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With the full force of the Guilds at her back, Rilandra Vlas seized the Territory Throne of Dena Nehele. The common born Province Queen now owes allegiance to the Master of the Guilds for his assistance in both securing the throne and securing Darcia Glassade's continual safety. Trapped between the demands of the Guilds and the demands of the Aristos, Riley is struggling to rule, finding the palace more of a cage than she could have dreamed possible.
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Author Topic: Danton Keel  (Read 831 times)

Description: Prince. Summer Sky to Opal. Played by Dany.

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Danton Keel
« on: Oct 11, 17, 08:49:36 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Danton Keel
Nicknames: Keels
Age:  60
Race:  Dena Nehelian
Caste:  Prince
Birth Territory: Dena Nehele
Home Territory: Dena Nehele

Birthright Jewel: Uncut Summer Sky
Offering Jewel:  Cut Opal

Play By: Tim Roth
Distinguishing Features: His voice is noticeably distorted to the point of being unrecognizable from an attempted throat slashing.  There is a very distinctive scar across his throat.


It takes a great many things to be considered an excellent Guild Master.  One of those things is not a large heart or soft skin.  The man known only as “The Guild Master” to most is a hard, business minded man who is always thinking about the next step down the line.  He is practically on the verge of having a Napoleon Complex.  His humor is all but non-existent and he isn't one to take a joke very well.  Danton hides himself behind the guise of the Guild Master almost to the extent of not having an identity outside of the Guilds.  After all the work Danton has put into garnering his position as Master, Danton really has nothing else to live for.

Danton trusts no one.  Those who he thought he could rely on in the past had failed him and subsequently ruined it for everyone else.  Those he is forced to rely on, are only given a meager amount of trust, if you could call it that.  Danton is the first the admit that his past rules him.  He's a backstabbing bastard and assumes everyone else is the same way.  After all, he'd want to take himself down if he was someone else.

Many have said that the Guild Master would sell his own family for the right price.  If only they knew how close to the truth that statement actually is.  Danton's hard upbringing has made him an imposing, no nonsense kind of man.  His gravelly, corrupted voice only adds to the air of brutal logic.  The fact that emotion is nearly undetectable in Danton's voice makes him somewhat of an anomaly.  His face is animated to the point that it seems as if it's making up for the robotic nature of his voice.  Danton's hazel eyes are fiery with passion and a mind that is constantly working.

Danton takes great care in covering his throat at all times.  No one must know he was once the fallen Guild Leader who took down a court.  Everything is riding on his current position and nothing is going to stand in his way, even his own personal deformities.  Danton is aware that Tobias and Baldwin are both very close.  It's a dangerous game but Danton is going to play it out as long as he can.  Finding almost sick pleasure in hiding right under their noses, Danton is practically drooling at the possibility of rubbing his betrayal in their faces.

Very few have seen the identity of the shadowy Guild Master, even the Guild Leaders of the territory.  Danton isn't about to let his schemes be overshadowed by stupidity ever again.  Danton's schemes are deep rooted and well planned out.  He has personal investments in the future of Dena Nehele and he is going to go to considerable lengths to see that they are accomplished.

  • 1- Power- Size no longer matters now that he is in a position of power.  Danton has learned over the years that if you have the power, those who made your life hell in the past for whatever reason end up working for you.
  • 2- Wealth- Wealth can buy you almost anything, including friends if you wanted them.  Danton doesn't have companions, he has money.  And money never betrays you.
  • 3- High Collars- He would prefer it if people didn't stare at his scarred neck.  In attempt to hide his true identity, Danton covers any trace of who he is.  High collars cover his scars and the indicator of who he is.
  • 1-  Aristos. They put too much faith in their own bloodlines.  Danton has learned over the years that blood means nothing unless it's spilled.
  • 2- Queens- They're all the same, all of the lie.  The past has shown Danton that it doesn't matter what your status is, death comes to any who are foolish enough to request an audience.
  • 3- Young people. They have no idea just how foolish they really are.  Perhaps he doesn't remember what he was like as a youth, but Danton sees all young people as a liability.
  • 1- Having his identity revealed- Danton has worked long hours to secure his identity.  His shield of shadows is Danton's trump card.  No one can know who he is for fear of losing all he has worked for.
  • 2- Losing control the the Guilds.  The Guild system has been Danton's life work.  All of the sacrifices Danton has made will mean nothing if the Guilds should lose control.
  • 3- Being under the control of another court.  The courts failed Danton once, he won't let them again.  Danton has learned that the politicking of the Guilds is almost always more effective than that of the Courts.
Life Story

Mother: Madeline Keels- Rose to Opal - long dead
Father: Walter Keels- Summer Sky-Purple Dusk -long dead

Danton Keels was born a street urchin destined to die a street urchin.  However, an undeniable desire to succeed drove a worthless, penniless orphan to the Guild rings.  Starting out as a simple page for a lower Guild Leader, Danton put all of the skills he learned on the street into becoming an irreplaceable member of the Guilds.  Danton was a savvy young man who was a quick learner.  It didn't take him long to make connections and friends within the Guilds.

Being young and wanting to gain experiences, Danton volunteered to be the errand boy for the Courts, delivering info back and forth.  It was there that he developed the friendship of two young, yet somewhat naïve court members.  They were friendly, yes. But being taller and older meant that Danton was always the butt of nearly ever prank and joke.  A grudge he still carries with him.  To this day, Danton is waiting to seek revenge against Baldwin and Tobias for making his life a living hell.

Danton had always had a knack for gaining trust and information.  So when the Shaos Guild offered an apprenticeship, Danton took it with great enthusiasm.   Over the next few years, Danton hungrily devoured any lessons that the assassins could teach him and applied them to his schemes for power.  Danton's drive and desire for more helped skyrocket him through the ranks, eventually gaining him a position among the leaders of his Guild.

When Danton reached maturity, he gained enough favor and clout among the guilds to start vying for the position of Guild Master.  There was no way he was going to prove himself worthy of such a position if he didn't do something drastic.  So the plotting began.  It became quite obvious after some digging that the Guilds were unhappy with the court.  Their Queen was weak and did little to appease the Guilds.

Being the vengeful sort, Danton used the information he gained from his two surly companions at the court, both having come into power, to double cross them.  If he could take out the Queen, he could cripple the entire province and take the Guild Leader position for the province.  That would make the Guild Master's position practically fall into his lap.  Tobias and Baldwin enjoyed the drink.  Over round after round, Danton forced them to give him the information he needed. 

Danton, always being a crafty and well thought out devised a plan.  McGregor was always a trusting fool, especially in regards to his friends.  It was very easy for Danton to recommend spies into the service of the court and his friends never thought twice about it.  Those spies placed within the court would act as Danton's hands within the court without Danton actually doing anything to jeopardize his standing within the Guild, or his path to the top.

Within the span of a day, Danton saw his plans come to light and fail.  While the attack on the Court went exactly as planned, Danton's own guild turned to chaos.  Some, afraid of his power, chose to strike against their leader.  The assassin sent to kill Danton wasn't very good at his job.  While he did succeed in cutting Danton's throat, he didn't kill Danton.  Danton often wished that the assassin had been successful.  It was going to take years to fix the damage done in only a day. 

Instead of taking revenge, Danton went into hiding.  He was disfigured and it was going to take some regrouping to get his plan back on track.  Over the next thirty years, Danton set into motion a series of moves that skyrocketed him to the top.  Those who stood in his way fell.  As the Guild Master, Danton has taken great care in hiding his identity as the fallen Guild Leader to suss out his potential assassin and to keep an eye on the courts.

Danton has used his Shaos connections to keep an eye on what the current Territory courts have been up to.  Not many are aware of just how personal Danton's connection to the courts are, most just assume that his attention is focused on them for political reasons and nothing personal or emotional.

For Danton Keels, it seemed whenever the Darkness unraveled things, it unraveled them in ways Keels could never fully predict.  It was a sore and painful truth that Keels was learning for the second time.  This time, it was Danton's golden, most precious pawn that was going to cost him his life.  But it was a price that Keels would willingly play to keep himself in the game.

While Keels could cheat death with infinite ease, this time the Prince was going to have to take people down with him.  Keels never anticipated that the blood on his hands would be his own kin, a burden Keels was going to have to carry for the rest of his life.  It's not that Darcia needed that tiny life within her.  A child couldn't keep her alive.  Helping her father, even if she wasn't aware at that moment who he was, was going to keep her from dying at the hands of a monster Keels had helped create.

Danton never anticipated in his wildest dreams that Nicu was going to betray him.  That betrayal showed every single one of Keel's hands, except for a few chosen secrets that Danton would take to his fake grave once again.

On the eve of one of the greatest slight of hand tricks Keels could ever pull off, a pawn that the Guild Master never saw coming to fruition is making helping Keels sink his hooks into the newest rise to power in Dena Nehele, whether that was the intention or not. 

With this newest Queen attempting to settle into Darcia's chair, Keels has absolutely no problem throwing his weight around to make sure the Territory doesn't shift in a way that isn't beneficial to him.
Show Us What You've Got

Writing Sample:
Word traveled fast when chaos was afoot.  And having the Queen brutally killed along with the rest of her court created an awful lot of chaos.  It was particularly brilliant on Danton's part.  The whole plan folded together perfectly.  The Queen was dead and everyone was turning to the Guilds for answers and protection. 

Danton was prepared for some measure of insanity.  What he wasn't prepared for was the violence that would erupt from inside the Guild itself. Panic licked at Danton's stomach as he quickly tried to gather his things and leave the Guild Hall before all hell broke loose. 

In a hurried pace, Danton made his way out of his office and headed down the corridor towards the back door.  Danton knew that once he made it to the alley he would be in the clear.  It was just a matter of getting out of the building unnoticed. 

Meeting up with his assistant in the hallway, Danton gave orders to clear accounts and get out as he passed his assistant.  When his assistant did nothing, Danton turned to his trusted assistant.  There wasn't fear on his face like Danton expected, only hatred.  “What the hell are you doing?  I told you to take the accounts and go.”

He saw the flash of the blade before he felt the sticky burn at his throat.  There was very little Danton's opal shield could do being surprised as he was.  Having delivered his killing blow, Danton's assistant took off down the hallway, leaving the Guild Leader to bleed from his neck.  As hard as he tried, Danton couldn't catch a full breath.  Clutching his throat, Danton tried to let out a scream of rage but nothing happened.  Vocal cords must be cut.

Forcing himself to keep moving, Danton used craft to keep his neck from seeping all of his precious blood.  Once in the alley, Danton pushed himself through a store house that he owned.  No one would think to look for him there. 

Danton sat and forced himself to calm down as much as he could.  Panicking was making him bleed out faster.  The rage was slowly making him pass out.  Someone had sold him out.  It was probably those damn bastards Boots or Tobias.  There was no way he was going to go down like this.  No way in hell. 

Petitions (if any): 
Why did this character became inactive?
The plot for Dena Nehele became somewhat dormant for a while and the necessity for this character was no longer needed for a short period of time... Also... Keels has been playing dead while things settle down in the territory.    And I was on LOA
What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?
There are several active plots and characters.  Not lose internet?
What are your plans for this character?
With the changes that are happening within Dena Nehele's political environment, Danton Keels is going to make sure he has a foot in the door.  Playing dead doesn't mean that Keels has been resting, he has been plotting and planning his return as the Guild Master and Rilandra Vlas may just be a means to get Keels exactly what he wants.
Number of previous Reactivations:
Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) :
Updated his history to current timeline
Player Name: Dany

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Re: Danton Keel
« Reply #1 on: Oct 11, 17, 08:50:01 PM »
Ready for Review

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Re: Danton Keel
« Reply #2 on: Oct 12, 17, 08:11:52 AM »  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker