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Author Topic: Yoana Anghelescu  (Read 285 times)

Description: Healer. Rose to Blood Opal. Played by Erica.

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Yoana Anghelescu
« on: Nov 03, 18, 12:48:08 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Yoana Anghelescu
Nicknames: Annie
Age and Birth Year:  30, b 164ap
Race:  Short Lived
Caste:  Trained Healer
Birth Territory: Dena Nehele
Home Territory: Bidea, Dena Nehele

Birthright Jewel: Cut Rose
Offering Jewel:  Cut Blood Opal

Role: Assistant
Faction: Moon Clinic


Play By: Hayden Panettiere
Distinguishing Features:
Those eyes.  Mostly green with faint hints of a light golden brown seem to be her most captivating feature, one she takes pains to highlight whenever using makeup or doing her hair.


Yoana exudes a sense of calm even in the worst of moments, and she will smile even when all the world seems to be set against her.  That was always true, but now there is a weight to it that was missing just a few years before.  It isn't that she necessarily FEELS that calm, or wants to smile - but someone has to maintain a cool head and someone has to keep things from devolving into a riotous cacophony of wailing.

Her sister Lidya might have been the one keeping their father alive, and Lidya might be the one that people think would be the strongest in the family - but anyone who knows the surviving Anghelescus knows that it is Yoana that really keeps things running.

Where others would turn to violence as a means to keep themselves fed, Yoana instead turned to kindness.  She knows that only through working together can the people of Dena Nehele truly overcome the hardships given to them by their aristocratic overlords and the lack of Queens.  Only through holding each other up will they have any chance of surviving the winter colds and the summer heats. 

Where others will turn someone away because they have no means of repaying a kindness, Yoana instead cares for those that come across her as best she can.  If wounds need stitching, or a bit of bread might keep someone going, she gives what she can. In return, she simply asks that they remember the kindness and pass that kindness on to others.  It has worked out, mostly.  Most of those near her family's little hovel look out for the Anghelescu family. 

While life is not comfortable by any means, they aren't starving most days, especially now that Yoana has taken up work as Ji Yoon's apprentice and assistant.  Those who take even five minutes to know 'Annie' realize that she is what she appears to be - a genuinely kind soul who is doing the best she can to help those around her.  It may be a never-ending battle against a tide of starvation and disease, but she continues to fight for the betterment of her people anyways.

After working with the Lady Ji Yoon Moon, and undergoing her training as a Healer, Annie's compassion is more likely than ever to be obvious.  When she sees someone hurt, or ill, she will often brusquely barrel right through the usual awkward subtle stage and simply address the issue.  Of course, this also means that she is more outspoken when she sees wrongs done.

Yoana's heart is full of passion for the good of her people in a way that she hadn't thought it could be - and she finds herself often torn between what she knows people will expect and the reality of what she wants when the two ideologies clash.

  • 1.  Plant Scents - Anything from freshly cut hay to new flowers, Yoana loves the scent of plants.  She can still remember her mother braiding flowers into her hair when she was a small child, and so even as an adult the scent of fresh plant material makes her break out in warm feelings.
  • 2.  Food - Granted, anyone who ends up poor likes food.  But she liked food before that happened, and getting to poverty status only increased that love of the stuff.  A well made meal is to her one of the greatest forms of payment that could ever be granted for anything she does, and so she has worked for food multiple times.
  • 3.  Philanthropy - Even as a child, she had a gentler heart than many.  If a wounded animal crossed her path, she wanted her family to help her get it fixed.  If a hungry person entered her view, she wanted to give them her lunch.  Her family's fall from grace only exacerbated this love.  She works hard to get enough to keep herself and her sister out of the gutter.  The rest, she is more than willing to give to neighbors and those in need.

  • 1.  Elitism - It was an elite, aristo family that ruined the lives of her own flesh and blood.  Being so sharply booted from afluence into a state of near constant hunger and concern over shelter drove home for her just how little the Elite of Dena Nehele care for the people they gain their power and prestige from, and it agitates her to see them look down their noses at those they don't even know.
  • 2.  Politics - the root of all evil and suffering, as far as she is concerned.  Those who play in politics don't seem to care for the casualties of their decisions.  They don't seem to give a damn for the weak and hungry dying in the streets -- unless it suits their political ambitions to do so. Politics sees more and more people starving and ill around her, while the rich get richer and continue their diatribes against one of the few rulers that actually seems to give a damn!
  • 3.  Grudges - Her brother died trying to get vengeance against the Glassade family for her family's downfall.  As much as it burns her to see Lucien Glassade walking through the streets of Bidea like he owns the place, she'd much rather let the past lie than to rile an old lion who has already blooded her family once.  Grudges do little but see to more bloodshed and loss, in her mind, and she finds them truly stupid.

  • 1.  Lucien Glassade - Not many can live to the age that Lucien Glassade has and still have such power in Dena Nehele.  Despite everything that has happened in the last decade, she can't help but fear what will happen to people like her and her family if Lucien is ever allowed to truly control the territory again.
  • 2.  War - The people of Dena Nehele suffer enough as it is.  War would just make things so much worse.  The poor of her city are already woefully ill educated in Protocol.. the idea of foreigners invading makes her blood run cold with the knowledge of just how much blood would flow in the streets.
  • 3.  Disease - With so many poor and so little work, hygiene and health are in short supply within the streets of Bidea.  Riley's court does what it can, of course, but they are also battling uphill against stubborn aristo families unwilling to budge.  That leaves most in the streets to fend for themselves - and disease always strikes the poor first.

    Craft Strengths:
  • 1.  Witchfire - After her family found themselves destitute, they had to get more creative with how to manage their resources.  It was Yoana's job, for some time, to keep their small hut warm.  She learned to burn what little fuel they could gain hotter and slower, so as to make the stuff last. 
  • 2.  Triage Healing - They became too poor to afford regular visits to Healers.. and so because of necessity Yoana learned how to effectively halt bleeding and hold broken bones in place with Craft and bandaging.
  • 3.  Curing Diseases - The slums are filled with the poor, and the poor cannot afford the care and lifestyles that would prevent many common ailments.  Unfortunately, those common ailments can quickly become epidemics within the Slums, and Annie has gotten quite good at dealing with the symptoms and underlying causes of the diseases that most commonly plague the poor.

    Craft Weaknesses:
  • 1.  Defensive Shielding - Yoana is aware that the streets can be dangerous.  Hell, she has helped patch plenty of people up... but despite her best efforts, her shields are best described as flimsy.  They can take one, maybe two hits before they shudder and fall to pieces.
  • 2.  Emotional Manipulation - It would be so much easier to get patients to remain calm, or to get what she needs, if only she could manage this Craft.  Unfortunately, she can't seem to get it right - or if she manages to, she chews through her reservoir of power so quickly that she is exhausted.

    Life Story

    Mother: Adela Anghelescu - Jeweless - d. 189ap
    Father:  *Cezar Balan - Tiger Eye to Rose - b. 142ap, dead 193ap
    Siblings: *Lidya Anghelescu - Purple Dusk to Green - Witch - b. 169ap, Broken 193ap
    Luca Anghelescu - Purple Dusk to Opal - Warlord - d. 189ap

    Associates:  *Marin Ungaro - Tiger Eye to Rose - Warlord (Jack) - b. 147ap, Broken 193ap
      *Petru Sala - Yellow to Tiger Eye - Warlord (Jack) - b. 153ap, dead 193ap.
      *Silvya Dalca - Tiger Eye to Rose - Witch (Jack) - b. 164ap

    * Jewels Rolled and Adoptable

    The Anghelescu family was not an aristocratic family, but neither was it considered the 'dregs' of society.  It had been a middling merchant family, usually able to weather any political storm and continue existing comfortably regardless of who came into power.

    That changed in the year 176, when the elder Anghelescu took an order from an aristocratic family that had aligned itself against the powerful Glassade line.  They had never worried about aristocratic fighting before - and saw no reason to not accept a contract that would see their family transporting goods from Dena Nehele to Hayll.  Sadly, the patriarch of the Glassade bloodline decided to ruin his opponents not through direct action - but through hiring thugs to ambush the trade caravan and destroying the trust between his opponent and their Hayllian allies. 

    The Anghelescu family was just the poor merchant family caught in the middle.  Whether Lucien Glassade took notice of the family he ruined or not hardly mattered.  Over night, their business contracts dried up and the aristocratic family whose goods had been lost took everything of value from them.

    They were left destitute, homeless, and without succor.  Her Grandfather died of heart failure within the first three months, her brother attempted a suicidal run at the Glassade family out of vengeance, and it fell to Lidya and Yoana to find ways to keep their ailing father alive.  The streets of Bidea are not kind streets, but they managed to find ways to eke out enough money or food to survive day to day. 

    Yoana wanted better.  She began to share her portion of food with the urchins around her, and traded her sewing skills and learning to help others make fair trades. In return, they kept an eye out for her, introduced her to members of the Jacks, and occasionally gifted Yoana and her sister with goods they didn't question too closely.

    She was fairly certain most of these gifts were stolen.

    Still, these contacts DID make living a little easier.  Lidya began to focus more on keeping their father in good health while Yoana worked the streets to keep them fed.  She felt as if she struck paydirt when she befriended three Jacks, a crew comprised of two warlords and a witch.  They were thieves and pickpockets.. and often needed a bolthole and storage for the goods they filched.  Yoana offered her family's little hovel as sanctuary.  In return, these three Jacks often gave her small stipends and offers of protection from the more unsavory residents of Bidea.

    Their regular visits also gave her a great deal of practice in triage healing, and her sewing skills transferred from cloth to stitching wounds.  Still, this was better than starving on the streets and the three Jacks were genuinely kind people to her family.  When her father caught pneumonia, it was Silvya that somehow managed to smuggle in some medicine to help him.

    In return, Yoana scraped together enough marks to throw a small feast for the family and their Jack friends. 

    Yoana never asked to join the Jacks, and they never offered - but it didn't mean that she wasn't becoming known as a friend to the Guild.  Silvya, Marin, and Petru kept their ears open for ways to help her - and eventually they were able to catch the attention of Carson McCool. 

    When Ji Yoon Moon was able to strike a deal with Rilandra Vlas, the Queen of the Territory, she spoke to Carson about how she would need an assistant who was literate and capable of helping her run the Clinic.  Not many of the poor in Bidea could match those requirements... But Yoana could.

    Recent History.
    In the year 193, a witchstorm swept over the territory of Dena Nehele.  Many were Broken.  Many died.  Yoana did not do either, but she was not unaffected.  Her sister Lidya was Broken of her Offering, and her father?  Her father passed back into the Darkness.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Character in Play:
    She felt... a little nervous. Not overly so, just enough to keep her heartrate up and her fingers idly tucking stray hairs back behind her ears again.  A day like this one made her wish she still had longer hair... she'd be able to really pin it back in a more aristocratic fashion.  Sadly, the events of the last few years had seen her cut her hair a few times just to deal with the heat more easily.

    Hells bells, the dress she was wearing was the last 'nice' one she had... and it was still a few years old and worn thin in a few places.  It was tidy, though, and clean.  Better than what many on the streets had available.

    She'd kept it just for situations like this, where she might have a chance at a decent paying job and maybe - just maybe - the chance to help drag her family back out of hte gutter that the Glassade patriarch had so easily slammed them into.

    Just thinking of that terrible day had her hands clenching, though she quickly unclenched them and took a calming breath.  She must not enter this building upset.  She was going to march in there, and deliver herself as a prospect for the assistant that the Jacks' Healer had spoken about.. and that was that.

    So with one more calming breath to settle her stomach, she moved up the stairs and quietly entered.  The scent was the first thing that struck her.  It smelled amazing.  Herbs and... some sort of smoke?  Light though, which she thought was an excellent touch.  What her deep breaths hadn't been able to calm, that scent certainly did.

    This felt right.  This place, it had potential.  If things went well.. maybe she'd even be able to learn how to Heal.  If she could learn to be a Healer, then she and Lidya would be set for life.  There was always a need for Healers.

    She smiled as she saw the foreign woman ahead of her, and she gave a bow of respect for the female's caste.  "You must be the Lady Moon.  My name is Yoana Anghelescu, and I'm here about the assistant you were looking for.  Prince McCool told me that I might be able to assist you with that."

    Petitions : 
    Caste Requesting : Healer (Caste purchased in the Thanksgiving Shop)

    Reasons For Requesting:   Yoana's story from the beginning has been about her learning to be a Healer from Ji Yoon, and this is the natural progression of it. 

    Thread References to Progression :

    Where Ji Yoon hires Annie and offers apprenticeship:
    The Rivers Flow The Poppies Grow

    Where Ji Yoon uses Turkey Legs to teach Annie Diagnosis Craft
    Look At All The Objects In Your Hands

    References Cadaver Anatomy Work and Childbirth
    A Hands On Approach

    Learning How to Make Tonics, the beginnings of caste scent :
    Something That Wasn't There Before

    Showcases Annie going out to deal with Decimation Aftermath on her own
    Live With the Unimaginable

    Showing some Healer traits in her behavior
    True Healing Is Fierce

    Plans for this Character:
    From the beginning, I have always planned on having Yoana eventually train into Healing.  She has been working as an apprentice and employee in Ji Yoon Moon's clinic while also trying to take care of the people who live around her in the Slums of Bidea. 

    Yoana noticed a strange cough in the slums, and brought it to Ji Yoon's attention a few months ago.  That cough is an illness coming to a head here soon, and Yoana will be fighting tooth and nail to save as many of the poor from this disease as she can.

    This is going to be the final setting for Annie's transition into being a true Healer, and it's going to shape her specialties.  Ji Yoon is not great at curing illnesses with Craft - Annie will be.  Fighting this small epidemic in the slums is where she discovers that she has a knack for working against illnesses and disease with her Craft, and where Annie begins to find her niche in the new Dena Nehele.

    Annie will gain a new confidence, a new spine of steel, and the willingness to study every disease that plagues her people so that she can find ways to conquer those diseases, once and for all.

    Player Name: Erica

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Re: Yoana Anghelescu
« Reply #1 on: Nov 03, 18, 12:52:34 PM »
Added to the queue, but Thanksgiving Shop transactions aren't official until they've been audited after the shop closes at the end of the month. Yoana's Review will wait until then.  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker

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Re: Yoana Anghelescu
« Reply #2 on: Dec 03, 18, 03:02:25 PM »
Just kicking to the top so that it doesn't get lost

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Re: Yoana Anghelescu
« Reply #3 on: Dec 06, 18, 08:33:44 AM »

This application has been reviewed!

Check your private messages for feedback. When you have made the requested changes please reply to this post and let us know you are ready for the next round!  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker

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Re: Yoana Anghelescu
« Reply #4 on: Dec 06, 18, 08:43:02 AM »
tweaked the personality, fixed some details, and ready for round 2!

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Re: Yoana Anghelescu
« Reply #5 on: Dec 06, 18, 09:41:12 AM »  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker