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The Basics

Character Name: Arkadie Graveworthy
Nicknames: Kadie
Age and Birth Year: 23, b. 171AP
Race: Short-lived
Caste: Black Widow Queen
Birth Territory: Dena Nehele
Home Territory: Dena Nehele

Birthright Jewel: uncut Summer Sky
Offering Jewel: uncut Blood Opal

Role: Queen
Faction: District Court of Brisaov


Play By: Vittoria Ceretti
Distinguishing Features: Arkadie has cheekbones that could cut glass, a pointy chin, a strong jaw, and a patrician nose. There is nothing delicate abut her; even her eyebrows are sharp enough to cut glass. She's not necessarily what anyone would call beautiful, but there's a fey sort of symmetry to her face. Her eyes are a dark, mossy green.


Arkadie places a high premium on independence. She despises being tied down to one place or one person, and is liable to make friends with everyone and consider all of them her best friend. Her curiosity is boundless and she is nearly indefatigable in the pursuit of knowledge; she grasps new concepts easily, though she may have trouble using what she learns. When something bores her, which things often do, she leaves it behind for something else. Arkadie's life is lived at a few hundred miles per heartbeat and if you can't keep up, she's liable to leave you behind. Because of this, she's a quick problem-solver and adjusts for inconvenience easily; she isn't stymied by misfortune. Plans don't matter to her so much as people do. When things go wrong, she changes tack and tries a new angle to get her desired result.

A terrible secret-keeper, Arkadie is meddlesome and prone to interfering with the lives of others if she sees a way to help. Though she can be abrasive, Arkadie is sweet-hearted and empathetic at her core. She easily takes possession of people who she decides are in need of her help and assistance, and takes pride in helping them. She is an incredibly active person, and the need to do something physical for the people and causes she cares for is one she hardly ever ignores. She likes to take care of small things, the everyday stuff of life like doing the dishes, and dusting. Arkadie is a helpful woman with a big heart and ready hands. Though she sometimes (usually) (almost always) says the wrong thing, her heart is generally in the right place. She'll abandon anything at a moment's notice to be there for someone she cares about.

Unlike many Queens, Arkadie doesn't seem to have an instinctive urge to garden. Arkadie connects with the land best when she's out among it, true, and often makes time to go out and hunt. She's very in tune with the land and with the animals that live there in particular, and devotes a not-inconsiderable amount of her time to learning about the people, animals, and plants that call her territory home. Because she also bears the Caste of Black Widow, the smallest infringement on her people and her land can lead to an outsize response. She is more than a little vengeful and vindictive, and prone to tribal thinking. For Arkadie, there's "us" and "them": things which are hers and things which are not. Things which are hers are always good. Things which aren't hers, well, that's going to have to wait and see.

Even though she had a good education in one of Chaillot's finishing schools, Arkadie tends to view things on a binary. Good things are good, bad things are bad, and when you encounter a bad thing it's your Duty to handle it, usually with violence. Part of this comes from her Queenly territoriality and the rest from a Black Widow's aggression. She has a taste for blood, whether this is from a sharp quip in the drawing-room after dinner or actual blood shed by a sword. Inclined to violence as a first resort, Arkadie often must be reminded that the end goal of all things is not cold-blooded murder or a shouting match. Perhaps paradoxically, she doesn't believe that the ends ever justify the means. She has a very developed moral sense and is categorically unwilling to go against it. Her Black Widow temper predisposes her to make snap decisions and change her mood.

Her family's reputation is a point of pride to Arkadie, even though it causes her personal grief. She hates it when she's the topic of conversation. She values the security of the Graveworthy estate in the mountains, and hates leaving it. She especially, more than anything, hates when two of her friends are friends because maybe they're talking about her when she isn't around. While she likes to try new things, she hates having people be around while she does it, especially if she admires them. What if she's bad at it? Arkadie wants people to think of her as an unassailable protector, and failing in front of others is unacceptable.

Arkadie grew up a Queen in Dena Nehele, before being relocated to Chaillot. This was intensely traumatic to her, and the fact that she is still so deeply affected by it embarrasses her. She puts a lot of effort into explaining away the foibles her upbringing gave her. What she views as unforgivable weakness is, in fact, a natural result of her combined castes: As a Black Widow, Arkadie craves touch. As a Queen, her touch is capable of leveling heightened tempers. Physical contact with her therefore is a feasibly solution to many interpersonal problems.

Craft Strengths:
Craft Weaknesses:
Life Story

Mother: Loredana Graveworthy, White to Rose witch, 53 (141 AP)
Father: Martin Erdo, White to Tiger Eye Warlord, 56 (137AP)
Aunt: Odilia Erdo, White to Yellow witch, 58 (135AP)
Grandmother: Mirela Graveworthy, White to Tiger Eye witch, 80 (114AP)
Great-aunt: Mira Graveworthy, Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk witch, 82 (112AP)
Great-uncle: Miron Erdo, Blood male, 51 (143AP)

The Graveworthy family has been in Aechia for as long as there has been an Aechia. They acquired their land straddling the border of Aechia and Tulzbruja under the rule of the Eyriens pre-Purge as a reward for their cooperation. When the Purge came down and the Eyriens retreated, this obviously made them quite unpopular. They changed their name from its original Dena Nehelean version (Mormant-Vrednic) to the Common translation in an attempt to reinvent themselves. It didn't work particularly well. What a name change didn't hide, time did. By the modern day, they were still among the most unpopular aristo families, but it was less for their Eyrien affiliation four generations ago and more because they were regarded as barbarians. They eschewed the Dena Nehelean traditions of using the Guilds to get a hand up and mostly seemed happy to hold riotous hunting parties on their land. If they could cause drama at aristo gatherings, so much the better for them.

Arkadie's birth in 171 was rather sobering for them. The Graveworthy line had never been given to producing Queens, and in fact there had been no Queen in the line for centuries. They'd gotten used to being a family of no account, able to make whatever disastrous choices they liked. Suddenly they were looking at everyone in their social circle attempting to kill their heiress, and Arkadie's mother was made barren in the birthing of her. It left them facing the extinction of their line if they didn't step up their game.

Or, as someone in the family group pointed out, they could just lean even harder into their barbarian reputation. Firstly, the Graveworthy family home was up a mountain in an area with comparatively few Winds. Secondly, they were breeders of hunting and guard dogs--specifically, of high content wolfdogs--and hunters par excellence. It wouldn't be easy to protect a Queen, but it could be done. After all, if other aristo families were doing it--and there was a Queen in Alsa who had lived long enough to have a child--the Graveworthy family could, too.

So Arkadie grew up in relative isolation. The children of other aristos were brought to her family home, rather than her going to visit them. There were a few families who were friendly with the Graveworthys, and Arkadie was allowed to go to their homes for parties. As an additional protective measure, Arkadie was given her own guard-dog (, a massive creature that she could've ridden like a pony if she wanted to: a risky move that would pay off later, after all the harrowing training almost-accidents. The dog went with her everywhere.

Compared to other children her age, she was strange. Obsessed with wolves and dogs, of course, and a little bit morbid, Arkadie had a difficult time relating to the children she was expected to socialize with. She was incredibly athletic and never happy to be still. Though she bonded with Phoebus Aegle as a Queen to her males, it was really all she could do to get him to leave his books behind and come out to run around in the sunshine. He was two years older than she; Phoebus viewed her as something of an annoying tagalong. He could be generally counted upon to relent to her repeated entreaties for someone to come out to the garden and romp with her and her dog.

At her Birthright Ceremony at the age of eight, she received a Summer Sky. While not ideal--the family had crossed their fingers for a White Birthright--it did bode well for her future ability to rule. No one among the Graveworthy family particularly wanted Arkadie ruling anything but their own lands; in fact, the Birthright only increased the attempts by Myos and Shaos guildmembers to get to her. By her Birthright, there had been several kidnapping attempts, each of them thankfully foiled by Arkadie's dog or the guards employed by the family, and two assassination attempts that had never even made it up to the family wing of the manor. The family began to believe that they really could raise their Queen to adulthood, emboldened by a apparently similar success by the Aegles to the south.

In 181, Phoebus disappeared. He was meant to be spending a week at the Graveworthy estate for Arkadie's birthday, but somewhere between his home in Tulzbruja's Caecian District and the landing web where the family escorts were meant to take him onward he was kidnapped. The Shaos sent a message demanding that Orianna Aegle be taken from the Territory, accompanied by Phoebus's right index finger. Arkadie was furious and upset, but a ten-year-old had little recourse, no matter how big and scary her animal companion. Her parents resolved to be more careful.

Less than three weeks after Phoebus's mother and his sister had left the Territory for Pruul, Arkadie was awoken in her bed by her dog barking and snarling. It had cornered and attacked a masked man in her bedroom, managing to rip out the Jewelless intruder's throat before succumbing to its own wounds. The man couldn't hold his rudimentary shields long enough to protect himself; he did manage to kill the dog. If not for her pet, Arkadie would have died that night on a Myos knife. In the aftermath, the man was discovered to be a newly-hired hand around the gardening of the estate; the extreme seclusion of the Graveworthy estate, with its single entry point (a bridge across a chasm) and distance from any nearby landing webs, had necessitated the subterfuge. Had the man been Blood, had Arkadie's dog not been present, she would have died, and the Graveworthy line with her.

The situation wasn't tenable, and the family concluded that Arkadie would have to be sent away so that she could survive.

Two Dena Nehelean Queens in Pruul, so close to the border, was asking for trouble, so she couldn't be sent to Aria Aegle in the Northern Range. The eventual solution was to send her to Chaillot, to the farthest-away allies that the Graveworthys had. This was in no way ideal. Arkadie wore a Jewel with a high probability of descending to a Dark rank. She was one step up from one of the feared Birthrights in Chaillot, an already-unstable Purple Dusk. The family saw no other way to protect her than to send her across the ocean with her great-uncle Miron to stay in Rennes, with the Presage family.

Her uncle Miron took a townhouse near the Presage estate. At the age of sixty-nine, Miron was tasked with ensuring Arkadie knew what it meant to be a Graveworthy. Having been surrounded on every side by the fierce enjoyment of life that came with the name, Arkadie took easily to the training in physical combat that her uncle demanded; she had always loved dogs and she worked studiously with him in the evenings, after her lessons had ended. Miron's place near the Presages permitted a rather more rigorous breeding program for the horses than had been otherwise possible. Arkadie helped with that, too, because it reminded her of home. She befriended shy Evette Presage, though she was much less successful in drawing the Rose Queen out to play than she had been with Phoebus. Evette was much older than Arkadie, after all, and busy with her wardship in the Territory Court of Aravice Laurent.

However, circumstances intervened to make this idyllic lifestyle untenable. Evette was sent to the newly-opened Dark Haven in 185, stripping Arkadie of the only Queen friend she had. Several weeks later, her snake tooth developed. Miron could no longer rely on tutors to train his Black Widow Queen of a niece. At the recommendation of the Presages, he sent Arkadie to a finishing school that specialized in the teaching and training of Jeweled Blood with a Summer-sky or Darker Birthright.

As she ever did, Arkadie flourished. Older now, and better able to conceal her oddities, she nevertheless chose not to. She became close friends with her Black Widow tutor and with a young Queen with a Purple Dusk Birthright. Marie-Victorique piqued the same protective instincts that Phoebus had, a long time ago, and Arkadie treated her just the same as she'd treated her male. It bothered Arkadie how the world treated Victorique, how the world treated everyone whose Jewels could possibly drop them into the unstable Abyss. There was illness and hurt in people, of course, but in many cases these people didn't mean any harm. They were afraid, and there was no crime in that. In the course of her training as a Widow, she realized a gift with the repair and reinforcement of Chalices; in the course of her training as a Queen, she realized a gift with emotional healing. Arkadie called to the broken and frightened around her, and her gifts made her uniquely suited to help them.

In 191, Arkadie graduated from the finishing school, and by then her old friend Evette had taken over the helm of the Province of Rennes. She thought to offer to join Eve's Court, especially after her Offering came up at the safe rank of Opal, but the Province Queen had other ideas. Arkadie, as a foreign Queen, could not rule a District in Chaillot. But the town that hosted the District Seat of Rennes? Arkadie could certainly put her gift to use there. She began a one-year contract with the Province as Queen of the city of Anjou, where she actually intended to stay despite the news that Rilandra Vlas had bargained for--and gotten!--the safety of the Queens of Dena Nehele. She could go home, but there was nothing for her there.

That changed, suddenly, in the early winter of 192. Miron received a letter informing Arkadie that Phoebus had been found, was alive, wanted to see her.

Arkadie could not refuse him.

She declined to renew her contract with Evette, who understood the need to see to the health and wellbeing of her male. Arkadie caught the Winds back to Dena Nehele less than three days after her contract ended, leaving her uncle to pack up behind her.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:
Arkadie worried over her return home. By all accounts, there were no more Myos contracts on Queens, no more Shaos disappearances. Still, one did not thrive on conflict alone, and her uncle told her of the one Queen murdered in Dena Nehele since the ascension of Rilandra Vlas. If he had meant to dissuade her, he failed. Hearing of something so brutal terrified her, made her palms sweat, but she couldn't turn away from someone that was hers. Even though she had planned to remain in Chaillot for the rest of her life, she found that she couldn't, not any longer, not knowing what she knew. Phoebus is alive.

After the Aegles had paid their ransom, after Orianna had been taken away to Pruul, he should have been returned. But he'd never come home, and her mother's letters to Uncle Miron had ample writing between the lines. Arkadie knew how to read around the Graveworthy equivocations, she'd been scouring them for years. When her snake tooth had grown in, it had come with a certainty that she would see her first male again, but it had indicated nothing, neither where nor how, of where that reunion would be. It only figured that it would drag her back to the place she most feared.

The Aegle estate was originally much smaller than its current form. Each heir tended to add something to its great brick form. Phoebus had told her, once, while they sat on a grassy hillock after a game of tag, when each turret and outbuilding had gone up and who had put it there. It had been a treasured memory, one of her last, relived in her mind over and over and over until the edges were frayed like a photo and she could only recall bits and pieces, hints of who and what she had lived. She remembered the great greenhouse off the back of the main building as a skeleton of steel and wood, but now it was a monstrosity of frosted glass, riotous with life.

She longed to explore the greenhouse, but that was Raziel's area of influence, and Raziel didn't like her space intruded on. After greeting Aria and Menachem (when had they gotten so old?) she sat inside one of the cozy parlors, cross-legged on the floor with Orianna, who had gotten so big since the last time Arkadie had seen her. Ori was showing her a workbook full of contract exercises, and the pair of them were reading the work together when one of the maids knocked on the door.

"Lord Phoebus is here," said the woman, and Arkadie's heart jumped into her throat.

Petitions (if any):
 Caste Requesting : Black Widow Queen
Reasons For Requesting these Castes: To be honest, Arkadie wrote herself into being a Black Widow Queen. I wanted an intense character who seeks joy and entertainment in all avenues of her life, and I wanted a character whose protective urges were channeled through a sharp temper, who had a drive to be constantly moving and acting. Once I wrote out her personality, I realized that she fit the description of a Black Widow and a Queen both, and it fell directly into a plot that I was struggling to conceptualize. I wanted her to have a concrete way that she could help her friends, all of whom are rather victimized by Black Widows, while having the sharpness of the caste refocused so that they would feel less threatened by her.

Her dual caste also permits her to move in a circle not yet traveled by anyone in Dena Nehele, and to occupy a story niche that would not be open to her if she weren't a Black Widow and a Queen both. Arkadie's caste permits her to be a great boon to the Territory, while also presenting an equally large liability through her relationship with Alexandra Luceau, Head of the Coven. That she comes with this ability "out of the box," so to speak, permits me to dive right into the thick of her story and the stories of the characters she will write with and against.

Plans for this Character:
Arkadie will be repairing Phoebus's Chalice in the short term. As Phoebus's Queen and a Black Widow specifically skilled in the repair of the chalice, she is a particularly good candidate for this particular job. Phoebus has an instinctive fear of Black Widows and doesn't tend to like being vulnerable around strangers; Arkadie is no stranger and as his Queen, her second Caste is less off-putting to him.

Arkadie will also be repairing Marie-Victorique's Chalice after she removes Marie-Victorique from Dark Haven. As they are childhood friends, Arkadie is--again--well placed to begin the work of chalice repair, while leaving room for Marie-Victorique to create new bonds to seek actual healing.

She'll be assisting with Lyoshka's plot in early summer of next year. Arkadie's specialty in chalice repair and her Queen's skill with emotional healing will shore up critical blank spots in Lyoshka's recovery.

Her Queen caste is necessary because it creates the bond which permits her to heal Phoebus effectively. It is also necessary because she will be ruling in Brisaov as part of the Dena Nehelean Queens returning to the Territory now that the Myos are no longer permitted to take out contracts on Queens. She will have threads with other new Queens and Rulers, especially those connected to her through Phoebus and Lyoshka. Because she is a Black Widow and a Queen, she will also have to deal with the Coven; Dena Nehele hasn't seen a Black Widow Queen in quite a while, and this makes her an object of curiosity to Alexandra.

While Alexandra has come around to Riley's rule to a certain degree, she is still intensely suspicious of the Guilds-supported Queen's motives and goals and will be attempting to use Arkadie as a mole among the Queens. As a Black Widow Queen of decent strength, Arkadie has the potential to be a power player. Alex will support her rise because if Arkadie reaches a higher level of influence, so does the Coven. To that end, Alex will also be training Arkadie personally in the arts of mind healing, as Arkadie has a natural gift for the work due to her dual caste.

As a Black Widow without connection to Maker, the Myos, Claudia, or the Territory Court at all, and as the Queen of someone Jeremiah trusts, Arkadie will be assisting him with the long-term work of fully repairing his inner barriers. In the process, she will be training him into the Black Widow caste at the request of his Queen, Riley.

Other Petitions you’ve made here: Iskander dual caste, Saiph al-Kaid triple caste, Mamoru Salazar dual caste, Pruul territory petition a long time ago, more reactivations than God.

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Player Name: Reid
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May I please have Arkadie's descent ranks and three family rolls?
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As per the request Arkadie will descend Two Ranks.

And 5 family rolls.

1. White - Rose
2. White - Tiger Eye
3. White - Yellow
4. Tiger Eye - Purple Dusk
5. White - Tiger Eye
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Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness blessed with a cut Tiger Eye Birthright Jewel.


- OR -

You've risen from the Darkness blessed with an uncut Purple Dusk Birthright Jewel.


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Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an uncut Purple Dusk Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with an uncut Green Jewel at your Offering.

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I would like to reduce this to summer sky to blood opal please <3
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I would like to reduce this to summer sky to blood opal please <3

Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an uncut Summer Sky Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with an uncut Blood Opal Jewel at your Offering.

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This application has been reviewed!

Check your private messages for feedback. When you have made the requested changes please reply to this post and let us know you are ready for the next round!

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note: i have spoken with phe about plot elements of arkadie's backstory and she has ok'd them.
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Per 2018 Thanksgiving Shop Non-Adoptable Dark Ally Roll:

Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an uncut Blood Opal Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with a cut Sapphire Jewel at your Offering.

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I'm redeeming Arkadie's advanced Craft Strength of mind healing to take her chalice repair strength to THE NEXT LEVEL. No rewrite here! Her specialty's function is unchanged, it's just that she's REALLY GOOD AT IT now.
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Arkadie has been blessed with Advanced Mind Healing!

You may add this specialty to this character's existing Craft Strengths section as written.