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Title: Petra Constantin
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The Basics

Character Name:  Petra Constantin
Nicknames: Pet, but only Garen can get away with it
Age and Birth Year:   31, born 162
Race:   Short Lived
Caste: Priestess 
Birth Territory:  Dena Nehele
Home Territory: Dena Nehele

Birthright Jewel: Uncut Opal
Offering Jewel:   Cut Red

Role:  Ex-Slave
Faction:  Garen L’Voide


Play By:  Eliza Dushku
Distinguishing Features: Eyes that say: mess with me and die a slow and painful death. She wears the collar around her neck as if it were a fine piece of jewelry, never embarrassed or regretful of the choices she had to make. She is practical in her wardrobe, preferring boots and pants to dresses and frill, but loves wearing items of good craftsmanship that exhibit wealth.


Personality: Petra is all sharp edges. She embraces the power of her Red to fuel her emotions, just as one must fuel the body with food. Her life has been hard, and her choices harder, but she does not live in the past. No, it is the future that calls her name, and a burning ambition to be better and live a life that is of more worth than the one she was born into.

To get to that life, she is willing to do almost anything. While Petra does not necessarily enjoy the sight of blood or screams of pain, she does enjoy how good she has become at extracting both. She likes the challenge of manipulation, the power of causing fear, and the way people look at her Red Jewel with respect bordering on terror.

Her connection to the Darkness is the one thing that keeps her calm and centered. Only in the Abyss do her sharp edges soften, a smile instead of a sneer curling her lips. But her desire to serve others with that oh-so-sacred task is something she abides at best. She doesn't like sharing, not even her gifts, at least not without some profit for herself. Garen funded and ensured that her Priestess training was completed to the highest standard. She enjoyed every minute of meditation she was allowed and takes joy in marking the occasions of life. Birthright and Offering ceremonies fill her with hope, and there is a beauty in marking the return of a soul to the Darkness. The only right she is loathed to perform is weddings. Love is foolish and pointless and will only end in misery.

Petra has always craved intensity, both in her Craft and in her life. Her study of Blood Magic was a way to pull the very most out of her Red, to sink as deep into the Craft that makes her a Priestess as she has found a way to go. It is a form of control: a tool that can be used to heal or one that can be used to cause elegant suffering. Unlike Communion, it is a chance to show others the beauty of the Red, and to let them hear the song of the Darkness that inspires so much awe in Petra.

The only place where her self-serving and ambitious nature does not flourish is with small children. This is particularly true of her siblings who she has given everything to protect. Children aren’t responsible for the situation they were born into, and she helps them wherever she can. As they grow, she gets sharper and sharper with them, expecting them to act their age and take responsibility for their actions. Babies and toddlers, on the other hand, she treats with a silly adoration...not that she would let anyone see it!




Craft Strengths:

Craft Weaknesses:

Life Story


Mother:Mariya Constantin, deceasedSummer Sky - Purple Dusk
Father: Petr Constantin, 51, born 141 Summer Sky - Purple Dusk
Hanna Constantin, 30, born 163 Yellow - Summer Sky Healer
Valeria Constantin, 29 born 164, Blood Female
Maxim Constantin 28, born 165Summer Sky - Blood Opal Warlord Prince
Jonah Constantin, 26, born 167, Blood Male
Arissa Constantin, 24, born 169 White - Rose witch
Alexandra Constantin, 21, born 172, Blood Female
Anahit Constantin, 21, born 172, Blood Female
Samvel Constantin, 19, born 174 Tiger Eye - Purple Dusk Warlord


Petra was born angry.

She screamed at the light, at the cold, and the dirty rags she was wrapped in.

Growing up in the slums of Bidea, the fact that she had two living parents and wasn’t just one more street rat would have been a blessing had her parents had half the sense of a pebble. Madly in love and not too bright, they did not have the resources or drive to use a contraceptive brew, so child after child was born to their family. Petra was the oldest, and it fell to her to deal with the increasing number of younger siblings when their mother needed help. She spent her childhood hauling younger children around, stirring pots and changing soiled nappies.

Her father was a Jack and got steady work, but never quite enough to feed his growing family. They had a roof over their head most of the time, but never more than porridge to eat, and never more than hand-me-down rags to be clothed in. Petra watched her dresses be worn into dust by sister after sister, and hated her parents for their lack of responsibility and foresight.

Petra got some training and education after her Birthright, having come away with an Opal and therefore garnering quite some bit of attention from the Priestesses of Dena Nehele, but her time to study was always limited by the near-endless number of siblings she had. Her anger simmered under the surface, tempered only by the fact that despite how irritating they often were, she loved her brothers and sisters with a ferocity that hinted at the passions of the woman she was turning into.

Her mother’s death came, as everyone had been predicting for years now, in childbirth. Petra held her youngest brother as the ragged blanket was pulled over her mother’s face and did not shed a single tear. Her father was heartbroken, but Petra ignored him, much too focused on getting her siblings through each successive day. Her studies lapsed, her frustration with their situation grew hotter and hotter, and her Offering approached at a steady pace.

The Red. She wanted the Red. She needed the Red. People would pay good money for the services of a Red Jeweled Priestess.

Petra grew used to always having bags under her eyes. After a year adjusting to her mother’s death, she went back to the temple to study at night, reading outside in the cold so her ball of witchlight wouldn’t wake the children.

At nineteen she underwent her Virgin Night with an Opal Jeweled Prince found by one of the Priestesses at the Temple she had been training at. It was a practical affair, with little passion but many questions asked and answered. 

Her power secure, her mind set, she faced the Darkness once more, as early as she could and came away victorious! Her Red Jewel glittered around her neck and she knew she had the power to see this torment of poverty end. It had cost her her mother. It had cost her two sisters and a brother, died to cold and disease. It had cost her a childhood, and she wasn’t doing it anymore.

She could follow her father and work in a Guild, but she wanted nothing to do with the pathetic excuse for a man. Petra had no connections, none of the oh-so-important networks of contacts needed to find work in a Court...and even then. Courts paid quarterly. Her family couldn’t be without her and the small income she had managed to bring in over the years of doing odd jobs for three whole months.

Whispers on the street told her of a man, Garen L’Voide, who had money pouring out his ass and was always looking for treasures to add to his collection. Petra wore the Red. She figured that had to be worth something.

Contacting him was easier than expected, and the deal they struck fulfilled her needs nicely. She would give him fifteen years of her life. In return, he would provide an income for her nine surviving sibling, a house, clothing, schooling, even jobs in Garen’s businesses when they came of age. When the contract ended, Petra would be released with a not insignificant sum of her own, and with a referral from Prince L’Voide. Her contract was due to end just at the age when her youngest brother would have his Offering. She would be allowed to see them, to watch them grow up to a life she had never dreamed of for them.

Less than a month after descending to the Red, she signed over her life.

It was a risk, and the collar he placed around her neck wasn’t something she enjoyed, but Petra had ever been the practical sort. Fifteen years might seem a lot to her now, but she would only be in her thirties when released. She would have a life, and her siblings would have a life. The price was fair, and whatever it was that her new master wanted, she would do it. She believed the only thing that mattered was her family.

She was hopelessly wrong.

But Petra learned. She learned to endure, to obey, to put her morals aside at the orders of a monster, a monster she hated and loved in equal measure.

No, her family was not the only thing that mattered. She found that pain mattered a great deal, that humiliation made her angry and turned her on, that hurting others filled her with bitterness. But her brothers and sister were what mattered most. As the years slowly passed, her devotion to Garen did as well. She was among the small group of his slaves that he treasured and treated well (although, after many years witnessing his cruelty, her definition of good and bad treatment was skewed beyond belief).

Several of her siblings grew to hate her for her decision to be Garen’s slave and plaything, and this pissed Petra off. She had sacrificed her youth and her freedom to see them not have to whore themselves for coin or end up chained to the cycle of poverty. Their lack of gratitude were a personal offense...but her rage never lasted long, not even when one of her younger sisters left and never came back. They had a point, one that Garen had been making since day one: Petra was a Red Jeweled Priestess. If she had wanted money and power, she should have just taken it. She considered turning on Garen a few times, almost did once, but each time turned back before she did, until she admitted to herself that she couldn’t kill him.

Then, just like that, her term was halfway over, and time just seemed to speed up, each year, each order, bringing her closer to the day where the collar she wore with the elegance of a Queen’s jewels would be removed at last. Yet as the day grew ever closer and the youngest of her brothers approached his Offering, the house they had lived in growing empty, dread began to mount in Petra.

How was she supposed to live without Garen’s guidance? She had not made a single major life choice for herself since nineteen and wasn’t sure she would be able to. Filled with fear, confusion and excitement, she is counting down the days until one life ends and another begins, while at the same time knowing that the imprint of Garen’s will is branded on her soul and Petra might never be rid of it.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:

Petra Constantin stood up straight as she waited outside the door for the man who would determine her fate. She hadn’t pegged everything on this meeting. That would be foolish, but out of the few reasonable options, Prince L’Voide was the one that offered both the greatest risk and the greatest possible reward. Petra had never had the money to gamble, but now she had something even better.

She fingered the Red Jewel that hung nestled between her breasts, stark against the pale skin. She had worn a tight-fitting black blouse and slacks today, the only nice clothes she owned, if a little snug on her now that she had matured past girlhood. All the better, really. She was here to sell herself, body and Jewels to the man, and she had no illusions about what that meant. She had shared a wall with a whore her whole life, and there was nothing shameful in the sale of flesh, if the marks were good enough or the need dire.

As she waited she let her eyes drift shut, floating down within herself into the Abyss, finding comfort in the quiet darkness there. This was why she knew she could endure whatever it took to see this through. If he accepted her terms and she knew her family would no longer have to suffer, Petra wouldn’t give a fuck about what came after. She could always retreat here, in the dark, down below almost anyone else in this Territory. It was her peace and her solace, the ace up her sleeve and the breath in her lungs.

Her eyes snapped open as she heard footsteps approach. She shifted, ready, waiting to gaze upon the face of the man on whom all her hopes rested. Petra steeled herself. She was not going to end up like her parents -poor, idiotic, filled with baseless hope and optimism in a cruel world. No, she was going to rise higher than they could ever have dreamed, and she would grant her brothers and sisters the chance to do the same, as long as they were willing to take it and work hard. This path might not be the one most chose out of the slums, but it was the one Petra wanted to be on.

She knew her worth.

She was a fully qualified Priestess, she wore the Red, and she was ready to do whatever it took to impress.

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Player Name:DragonGirl

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Could I have a random roll and five family rolls?

Thank you!
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As per request for a general roll and 5 family rolls.

Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an uncut Opal Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with an uncut Red Jewel at your Offering.

( & (


1. White - Rose
2. Opal - Sapphire
3. Tiger Eye - Purple Dusk
4. Rose - Opal
5. Summer Sky - Purple Dusk
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Banking this roll, bought and paid for here  (

Could I have a reroll? Thank you!!
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As per banked roll, the Phe Curse strikes.

Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an uncut Opal Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with a cut Red Jewel at your Offering.

( & (

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