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The Basics

Character Name:  Silvanus Django
Nicknames: Sil (friends only); Van (dangerously); Styx (professionally)
Age and Birth Year:  31; Born 163 AP
Race:  short-lived
Caste:  Black Widow Prince
Birth Territory:  Dena Nehele   
Home Territory:  Dena Nehele

Birthright Jewel: uncut Blood Opal
Offering Jewel: cut Red

Role: The Styx
Faction: The Conclave


Play By: Robert Sheehan
Distinguishing Features:
Striking hazel green eyes, that seem to shift tints depending on the lighting.
Occasional eye-liner, depending on his mood.
Tattoos on the palms of his hands; right says HELLO the left says GOODBYE.



Born with Dual Castes, Silvanus is a complicated man, something he recognizes about himself.  He does not restrain his peculiarities overmuch, having decided a very long time ago that the world at large would have to accept him as he was, or not at all, and those that numbered among the latter could largely go spin in the Abyss.  Silvanus has had this attitude since he was a child, whether it was the love and support of his Priestess mother, or the framework of acceptance supplied by the Conclave, even he cannot say, but nature or nurture, upon being met for the first time, one thing is clear; Silvanus does not really care what people, in general, think of him.  He is clearly dancing to a tune only he can hear, and he is more than alright with that.

As a Black Widow, he is entirely changeable, one moment he is happy and content, and the next nothing is good enough.  One moment his wit is sharp and cutting, and the next he is sweet and accommodating.  He is burdened by his prescience, and sometimes feels that Dena Nehele has no surprises left to offer him, hence he revels in new experiences with the passion of an unabashed hedonist.  His premonitions only show him the worst of things, there is nothing happy happening ins his dreams and visions, they are always of destruction, death and blood.  They plague him, trap him in nightmares, or keep him from sleeping.  He avoids them, actively, by pursuing his other passions, and trying to make sleep as dreamless as possible by dint of exhaustion or intoxication.

Drugs, alcohol, and sex are all things he greatly enjoys as an exploration of his senses, and even his Powers, with sex sometimes pursued with the same predatory hunger of an even darker Male Caste, the Black Widow and Prince combining into something whose needs run deeper than the usual.  Raised around Priestesses and the Conclave, he sees most of these activities as an attempt to become closer to the goddess, Mother Night herself, whether it is through Communion or through sex and the sensual, it is all done with a tone of benediction.  Seen through this lens, he is shameless in the expression of his desires, and equally shameless about his mercurial nature.  Silvanus understands that he is an acquired taste, and feels sorry for those that can’t acquire him.  He’s fabulous, after all.

As a Prince, one of the more common aspects of his moods and demeanor, is focus.  Silvanus can be terribly focused and almost obsessive about details. He can remember everything about a person’s appearance after only a minute of interaction, and during that interaction he can immediately pick out subtle facets that others might not.  The nature of the mud on someone’s shoes, whatever a person ate that gave them that breath, and possibly what vendor they bought that garlic ridden pastry from.  He is able to dissect a problem quickly and efficiently, turning it over in his mind to discern the best approach for resolution, whether that approach be subtle or violent.  People, on the whole, are built of aggravating habits, lies, and feelings.  His peculiarities keep most people at bay, and he was fine with that, some would say that his dissection of people combined with his behavior are purposeful attempts to stand apart.  They would be correct.  It is this eye for detail that helps him to focus the other half of his nature, turning someone that could otherwise be controlled by his impulses, into a focused and occasionally dangerous man.  This does not mean he is suddenly sober, but he is never as far gone as anyone thinks he is.

In combination, Silvanus is a curiously competent man.  In his areas of expertise, he is supremely confident (and pretty confident otherwise as well), and has very little patience for the gainsaying of the ignorant.  He has a unique understanding of his place in Dena Nehele, and indeed, into the character of the Territory at large, and despite its dirt and its secrets, he loves it.  There is no place in all the Realm better suited to having a Silvanus in their number than his very own home.  He has very little time for fools, but has been seen toying with lesser minds simply because they caught him at the wrong (or right) moment.  Silvanus is not easily moved to anger, but there is the sense about him that his cup is very full, and just a drop or two of unasked for knowledge or annoyance can send it overflowing.  He has trained hard to avoid obvious mistakes, but even small errors can compound over time into sheer annoyance.  He will learn from it what he can, but he can annoy himself, making his mood even more volatile for the next person he might interact with.  He will become terribly sober at those moments, a sure sign that his patience and self-control are no longer a factor.

Silvanus’ moods are as changeable as any other Black Widow.  However, he feels like he is always walking a very fine line, a tightrope that he must always try to balance upon.  His dual nature gives him more balance than he would credit it with, as the Prince provides a steadying influence.  All Blood have a predator in them, all Blood have rage, but Silvanus is a Red Jewel, and he attempts to stay in balance by dulling the edge of those effects.  He knows when he needs the sensual, and he dives into it with barely any restraint, experiencing days of sex and the pleasures of the senses satisfy much of the sharp points of his nature.  Various drugs, potions and liquors help mitigate feelings of anger and fear, once again, helping him to walk that fine line, but he knows what waits on either side of that fall.  If Silvanus is suddenly sober, then, as previously indicated, his patience has run out.  He does not posture, or threaten, he is likely to act with extreme, if subtle, force.  His Jewels might be concealed, but that does not mean he does not have the temperament of a Red Black Widow Prince.  If someone has pushed him off the line and into his rage, if he were only a Prince, that target of his ire would rightly fear for his life, but Silvanus is also a Black Widow.  He is not above reaching into a mind and extracting the memories of their rudeness, or of ever meeting him, or of knowing their wives, husbands, mothers, brothers, or children.  If he cannot push their minds, then they may find a snake-tooth pressed to their skin along with a demand for submission.


Craft Weaknesses:
Life Story

Mother: Dorothea Django; Priestess; Born 141 AP; Yellow to Summer Sky*
Father: Bertrand Renard; Prince (Chaillot) ; Born 140 AP; Summer Sky to Green; currently in Chaillot's Dark Haven**
Siblings: n/a

*rolled on her own sheet
** not rolled, not adoptable


The Styx, more of an office than a code name, has existed for time out of memory, or at least, that is what most people think.  It was not always held by a Django, but Silvanus is not the first member of his family to bear that title, not that he or his Mother realized that until The Styx selected Silvanus as his apprentice.  Dorothea Django was a Priestess of Dena Nehele, and was devoted to her work, and to serving the spiritual needs of both the Blood and the Landen.  She had an encyclopedic knowledge of local folklore, and worked within the framework of those stories to grant petitioners to her Temple a measure of spiritual peace and connection.  She was especially attentive to the needs of the Landen, and quite popular because of that.  Dorothea’s appreciation and respect for the superstitions of Dena Nehele at large, made her an interesting resource for the Conclave and the temple that she tended.

It was her reputation that brought Bertrand Renard to her door, a Blood chronicler from Chaillot, that wished to record the local traditions of Dena Nehele.  Dorothea and Renard hit it off famously, but when Dorothea read her lover’s notes, and understood the tone of his Dena Nehele chapter, he was summarily ejected from her temple, and told never to return to her door again.  Dorothea was proud of her home, and did not wish to see her people and their beliefs publicly dissected by a foreign academic.  It made them seem uncultured, superstitious, and ignorant, especially when contrasted with Chaillot or the other Territories, which was not the case.  Dena Nehele was just Dena Nehele, and perhaps it took a native to appreciate that.  No place was perfect, but this was the Priestess’ home.

A child was the end result of their passionate union, and while Dorothea lamented the absence of her boy child’s father, she was more than happy to bear a son.  Renard, already returned to Chaillot, would not be given paternity.  The Priestess raised the child, naming him Silvanus, after some distant ancestor, and saw the boy through his Birthright.  When he his Birthright was the Blood Opal, knowing that he could descend as deeply as the Red, and be swept up into a Court, Dorothea asked The Styx at the time to hide his Birthright, to disguise it as a Summer Sky, like her own Descent.  The Styx agreed, but named no price at the time.   Most of his early education happened in and around the temple and the Conclave.  As a Prince, he was an excellent student, and picked up things very quickly, showing an extraordinary memory for facts and figures, and a particular interest in his Mother’s folktales.  Silvanus was raised with a very firm grasp of Protocol, and the reasons that it exists, as well as Blood Law, as interpreted and supported by the Conclave.  Mother Night was not a mystery, but a fact of his life, and he experienced Communion more often than other boys his age.

After he received his Birthright, it seemed that Silvanus’ mind began to expand rapidly.  Dorothea decided that he needed additional tutoring, if only to challenge his growing mind and his improved perspective thanks to the empowering of his Craft and his nature.  He did learn at a rapid pace, but he also became increasingly impatient, and could go from being eager and happy to meet a tutor in the morning, and by that afternoon, he would be calling them idiots, and demanding that his Mother dismiss them.  Challenges, physical or educational, were met head on, either with enthusiasm to solve a problem or overcome a challenge, or with annoyance that something so simple as an arithmetic problem or a bully from town might try to get in his way.  Dorothea was puzzled by Silvanus’ changing moods, until a sister Priestess, while tutoring the young man, realized the problem.

Silvanus was also a Black Widow, and it was beginning to show in his scent.

It was around that time that the nightmares began.  Silvanus was plagued by them, and to Dorothea, they seemed to be baseless.  He was not reading anything terrible, and had not seen anything terrible.  She was advised by the Hourglass Coven, that Silvanus was not simply having nightmares, more than likely they were terrible visions.  They offered to take Silvanus and train him, as which point Dorothea firmly refused, and retreated with her child even further into the Conclave, leaving her simple temple in the countryside, to one closer to Bidea, and thereby, closer to the heart of The Conclave.  It was here that The Styx named his price for the service he had done earlier. There had always been a Styx, or so those that hold the office will tell you, the holder of secrets, the thief of memory.  What he was, in truth, was an aging Black Widow Prince in need of an apprentice.

It was The Styx that took Silvanus under his shadow, and began to teach him about his rising Black Widow nature.  Between the Styx and the Conclave, Silvanus’ education continued without interruption, and his Mother, along with the other Priestesses (and the rare Priest) learned to navigate his changing moods.  The mood swings did not wane, but Silvanus became more adept at recognizing them, and occasionally controlling them, though he was surrounded by such understanding people that he never felt strange because of them.  There were times when he lashed out at his Mother, or his Mentor, and he would feel bad afterwards, once his mood had shifted again, or if his rudeness were immediately made clear.  His Mentor was a hands on teacher, and had no problem decking the upstart apprentice if he felt he had it coming.

Neither Dorothea nor The Styx were afraid of punishment; spare the rod, spoil the child.

Silvanus took to the mix of Prince and Black Widow Craft very naturally, and showed a real gift for the manipulation of the mind and memories very early on.  Very interested in knowing himself, and hopefully taking control of his dreams and his nature, Silvanus was a good, if often moody, pupil.  He was prepared for his Offering by his Mother, but she performed the ceremony in secret, with only The Styx as a witness.  Silvanus completed his Offering, and the Styx also concealed his Descent, masking Silvanus as a Blood Opal in Offering.  Silvanus’ training continued, but with the arrival of his Offering, his nightmares became worse.

He began to seek refuge in excess, usually fueled by something that either kept him awake for longer periods or by potions and intoxicants that dulled the sharp edges of his nightmares.  Silvanus continued to study to replace his Mentor, Styx.  The Styx was positioned under the umbrella of the Conclave, not only to support Priestesses and petitioners, which he did do, but also to maintain an air of neutrality that he might not otherwise possess.  He might serve the Guilds, but he did so on a contract by contract basis, helping to maintain all of Dena Nehele’s various secrets.  The need to remove or alter a memory was not something unique to Guildsmen, a Queen, an aristo, anyone could make use of this service if they were in the know enough to request it.  For some, similar to the Myos, The Styx was a part of local folklore, for others, he was a necessary sin.

As time progressed, the work of The Styx was handed more and more often to Silvanus, until the time came for the final transition.  Not only to he  begin to work with memories directly, he began to fill the orders for the masks that the Myos, and many Guildsman make use of.  The Styx was never the exclusive purveyor of these fearsome masks, but he was and continues to be one of them.  There was no ceremony, nothing to mark the change.  Silvanus began to be the face those that needed The Styx saw, and in time, he was who they dealt with from end to end, and then the old Styx simply stepped out of the picture.  Then Silvanus was The Styx.  His mentor retired, a man who claimed his name was simply Folsom, and made clear that he was leaving Dena Nehele, possibly for someplace relaxing, like Dhemlan.  Silvanus never saw Folsom again after the old man departed, full of secrets and lies.  Now, Silvanus serves as The Styx, a known office to certain members of the Guilds, and a known service to certain members of society.  He is a fact of Dena Nehele, folklore and truth, hiding and changing many of the secrets and many of the lies.

Silvanus has avoided the direct notice a Court might pay to a deeply Dark Jewel, thanks to both his Mother's fears regarding the Hourglass Coven and the paranoia of his Silvanus' predecessor.  This allowed him to complete his training, and settle into his role as The Styx.  Once that was established, however, in an effort to further occlude his position, Silvanus was introduced to Lady Arkadie Graveworthy, wherein he worked out a quiet exchange of services.  She would provide him the advantage of a Court tie, and all that implied, and he would come to her when he was needed but also a a routine schedule of at least three days a month.  Publicly, he continues to work with the Conclave, functioning as a counselor of sorts.  He cannot Mind Heal, but he can go through the motions of properly listening to a given petitioner, and recommend their next court of action whether that be further adherence to the Conclave, or actually seeking a Mind Healer.

The Decimation filled his head with nightmares, or rather he had terrible nightmares right up to the day, and drowned them out with liquor and drugs.  He went to one of the few people he absolutely trusted, his Mother, and was in her company passed out and insensate when the wave of destruction finally came.  When he woke with a pounding headache, he found that everything was very quiet, and that his Mother was slumped across him, both of her Jewels broken.  She had shielded him, needlessly, out of sheer panic and worry for her only son, and despite her training, broke herself on the power of a Black Jewel.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:

Silvanus lay on his back on his desk, with knitting needles in hand.  Focusing on the knitting pattern helped clear his mind from time to time, and the scarf he was working on had reached an absurd length.  It stretched from where he was, across the room, and across the top of one of his bookshelves, down the side of that, and into a wicker basket where the rest of it was pooled.  Silvanus muttered to himself as he worked, ”Knit one, Purl...something..”  He continued to work in the silence of his office, the only sound the click of his needles.  His expression was impassive, but it soon turned to mild annoyance, as he turned from his knitting to the door that he was waiting to see open.

A moment later, it did, and an aristo gentleman in a mundane, if expensive, masquerade mask walked in.  ”I believe we had an appointment for three o’clock?”

”Oh, I’m sure we did.”  Silvanus continued to knit after a moment.

”Are--are you The Styx?”

”Yes.  Yes, I am.”  He continued to knit.

The man was silent for a few minutes, to his credit, before he cleared his throat.  ”It--it is a matter of some urgency.”

Silvanus sighed, sat up, and hopped off of the desk, putting his knitting in a cigar box that was flipped open on one corner of his desk.  ”It always is.  What do you have for me? Try not to be boring.”

The man took a breath, ”My inheritance is at risk.  I have made an error, and my mistress is threatening to take my, umm, pillow talk, shall we say, to my wife who holds my purse strings.  I cannot allow this to happen.”

The Black Widow Prince laughed, ”Tale as old as time, boy meets girl, boy fucks girl, boy marries girl, boy meets another girl, fucks over first girl, and still wants first girl’s cash.”  He sighed and batted his eyelashes, ”So romantic.”  Then he grunted and scowled, ”If I had a gold watch for every time I heard--wait a moment--if Wifey holds the purse strings, how do you intend to pay me?”

Petitions (if any):

Caste Requesting: Black Widow Prince
Plot point(s) requiring this caste:

Silvanus depends on the ordered nature of his Prince caste to help guard against the mental chaos (and potential insanity) that his uncontrollable visions may cause.  The abilities he gains from his Black Widow caste allow him to remove, replace, and alter memories with an expert precision so that he may serve as the Styx. The Styx is a secretive, independent agent that sells his memory manipulation services to any who can find him.

As the wrestling for power increases, and the Aristo grasp for power they feel is lost, the Styx will serve as a weapon against the Guilds.   He will also be playing a dangerous game, as the Aristos call on him as a potential arrow in their quiver against the Guilds and the reigning Court, even as tensions between all parties are on the rise.  When the Landen and disenfranchised Blood in the Territory push back against the control of both the Aristos and the Guilds, The Styx will be forced to decide if he can truly serve the Territory at large, or if he must pick a side.     As an inheritor of the role of Styx, he sits atop of number of dangerous secrets that will come to light, endangering the rising influence that Tacea seems to be gaining in the Territory, as well as putting him in a unique positon to counter other foreign interference. (Such as Vondar and other Tenebrosi Iarvis).

Player Name: Sol
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Silvanus will descend three ranks.
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Please apply a Dark Descent Roll purchased here (, pending approval.

plus 5 Family Rolls.
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Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an uncut Blood Opal Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with a cut Red Jewel at your Offering.

( & (


1. Yellow - Summer Sky
2. Summer Sky - Green
3. Yellow - Rose
4. Tiger Eye - Summer Sky
5. Summer Sky - Opal
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Pending Plot Lead review for DN
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As a dual-Caste male, Silvanus will require one more approval from the review staff!
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