 2. Being An Aristo: No one wants to admit it, but the aristocracy is just made up of better people, man. The lowest, most downtrodden aristo is still far above the best commoner that anyone can locate. Aristo status confers privilege and power that isn’t extended to everyone. There’s a reason for that and the lower classes need to bow down and pay homage.

  • 3. Bourbon: Bourbon is a wonderful thing. The smoothness and hint of aged oak in each sip calms Zamfir after a long day of working to put his family among the greatest aristo houses, and put his enemies beneath his heel.  He has two glasses and no more, because he doesn’t want to develop a habit that can’t be skipped or broken, the way his father fell to alcoholism after his mother abandoned the family.


  • 1. Riley’s Triangle: Three Aristo Princes, three traitors to the Aristo cause. Zamfir thought that having a brother-in-law among them would counter Sebastian Bane’s meekness and Dragos Cutrov’s indolence, but it seems that Valeriu has succumbed to the Riley Effect after one too many Queen’s Handshakes. Removing Riley would put Valeriu out of a job at the territory level, but Zamfir feels that he, and Dena Nehele as a whole, will be better off.

  • 2. Aging: Zamfir can see the gray hairs getting more numerous each year. He sees the wrinkles and lines becoming more pronounced each passing day. There’s no Craft to prevent aging, but Zamfir is more than happy to keep looking for one in order to hold on to his good looks as he approaches his forties.

  • 3. Wine: Zamfir hates wine. A winery ruined his family’s business. It’s also his father’s poison of choice, leading Zamfir to swear it off. Wine-drinkers are snobs and, while Zamfir is a snobbish asshole, he refuses to be a wine-drinking, snobbish asshole. He has standards.


  • 1. The Myos Guild: The Myos represents the worst of Dena Nehele. They commit murder for money. Even still, Zamfir knows that he could be a target any day, for any reason. He’s looking into ways to protect himself from a Guild contract, but he doesn’t like any of his alternatives.

  • 2. Ending His Marriage: His mother’s affair broke his father’s heart and will. Zamfir fears the same for himself. Despite his realization that he and Irina are drifting apart, the dissolution of their marriage would be a personal failure to him, confirming that he isn’t worthy of love or happiness. Zamfir would rather let his marriage be cold and distant, but alive, than end it and possibly spend the rest of his years alone.

  • 3. Lord Crain: The mysterious silent partner of the Odobesti Collective confounds Zamfir. He’s never met him, but the man (or woman) seems to know his life intimately. He (or she) selected Zamfir to lead the Odobesti and shape the lesser-known aristos into a weapon against the Territory Court. While Zamfir didn’t need much motivation to do that, he does not understand Lord Crain’s objectives or know how he’s serving in the larger part of the plan. When he sought further answers, he received a lock of his sister’s hair from one of Crain’s agents in response. Zamfir has followed orders since, but he fears for the safety of his wife and siblings the longer that he continues to play catspaw for this mysterious benefactor.

    Craft Strengths:

  • 1. Deception Craft: Zamfir has eliminated the micro-expressions and “tells” that give away most people when they are stressed, anxious, or lying. Even when he’s terrified, Zamfir appears cool under pressure and his psychic scent doesn’t betray his fear of others or his loathing and hatred for a particular person.

  • 2. Clothing Spells: Appearance is everything. Zamfir’s clothing repels lint, dirt, dust, wrinkles, and liquid. He will never look like a man who opens his own doors or cooks his own meals. That’s for commoners.

    Craft Weaknesses:

  • 1. Labor Craft: Not just no, but never. Labor Craft is for men who have only their muscles to define them. Zamfir is refined man, so he hires people to move things for him. Leaders don't mingle with the help.

  • 2. Calming Rage: It’s not his duty to calm an angry Prince or a Warlord Prince with little control. Protocol exists for a reason. If a man can’t keep himself under control, then he’s not fit for polite company and needs to learn to better himself. Zamfir refuses to be a bulwark for anyone else.

    Life Story


    Mother: Cerina Otvos (formerly Groza) - White to Yellow Witch (Age 68, b. 125 AP)
    Father: Raul Groza - Yellow to Tiger Eye Prince (d. 140 AP)

    Assistant: Ryone Sosuke - Opal to Green Witch (b. 160 AP) - broken in the Decimation.


    Teodor Groza, Summer Sky to Purple Dusk Prince (Age 34, b. 159 AP, d. 193)- killed the Decimation of Dena Nehele.

    Wadim Groza, Blood Opal to Sapphire Warlord Prince (Age 32, b. 161 AP)

    Melita Groza, White to Rose Priestess (Age 30, b. 163 AP)

    Wife: Irina Groza, Tiger Eye to Summer Sky Priestess (Age 35, 158 AP)

    Irina’s Family:

    Brother-in-Law: Valeriu Dumitrescu, Purple Dusk to Green Prince - Steward of Dena Nehele (Age 41)

    Niece:Cristina Dumitrescu, Birthright Purple Dusk Healer (Age 19)


    Zamfir is the first-born son of Raul and Cerina Groza of Odobesti City, located east of Blackwater on the river. To his mind, his parents had a loving marriage that produced three more children in quick succession over the next decade. But each child seemed to steal more of the fire and romance from their relationship. Zamfir idolized his father, believing the man could do no wrong. He didn’t realize that his parents were barely speaking by the time he went for his Birthright ceremony. Earning his Tiger Eye blinded him to chilly relations between his parents. Still, they presented the image of a united family as his father was a noted glass-maker, having perfected a technique that made for more durable bottles. Those bottles were purchased by the local winery, owned by the Cutrov family, keeping the family's coffers filled.

    Zamfir developed a sense of superiority, believing that he was too good for "grunt" labor. When Zamfir turned thirteen, he learned of his mother’s affair with a Landen male and her plans to abandon their family. He guided the family during a time when he could barely keep his own feelings in check, while his father lapsed into alcoholism. Later that year when the Cutrovs, a neighboring family, bought Raul’s glass-making business, but allowed Raul to continue running his shop. Bitterness and depression destroyed the rest of his spirit and Raul eventually drank himself to death.

    Money grew scarce and so did their friends. Zamfir  spent the next few years studying business, hoping he could land a role as a Steward of a village. At 20, he gained the Rose and took his time learning the intricacies of his jewels, exploring them in full. He made inroads and connections with a few prominent families in Tulzbruja, learning how to start and grow businesses. Where he failed, he learned. Where he succeeded, he sold those small businesses and used the money to take care of his family. All the while, he planned to get even with the everyone who abandoned them in their time of need. He motivated himself by promising that the Cutrovs would pay for ruining his father. But his greatest anger and hatred are reserved for his mother, who ruined their family to satisfy herself.

    Zamfir rebuilt the Groza name and secured education and training for his brothers and youngest sister. When they came of age, he employed them in his small company, Groza Acquisitions. A chance meeting at a masquerade ball lead to meeting an up-and-coming Priestess named Irina Dumitrescu. Enjoying her company and seeing a chance to increase his family’s fortune, Zamfir courted her and they married not long after. But Zamfir underestimated Irina’s dedication to her family and when her brother’s wife died, she dedicated herself to helping him take care of his daughter, Cristina. Zamfir resents the attention she pays to her brother’s family and has channeled that resentment into his long-term plans to increase his family’s prestige.

    During a trip to Bidea last year, Zamfir was approached by a Tacean expatriate, Ryone Yasuki, about forming a coalition to speak truth to power in Dena Nehele. Lady Yasuki provided an infusion of money to Zamfir’s company along with a list of minor Aristo houses to conscript to his side. Calling themselves the Odobesti Collective, these men and women seek a number of rich fields and natural resources within Dena Nehele for various purposes. Lady Yasuki takes direction from the Collective’s silent partner,  “Lord Crain”, but Zamfir has never met the man. An attempt to locate him resulted in receiving a lock of his youngest sister’s hair. Meanwhile, Valeriu has become the Steward of Dena Nehele and beholden to the Bitch Queen, Rilandra Vlas. And Dragos Cutrov, grandson of the man who ruined his father, is her First Escort. Closer to home, the ascendance of Toyani no Kagen to the District Seat of Lesser Caecian, at the expense of Carmen Neascu, has put his allies on edge.

    Zamfir is worried for the safety of his family, but he intends to put Dena Nehele on the right path by slowly removing everyone who stands against him. One by one, they’ll all fall.

    And no one will ever overlook him again.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Character in Play:

    Zamfir hated Bidea.

    The city smelled like piss and disappointment. Everywhere he turned, there was some dirty child or sad person looking at him like he purchased the last piece of pie at the local bakery. No matter how short the duration of his stay, it always took weeks to scour the scent of the place from his nostrils, a situation that irritated him beyond words. Lady Yasuki, his Tacean assistant, appeared to agree. His own expression was pinched, as though smelling something unpleasant. Some asked them for spare marks and Zamfir kept walking, content to ignore every last one of these wastes of space as they headed to their destination.

    You’re certain that we’re supposed to go to the pastry shop? I mean, there’s a perfectly fine tea house right there.” Zamfir said, gesturing to the White Lotus Tea Shop on the next block.

    The pastry shop is our destination, Lord Groza. Our contact will meet us there.” Lady Yasuki said.

    Zamfir grumbled something, but kept walking. This cloak-and-dagger bullshit rankled him, but if he got to meet Lord Crain and ask some questions about the goals of the Ordobesti Collective, he’d consider the trip worth it. Zamfir walked quickly, intent on avoiding more beggars as they passed the palace. He wondered if Rilandra Vlas was in the midst of giving away Dena Nehele to more foreigners like Lady Yasuki.

    They arrived at the pastry shop and Zamfir entered, looking for the man with the red rose on his table. Sighting him at a booth in the back of the shop, Zamfir made a beeline for him and dropped into the booth, with Lady Yasuki following at a leisurely pace. The man looked up from his book, closed it, and looked at Zamfir with cold blue eyes. He slid a piece of paper across the table.

    Lord Crain has message for you. Focus on the Odobesti. He has given you the means. Keep your promises and do not worry about your sister. She is safe and well-managed for the time being. She will remain that way as long as you do your duty. .” the man said. The dark-haired man rose from his seat, tucked his book under his arm and left  the shop, leaving Zamfir alone with Lady Yasuki.

    Zamfir collected his thoughts and opened the folded note. The message was a single word, but the reddish-brown ink caught his eye. He knew blood when he saw it, and a part of him worried how long Melitta had suffered in order to write the single command on that page:


    Wanted Ad Fulfillment (if any):
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    Wanted Ad Link:
    Wanted Ad Sponsor: Bowie

    Player Name: Gavin

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Re: Zamfir Groza
« Reply #1 on: Jul 06, 18, 06:22:12 PM »

May I please have the cut/uncut rolls for Zamfir per this purchase from Val’s sheet?

May I also have five family rolls, please? Thank you!

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Re: Zamfir Groza
« Reply #2 on: Jul 06, 18, 07:59:37 PM »
Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with a cut Tiger Eye Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with a cut Rose Jewel at your Offering.



1. Summer Sky - Purple Dusk
2. Opal - Green
3. Blood Opal - Sapphire
4. White - Rose
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Re: Zamfir Groza
« Reply #3 on: Jul 09, 18, 01:04:24 PM »
Need Bowie's sign-off for Val mentions and maybe Phe's general stamp of approval.

Then Ready for Review.

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Re: Zamfir Groza
« Reply #4 on: Jul 12, 18, 08:06:49 AM »
Added to the queue, pending approvals.  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker

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Re: Zamfir Groza
« Reply #5 on: Jul 31, 18, 12:32:02 PM »
Fine by me.

Not that the person I'm approving with would have much to argue about it now.

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Re: Zamfir Groza
« Reply #6 on: Aug 02, 18, 02:42:21 PM »
Discord: Phedre#7147
Phe's Characters!

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Re: Zamfir Groza
« Reply #7 on: Aug 05, 18, 12:31:46 PM »  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker