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Author Topic: Narcisa "Sway" Ciora  (Read 1557 times)

Description: Witch, Yellow to Summer Sky. Played by Phedre

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Narcisa "Sway" Ciora
« on: Oct 29, 14, 02:57:26 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Narcisa "Sway" Ciora
Nicknames: no nickname other than her Myos name, Sway
Age: 31 (born 162 AP)
Race: Short Lived
Caste:  witch
Birth Territory: Dena Nehele
Home Territory: Dena Nehele

Birthright Jewel: Cut Yellow
Offering Jewel: Cut Summer Sky

Play By: Angelina Jolie

Distinguishing Features:


Narcisa is an unusually beautiful young woman, a fact she exploits to manipulate her marks. If they are focused on her face or her body, they don't realize she has lifted their money or slipped a poison into their drink until she is nothing but a lust filled memory. This beauty was a liability as a girl. She ran away from the orphanage she was raised in after fighting off the sexual advances of the man in charge. He was her first kill. She was 12 years old. She does not like to be touched. Only her foster brother Alin is allowed casual physical contact.

Alin says being around her is like handling a broken piece of glass. Sometimes, no matter how careful you are, you're going to get cut deep regardless. She is a passionate person, quick to laughter, quicker to violence. She trusts no one completely save Alin. She treats her Brothers and Sisters in the Myos Guild with the same amount of respectful caution that she expects from them: they can work together, they can trust each other absolutely in a fight or on a job, but the day a contract comes out on one of them, she will not hesitate to fulfill it. She is fiercely loyal to Alin and fiercely loyal to the Myos. Her loyalty is to the Guild as a whole, not its individual members. She is efficient and extremely reliable. While she may not trust others, she can be trusted to carry out any contract that the Guild requests of her, regardless how distasteful. Sometimes that means taking a job where she doesn't get to be part of the slaughter. Executioner is always her preferred position, but she will do what needs to be done and will do it well.       

  • 1 Violence. There is a savage rage that lives within Narcisa's slight frame. Violence feeds it. Violence makes her feel cleansed and purified.
  • 2 Playing cards. You can learn a lot about a person while playing cards with them. When not on a contract, you are likely to find her in a tavern, drinking and playing cards with a large group of men. 
  • 3 Training. Her years of training instilled a strong sense of needing to keep her body in her best physical form. She loves the feeling of pushing her muscles to their limits and spends part of each day running through training exercises.
  • 1 Aristos. There is no love lost between the poorer Blood and the Aristos. They prance around in their pristine mansions while children starve on the street. Sway is particularly pleased when a contract calls for an Aristo death.
  • 2 Being touched. Too many men have tried to have their way with her over the years. Touching her without her permission is likely to be a very painful experience for the other party.
  • 3 Sleeping. You are vulnerable while you sleep. Being vulnerable in anyway is something Sway can't stand. She had Alin set up elaborate Opal warding spells around the rooms she and Alin share and sleeps in a corner with her back to the wall, or with her feet pressed against the door, often with a sharpened knife under her pillow.
  • 1 Losing Alin. Narcisa's foster brother, Alin, is the only person in her life who truly matters to her. She doesn't let anyone get close to her. People she cares about can be used against her. Alin is both her closest ally and her largest liability.
  • 2 Making a mistake. There is no room for second chances when you are fulfilling a contract. Making a mistake could put her life, or worse, Alin's life, at risk.
  • 3 Being vulnerable. Narcisa is terrified of being attacked while vulnerable. She spends the first three days of her moontime every month in a near panic and won't allow anyone except Alin anywhere near her. 
Craft Strengths:
  • 1 Sight Shields. A survival skill she learned early on. You can't strike a child you can't see. As an assassin, her skill with sight shields has kept her alive on countless occasions.
  • 2 Covering her physical and psychic scent. Sway is excellent at getting in, getting out, and never leaving a trail. Most people she interacts with have no idea what Jewel she wears.
Craft Weaknesses:
  • 1 Hearth Craft. Narcisa is terrible at everything to do with Hearth Craft. She can't cook, she can't clean, she is clueless about maintaining a comfortable home. She can manage to warm up a cup of laced coffee, but that is really the extent of her ability.
  • 2 Spells that require patience. Unless she's working a contract, Sway has little to no patience for anything. Spells that require a lot of set up and time to take effect are extremely difficult for her. This weakness is something that has made her advancement in the Guild slow, despite her excellent record.
Life Story

Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Siblings: Alin Lior (foster brother) age 27 Summer Sky to Opal Warlord

Narcisa's earliest memories are of fighting with other children to defend Alin. She was perhaps 4 or 5 years old. She threw herself with savage hatred at a group of much bigger boys who were picking on Alin. She came away bruised and bloody, with torn finger nails, a split lip, and a chipped baby tooth. She was severely punished for breaking so many of the other children's bones. But no one bothered Alin after that.

Growing up in an orphanage in one of the poorest areas of town was not an easy life for a child. Alliances were made and held with a fierceness most never see or experience. Alin was a year younger than her and was small for his age. He was sensitive and kind, not the type of boy who survives long in a brutal environment. Even after their Birthright Ceremonies when Alin came away wearing the Summer Sky and Narcisa came away wearing the Yellow, she still served as his protector. They were inseparable.

Her temper was well known and was likely the reason she was never chosen for adoption. When Alin was 11, a family came and chose him. He didn't want to go, but Narcisa insisted. He had a chance at a real life. He should take it. Unknown to her, her bond with Alin had been protecting her from other dangers. Once he was gone, she was alone. She stopped sleeping, realizing how vulnerable she would be while she slept. On the third night after Alin left, the head of the orphanage cornered her in the kitchen while she was alone washing dishes. He told her all of the disgusting things he was going to do to her now that her Summer Sky Warlord was no longer here to seek revenge after she was well and thoroughly broken. Narcisa picked up a butcher knife and slammed it down where the man's neck met his shoulder. She was immediately soaked in his blood. Still clutching the butcher knife, she ran.

A member of the Myos Guild found her in an alley, still covered in blood and holding the butcher knife. He took her to a safe house and cleaned her up. He gave her a few days to recover, to eat, to sleep, to get her strength and her bearings back. He never touched her beyond getting her to the safe house. And then he gave her a choice: Live out on the streets and make the best life that she could knowing someone out there was probably looking for the girl who had killed a man with a butcher knife or go with him to the training grounds and train to be an assassin. 

The training was intense. She took to it with a natural grace. She loved it. She grew stronger, both physically and mentally. And when it was over, she officially became a member of the Myos Guild. She was reliable and skilled. Her temper was still sharp, but she honed it to work to her advantage. And when she came away from her Offering with the Summer Sky, she went in search of Alin. They lived together in a suite of rooms on the upper floor of an out of the way tavern, run by a quiet couple who asked no questions about Narcisa's activities in exchange for her and Alin's protection of their business and their two young daughters. And life might have continued that way, quiet, peaceful, or at least, as quiet and peaceful as life can ever be for a Myos assassin.

But then she met Ventus. Or rather, he met her. The sadistic Shaos leader set his sights on Sway, and through mental, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse and torture, molded her into a new instrument entirely. His pet, his personal sharpened blade. She was deadlier in his hands than she ever had been on her own. She learned Shaos ways. She learned Shaos secrets. And she gave herself entirely to Ventus in a way that could not be undone.

She belonged to Ventus when he kidnapped the Queen of Dena Nehele. She belonged to him when he returned Darcia safely to Court. And she belonged to him when Shade came for him, his death on her lips, and she watched him die, her entire world shattering.

Now, she is in Shade's custody. She still bears Ventus' mark across her soul. And as if that isn't enough, his name is burned into the flesh of her stomach, in an arc under her breasts, and carved into her very rib cage. Stripped of everything, she waits, raw, and silent, to see what fate Shade shall decide for her.   

Show Us What You've Got

Writing Sample:
Narcisa ran. She ran through the back alleyways, having no idea where she was going. She ran until her legs burned. She turned a corner and very nearly crashed into a well dressed man, quietly leaning against a wall. He grabbed her arms to keep her from falling down. She growled at him and struggled free of his grasp. He let her go and she barely caught her balance. He looked down and saw that his hands were slick with blood.

She backed up just out of his reach and held the butcher knife out in front of her. Her hands trembled. She was furious, terrified, and exhausted from lack of sleep. The man just watched her, an amused expression coming over his face. He hadn't expected to find himself in an alley with a snarling 12 year old girl drenched in blood and threatening him with a butcher knife. He couldn't tell how much of the blood was hers, but clearly most of it had belonged to someone else, someone else he suspected no longer walked among the living.

Narcisa could barely stay on her feet and was swaying slightly. She had dark smudges under her eyes, and a large fading bruise on her cheek. He was certain adrenalin and terror were the only things keeping her upright. "You know," he said casually, "there are cleaner ways to end a man's life." Wariness and confusion crossed her face before she quickly settled back into rage. There was fire in this girl. The swaying increased. She was clearly struggling to stay on her feet. 

"Come one little Sway, let's get you cleaned up." He reached for her and she lunged at him with the knife. But he was faster and stronger than her. The knife hit the stone beneath her feet and she was in his arms and up over his shoulder before she knew what was happening. She kicked and screamed, but it did no good. Putting a tight shield around them both, the man caught the Winds and took Narcisa to her new life. 

Petitions: Reactivation Petition, current

Why did this character became inactive?
I was abducted by life and left the site for a while, during which time, all of my characters became inactive.

What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?
Sway has always had an abundance of plots and I have no doubt that will continue to be the case. I have been consistent in keeping my character count low and writing when I can, which so far, is working out super well. Yay!

What are your plans for this character?
Sway's entire world has been destroyed with the death of her lover and Master, Ventus. She holds within her both Shaos skills and secrets, that might be able to be unlocked if Shade can find the right key. Jai and I have created a plot arc involving Sway and Shade and we have some ideas for some neat inter-Guild and inter- Territory play. Vivian and I have also discussed potential plots that Sway and her characters could play. Woot!

Number of previous Reactivations:

Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) :
*Ages updated
*History updated to reflect current events as follows:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Also! Can I please have the Advanced Stealth Craft Sway has as part of the 2012 Thanksgiving Shop Purchase (and played out in game with Ventus's training) gifted to her again? Thank you!

Player Name: Phedre

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Re: Narcisa "Sway" Ciora
« Reply #1 on: Oct 29, 14, 04:20:15 PM »
Fear stalks the streets anew!


Narcisa Ciora (Sway) has been blessed with Advaned Stealth Craft.

character tracker

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Re: Narcisa "Sway" Ciora
« Reply #2 on: Dec 02, 17, 04:20:40 PM »
I would like my Thanksgiving shop Dark Ally, adoptable character roll for Sway, pretty please. Thank you!
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Re: Narcisa "Sway" Ciora
« Reply #3 on: Dec 02, 17, 04:54:46 PM »
Your Dark Ally was Weighed by Mother Night...

...and risen from the Darkness twice blessed with a cut Purple Dusk Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with a cut Green Jewel at your Offering.


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