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Author Topic: Roxanne Babicov  (Read 126 times)

Description: Hearth Witch. Rose to Purple Dusk. Played by Leann.

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Roxanne Babicov
« on: Sep 18, 19, 04:15:10 PM »
The Basics
Character Name: Roxanne Babicov
Age & Birth Year: 28; 166 AP
Race: Short-Lived
Caste: Hearth Witch
Birth Territory: Aechia Province, Dena Nehele, Terreille
Home Territory: Dena Nehele, Terreille
Birthright Jewel: cut Rose
Offering Jewel: uncut Purple Dusk
Role: Red Moon House Matron
Faction: Crosswinds
Play By: Natalia Contreras
Distinguishing Features:

Roxanne is the ultimate mother hen. She may own and run a very lucrative Red Moon House and she may encourage and persuade the pretty and the young to take up sex work (and sign an exclusive contract with her), but may the Darkness be merciful to anyone that harms or abuses her people - for Roxanne surely won’t. She takes care of her girls and boys - makes sure that they’re well fed, healthy, and happy. She teaches them how to handle themselves in the bedroom and how to make sure they’re not being cheated out of hard earned cash.

Some of the nurturing is just good business sense - happier workers means happier clients which means more money flowing into Crosswinds and her pockets. Most of it is that Roxanne is very picky about who she keeps on in her House and she genuinely enjoys the ones she keeps.

Roxanne is very acquisitive and loves earning money and receiving gifts. Owning Crosswinds gives her the benefit of the first, and clients who bring her little presents often find that they receive slightly better service - a nicer room, or better cuts of meat, or a preferred bottle of wine or alcohol delivered to their room.

She’s a bit of a skinflint in that she doesn’t spend needlessly (treats and presents for herself are not considered needless) but when she does buy something she’ll buy the best available or whatever will give her the best return on investment.

She’s typically full of joy and fun, delighting in games and jokes and friendly teasing. The typically bubbly personality camouflages a sharp mind and steel trap memory. She never forgets a face, rarely forgets a name, and tends to remember tidbit details about everyone she meets.

Roxanne is of the opinion that her hair is her best feature. (Her body is her greatest asset (and weapon)) It’s a thick, silky waterfall of waist-length chestnut waves. She babies her hair - buying only the best products and combating split ends and other damage as if her very life depended on it.

Roxanne tops out at 5’4” and will seldomly mourn the last inch that would have made her of average height. She has a voluptuous hourglass figure that doesn’t overwhelm her stature and is kept in peak condition. Her facial features are classic, her eyes a pleasing light green, and her bottom lip slightly over-full. There’s nothing incredibly exotic or especially stunning in her form or features - she’s simply a beautiful woman who understands and showcases her best features.

  • 1. People. Not all of them, obviously - there has been a person here and there that she absolutely loathes. But in general. She enjoys people: old people, young people; men, women and every shade in between; funny ones, stern ones, sweet ones, prickly ones. She likes being around them, talking to them, listening to them.
  • 2. Sex. It would be just plain awful to not enjoy the act of sex and run a Red Moon House. And to have worked in one since she became an adult. She certainly hasn’t enjoyed every single instance of intercourse she’s had, but she has enough skill that she’s typically able to guide clients (and simple partners) into pleasuring her and themselves.
  • 3. Being Underestimated. She looks a little younger than she is and finds that people often assume that she’s the help, or inept, or naive. And then she gets to set them straight and watch the realization dawn in their eyes. It’s a beautiful thing to behold.
  • 1. Getting Sick. She already has to deal with the downtime necessary for her moontimes and the annoyances that come with that. But to get sick on top of the time she’s already forced to waste is vexing. She’d rather use that time to do basically anything other than feel crummy.
  • 2. Trying to Skip the Bill. Roxanne could forgive someone for stealing a loaf of bread if they are starving - she can understand that. But to walk into a Red Moon House, partake of the services, and then try to walk out without paying? Oh honey, just no. That’s just not going to fly with Roxanne. The girls definitely need to get compensated for their time, effort, and expertise, and the house needs its cut for upkeep. And Roxanne definitely needs her cut.
  • 3. The Taste of Blood. It seems to Roxanne that it is expected of someone of the Blood to consume blood. There’s yarbarah, the classic blood wine that seems ever so popular. And then at Winsol there’s the time-honored tradition of sharing hot blooded rum. She’s just never been able to develop a taste it.
  • 1. Crosswinds Burning Down.  She’s not afraid that her Red Moon House will literally catch flame and burn down. She’s afraid of it failing. Of going bankrupt. Roxanne loves that she’s not on her back every night to earn a living anymore. She loves that she picks and chooses which clients will have the pleasure of her in their beds. Roxanne loves that she’s the one calling the shots. So she’s afraid that Crosswinds will just stop being lucrative and she’ll be forced down a peg or two career-wise.
  • 2. Being Enslaved. Roxanne is not actively afraid that someone is going to kidnap her and slap a collar on her neck. It’s a deep, insidious fear that there are people who are forced to pleasure others rather than being paid for it. As it stands she has a choice in who she accepts in her bed, what limits she’ll place on any activities, and when or how long. She doesn’t want that to change. If Roxanne has a nightmare it will typically revolve around this.
  • 3. Becoming Unattractive. Roxanne is beautiful. She capitalized that beauty and turned it into a career which has earned her enough money to build Crosswinds and generate passive income. She’d still have the ability to support herself if her looks fade away, but something inside of her might wither if she was no longer able to illicit lust in someone's gaze. 
Craft Strengths:
  • 1. Seduction Craft. Roxanne has enough training and experience to be an absolute delight in bed. She doesn’t need any help with that. She enjoys using craft to enhance the emotions and the pleasure gained from the act. She has an uncanny knack for figuring out just what a partner needs or craves. She can heighten the frenzy of a Warlord Prince if that’s what he needs, or help put a Healer in a dreamy trance-like state if what she craves is a sensual feast.
  • 2. Clothing Craft. One of the first lessons Roxanne learned how to do is make clothing using craft. She’s perfected the craft, especially in regards to undergarments. She’s particularly adept at creating lingerie that perfectly enhances a body and showcases it to absolute perfection. (Or repairing items that have been torn off a body, she’s had lots of practice.)
Craft Weaknesses:
  • 1. Sight Shielding. No matter how often she tries, or how focused she is, Roxanne can not create a sight shield. She’s really, really excellent at making sight smears.. Or maybe sight blurs. Nothing she attempts to make invisible actually becomes invisible.. It just looks like someone rubbed a wet painting.
  • 2. Preservation Craft.With how much delicate lingerie Roxanne owns and handles it’s unfortunate she’d never learned spells to preserve them. She’s tried to learn - and her mother has tried to teach her to no avail. Roxanne is almost certain that when she tries to use preservation craft it actually makes the items weaker.
Life Story
Mother: Corinne Babicov;; 49 (born 145 AP);; Tiger Eye - Purple Dusk Hearthwitch
Father: Dario Babicov;; Summer Sky - Green;; Warlord
Crosswinds Family:
Accountant/Muscle: Eduard Fyoderov;; 39 (born 155 AP);;  Purple Dusk - Sapphire Prince
Cook/Housekeeper: Lavinia Fyoderov;; 34 (born 160 AP);; Rose - Opal Hearthwitch
Corinne Babicov was expecting her first child in the spring of 166. She lived with her husband and both served the same Queen. She, of course, kept the house and created gowns for their Queen. Dario, her husband, was a bonded Warlord in the Queen’s first circle. Corinne’s life was idyllic. Until their Queen was kidnapped and assassinated. Dario went a little insane - he blamed the death of his Queen on the guilds, he didn’t care which one, and attempted to slaughter them all.

Instead Dario was killed and Corinne became a pregnant widow. She found work in an aristo household - the mistress of the house had admired the gowns Corinne had made and was mostly understanding of the responsibilities Corinne had as a new mother.

Roxanne had a relatively happy childhood - her mother provided for the two of them and taught Roxanne every bit of craft she knew. Despite having an easy and happy childhood, Roxanne realized early on that she did not want to spend her life cleaning someone else's home and creating someone else's clothes.

During Roxy's thirteenth year, Corinne was offered the position of Lady Chamberlain of Sweetbriar and accepted it. The young Hearthwitch rebelled at being transplanted, though quickly grew used to her new home.

She discovered the path she would take at sixteen when she seduced a slightly older boy from the nearby village into taking her through her Virgin Night. The experience wasn’t earth shattering or soul altering - it was actually a little awkward (Roxanne made the poor boy nervous) but the seduction was heady. She would make that her career.

At twenty Roxanne made her Offering to the Darkness and walked away with a Purple Dusk, and walked into a Red Moon House to find employment. She was trained by the matron of the house and slowly built up her client list. She saved most of her earnings, and made even more by designing and making clothes for the other girls she worked with. She moved up to better, more selective Red Moon Houses and refined her client list.

It took four years for Roxanne to save enough to purchase a Red Moon House for herself. In 190 AP, Roxanne purchased Crosswinds, a small hotel named for being built near a landing web for multiple winds (one of which is White), and hired Eduard and Lavinia as her left and right hands. Being located in Aechia and almost centered between Darkwood, Rivetel, and Silca, Crosswinds is an exclusive retreat for aristos and the Blood-in-the-know as there isn’t any road access, just the landing web. She’s expanded Crosswinds from a tiny hotel  with gorgeous panoramic views into a luxury destination. Besides the lovely rooms and lovely girls (or boys), there’s an elegantly appointed dining room in which to savor Lavinia’s first rate culinary creations, a small but well equipped gaming hall dedicated to the thrill of gambling, a well stocked bar, and a gift shop filled with lingerie and toys to satisfy any craving.

Show Us What You've Got
Character in Play:
The nearly naked woman standing on her fitting platform was beautiful. She had muscle tone that clearly indicated athleticism and flexibility while maintaining a graceful womanly shape. The mass of ash blonde curls was pinned up in a deceptively elegant knot that would come loose with very little provocation. Her cosmetics had been applied expertly to accentuate the sultriness of her deep blue eyes and perfect pout of her plump lips. The deep turquoise of the bra and panty set flattered her sun kissed skin.

But something wasn’t quite right.

Roxanne leaned back on the ottoman, bracing herself with her arms behind her and her fingers curled around the edge of her seat. She tilted her head to the side and pursed her lips with narrowed eyes. With an annoyed breath, Roxanne launched herself up and slowly circled Anya. She placed her finger on the satin black strap a fraction above a pert breast before sliding it up and over a slim, strong shoulder. “This.. This is the problem. It detracts from the willowiness of your figure.”

With a negligible use of her Rose, Roxanne cut both straps off where they’d been attached at the back and joined them together behind her neck. Another burst of Jeweled power and clip was added to allow for ease of removal.

Just before she stepped back to inspect her alteration, Roxanne sensed craft along Anya’s sculpted cheekbone. Her light green eyes narrow and she couldn’t stop the chill in her voice. “Drop the illusion, Anya.”

“It’s not what you think!”

The chill in her voice spilled out into the air. “Anya.” It was clear - Roxanne would not ask again. In their line of work bruises were to be expected. The Blood could be ferocious when glorying in the depths of their lusts: gripping an arm too tightly or biting down just a little too hard. Accidents could happen as well - she knew a witch that had a painting crash on her face when the enthusiastic love-making moved the bed enough to bang against the wall.

There was no reason to hide these injuries; they were commonplace and easily healed. If one of her girls feels the need to hide an injury to her face it’s typically exactly what Roxanne would think. So she shifted in front of the younger witch to stare at her until the illusion dropped. Her eyes widened by a fraction and she ran her tongue over her teeth. “You have the imprint of a ring on your cheek.” With a raised eyebrow she asked. “Did you consent to a fist in your face?”

Anya grabbed Roxanne’s arm and shook her head. “It was an accident, he didn’t  mean to do it. He was so sorry and said it wouldn’t happen again.”

“And it won’t happen again -- he’s no longer welcome at Crosswinds. What’s his name, he’ll need to have a visit from Eduard?”

“He’s one of my regulars Roxy, and he’s usually so good to me. Please don’t do that.”

Roxanne sighed and cupped Anya’s face, pressing a soft kiss to her mouth and then to her cheek. “You beautiful girl. If you don’t tell me which man struck you I will ban every male you’ve been contracted with since I saw you last two days ago. I will not tolerate abuse in my House, do you understand me?”

Anya dropped her head, nodded slowly, and gave the name in a whisper.

Petitions (if any):

Why did this character became inactive?
Life and plots drying up. (Also... DN moves scary fast and I was a little intimidated)

What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?
Not be flustered by the many, many, many threads that are churned out in the territory?

What are your plans for this character?
I have a couple of plot hooks brewing with Gavin and Rated Em

Number of previous Reactivations:
I don’t believe that Roxy has any

Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) :
Updated the various ages in the profile
Player Name: Leann

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Re: Roxanne Babicov
« Reply #1 on: Sep 18, 19, 04:16:42 PM »
This girly girl is Ready for Reactivation Review

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Re: Roxanne Babicov
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