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Author Topic: The Black Castle and the Hall of Mirrors  (Read 1537 times)


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The Black Castle and the Hall of Mirrors
« on: May 13, 14, 09:26:47 PM »

--Written by Tal
The Black Castle

Perhaps it was their love of the land and nature, above all things, that endeared the Children of the Ebon Wood to their dragon benefactor. In those early days, when they were one of the youngest races, their desire to conserve the forest that was their home drove their innovations. They learned to build their homes on the sturdiest branches of the canopy and designed their communities so as not to interfere with the thriving environment around them. For a long time the Queen’s Residence remained simply a home, like any other of the kinds that the Children of the Wood preferred.   

It was Lady Shale, a hearth witch, who discovered the dale in a corner of the forest of Nieste.  Not clear enough to be called a dale, it nevertheless offered the option of building on land for a significant amount of space. The hearth witch who had an eye for design, drew up plans to raze the fauna from the clearing and build with the brick and mortar that she’d seen the younger races use.  Unhappy with this option, the reigning Queen at the time, nevertheless wished for a space where her entire court could gather, where bedrooms were numerous and spacious enough for anyone who wished to make use of the Queen’s hospitality.  They came to a compromise. 

With very few exceptions, all of the fauna and shrubbery, even young trees of the clearing were left, while the Black Castle was built around them. Queens enhanced the vegetation with their Craft, strengthening the flowers and plants to withstand the trauma of the work that was going on around them and as the walls began to go up around for the castle, the walls were made up of equal parts stone and foliage that was shielded with webs tucked into the building materials to strengthen both the castle itself and the plant life growing within it.  Over the millennia the stones of the walls have had to occasionally be removed in order to allow the trees and vines to creep higher and grow taller.

Whereas from without, the castle looks indomitable in its starkness, within dappled rays of natural light shines from deliberately placed windows and skylights. Trees grow directly into the library, thick vines separate bedrooms, a small glen punctuates the grand foyer. 

The castle has countless bedrooms, galleries, antechambers, libraries and offices for the court. It also has one very special feature which is closed to everyone but the reigning Queen of the Dea al Mon, called the Hall of Mirrors. 

The Hall of Mirrors

Deep in the heart of the Black Castle is a pair of doors covered in perfectly reflective mirrors, the handles of which are also glass.  These handles have been imbued with webs of spells formatted to last into perpetuity and keyed to come unlocked only when touched by the ruling Queen of the Dea al Mon.

The room within is a long narrow hallway and the only place in the entire castle untouched by vegetation. Enormous mirrors hang from marble floor to marble ceiling lining the entire length of the hallway and causing endless reflections.  Along the hallway hang suspended from thin, taut, nearly invisible wires, the seven mirrors gifted to the Dea al Mon by their matron Loku. 

Encrusted with the scales from her body, the jewels which frame the mirrors power them and their unique powers.  Each mirror embodies a single element of reality. Alone they each give the viewer the power to touch one of these elements.  In the Hall of Mirrors they are aligned so that they can reflect one into the other along the hallway, all the way down the line and into the final mirror, Darkness. Using the power of the joined mirrors the Dea al Mon are capable of Craft which transcends the bounds of time, space and the realm of the Abyss.

The seven mirrors  are  Perpetuity, Scope, Vitality, Dynamism, Consonance, Materia and Darkness.  They embody the seven virtues of time, space, life, force, entropy, matter and the Darkness.