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Title: The Ebon Guard and the Red Cloaks
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History and Origins:

The Dea al Mon have always been a militant race. Since a time before history they have warred amongst each other and their neighbors. When Lady Snow took the reigns of power from her villainous step-mother, she began a campaign to organize the military from one of private armies or district-based militia into a unified military force. Where as once the military held different loyalties they were now bound to the Territory Seat, their loyalty to the Territory (in theory) over any other secondary concerns.

Separating the distaff and staffed genders into two independent, yet cooperative branches of the military, the Dea al Mon have been frightfully efficient in armed conflict against their opponents. In the times before peace was established between the Dea al Mon and the Kindred races, the feral children of the Ebon Forest nearly conquered their fellows. After peace was established it was universally agreed that the Dea al Mon would serve as the first line of defense from outsiders to the Kindred races.

Leadership Roles and Place in the Court

The Leader of the Ebon Guard (named Lord Obsidian in Court, regardless of name or caste) and the Leader of the Red Cloaks (named Lady Sanguine regardless of name or caste) both are selected by the Territory Queen. The candidate must have served in their respective branches for at least fifteen years, and are considered part of the Queen's First Circle. They are answerable only to the Queen, as the Master of the Guard sees only to the forces that belong to the Court itself.

The Ebon Guard

The majority of the armed forces of the Territory are the Ebon Guard; a highly specialized group of soldiers that are tasked with the defense of the territory and to travel abroad to bring war to other territories.

(From highest to lowest) (* Indicates enlisted personnel)
-Lord Obsidian
-Master Chief*
-Chief Sergeant*

The Red Cloaks

The Dea al Mon are a sharp difference between the other races of the Blood in that women have always fought on the battlefield. While Queens are still restrained from fighting on the field for the fury they can inspire in others, the other castes are well represented (besides Priestesses).

The Red Cloaks are responsible for mostly inner-territory issues, be it civil disobedience, criminal activity, firefighting, or forestry services. Though they are not primarily responsible for military action, the rise of the Brood in the last hundred years has shifted them into an almost permanent military rotation alongside the Ebon Guard.

-Lady Sanguine
-Master Shieldwoman

Arms and Armament

Both the Ebon Guard and the Red Cloaks are armed and equipped with specialized armor and weapons that have been enhanced by Craft. These weapons can hew through Craft and Steel, and the armor is specially enhanced to be able to absorb blows and power-bolts from varying jewel-strength. The higher rank of the officer or enlisted personnel, the more punishment the equipment can take and deliver.

It should be noted that equipment crafted by a Red or darker is exceptionally rare and only given to the most senior of officers. While this equipment cannot equal to the full jewel strength of a member of the Blood who carries a dark jewel, it can allow a Jeweless Blood wearing proper equipment the moment or two they might need to deliver a killing blow to an enemy member of the Blood.

Current Deployment and State of Affairs

With the rise of the Brood and the downfall of Kennel, the military branches of the Dea al Mon are struggling. They've lost more to the Brood in the last ten years then they've suffered in the last two hundred years combined (excluding losses from the Purge). With the loss of life and equipment, the Master of the Guard has had to lend more and more of the forces of Territory and Provinical Courts to the Ebon Guard and Red Cloaks in their war against the Brood.

This has lead to a rising tension, as each military leader believes they see the best use of the forces and the three personalities struggle to enact their vision to save the Territory from this terrible threat.