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Author Topic: Mayu no Kagen  (Read 27 times)

Description: Reactivation

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Mayu no Kagen
« on: Jul 16, 20, 08:31:48 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Mayu no Kagen
Age & Birthyear:  42, b. 153 AP
Race:  Short-lived
Caste:  Priestess
Birth Territory: Tacea, Terreille
Home Territory: Dena Nehele, Terreille

Birthright Jewel: uncut White
Offering Jewel:  uncut Rose

Role: Court Priestess
Faction: Lesser Caecian


Play By: Tang Wei
Distinguishing Features:



Perhaps if she’d grown up with the space to find her feet, Mayu would be an entirely different person now. But Mother Night cruelly placed her in a household with too many strong and controlling personalities, and the young Priestess bowed beneath their force. But though she has bent, Mayu is not broken. She has chosen to be the willow that sways with the storm, rather than the oak to dig deep and be torn up by the roots. As a Priestess, Mayu knows rather intimately what lies at the end of everything, and though she acknowledges that it comes for all eventually, she is not ready to rejoin her Mothers in the Darkness yet.

Mayu is quiet and observant, having learned that details can save one’s life, but the wrong words at the wrong time can tear it away. Silence, on the contrary, rarely affords one the same opportunity to get into trouble. Her humor is present, but deeply buried- smoldering embers that require careful coaxing to burst into flame. She has the pragmatic eye and calculating mind that has pushed the Kagen Clan far, and it is both blessing and curse.

She resents her own timidity with her family, but cannot ignore the fact that boldness alone will not free her here. She is instead reliant on the patience and endurance she has developed from her place in the family, gathering wisdom and waiting for the opportunity to make use of it.

Mayu is much less resentful and timid these days. Her time in Dena Nehele away from the direct pressure of most family, and interacting with Toyani as more a colleague than family have instilled a confidence in the Priestess that was missing before. She is still quiet, but it is now the still patience of a fighter waiting for the opportune moment to strike rather than the timidity of an omega wolf uncertain of her own strength. She has survived barbarians, a Decimation and Toyani as a ruling Queen: she may have been thrown to the wolves, but fully intends to return as a leader of the pack.

  • Her Clan- Mayu has a genuine affection for her Aunt Hinata, ruler and unifier of all Tacea. She takes pride in her mother’s accomplishments, in Shiro’s strength, in Toyani’s caste and jewels. She is proud to be a Kagen. It is simply not always easy, to be the figurative runt of the litter.
  • Motherhood- It’s not that she looked forward to going to raising another child when she’s already done so (and to some respect, failed) with Toyani. Liked the idea of being someone’s mother in truth, instead of someone else’s poor and unwanted substitute, and thus far the experience hasn’t let her down. Suzume responds with a clear and honest affection that she has not yet found with the rest of her family.
  • Sex- Surprisingly, quiet Mayu has proved an ardent and adept lover if with a partner primed to appreciate it. She loves that sense of connection and heat that has been so absent from her life so long, likes being able to please and serve another without the taint of familial expectation. It makes her feel strong, and feeling powerful like that is a rare and treasured experience in her life.
  • Her mother- Lady help her, but Mayu resented her honored mother when Aimi had full control of her faculties. Aimi was a great lady, yes, but it came at the expense of those around her. If her Queen sister had difficulty telling Aimi ‘no’, her Priestess daughter never had a chance.
  • Involvement in the Kagen Civil War- No matter which sibling wins, Mayu will still end up under someone’s thumb. Both Shiro and Toyani regard her to be as much threat to them as the furniture- and they may like the furniture more. She has no current incentive to back one horse over the other and prefers to leave them to it.
  • Lack of personal respect- The Clan has always honored her for fulfilling her duty to the family, and but what respect she has is entirely through that and them. Her own name commands nothing… and perhaps she is enough her mother’s daughter after all to resent that fact.
  • Toyani no Kagen- Mayu might have resented the burden, but she did her level best to raise her sister fairly, without taking her resentment out on the child. But from the first –and certainly from Toyani’s Birthright- there has been something unnatural about the Queen-who-is-no-Queen; some lack of emotion that normally guides the instincts of the Blood. Her threat is screamingly apparent to an instinct honed by decades at the side of a Black Widow and her equally dangerous crime family, especially after her attack on a Priestess for merely doing her job. Mayu simply does not know what she fears more- a Toyani in full control of her ambitions and impulses, or one whose inexperience and demons goad her.
  • Being a poor mother- Mayu has always known that if Aimi’s branch of the family is to have a future, she was the most likely candidate to be sacrificed for it, her siblings having grander destinies than marriage or pregnancy. But she does fear that whatever happened with Toyani –that inability to really connect with her- was actually her fault instead of some defect in her sister, and will happen again. After all, she and Aimi had a poor maternal bond as well- perhaps it is simply in the blood.
  • For Yumi no Kagen- Her second-cousin is a radiant spirit and a conscientious Queen. Mayu feels she will do better for the Kagen than Toyani is either willing or able to be, and fears what will happen if her sister sees the girl as a threat in need of removal, or if another faction in the brewing unrest sees the demise of the new Kagen Queen as a way to weaken the Clan before war breaks out.
Craft Strengths:
  • Psychic scent masking- Priestess Mayu is adept at maintaining a subtle connection to the Darkness that allows her to bleed off any undesirable emotion from her psychic scent and appear serene and biddable- as her mother most liked her to be.
  • Scrying- Mayu knows far more about her siblings’ affairs than they think she does. With sufficient familiarity or a token connected to her subject, she can spy on anyone not specifically shielding against such Craft. The Priestess has an instinct understanding of this aspect of Craft and a delicacy of touch that makes her scrying difficult for its subject to detect.
Craft Weaknesses:
  • Physical Craft- Mayu is such a creature of the mind and spirit that she has trouble manipulating ‘dead’ things with Craft at all.
  • Power bolts- Witches of Tacea are trained with weapon as well as Craft, but Mayu has never been confident enough to get the oomph out of her bolts that she should.
Life Story

Mother: Aimi no Kagen (Summer Sky to Green Black Widow) Born 124 AP
Father: Shou no Kagen (Rose to Purple Dusk Prince) Deceased*

Shiro no Kagen (Summer Sky to Opal Warlord Prince) Born 145 AP
Hideto no Kagen (Rose to Opal Priest Warlord Prince) Born 160 AP
Akira no Kagen (Rose to Blood Opal Warlord) Born 160 AP
Toyani no Kagen (Sapphire to Red Queen) Born 170 AP
Daughter: Suzume no Kagen, Queen, b. 194 AP.


The eldest daughter in a strong, noble Tacean family should have been raised confident and powerful. Perhaps she would have been, had she been permitted the space and peace of growing up in her Aunt’s Court. Aimi no Kagen was her mother, not Hinata, and the Black Widow raised her daughter with all the ruthless practicality that she ran the rest of the family. Mayu was a tool to be used as any other, more than an heir, and if she broke in the forging then she was not worthy in the first place. And if she’d had the will to protest, the Warlord Prince elder brother that Aimi was already training as an enforcer in Mayu’s earliest memories quieted any notion of independence.

Shou’s death was unexpected, but its effect on her mother even more so. For the first time in Mayu’s experience, Aimi no Kagen was tired and vulnerable. The teenager began to entertain hopes that Aimi’s attention would be entirely occupied with the new infant and she could be eloquent enough to persuade the Black Widow to let her pursue her own dream: to go to the Black Immortal and study with the Priestesses there.

Plans altered with Toyani’s birth. Even after Aimi’s collapse, freedom should have been in sight. She was the eldest female child, the rightful Matriarch of the line. But nothing changed. Shiro became her new Aimi, and the infant Toyani her albatross. At a time when Mayu should have been making her Offering and pursuing her own ambitions, her own loves, her mother and brother managed to saddle her with duty once more. She had neither the Jewels nor the caste (nor, truth be told, the skills or inclination) to hold the family in Aimi’s name instead, even if she had wanted to.

Things got better, after Toyani’s Birthright. The young Queen required less nursemaiding from Mayu and could more often be given over to their aunt for training to rule. Mayu was released from her Clan duties to venture to Black Immortal and train with the Priestesses there. It was the best time of her life, talking mysteries and caste secrets with her sisters in spirit, and serving Mother Night as She had intended when giving Mayu her caste instead as a nursemaid.

Indirectly, it was Toyani again who derailed her life. Instead of celebrating a successful descent to adulthood, the Queen she’d raised sulked for the better part of a year before taking off to the land of the savages. So she was not available for the Clan to put forth as a replacement candidate when the Dragon Mother Izayoi raged and danced in the blood of a generation. So the Clans watched one another warily, preparing for war under the watchful gaze of a male who had no business being on the throne- Aunt Hinata’s blessing or no. So when her brother came into conflict with one of the criminal elements of the Shingetsu family, he decided to offer his Priestess sister as a bride to the son of one of the more prominent of these criminal elements in an attempt to forge an alliance or to outright wrest control of those activities from the Shingetsu. Mayu might be getting older, but there was still Craft and herbs that could extend her fertility enough to join the bloodlines as intended.

Again, Mayu bowed her head and resigned herself to the inevitable. But though Toyani was gone from Tacea, she would not let herself be forgotten. The Red Queen had been busy in Dena Nehele and her plans required Mayu, for Shiro wasn’t the only one planning to dominate the criminal underworld and Toyani had her own candidate for alliance in the exile Maseo no Shingetsu.

Despite Toyani’s best laid plans, the arrangement didn’t quite work out. Mayu served faithfully as her sister’s Priestess for the next two years, but Maseo no Shingetsu moved on to other pastures where Mayu cared not to follow. She was too busy for his ambitions, perhaps, as she in the one of the most brash and decisive actions of her life decided to make use of a fertility potion before she was too old.

The resulting pregnancy and birth required all the attention of Toyani’s Healer, but she was delivered of a small-but-healthy daughter that would have made a relocation to the still-recovering Hunedora quite difficult. If, indeed, there was any reason to. The Priestess declined to name a father, causing some to speculate that the great Kagen line had been tainted with barbarians’ blood. In an unprecedented show of ferocity, Mayu did fight a handful of Honor Duels with those foolish enough to say so in her hearing, but otherwise refused to be drawn. She would hardly be the first Tacean woman to name no father at all for her heirs if she so chose. Only time might tell if rumor was correct, because Mayu’s lips were sealed.
She was, however, reconsidering her place in the greater scheme of things. Her purpose in coming to Dena Nehele had been a new start, a choice for something of her own instead of going along with the will of some sibling or another. But Maseo had moved on and Toyani was going places that she did not particularly want to follow. Places that reminded her of Shiro. Thoughts of Shiro reminded her of things left unsaid and undone in Tacea- things she did not want face her daughter someday and admit to. Perhaps it was time to go home, despite the wrath she feared would come from her ‘defection’ with Toyani- from both her brother and the cousin who held the place that could have been her sister’s. There were, after all, other options available to her now. Options that no longer required reliance on the Kagen. If she could seek a commission with the newly-created Thousand Swords, she might advance on her own merits and have people to stand with her against the will of her more nefarious-minded kin. It was all Mayu had ever wanted.
Communing with the Darkness, however, revealed that she was not yet done in Dena Nehele. Whether it be the spirits of her ancestors or merely the personification of her own instincts, Mayu’s time in the Abyss left her with the conviction that she was still needed there. No one not of her immediate family had ever needed her (and even then, only until Toyani could feed and clothe herself without help). So the Priestess stayed on as Lesser Carcian’s Court Priestess, intending to seek a short-term contract when it came time to renew arrangements with either Toyani or the Red Queen’s successor should the Mother take her baby sister elsewhere (again). Her other plans could wait for a bit. Above all things, Mayu had long ago mastered patience.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:

Mayu drank from the chalice and was thrust into the Abyss, opening her eyes to confront the layer of White she had known all her life. So miraculous it had seemed at the time. She’d been so enthralled at the way the power had resonated around her that she’d never even tried to go further. Part of her wondered what might have been, had she tried- the rest remained deadly certain she had gotten it right, no matter her disappointment that the power level did not serve her petty human ambitions. The Abyss spoke to who you were. It did not care that you had overbearing family and needed some power, any power, to match them.

It demanded you find that power within yourself. Those who could not would perish in its depths, unworthy of the dragon blood in their veins.

Mayu might not have the strength, but she had the discipline in spades- forged by years of bowing her head and tucking herself away and willingly giving herself over to the hammer of duty to forge her into what the Kagen needed her to be. She was not afraid to take that downward plunge deeper in the Abyss. What worse could happen? Shiro would not have a pack mule to do his bidding anymore? Young Toyani would not have the caregiver she did not cry for nor appear to want?

More, the Abyss was her place. None of her siblings (save Hideto, who at least understood the sacred as the rest of the family never had, and would respect it) could follow her here. Mayu reveled in the oh-so-rare feeling of power suffusing her spirit, getting stronger with each step: White to Yellow, Yellow to Tiger-eye, Tiger-Eye to the soft hue of the Rose. As far as she could go once she did not let her fear bind her any longer. Once there she sank to her knees and let the power bathe her, heart and soul, hoping some small fragment of this sense-memory remained past the light of dawn.

Petitions: Reactivation
Why did this character became inactive?Toyani got quiet and Mayu’s intended plots involving her died.

What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again? Make different plans for her.

What are your plans for this character? Most immediately, she’ll continue as Toyani’s Priestess. She’ll come home for a bit to marry Yumi to her Shingetsu intended, but return to Dena Nehele for a bit to train Aleksandr no Moon as a Priest.

I eventually intend to bring her back to Tacea and give her plots with both the Thousand Swords and the Kagen Clan. Mayu will set out to bring down her brother’s criminal empire and get to use her quiet strength, inventiveness and patience to finally assert herself as an individual and a Kagen.

Number of previous Reactivations: 0, I think. Maybe 1.

Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) :

Added bottom paragraph to personality to reflect developments.
Updated history to reflect the last few years.
Edited motherhood like to reflect actual instead of theoretical motherhood.

Player Name: Caryn

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Re: Mayu no Kagen
« Reply #1 on: Jul 16, 20, 08:33:23 PM »
Ready for review

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Re: Mayu no Kagen
« Reply #2 on: Jul 16, 20, 08:42:25 PM »
added to queue
i have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night // writer tracker

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Re: Mayu no Kagen
« Reply #3 on: Jul 30, 20, 02:57:11 PM »
i have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night // writer tracker