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With the full force of the Guilds at her back, Rilandra Vlas seized the Territory Throne of Dena Nehele. The common born Province Queen now owes allegiance to the Master of the Guilds for his assistance in both securing the throne and securing Darcia Glassade's continual safety. Trapped between the demands of the Guilds and the demands of the Aristos, Riley is struggling to rule, finding the palace more of a cage than she could have dreamed possible.
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Author Topic: Sorinna Roman  (Read 1888 times)

Description: Healer Queen. White to Rose. Played by Gavin

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Sorinna Roman
« on: Dec 23, 19, 09:25:41 PM »
The Basics
Character Name: Sorinna Roman
Nicknames: Sora, Lamb (by Jeremiah), Serena (by Modina), Lady Cockroach (Mercianna)
Age & Birthyear: 22 (b. 173 AP)
Race: ½ Dhemlanese, ½ Dena Nehelian (Half Long-Lived)
Caste: (Trained) Healer Queen
Birth Territory: Caecian, Tulzbruja, Dena Nehele
Home Territory: Dena Nehele

Birthright Jewel: Uncut White
Offering Jewel: cut Rose

Role: Proxy Queen
Faction: Territory Court


Play By: Jessica Lowndes
Distinguishing Features:

Sorinna has dark hair and golden skin a few shades lighter than most Dhemlanese. She favors long dresses and smart shoes during Court or negotiations, wanting to be as comfortable as possible if she has to sit for long periods. In the gardens or healing rooms, she wears older shirts and simple pants that can easily be cleaned or discarded depending on wear.

Her most notable feature is her green eyes, flecked with gold, that seem to become more golden each year.



Sorinna has bloomed, instead of wilted, in the face of adversity. She spent most of her life sheltered from the worst of Dena Nehele, but she isn’t blind to its failures. She doesn’t agree with all of Riley’s choices, but respects that those choices paid for her safety and allowed her to live to adulthood. Sorinna hates politics and pandering, preferring to show people where they stand with her and seeking the same in turn. She doesn’t care that it’s a naive viewpoint; the land doesn’t hide what it needs from her. Lying is pointless. Sorinna is an honest person and she confronts issues with other people directly, preferring to be honestly hated than falsely loved.

She's educated and takes pride in her ability to quickly understand new information. The health of the land, not to mention the well-being of countless people she’ll never meet, rests on her decisions. She's a little reckless when it comes to solving problems when she has the power to offer a solution. Trial-and-error is better than sitting around hoping the right idea falls into her lap. She doesn't always arrive at the right conclusion on the first or second try. She's afraid of making mistakes and failing the people who are counting on her. But every failure teaches her something she didn't know before and she'll use those failures to reach her success.

Gardens bring her comfort because they are, to her, Dena Nehele and its people writ small. When the land and its people are nurtured and cherished, they return those things tenfold. In the past, she only applied this understanding to her bonded and the people directly around her. Her education in healing has expanded this understanding beyond a Court setting to encompass the entire Territory. Regular people, including the Aristos, live daily with her decisions. Sorinna has decided to nourish what thrives and remove the rest to guide Dena Nehele to greater health and beauty.

Her idea of a good time is a good book read in the company of her bonded, or sharing her bed with someone she's close to. She avoids alcohol, wanting to be as sharp as possible if she suddenly needs to be in a meeting or if someone requires her help. She's come to appreciate the subtle flavors of various teas and tries to grow them in her garden. She’s addicted to spicy food, the hotter the better, though her family and her males often wish she’d tone it down. Knitting sweaters and blankets hones her skill of manipulating fine objects, but the steady click of needles soothes her after a long day of dealing with people, giving her something that is for her alone.

Sorinna's incapable of ignoring the pain and suffering of others, so it's hard for her to restrain the urge to just fix things when she knows something is wrong. She's not made to keep people at arm's length, even if she barely knows them. It doesn’t matter that she’ll outlive them by centuries; she pulls them close and tries to make their lives better. She accepts people into her heart, regardless of their faults, and prays that they’ll do the same for her. She’s the softness of snowfall to those she loves, and her desire to show mercy and grant forgiveness is endless...until you harm what is hers. Then she’s surgical in her destruction of the things that they value until they repent or are destroyed.

Taken together, Sorinna fights to balance her decisive nature with the restraint needed to do the most good for the people around her. Restraint feels like indecision to her, and she struggles with the idea that she can't save everyone. She's slowly learning, however, that burning herself out today leaves her with nothing to give tomorrow. A Healer Queen must share herself with the land and her people, while still taking for herself. She will live for over two thousand years; healing the land and the damage done to her people won’t be accomplished in one year, or ten, or even fifty. She recognizes the unique opportunity she has not to just to fix Dena Nehele, but eventually change it for the better so that other Queens will never live with the fear that shaped her youth.


  • 1. Precise/Delicate Work: Whether it’s knitting, feeding the land, or mending flesh, Sorinna gravitates toward tasks that require deep attention to detail. She can visualize the smallest details necessary to make something hers, ensuring that her personality, thoughts, and ambition are present in all that she does.

  • 2. Intimacy: Sorinna likes learning about people and spending time with them, socially or sexually. Quiet moments spent with her bonded, jokes with courtiers among the court, and examining patients are reminders that people have needs as deep as the land beneath her feet. She's struggled to find the sense of home and safety that she shared with her father. Being close to others eases the burdens of her dual-castes and reminds her why she serves, and is served by, the people around her. 

  • 3. Letters: Sorinna keeps a running correspondence with the Queens of no less than three Territories. She likes learning about the customs and cultures of other lands and comparing them to Dena Nehele. She loves the scents of the fine paper and ink that they use to write their missives. After spending most of her life in the company of a single Queen, Sora is comforted with the knowledge that there are other Queens in the world pondering and answering the same questions that she faces. Being able to reach out for advice and friendship makes her own burdens easier to bear.


  • 1. Suffering of Others: Healing has opened Sorinna’s mind and senses even further to the quiet (and not-so-quiet) pains that people carry with them daily. When she’s aware that someone is suffering, but is unable or unwilling to ask for help, it’s nails on a chalkboard or a constant ache in the back of her mind. Her desire to fix what’s broken clashes with others’ right to privacy. Sorinna struggles with the idea that having the power to act doesn’t give her right to act without their consent.

  • 2. Lying: Sorinna hates lying and duplicity, especially when it's done to someone acting in good faith. She hates keeping the secrets that Riley and others have entrusted her with, even though she knows the truth will do more harm than good. She will not lie to save face or to avoid a painful confrontation. Keeping things from people she cares about causes her to fixate on the secret and makes her jumpy and nervous until she gets it out.

  • 3. The Myos Guild: Sorinna’s made peace with the functions of the Shaos and Jacks Guilds, but she can’t do the same for the Myos Guild. Her calling is to preserve and enhance of life where possible; they are paid to kill. The members of this Guild have shattered families all over the Territory for nothing more than money. She can’t forgive their actions or their purpose; if she could destroy this Guild completely, she would do so regardless of the fallout.


  • 1. Aleksander Moon: She’s one of the few people in Dena Nehele who knows the party responsible for the Decimation. She wanted to hate him for the damage he did to the Territory until she saw just how destroyed he is from his experiences. But her pity for him is far outweighed by her fear of his damaged mind. They can’t send him back to Tacea, but every day he remains in Dena Nehele increases the possibility that another Decimation is imminent. The question isn’t if it will happen, but when.

  • 2. Compromising Her Principles: Sorinna knows that Riley and Jeremiah have made hard decisions to keep Dena Nehele functioning, to keep the Aristos at bay. As she’s grown older, though, she realizes that Riley is just as much a cautionary tale as she is a success story. Sorinna tells herself that she’ll avoid Riley’s mistakes and that she won't compromise herself for anyone. But she knows in her heart that she hasn’t been tested. She fears that she’ll fail that test and be exposed as a hypocrite and a fraud.

  • 3. Failing Her Bonded: Sorinna’s worst nightmare is being unable to protect and care for the men and women granted to her by Mother Night. She lost one male to the Decimation and another has been broken of his jewel of rank. Quinten’s mind is deeply damaged from his father’s abuse and his brother’s abandonment. Being unable to save them eats away at her, forcing her to take greater risks to maintain her relationships with the others. Even if they hate her, Sorinna has vowed that none of her bonded will suffer in silence or die alone ever again.

    Craft Strengths:

  • 1. Queen’s Touch: Sorinna’s Touch is always available to her males. So long as a male bonded to her is standing within arm’s reach, he may benefit from this Craft without physical contact. This is most useful in social settings where public displays are not possible, or in private when Sorinna wants to grant her Touch to more than one of her males at a time.
  • 2. Fine Telekinetic Control: Growing up in Riley’s Court taught Sorinna the importance of multitasking. Her use of fine manipulation allows her to call a dagger from across a room, slam someone’s eyes shut in a fight, or take notes while she catalogs a patient's injuries.

  • 3. Advanced Mending Flesh: Sora can use this Craft to enact fine and delicate repair on damaged (but not missing) organs, nerves, and tissue in any area of the body. These repairs do not leave the normal scars, welts, and discolorations of most healing, allowing her patients to avoid embarrassing questions or remarks on injuries they’ve received. This control This Craft functions at the level of the Summer Sky.

    Craft Weaknesses:

  • 1. Emotion Manipulation: Riley can sway crowds like the Queens in the old stories, bringing the people to her side regardless of the issue. This was the first bit of Craft she asked Riley to teach her and it failed spectacularly. Two people out of twelve looked at her with mild amusement. Everyone else just seemed...indifferent toward her. Sorinna hopes that this is just because she needs more time to grow into her power, rather than a commentary on her personal charisma.
  • 2. Queen’s Gift: Sorinna is capable of giving her strength to the land and feeding it just like any other Queen. It just takes double the usual offering of blood and Craft to produce the same effect. This has slowed down some of her education in tending to the land, as she normally needs food and rest before trying again.

  • 3. Reverse Healing:   Sora knows that Reverse Healing is a powerful tool in a Healer’s arsenal to allow for better results, but she’s seen and treated the effects of this Craft when used do harm. It goes against her knowledge and belief of what healing is to use Reverse Healing on another person. The violence and trauma inflicted by a Black Jeweled Healer has made Sora swear off using the Craft altogether.[/spoiler]

Life Story


Mother: Modina Palomo, Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk Priestess, (age 992, b. 797 BP)

Father: Gheorghe Roman (real name: Nicolae Arcos), Yellow-Tiger Eye Prince [d. 181 AP]

Other Family: (currently unknown to Sora)

(Paternal Aunt) Mercianna Arcos - Blood Opal to Sapphire Priestess, Age 55 (b. 140 AP)
(Paternal Uncle)Timotei Arcos - Tiger Eye to Summer Sky Warlord
(Cousin) Stana Keyes - Birthright Opal Priestess, Age 10 (b. 185 AP)

Bonded Males:
+Marius Negrescu, Purple Dusk- Opal Warlord Prince (3rd Circle, Territory Court) Age 30 (b. 165 AP)
+Cezar Urzica, Yellow-Tiger Eye Prince Age 23 (b. 170 AP, d.193) - died in the Decimation)
Mihael Voinea. Yellow to BrokenTiger Eye Warlord Prince. Age 49. (b. 146 AP)
Quinten Heartly, Birthright Summer Sky Warlord (Jacks Guild) Age 21 (b. 174 AP)
Benson Endland - Age 112 (born 83 AP) Green to Gray Warlord Prince
Zamfir Groza - Tiger Eye to Rose Warlord -Age  40 (155 AP)
Sullivan Gloom - Opal to Sapphire Warlord - Age 22 (b. 173AP)
Niccolo Faa - Green to Red Warlord Prince (blood-bonded) - Age 23 (Born 172 AP)
Hanaki Hisakawa - Purple Dusk to Sapphire Prince - Age 26 (169)


Modina Palomo was on a tour of Terreille when she met Prince Gheorghe Roman in Bidea while he served in the Second Circle of the Territory Court. A lover of history and other cultures, Gheorghe peppered Modina with historical questions over a range of topics, leading to the pair spending much time together. By the time Gheorghe’s contract with the Territory Court had ended, Modina was pregnant and the pair returned to his home Province of Tulzbruja, where he became a private citizen while attempting to address a longstanding issue with an Aristo family from that Province.
Their daughter, Sorinna, arrived shortly after their return to Tulzbruja. But when Modina had difficulty caring for the child, Gheorghe contacted her brother for help.
When Modina's brother arrived and expressed distaste at the notion that his younger sister had borne a half-breed daughter, he shamed her into returning home. Gheorghe was prepared to pack up their child and leave, believing that his claim against the Aristos would go nowhere due to influence of his adversaries. But Modina explained the prejudice that Sorinna would suffer in Dhemlan and convinced him not to go through with it. She promised to visit often and returned home with her brother, leaving the infant in her father’s care.
She never returned.

Gheorghe raised Sorinna as best he could, but life with a young Queen was a challenge, to say the least. Eventually he found a position in Court of Rilandra Vlas, hoping that he could eventually petition the young Queen recommend a mentor for Sorinna. Meanwhile, he continued his investigations against the Aristos, seeking evidence that would let him bring down a family of slavers.
Sorinna received the White at her Birthright Ceremony, to her lasting pride. Her father pushed her to delve into its power in full, demanding that she put her best effort into everything she attempted so that she attracted a mentor who’d prepare her to rule her own Court someday. Sorinna imagined ruling Tulzbruja in the future. with her father as her Steward and earning her mother’s love and respect. Perhaps then she would come home and stay.
Two months after Birthright Ceremony, Sorinna’s dreams were shattered.
She and her father often fell asleep reading stories on the couch before he woke and carried her off to bed. His scream woke her and she sought the source of the disturbance. She found him as the assassin, a creature made of shadows, cut her father to ribbons while she watched. When her sobs revealed her hiding place, the creature fixed its eyes upon her and reached into her mind with power she couldn’t comprehend.
"Run". it said.
Sorinna ran as fast as her little legs could carry her. She ran from the house, across the field, and into the forest to hide, praying to Mother Night that her Dad would come and find her.

Riley’s people found her huddled in a small cave two days later, shivering and starving. Only the presence of Riley Vlas herself coaxed the little girl from her hiding spot. Riley promised Sorinna that she would keep her safe and eventually gained the young woman’s trust. Over the years, she’s watched Riley’s growing collection of males and her ever-increasing issues with the Aristos who want nothing more than to put the so-called “Bitch Queen” in her place. Riley has pushed Sorinna make connections with the people around her, to consider the effects of her actions on the Landen and the Blood instead of only the latter. Riley is a complex blend of mentor, surrogate mother, and good friend to the young Queen.
While Sorinna doesn’t agree with every lesson she’s learned from Riley, she believes that Riley’s done the best she can with enemies surrounding her at every turn. Her deal with the Guilds is upsetting, but a necessary evil.
Sorinna just hates the idea of using evil to fight evil.
Her time in Bidea has been eventful, developing bonds with new males and learning what kind of Queen she wishes to be. An attempt on Sora’s life left her unable to have children. Months of healing culminated in her Virgin Night and her Offering ceremony, where she claimed the Rose as her jewel of rank. The Decimation claimed the life of her male, Cezar, while a Myos contract was responsible for the death of her adopted grandmother, Meredith Mercer.

Her duties in Riley’s Court increased, leading to a promotion to the First Circle of the Territory Court. When Riley found herself pregnant in the wake of the Decimation, she asked Sora to stand in as Proxy Queen for the duration of the pregnancy and ensuing recovery. The damage to the Territory and a long-simmering desire to help others on a deeper level led to Sora asking Judith Grigorie, the woman who saved her life, to mentor her as a Healer.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:

Sora walked arm-in-arm with Hanaki, trying to calm herself after her meeting with Aleksander. She’d taken care of his physical injuries, but his mind was so damaged that she worried he’d never be whole again. Reminders of the Decimation were still present in the number of stores and buildings that hadn’t re-opened a year after the witchstorm that tore through Dena Nehele courtesy of the Black Jeweled Healer she’d just left behind. She thought she could hate Aleksander; she’d planned to hate him forever for taking Cezar and permanently destroying a part of Mihael’s power.

Now that she’d sat and spoken to him, she couldn’t hate him. Sora feared him. She feared for Dena Nehele’s continued safety. She feared that everyone she loved would die if he ever saw the Myos that kidnapped him again. The amount of time he spent at the Territory Court, and in Jeremiah’s presence, practically assured that it would happen someday soon. Dena Nehele couldn’t survive another Decimation and they didn’t have the Healers necessary to help the thousands of people who would need them.

Sora looked back the way they came.

The Conservatory stood tall in the distance, filled with nearly all of the Healers in Dena Nehele, her brothers and sisters who were responsible for fixing much of the damage that came from the first Decimation. They healed the sick, prevented the spread of disease, and ensured that the Territory continued to function despite having a guild full of murderers-for-hire inside its borders. Sebastian said that they couldn’t survive another Decimation, but they also couldn’t afford to lose the Conservatory. The damage to Aleksander Moon’s mind threatened both of those things, and Sora wouldn’t see Jude’s work undone because of the fucking Myos Guild. They’d taken from so many people, including her. No one else deserved to suffer for their actions.

Hanaki, Marius...can we go back to the palace? I just remembered that I have an important meeting. We can finish shopping later.” she said.

Hanaki, for his part, didn’t yet know Sora well enough to realize when she was up to something. Marius did, though, and the Warlord Prince’s suspicion registered through their bond. He was still mad at her about the Arkadie thing. He definitely wasn’t thrilled that she’d spent the better part of an hour with an unstable Black Jewel while she remained outside his careful watch. He knew her schedule; the only meeting she had was one that she’d just scheduled.

*What are you going to do, Sorinna?*

I just need to talk to someone. It won’t take long.

It probably wouldn't take long at all.

If Sway didn’t kill her, then Marius still could.

Petitions (if any):

Caste Requesting:  Healer Queen
Link to Additional Caste shop purchase: Here

Sorinna’s old sheet is here.

Links to threads showing training/caste manifestation:

already asked too much of you, still need a little more - Sora tells Jude that she wants to learn how to heal. Jude offers to teach her.

to reveal a scar - Sora’s training begins in her first lesson with Jude.

and if you’re still breathing, you’re the lucky one - Sora has questions about when she should and shouldn’t use her Craft. She discusses these questions with Jude while tending to the occupants of a Red Moon House.

a kind of destiny - Sora assists in delivering Riley’s son, Codrin.

Body of Proof - Sora performs an autopsy while discussing how to help Sebastian ease back into Court life. She also confronts her feelings and fear of another Healer.

you give yourself to strangers - Sora runs into Aleksander Moon and works to control her fear of him. Meanwhile, he shows her a valuable skill to help her along her path.

Changes made to the sheet for this application:

Updated Personality
Updated Likes/Dislikes
Updated Fears
Added Currently Unknown family
Updated History to include current events
New CIP.

Player Name: Gavin

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Re: Sorinna Roman
« Reply #1 on: Dec 26, 19, 12:48:45 AM »
Ready for Review.

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Re: Sorinna Roman
« Reply #2 on: Dec 29, 19, 03:18:59 PM »
added to the queue
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Re: Sorinna Roman
« Reply #3 on: Jan 18, 20, 03:47:23 AM »

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Re: Sorinna Roman
« Reply #4 on: Dec 31, 20, 12:11:28 PM »
Per Sorinna's 2019 Craft Specialty request:

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

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Re: Sorinna Roman
« Reply #5 on: Dec 31, 20, 12:13:27 PM »

Sorinna Roman has been blessed with Advanced Mending Flesh!

You may add this specialty to this character's existing Craft Strengths section, with an accompanying Craft Weakness for balance.
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