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With the full force of the Guilds at her back, Rilandra Vlas seized the Territory Throne of Dena Nehele. The common born Province Queen now owes allegiance to the Master of the Guilds for his assistance in both securing the throne and securing Darcia Glassade's continual safety. Trapped between the demands of the Guilds and the demands of the Aristos, Riley is struggling to rule, finding the palace more of a cage than she could have dreamed possible.
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Author Topic: Claudia Genadie  (Read 2125 times)

Description: Black Widow. Purple Dusk to Sapphire. Played by Reid.

Offline Claudia Genadie

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Claudia Genadie
« on: May 23, 17, 12:48:35 AM »
The Basics

Character Name: Claudia Genadie
Nicknames: "Teach" -- so named for her shameless domination of most every classroom she's ever been in. Claudia is an intellectual through-and-through and has persisted in informing everyone of every mistake they've made at the moment they make it, and so even when this nickname ought to have died a horrid death, it kept trailing her.
Age: 32 (162 PP)
Race:  Dena Nehelean
Caste:  Black Widow
Birth Territory: Dena Nehele
Home Territory: Dena Nehele

Birthright Jewel: cut Purple Dusk
Offering Jewel: uncut Sapphire

Play By: Krysten Ritter
Distinguishing Features: For all Claudia is completely blind, she still has very striking eyes. Her entire wardrobe is in black and white. This makes an astonishing visual statement, but it also means that Claudia doesn't have to worry about mismatching colors.


Personality: Make no bones about it, Claudia Genadie is a genius.

…Or so she will tell you, loudly and often. And to some extent, it is even true! Claudia is intelligent. Books are her best friend forever and she will never let them go, or be seen without one. She does not hesitate to tell people when they are wrong, which can be really hard on her relationships. She also does not hesitate to explain at top decibel volume why exactly they are wrong and where she got this information and how old it is. She has this information because she is obsessively organized and detail-oriented, and also obsessive--there is no piece of information she knows that hasn't been written down somewhere, even if this is on a napkin that she has carefully filed away in a manila folder entitled "Facts About the Slave Trade in Raej, Vol. I". (She very rarely writes on napkins, though; she tends to use a Braille-esque code with her own private notes.)

She is also extremely arrogant, a personality trait which has won her few friends and made her a lot more enemies. No aristo particularly likes being called out in front of a group for making a simple mistake; to put it simply, Claudia does not care much for political waffling, and would rather get the truth out in the open. It is a matter of pride for her to look up as much information as she can about everyone else's everything, and she does not dedicate her time to much else. Information is her passion, and she indulges frequently. She is exceedingly rough around the edges and extremely attached to her position as the smartest Black Widow of her generation; she especially likes learning forbidden things and lording it over other people.

For all her pursuit of knowledge, she considers emotions the symptoms of weaker beings, and often doesn't know how to handle her own reactions to things; she can often be calm and level for hours and then suddenly break down into tears or fly into a rage. These reactions are only worsened for her confusion about why, exactly, she is sobbing or shouting, and she doesn't know how to cycle down. She doesn't use her words to discuss emotions and gets cagey and irate when asked to state flat-out how she feels about things or people. She assumes people can tell that she likes them if she spends time with them, and will absolutely never be the first person to confess love, even if she would be the first to ask someone out. She does not do relationships of any kind very well. Though she is often hungry for touch, she cycles through desire and dispassion inordinately quickly, rarely occupying the places between.

Because Claudia is so dedicated to assembling a lot of knowledge very quickly, she assumes she knows best at all times. This means she thinks a lot of rules are quote-unquote bullshit, and she doesn't often follow them. She follows Protocol only as much as her Queen requires her to; this far and no further. Claudia draws a lot of lines and holds to them strenuously and will argue something for ever and ever amen if it means that she has a chance at winning.

Her blindness is, to her, a non-issue. Sure, it was jarring when it happened, but it only slowed her down for a year or so; she's learned to work around it. Though Craft can never replace her sight, she can use it enough to read and to not walk in to doors, which is really all she can ask of it. She is open about her vision problem, but does not present it as a crutch unless she's trying to find something out through a skillful application of Oh Look At The Useless Blind Black Widow Can't Even See Her Webs, which is something she is totally condescending enough to do. (She is very condescending.)

  • Books! Claudia might be blind, but she has Craft to help her see. She is not shy about pulling out her Jewels in public to get some reading done if she has to, though she prefers not to. Reading gives her a massive headache, but the knowledge she acquires from it is absolutely invaluable. She takes copious notes on her books, which are 99.99% nonfiction. She does not read romance novels. (If she were to like a book in our world, it would be moral tracts like Atlas Shrugged--not because she agrees with the ideas, but because the differing worldview is fascinating.)
  • Parties! Gossip happens at parties. Therefore, in order to acquire the knowing of the gossip, Claudia must attend the parties. She enjoys having multiple opportunities all in one place to indulge her passion for knowledge, and also her passion for being righter and more intelligent than other people.
  • History! There's a lot of things to know about history. Claudia obsessively consumes history, first-person accounts, historical analysis, and... Well, just about everything. She is obsessive. Obsessively so. She is not even sorry. This means she can draw a lot of parallels and offer some advice based on historical patterns; her interpretations of her tangled webs are especially affected by this, since she tends to see connections where connections may not be. (Except for the fact that sometimes they are.)
  • Optimists! Claudia isn't exactly a pessimist. She's more like a realistic idealist; yes, it would be nice if everything were more level across the social classes, but is it going to happen? No, probably not. She can't stand people who constantly say "well it could be worse". That is the kind of attitude that lets social situations like Dena Nehele's happen. It is all the little snubs that add up and make things hopeless, not the random aristos who get proven to be horrible terrible murder rampages in waiting.
  • The outdoors! Her vision Craft is not acute enough to pick up roots. Books are black-and-white and there's a lot of contrast if you're in a well-lit room, but you can't exactly ensure that the outside is properly lit for her Craft to pick up roots or awkward steps. Also, she hates bugs. There, she said it! Spiders are freaky!
  • Dark rooms! As stated above, her Craft's not super acute or even very refined. In a dark room, she is as unable to see as anyone else, which is annoying because she can't read or navigate, and also scary, because Claudia hates not knowing if something is coming to get her.
  • Being proven wrong or shown up! Claudia bases so much of her self identity and pride on the simple fact of her knowing things. She is the one in Riley's Court who knows things, the one who can draw comparisons to things that happened hundreds of years ago--in her nightmares, she is wrong about things, and that is terrifying. (She used to have terrible stress dreams of getting nine out of ten questions wrong on a test. "Used to" here means "still does", even though tests haven't been a part of her life for seven years.)
  • True blindness! She might be physically blind, but her Craft more than makes up for it. She had a very hard time adapting to her blindness when it occurred, and that was just effective loss of her ability to see detail and color, and also her low-light vision. She cannot imagine being trapped in the dark, no longer able to function for herself. That would do absolutely horrid things to her pride and self-worth, and as a low-class Black Widow, she feels that her pride is her best backup.
  • Riley's Court breaking! It is inevitable in some ways, but Claudia is pretty hopeful that the inevitable will come to pass after Claudia is dead in the ground herself. Claudia has served in other courts--four of them, in fact--and none of them took her as seriously as Riley does. They treated her like a pet, someone to show how magnanimous their Queen was, and in each case she broke the contract after less than a month--her pride couldn't take being brushed off that many times. Now she's found a Queen that she likes, who seems to like her back, who lets her work and trusts what she says. Riley pushes her to be better, holds Claudia to higher standards than Claudia does, which is something Claudia likes and values in her friends. (She considers Riley one of her friends. She has not informed Riley of this fact.) She knows her pride won't let her go back to being a showpiece again.

    Craft Strengths:
  • Sight Craft - By necessity. Claudia doesn't really have a lot of detail, color, or low-light vision, but she's naturally sparing with Craft; she has perfected the level of vision she needs to get by to minimize the toll on her Jewels, while also being able to read and write and provide insights to Riley as necessary.
  • Vision webs (Advanced) - Claudia is incredibly talented at the weaving and reading of vision webs, and always has been.  Her visions are unusually clear and often relevant to her inquiries. Over years of practice, she's perfected her skills and is now capable of reaching past the attempts of other Widows to block her prescience. Where another Widow (at the level of the Sapphire or lighter) might try to interfere with her visions, Claudia can usually finesse her way through their attempts to block her sight.
Craft Weaknesses:
  • Mind Healing - While Claudia has received training from two talented mind healers, she is still incredibly bad at mind healing. Due to the rushed, goal-oriented method of her training, she is capable of unwinding webs placed upon the mind of another at the level of her Purple Dusk, but it takes her nearly six times as long to do it as another Black Widow and it drains both of her Jewels. She is not capable of healing the run-of-the-mill damage produced by life--being unwilling to open herself up to others as is necessary for the Craft--only of breaking Widow's webs placed on the minds of others, and she still relies on luck to do it. She abjectly refuses to practice this art unless she is literally the only option for fear of fundamentally changing the patient's psyche or killing them.
  • Emotional craft - Not only is Claudia incapable of sensing or manipulating the emotions of others, she's also vulnerable to the use of emotional craft upon her. Despite the fact that her mental barriers should be rock-solid (she is a Black Widow, after all), emotional Craft used upon her is much more effective than one would expect. She can't tell what emotions are hers and which come from Craft.
Life Story

Mother: Dalea Grigorie, Rose to Opal Black Widow, deceased at 46
Father: Anders Genadie, Yellow to Tiger-Eye warlord, 60
Siblings: None

Dalea Grigorie's biggest problem was that she had found the one Healer in all of Bidea that could not brew a simple contraceptive potion. At fifteen years old--her family believed in Virgin Nights young--she was forced to decide between her ability to have children later, and her freedom of movement now. She chose to bear her child to term, on the condition that its father raise it; something Anders Genadie was all-too-happy to do, considering that he'd seen firsthand what would happen to a child lost in the streets of Dena Nehele. If he didn't raise her, the Guilds would, and that never seemed to bring anyone any happiness.

This didn't change the fact that the man wasn't a natural father. He was thirty-three, well old enough to support his daughter and himself in a fairly decent fashion; he worked as a cobbler and, to save marks, taught his Purple Dusk daughter basic Craft on his own. Though Claudia (he named her after his mother) would never experience the great Birthright bashes that the aristos did and would probably never own clothes that hadn't been worn by another first, she never went hungry and never felt unloved or unwanted. The raising of her was a process of trial and error for the both of them, and it seemed like it was just as they hit their stride that Claudia's natural caste, that of the Black Widow, surfaced.

They tried to manage together, truly they did. Anders took more special commissions, spent long hours slaving into the night over finer and more delicate shoes, all to afford lessons, but it simply couldn't be done. He couldn't risk the failure of paternal duty that would be letting her learn on her own; but nor did he want to lose her. Still, his options were extremely limited. It was with great sorrow that he passed his only child into the care of the Coven of Dena Nehele, signing over parental right in order to secure her future.

Claudia had always been fond of books and learning; some of her fondest memories were spent in the sole public library in Bidea, poring through books with her father. At all of thirteen, thrust into an unfamiliar environment and far away from her father, she poured herself into the study of Craft, history, politics--anything any one of her instructors mentioned, she took to like a fish to water. Despite her father's assurances, she simply didn't fit in with her peers; she felt ostracized from the higher-class girls, and that only drove her to become even more demonstrably superior. She learned to weave a Widow's webs with unerring accuracy, answered every question brought up in the small classes, and if she cried when the other girls called her "Teach Genadie" she absolutely did it in private--a condition which, for many reasons, was not rare.

Three years passed in this way, during which Claudia made no friends and asserted loudly and publicly that she didn't desire to associate with such peons anyway. Their blood might come from families echelons higher than hers, but they weren't anywhere near intelligent enough to deserve her company. Open antagonism was her best defense against her feelings that she didn't belong, but it also probably led to the single most horrible event of her life: Being blinded.

She could never exactly prove that the Craft accident that blinded her was purposeful, except that Claudia had never made a mistake on a poison before, and certainly she would never cause such an explosive one. Her Purple Dusk shield, worn to protect her hands from backsplash, prevented the poison from burning her; but it couldn't stop the passage of the fumes through the air. While the poison, once dispersed in air, wasn't fatal (or wouldn't have been immediately so) it did cause rather permanent damage. The most obvious effect was her sight, or loss of it; the damage it did to her insides was more easily missed, but no less present. If it weren't for her Dark potential, the Coven might have thrown her out and let her die, but Claudia was clearly intelligent and possessed the good countenance of all of her instructors, some of whom suspected (even as Claudia did) that such a reaction would never be caused except by deliberate sabotage. The Coven sank the resources required into healing the internal damage as best they could, though Claudia would never be the same, and taught her enough Sight Craft to enable her to read once more. It took months out of her education, which only fueled her obsession to catch up and become better than her peers.

Her drive to succeed and show up every aristo bitch in her cohort brought her to an almost fanatical obsession with vision webs. Without an integral sense, she had to weave by feel, for the spider-silk could be too fine for her Sight Craft to catch; she wove webs obsessively. They began by looking like the webs of a rank beginner, a fact that amused her classmates to no end, but she kept working at it, continually refining her skill, until even some of her teachers could no longer determine the purpose of some of her works. But they all looked towards the same goal: Prediction of the future. Not just vague symbolism of snakes and spiders and strange-clad figures in empty sand, but simple directions. A blue widow spider goes to the kitchen, leaves with a treasure, one web would show her. Claudia, assuming herself to be the blue widow--for she never doubted her ability to fully Descend--would go to the kitchen, and when she left it would be with a sneaked pastry. Perhaps not "treasure"… but close enough.

It meant her experiments were working, anyway.

Her morning routine became consumed with the weaving of a vision web to show her threats immediate and far-off; they were little more than a crutch to her Sight Craft, but without her webs she often felt off-balanced, even more volatile than usual. She felt no shame for her dependence upon them, even felt like she was clearly the better Widow compared to her classmates. Whenever any of them tried tricks like tripping the blind girl, she was able to remember the duplicity of a swine from her vision and step clearly over the outstretched leg. She felt tall, proud, untouchable--and oddly at peace with her difference in ability. Though it took her most of three years to come to terms with her blindness, she began to look at it as a gift; without it, she would never have begun to excel as she had. If she knew who'd done it, she would thank them just before she watched them die horribly from the poison in her snake tooth.

At nineteen, she was judged prepared to Descend, and become a fully-trained Black Widow. Claudia wasn't sure she agreed, but a woven web showed her a single, cohesive vision: an uncut Sapphire, sparkling in her mind's eye. With that in mind, she went to the Altar with a clear and uplifted heart, prepared to receive her long-awaited Sapphire. No one was particularly surprised when the vision came to pass and in the cold morning light of the weeks after Winsol the Sapphire was revealed in her hand.

A Sapphire-Jeweled Black Widow was not one to pass up, or so nearby District Courts thought; they offered her a place with them as Court Seer, one she took because she believed they recognized her abilities. It became obvious to her within a few weeks that she was no more a valued or even potentially valued member of the Court than the Queen's pets; and she broke her Contract. This cycle repeated four times, each contract but the last ending within a three months of its beginning. Claudia began to despair of ever finding a place where they'd see her skills first and her blindness second.

Then she met Rilandra Vlas.

It was in the court of the Province Queen of Tulzbruja, where Claudia had been stuck for almost four years as barely better than a pet Seer. She had read mythology of Black Widows whose warnings went ignored, and so too went it with her; the common-born Black Widow, so said the First Circle, just didn't understand the concerns of the aristo. Wasn't the Queen so kind to keep a blind girl in her Court. Didn't she deserve such consideration for her kindness. Claudia had reverted to the icy demeanor that had served her so well in her time in the Coven, facing their whispers with a blank face, dead eyes, and a straight spine. Kind… that was one word for it. Claudia tended to use another.

The sight of the Opal-Jeweled Queen of Caecian District was not a surprise; Claudia might have yawned, had the presence of the woman herself not been so electrifying. Her Sight Craft could not give her details, but Claudia found herself leaning forward where she sat several paces behind the Queen, as if she could increase the clarity of what she saw simply by moving close enough. She didn't know the specifics of what would happen--only that Rilandra Vlas represented a possible new birth for Tulzbruja, as she had for Caecian, and as she might for the Territory entire. Without ever seeing the Opal Queen's face clearly, she knew beyond a doubt that this ruler was beautiful in every way that counted.

When the Queen stepped down for Rilandra, Claudia immediately presented herself to the new-forming Court. "You don't have a Black Widow worth serving you," she told Lady Vlas. "I am a Black Widow worthy to serve you. Make me your Seer, and you will never regret it."

The Court of Tulzbruja, once a prison, became everything Claudia had wished it to be when she'd first left the Coven. Here, her intelligence and talents were respected. She had a Queen who challenged her, and who let her challenge in return. She didn't feel like a pet, or a child, or some Darkness-forsaken blind girl; she was part of things, part of everything, in a way she hadn't been since she was very small and sleeping in the tiny loft over her father's shop. It would take death to tear her from Riley's side now; but Claudia is quite confident that that will never be necessary.

Show Us What You've Got

Writing Sample:
Claudia's place was at the left side of the Queen, nominally to give advice unobtrusively. In truth, her sole purpose was to be a living reminder of the Queen of Tulzbruja's magnanimity and kindness: Look, Claudia's dead-eyed stare said. I am so kind, I take a useless Black Widow into my service. She is common-blooded, her birth recorded in no aristo genealogy. She has only her Sapphire to recommend her. Am I not egalitarian? Am I not kind? The Sapphire Black Widow could name at least thirteen war criminals who thought much the same; six of them were Eyrien, but Eyriens were as they were and made up a small percentage of population anyway. It was simply that records had been so much better in the years directly preceding the Purge than farther back, when there were other realm-spanning wars, when Terreille wasn't at peace like it was now. She sat through meetings innumerable during her four years in the Province Court of Tulzbruja, becoming close to no one once it became clear exactly what they wanted--no, expected--of her.

They expected exactly nothing.

Still, today would be different; her tangled webs demanded that it be so. The Opal Queen was coming, and Claudia found that she was impatient to finally see the woman that the webs had warned her of, and then begun to promise her. Freedom, equality, the things Claudia had longed for since the day she left the Coven's embrace--if she was brave enough, if she dared to reach out, she could take all of this shit and make it go away.

A watershed: Lady Vlas stood before the Queen of Tulzbruja, surrounded by Sapphire power that gave her a faint blue-violet tint in Claudia's Craft-enhanced sight. A Sapphire shield, then, and perhaps something Darker. Claudia leaned forward in her seat behind the woman who nominally held her life in her hands, dark hair falling into her eyes behind the veil. Claudia didn't blink, she slid to the edge of her seat, waiting for an answer, waiting for Rilandra's response--

And the Queen--former Queen--caved before the Opal and the male might behind her. It was all Claudia couldn't do to approach Lady Vlas then, to lean back in her chair and let her face become ice, her spine become steel. Oh, it was a hostile takeover, but all the best ones were. She sat in the chair of the Court Seer, ankles crossed, feet tucked primly under her chair, until the room had emptied significantly; then she rose, primly, and for the first time in six years, smiled.

Petitions (if any): 
Why did this character became inactive?
Phe and Riley went away and I lost my muse for Claudia. She really needs her Queen to bounce off of QQ

What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?
Write the character! Plot the character. Love the character.

What are your plans for this character?
Phe brought Riley back so Claudia is going to be like, Riley. Why are you sleeping with this CREEP? And also probably do some Intrigues? Claudia's idea of Intrigues is scaring people by seeing them with her Fake Eyeballs. And I'm gonna hit up all the new peoples to do the plots.

Number of previous Reactivations: 0

Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) : None

Player Name: Reid

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Re: Claudia Genadie
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 17, 11:02:50 AM »  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker

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Re: Claudia Genadie
« Reply #2 on: Dec 09, 18, 01:51:22 AM »
I'm redeeming Claudia's new Craft specialty of Vision Webs and updating one of her Craft Weaknesses:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

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Re: Claudia Genadie
« Reply #3 on: Dec 09, 18, 11:06:23 AM »

Claudia has been blessed with Advanced Black Widow Webs!

You may add this specialty to this character's existing Craft Strengths section as written.  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker