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Gale Galoneth, Queen of Dea al Mon is desperate. 11 of her 12 daughters have fallen ill to the mysterious Waste. While the Brood of the True Born try to conquer her Territory she has opened its borders to call for aid.
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Author Topic: Priestesses and Faith  (Read 2116 times)


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Priestesses and Faith
« on: May 13, 14, 09:27:58 PM »

The History of Faith

Before the Purge, the Priestesshood of the Dea al Mon was a highly respected sisterhood. They performed the deeds as expected in other territories of guiding their brothers and sisters of the Blood through the traditional ceremonies (Virgin Night, Birthright, and Offering ceremonies) as well as a number of religious activities exclusive to the Dea al Mon. But their responsibilities were so much more than any other caste in the Ebon Forest, even more so than a Queen.

Before Witch’s wrath tore through Kaeleer, Priestesses of the Dea al Mon carried the privilege and burden of being able to communicate with Loku and the spirits of the wood. Not only were they tasked with maintaining the relationships that affected the ease of the woodland roads, the construction of their houses, their agriculture, and maintaining their long life, but they were responsible for protecting the Dea al Mon from the spirits as well.

Not all of the inhabitants of the Forest were friendly, and the malevolent spirits that sought to harm the Dea al Mon were a frequent enemy of the Priestesshood. While many lesser spirits were confined to merely possessing hosts to spread havoc amongst the Children of the Ebon Wood, the greater entities had to be chained to special prisons that required not only educated wardens, but extensive spells to keep them both imprisoned and asleep. For the spirits were not only powerful, but ancient, and knew much more of the world than the (comparatively) young Dea al Mon.

But when the Purge struck, Loku went mad and her spirit that had once been in harmony with the land instead rose up in a twisted mass of earth and wood. The Priestesses of Dea al Mon, every last one who held a jewel, sacrificed themselves to defeat the monster Loku had become and to chain her spirit deep to the earth -- to put her into an eternal sleep, and to save everything they knew.

That sacrifice has left a giant hole within Dea al Mon, however, one that is slowly being filled.

Danger in the Darkness

When the Priestesshood was destroyed, inexplicably so too was their knowledge. Many of the temples and shrines spread throughout the Territory were sacked, the history and the texts of instruction destroyed. Priestesses born after the Purge grew up in ignorance, unknowing in the tools to act out their responsibilities.

Moreover, Priestesses find that they are more susceptible to the Waste than the other members of the Blood. The reason for this is fairly insidious and unknown to the public. While Connecting with the Darkness, and thus calling upon one’s Jewels does not carry with it much danger, Communing with the Darkness and connecting with its essence carries with it a terrible risk. Priestesses who dare to do so say that there is a malicious intelligence that seems to brush against the minds and spirits of any who attempt to do so. Those who fail by luck or mental fortitude to resist its invasive touch contract the Waste. And even worse -- so do those under their charge. In this, every ceremony that communes with the Darkness is a danger. And why the Waste seems to hold no preference, no rhyme, no reason.

And if that were not enough, the Brood of the True Born has made it top priority to target Priestesses for either conversion or to be eliminated. Most of the Priestesses who had served in the Kessel Court are gone, and more than one are now enduring the “initiation” process of the Brood.

Praying Blind

With no formal education in their Caste and Craft, and a great danger in their traditional calling, outsiders might assume that the Priestesses of Dea al Mon would be a sorry lot. But while they are burdened with ignorance they are a Caste that typically rises to the challenge, feeling the call to be something more.

While maintaining the few shrines that remain is arduous work, some have turned to the Red Cloaks and formed a new arm of the militant group. The Holy Matrons are a small but elite group of warrior Priestesses who take up their traditional role of fighting the malevolent spirits that try to strike against the Dea al Mon. While they lack the knowledge to maintain the old prisons (and in truth they remain ignorant of most of them), they have found that exorcism is a relatively easy Craft for them to learn and adopt.

Those who choose to avoid taking up sword and shield instead become the few Priestesses that serve the Court, and these rare witches are always overburdened with the tasks of guiding their flock through the various ceremonies of the Blood.

Cadence, the High Priestess of Dea al Mon, has recently shared her suspicion with Queen Gale Galoneth that communing with the Darkness itself is the cause of the Waste, and as such has become a heavily relied upon adviser for not only treating the Queen’s Daughters, but trying to find a cure.