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With the full force of the Guilds at her back, Rilandra Vlas seized the Territory Throne of Dena Nehele. The common born Province Queen now owes allegiance to the Master of the Guilds for his assistance in both securing the throne and securing Darcia Glassade's continual safety. Trapped between the demands of the Guilds and the demands of the Aristos, Riley is struggling to rule, finding the palace more of a cage than she could have dreamed possible.
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Author Topic: Rilandra Vlas  (Read 2135 times)

Description: Queen. Rose to Opal. Played by Phedre

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Rilandra Vlas
« on: Dec 10, 13, 02:34:52 AM »
The Basics
Character Name: Rilandra Vlas
Nicknames: Riley
Age: 33 (born 160 AP)
Race: Short lived, 1/4 Landen
Caste: Queen
Birth Territory: Dena Nehele
Home Territory: Dena Nehele

Birthright Jewel: Cut Rose
Offering Jewel: Uncut Opal

Play By: Jennifer Garner

Distinguishing Features:


Riley knows what she wants and will go to whatever length she needs to obtain it. She is not above using methods others would find questionable, and sometimes even downright abhorrent, to reach her goals. She is driven, singularly focused in a way few others will ever experience or understand, on the things that matter the most to her. She will use her mind, her heart, her body, and even her connection to people as their Queen to reach the ends that need to be reached.

These ends, however, do serve a greater purpose. It is not that Riley is raging against the injustice done to her people, although she will allow the common people to see her that way and build up whatever image of her they need in order to satisfy their craving for a common born leader, fighting for their cause. It is more her pure and unadulterated hatred of the Aristos in Dena Nehele and what they represent. Riley wants to burn down their pretty little castles and let the people riot in the streets amidst the rain of golden marks cascading down from their ivory towers.

Beneath her confident facade is a very intelligent woman. She knows it is extremely unlikely that the Aristos will ever lose power in Dena Nehele. She understands the way that politics and matters of money work in a way that her constituents do not. But if she told them how little hope there really was, they wouldn’t fight. And so she lies to them just like she lies to everyone else. For their own sake. Or so she tells herself. Really, it’s for hers.

Beyond her inherent Caste as a Queen, or perhaps because of it entrenched so deeply into her it is a part of her very core, Riley rules because she is a leader. People want to follow her. Even as a child, others flocked to follow her ideas and gave in easily to her lead. She is charismatic in a way that makes others want to be near her, even if they know being around her means that they will have to submit to her pushing them past their comfort zone. Riley is never satisfied to just let people be, herself included. She will push and prod and explore, forcing each person close to her to be more, to be better. She expects that they will do the same to her and has gotten in more than one fight with the males of her Court about exactly what their duties entail concerning making sure she does not get stale, but continues to constantly challenge herself.   

  • 1 Getting in fights. Riley has been training how to fight since she was a child. No one really wants to fight with their Queen. No one *ever* wants to hit their Queen. Riley has found one lover, Luca, who will actually fight her if she pushes him hard enough and supplies enough alcohol. The fights are always satisfying, but the sex afterwards is to fucking die for. 
  • 2 Humiliating the Aristos. They make it so easy. All she has to do is point out yet another law that was passed that only favors them and strips more rights from the common people and once again, the cry for justice and freedom from tyranny rises up behind her. They tried once before to send Shaos to spy on her. It didn’t work out so well to their advantage, it in fact back fired exactly how they would not have wanted. Riley can’t wait to see what they’ll try next time.
  • 3 Pushing people to their limits. Whatever a person’s particular limit is, Riley will find it and attempt to push past it. Those who love her say this is one of the things that make her an excellent Queen, her ability and willingness to push those who serve her further than they have ever been pushed before. Those who hate her simply add it to the list of things that make her a righteous bitch. Regardless, Riley derives a huge amount of satisfaction from pushing people as far as she can possibly take them.
  • 1 Her first name. Riley hates her name with a passion and does not take kindly to anyone calling her by it. This is especially awkward in formal settings where she is to get greeted by her name and title as it cannot be expected that everyone would know to call her Riley instead of Rilandra. She expects it anyway.
  • 2 Being expected to act delicate or girly. Riley is very solid in her space as a woman. She is not a tomboy, she is more than able to use her body to seduce someone when it suits her purposes, she can even cross the room in a gown and heels without falling flat on her face. But none of these things require her to be some delicate little flower incapable of protecting herself or like a little girl. She is a woman and she is a Queen of the Blood. Anyone who expects her to act differently can shove it.   
  • 3 Downtime, even, or especially rather, during her Moontime. There is always too much to do. Time spent sitting around is time that is not spent preparing for the next harvest festival or the next gathering. There are too few Queens in Dena Nehele for Riley to not understand her duty to the land as well as its people. They need her equally and she does not have time to sit around and play cradle. Being forced to rest, or be still, when there are things that need to be done, makes her furious. It’s just a little blood, she is not going to die from getting some work done. The Triangle and her brothers take shifts, along with Adrian, knowing that it is not as bad if they spread around her ire.
  • 1 Having the tables turned. Right now, all she has to do is raise her voice and the common people rally behind her. Riley is terrified of the day the tables are turned and the common people turn against her. She needs their support. They feed her sense of righteousness and they feed her pride. Without them, she could no longer hide behind the idea this was all for them.
  • 2 Pushing her lover to far. Riley likes to walk the edge of danger, always pushing people to their limits. This is no less true with Luca, he is just extremely more dangerous than the others that she pushes at. If she were to actually push him past his limit, he would kill her, regardless of whether she is his Queen or not. They both know it. It is part of what makes their relationship so exciting, but Riley would be a fool not to understand how extremely dangerous this particular game is. 
  • 3 That for all of her work, her dreams will never be realized. Regardless what anyone may think her actual desire is, Riley wants to bring the Aristos to their knees. She won’t ever let it show, but she is terrified that this, her dream, her burning desire, is nothing more than a pissed off little girl’s fairy tale that she should have abandoned years ago.
Craft Strengths:
  • 1 Sensing Craft. Being a Queen in Dena Nehele is rather a liability as a child, as Riley learned. Adrian Dimir, a Jacks Guildsman, taught her sensing Craft while she was just a child. Her brothers used themselves as bait for her to practice on. If someone enters a room she is in, even if they are significantly Darker Jeweled than she is and shielded, she knows it. It would take someone with Guild training to be able to get close to Riley without her knowledge, and even then, that has not always proven successful. It is after all how she met Luca.
  • 2 Emotional Manipulation: Crowds. Riley has a natural talent when it comes to speaking to large groups of people, but being that she never allows anything to remain simply good enough, she pushed herself until this natural talent became a true masterpiece. She can tap into the energy of the crowd and use her Craft to manipulate the people collected there, heightening their sense of loyalty, furthering their sense of outrage, pushing at their sense of love and devotion for her. She can’t make them feel something they don’t already feel, she simply intensifies what is already there. This ability has made her an even more skilled public speaker than she was before. 
Craft Weaknesses:
  • 1 Compulsion Craft. It’s a bit of a running joke that Riley can make anyone do whatever she wants them to. In truth, her attempts at using Craft for Compulsion, and there have been many, have been miserable failures. Beyond being able to enhance the emotions of a crowd, the reason why people do things for her is simply because they feel drawn to her, they believe in the validity of her arguments, or they want whatever it is she is offering them in exchange, and Riley can be very creative in her offers. Not a single person has ever done something for Riley because of Compulsion Craft, regardless how many times she has tried.
  • 2 Physical Shields. Riley’s ability to physically shield herself is terrible. At best, she can create a weak shield at the level of her Birthright, but it won’t hold long. For this reason above all others, Riley is never seen away from home alone. She knows how much danger she would be putting herself in to walk out into the open without a shield. The males in her Triangle, her brothers, and Adrian provide her shield when she is with them and on the rare occasion she is out in public with Luca, he has done it for her as well. Riley knows that caught alone, she would go down fast.
Life Story

Mother: Ralene Vlas (55) Yellow Descent Healer (trained)
Father: Sebastian Vlas (68) Summer Sky to Purple Dusk Warlord
(Father's sons from first wife, 1/2 brothers, raised together as siblings)
Aurel Vlas (42) Summer Sky - Opal Warlord
Fane Vlas (40)  White to Tiger Eye Warlord 
Traien Vlas (37) Opal - Sapphire  Warlord Prince
Dorin Vlas (35)Tiger Eye - Purple Dusk Warlord
Gabriel Vlas (35)Tiger Eye - Purple Dusk Warlord

Riley's earliest memories are dark and dank. There were probably memories that existed before she was six years old, trapped in a cold cellar, alone and terrified. There were likely memories of her parents and her brothers and Winsol, happy memories of laughter and warmth and tinsel, but they no longer exist. They have been washed away, scrubbed from her young mind, and replaced entirely with the weeks that she spent away from the safety of her family. Those memories she holds in precision, as if each day were an entire year of events that she has encapsulated. As an adult, she doesn’t talk about what it was like. But there is no doubt from anyone who knows her exactly where her searing hatred of the Aristos and all things they hold sacred stem from.

Riley didn’t know the details of how her family found her and managed to get her out of her prison. When she was older, Nicolae told her of the Jack who helped them, of that being how Adrian came into their lives. It was always Nicolae who told her things, always Nicolae trying to keep the peace, a clear indication of his status as the middle child over riding his temperament as a Dark Jeweled Warlord Prince. But then Riley had always had a way of calming him down, helping him feel centered, and giving him what he needed. He didn’t feel out of place when it was just he and Riley. No matter how close the family was, there was a burden that came with wearing the only Dark Jewel, and a further burden that came with being the only of his Caste. His little sister and Queen didn’t care about those things and so it was Nicolae, like it always was, who told her the story of how they managed to get her out of her imprisonment.

Her family was determined to get her back and set to the street to gather information. Her Queen Caste had developed from the time she was extremely young and the whole town had been watching over her as she grew up, guardedly aware that while she ran laughing in the sunshine with her brothers, she was forever and always in danger. When she was taken, it was apparently not just the Vlas’ who were furious to have a child snatched from a common family. Adrian Dimir, a young Jacks Guildsman, approached them and offered to help. He had connections through the Guilds they could never dream of. It took them three weeks, but one week before her seventh birthday when the Aristos who had snatched her intended to take her through her Birthright ceremony, they found her. 

After that, her life changed a great deal. Not only was she now a young child with trauma of having been stolen from her family, she also had the weight of her family and the entire town watching her at all times to make sure she stayed safe. Adrian watched the family from a distance at first,  but when he realized his presence was welcome, he became a more regular fixture around the Vlas household. It became common knowledge that the little Vlas Queen now had a Jack watching over her.

Her parents postponed her Birthright Ceremony a year until she turned eight and had some time to heal from the ordeal of her kidnapping. She barely seemed like the same little girl anymore. Her brothers stopped playing with her and started teaching her how to fight. It didn’t take long before Riley developed a mean right hook, something her brothers still know to watch out for. When she returned from her Birthright Ceremony with a cut Rose Jewel, Riley went to Adrian. Train me.  Her brothers laughed at the little Queen. The Jack didn’t.

Some of her first lessons in Craft and learning how to use her Jewel were defensive spells. Adrian taught her how to sense her surroundings and how to tell if someone was there, even if they were darker Jeweled than her and even if they were shielded. He taught her tricks used by the Guilds themselves, something that came in handy much later in her life. As she grew into a strong and confident young women, she pushed the issue of learning combat spells as well. Riley learned how to fight. Adrian trained all of the Vlas children, although her older siblings were young men by then, thinking rightly that the young Queen would need the support of her brothers around her.     

Riley grew stronger in both body and mind as they years passed toward her Offering, but it was clear to those who knew her well that the child who spun endlessly in the sun’s rays giggling had died the day she was taken from her family. In her place stood a Queen filled with a rage and hatred of the Aristos of Dena Nehele that was unparalleled in her passion. Her family often thought she took things too far, but there was little reasoning with her. She knew what she wanted and knew that she was willing to do whatever it took to get there.

When she was 16, she set her sights on the throne for her District. Already known and well supported in her town, she set out with her brothers and Adrian to travel the District and meet the people. The current Queen had never bothered to do such a thing. Riley spent the entirety of her 16th year traveling the land and learning what it was the people needed and wanted. Food. Housing. Homes for the orphans who wandered the streets of the cities. Farming equipment that could pull in this year’s harvest for the Landen and a fresh crop of cattle for the Western area that had been hit with a horrible illness that stripped them of their livestock. She understood then more than ever the way the Territory was starving to death on the whims of those with the money to actually do something about it but who refused.

Riley went to study beneath the current Tiger Eye Jeweled Queen during her 17th year, Nicolae at her side as her escort. Queens were so rare in Dena Nehele, even a common born Queen was needed to train at the Court and learn the manner in which to rule. Riley had already gained much of the support of the people. She asked uncomfortable questions at Court, forcing issues that the elderly Queen would prefer to simply brush aside or shove under the table. Other people began asking questions as well and soon the Queen’s First Circle was demanding answers as to how she could simply allow these things to occur in her District. No one wanted the finger pointed at themselves for the atrocities that were occurring and it was much easier to blame the Queen who was old and would be retiring soon than to risk disfavor with the one everyone could see would soon be ruling.

When Riley came away from her Offering with the Opal, making her Offering early as did Darcia Glassade, the District Queen stepped down under tremendous pressure from her Court and the people of her District. On paper, Riley wore the Darker Jewel and the older Queen was simply ready to retire. But anyone who had been there knew that Riley had forced the older Queen down from her seat.

Riley made good on her promises to the people. Amazingly, putting money back into the economy actually helped the District thrive, but it took time. Riley was patient and persistent. While it was lean at first, after a few years, the District began to recover, the land healed with Riley’s help, and the people began to earn money again, money that was then put right back into the District’s economy. Riley continued to go out and visit the towns and villages, Blood and Landen alike, to keep a strong connection to those she was charged with protecting.

Riley is actually 1/4 Landen, but this is a closely guarded secret that very few know. This is not out of shame for her Landen heritage, but rather to protect her Landen relatives. She would prefer to be honest about her Landen roots. There is nothing to be ashamed of and the common people, Blood and Landen alike, have a right to know that their Queen is one of them. But her mother, half Landen herself, is terrified that the constant death threats that Riley herself shoulders will come down on their Landen relations. While the Blood have ways to protect themselves, their Landen family members do not, not against a member of the Blood who wants to hurt the outspoken Queen and would go to no ends to do so. Endless hours have been spent arguing over this. Riley feels she could protect them, her mother disagrees. The final settlement has been that as long as her mother is alive, Riley cannot be honest about her Landen heritage, not without causing a serious rift in her very close family.   

Rumors of Landen blood existing in her blood line do swirl around her however, and she does not discourage the rumors as long as they do not actually get too close to the truth and her actual family. She may not be able to tell the truth, but she can certainly allow there to be question. If the people believe her to be part Landen, even by rumor, it brings her closer to them, especially considering the high number of mixed Landen and Blood in her Province. Riley spends a great deal of time in many Landen villages so it is not unusual when she goes to visit her cousins and their children. She is keeping an especially close eye on one child in particular, the unclaimed child of Remus Glassade, brother of the Queen of Dena Nehele.

Her own relationship with Remus is an oddity that she would not have ever anticipated had he not invited her and her brothers to the palace one day in order to get to know the new Province Queen better. Riley was fairly certain that was some kind of Aristo code, but they set off for Bidea anyway, curious as to what the Queen’s brother would be like. It turned out he was much more the kind of man they could get along with than they had anticipated. He listened to her when she spoke passionately about her causes and the plight of the people in her Province, but it wasn’t until they discovered a common enemy in Gavril Conta that the friendship between the Vlas siblings and Remus Glassade really began to blossom.

Gavril had heard rumors of Riley’s Landen heritage and decided to send a Shaos Guildsman to investigate further. Unfortunately for him, the particular Shaos he hired for the job found his Queen in Rilandra Vlas, a startling discovery that made his contract a difficult one to fulfill. Beyond the bond that was inherent between them, Riley also took Luca as a lover, binding him to her with her body as well as her soul. Their affair was not one based in love, but rather violence and sex, and the line between the two often blurred far beyond recognition. Luca couldn’t deny the contract he had taken from Gavril, but he could choose which information he chose to pass on to the Queen’s Consort, choosing the most wild and inaccurate rumors to be the ones that found their way into Gavril’s intel.

As Gavril watched, powerless to prevent it, Riley rose to power and seized the Province seat of Tulzbruja, giving over her District of Caecian to a Queen she trusted. The former Queen was corrupt, as were so many of the Aristos in Dena Nehele. Riley used the information Luca had gathered for her and threatened to expose all the Queen’s dirty little secrets if she didn’t step down from her place as the Province Ruler and name Riley her successor.

Riley’s reputation for being ruthless and the knowledge that the people of the Province already owed her their allegiance over their Province Queen gave the woman little choice but to comply. She could have asked for help from the Territory Seat, of course, but then her Province would have rioted while all her precious secrets were spilled to the entire Territory. Not being a stupid woman, she announced her resignation and named Queen Rilandra Vlas her undisputed successor.

The people of Tulzbruja celebrated Riley’s ascension to the Province Seat with a week long festival. She spent that time traveling the Province, spending time in both Blood and Landen towns, connecting with her land and the people who worked it. There was a great deal of work to do in order to help ensure everyone under her care had food and clothing, housing, and that the orphaned children that were so prevalent there would find homes. But for the first time it seemed the people had hope as they watched Riley pass by and as they spoke with her in the streets. It was that sense of hope that she took back to her new home as she got down to work on making her promises a reality.

It was shortly after this that Remus Glassade extended his invitation to her to come to Bidea. Riley enjoyed the exchange at first, but it wasn't until Gavril entered the room  that she really understood what she and Remus had in common. The mutual dislike was clear between Riley and Gavril, but it was the backhanded comment Gavril made to Remus about Riley's presence being a betrayal of his sister and Remus' immediate visceral response that really solidified Riley and Remus against a common foe. In one smooth, beautiful motion, Remus stood from his seat and punched Gavril Conta right in the face. Riley knew at that moment Remus was a man she wanted to get to know much better. 

At first the siblings would sit and speak with him about current affairs and about the work that Riley was doing in Tulzbruja. But in one conversation, it came about that Remus had a love of hunting and soon the group was setting off on hunting trips. It was clear whenever they happened to run into Gavril that his hate for Riley had only increased over time. Her brothers increased her security as a precaution, but they didn’t stop antagonizing the Queen’s Consort. Something else that became clear to Riley is that Remus, who had such a love for his family, particularly his sister the Queen, had absolutely no idea he was a father. She was the only one of her siblings to know the parentage of their young cousin and she held her tongue about the matter. Dena Nehele was after all filled with too many secrets, but this one wasn’t her secret to tell.

In the recent upset surrounding Darcia's mysterious kidnapping from her own bed, Riley has stepped forward and claimed the throne of Dena Nehele as interim Queen until Darcia can be returned to her rightful place. This has placed her directly in the line of fire of her enemies, while also granting her some unexpected allies. Even with their help, it's clear to Riley that her life is more in danger now than ever before.

Show Us What You've Got

Writing Sample:
Rilandra Vlas entered the receiving hall of the Province Court of Tulzbruja with what seemed like a small army of males at her back. Nicolae Vlas, Sapphire Jeweled Warlord Prince and Riley’s Master of the Guard stood at her side. Whether he was here in that capacity or as her brother was up for those in attendance to decide. Those who thought he was more of a threat as her Master of the Guard would be sorely mistaken. The other four Vlas male siblings were present as well. Adrian Dimir, who had been a part of Riley’s life since she was just a child and now served her First Circle, flanked her other side. With him stood his fellow Jack, Nolan Savu. Riley had only met him a handful of times over the years, but he had told Adrian he would come along if she ever needed some muscle, so, here he was. She appreciated his silent presence and his Red Jewel.

Riley let out her Opal strength in a sweep of Craft and felt Luca’s presence just behind the closed doors on the far wall. She had told him not to come. Ordered him not to come. She sent a sharp narrow thread directed at a particular mind.

*I ordered you not to come.*

*Fuck you, Riley, I don’t serve you.*

*You serve me.*

*Well, since you understand that distinction, you understand why I’m here, don’t you? Protect and serve. I can’t very well protect you if I’m not fucking here. Besides, you think I would miss this?*

She severed the connection, not wanting to have her focus divided. They could fight about it tonight. And they would, she was sure of it. She stretched her neck to the side and a loud crack could be heard through the otherwise tense silence. She stepped forward and the males moved with her. The familiar feel of her brother’s Sapphire shield wrapped around her, as well as Adrian's strength, but it was weighed down by the weight of a Red shield of Savi’s on top of that. Apparently they were not taking any chances with her safety today.

She stood in front of the Queen’s dias and looked up at the woman whose secrets rested on the tip of her tongue. She could see the hatred in the Queen’s eyes. It was so reminscent of how she had ascended to the District Thone, except then she had the support of the whole Court and First Circle behind her as well. This rested solely on the Queen.

”Have you come to a decision, my Lady?” Riley asked, offering just the minimum amount of respect due to the ruling Province Queen by a District Queen beneath her, just enough to not anger her males.

The Queen stared at her for several heartbeats before answering. ”I have decided to step down from the Province throne of Tulzbruja. Rilandra Vlas, Queen of Caecian District, is to be my successor. These are my wishes. Does anyone wish to speak out against them?”

The silence that followed was the most amazing sound that Riley had ever heard.

Petitions (if any): Reactivation Petition

Player Name: Phedre

Why did this character became inactive?
Life ate me and I got totally overwhelmed and had to leave pretty much all of my activities in order to cope, including Blood Rites *sob*. When I did so, all of my characters became inactive.

What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?
I am coming back in a limited capacity, writing only three characters for now and not taking on any admin duties. I have missed writing terribly and am thrilled to be coming back. I have started being much more consistent about carving out time for me, including time to write.

What are your plans for this character?
Riley has plots with so many characters. To name a few: Verica, Garen, Gavril, Zuzanna, Flavia, Dashel, Trai, Adamara, Sheyla, Darcia, Lucien, Lia, and ALL THE GUILDS. A few of these characters are inactive, I have spoken with Jamie about the possibility of bringing back Trai and/or Lia and Blue is planning on bringing Darcia back. Riley is deeply involved in the future succession of Dena Nehele and the plots that are going to be played out both in Bidea and Tulzbruja. There are also multiple threads that are still open that I would like to complete.

Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) :
Added an additional paragraph at the end of History to bring it up to date:
In the recent upset surrounding Darcia's mysterious kidnapping from her own bed, Riley has stepped forward and claimed the throne of Dena Nehele as interim Queen until Darcia can be returned to her rightful place. This has placed her directly in the line of fire of her enemies, while also granting her some unexpected allies. Even with their help, it's clear to Riley that her life is more in danger now than ever before.

I would like to request Riley be granted her skill of Reading Psychic Scents that she received from the 2012 Thanksgiving Shop. Thanks!

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