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Author Topic: Storm Fenharel  (Read 185 times)

Description: Warlord Prince. Sapphire to Gray. Played by Gavin.

Offline Storm Fenharel

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Storm Fenharel
« on: Sep 11, 19, 03:49:44 PM »
The Basics
Character Name: Storm Fenharel
Nicknames: The Gray Archer, Prince Arrow
Age & Birthyear: 63 (Born 132 AP)
Race: Medium-Lived (Dea al Mon)
Caste: Warlord Prince
Birth Territory: Eddersea, Devinos, Dea al Mon
Home Territory: Eddersea, Devinos, Dea al Mon

Birthright Jewel: uncut Sapphire
Offering Jewel:   cut Gray

Role: First Escort
Faction: Devinos Court


Play By: Josh Holloway
Distinguishing Features:

At 6’4”, Storm is tall for a Dea al Mon, with a muscular yet wiry frame to match. His dark jewels lend to his deep hungers for life, food, sex, and violence. He hails from an aristo bloodline, but evidence that it is not as pure is shows in his darker hair. His eyes are a starling, piercing green, seemingly to look through a person as much as at them. His smile, when he uses it, has been known to weaken the knees of a number of women, but it always seems forced or awkward unless he’s on the hunt or in combat.

The most notable thing about Storm, however, is that if one is not paying attention they usually don’t hear him coming. His movements, sudden and sure, produce almost no sound. By the time his quarry knows he’s near or can hear the sound of his bow string thumping, it’s the last thing they hear.



Storm Fenharel is a man of few words, one who allows his actions to do most of his talking. Those actions usually consist of combating the Brood, fighting alongside his “brothers”, and constantly shadowing his Queen, Allure Alindolea, and Storm would have it no other way. The rage in his belly turns into a fire expressed through his limbs and more than one member of the Brood has met the Gray Archer on the wrong and been returned to the Darkness. Storm loves lethal combat, feeding on the rush of adrenaline and power that comes with knowing that a single wrong move or ignoring of instinct could mean the end of his life.

Privately, Storm enjoys a good book and the company of his Queen. Allure’s presence in his life is pivotal; she is center around which his life is arranged. When Allure is hurt or upset, Storm is there to offer comfort if she’ll accept it. When she is happy or overwhelmed, Storm is there to share her burden and keep her head above water. When Allure is hurt or her life is threatened, Storm’s beast, always hungry for blood, will kill anyone and everyone necessary to end the threat. He moves between these modes several times a day and, if one watches closely enough, several times a minute. Without her presence and the bonds of Protocol as his guide, Storm would be his namesake unleashed, and few would possess the skil necessary to stop him.

His Ruts, when he allows them, are savage affairs that he has come to terms with. They are a portion of his nature that he must exercise for Allure’s safety and he deals with them as necessary. Women who have shared his bed during and after the Rut would report (if they talked) that his passion and fury are so closely intertwined that it’s nearly impossible to tell when he’s in Rut from when he’s not.

The only clue to such is that, in Rut, Storm’s eyes might be looking at them, but it’s clear that he’s staring straight into their soul...looking for something to devour.

  • 1. Being Unseen: Despite his Gray Jewel and the attention it draws, Storm prefers to remain under the radar. He prefers it when people focus on Allure, or his bond brothers as opposed to him. It makes ambushes and sniping easier, but deep down, Storm dislikes having any attention upon him at all.

  • 2. Food: As the bearer of a Gray Jewel, Storm’s body feeds on itself and his energy as quickly as he can replenish it. One of his favorite was to replenish his strength is eating. Storm is not picky on what he’ll eat and is as at home dining on forest game as he is at an aristo's table. He has a secret love of cookies and is always happy when he can get a few to pack away for later.

  • 3. Black Widows: Storm bears a special affinity for Black Widows due to his mother being one. He spent his formative years among them and has a healthy respect for their sexuality and their combat prowess. He will readily aid a Black Widow before anyone else, save Allure or his bond-brothers.


  • 1. The Black Court: The Black Court may have given Allure her seat, but it also means they can take it away. Storm respects the Black Court, but he believes that they have not done enough to combat the Brood or the Waste to keep Dea al Mon safe. Every court runs on politics, but Storm fails to understand why there hasn't been stronger response from the Black Court until now.

  • 2. Being Told "I Told You So":  Storm does not like people who gloat. He doesn’t like being wrong, either, but if you can’t be right and be graceful about it, go away. He only asks once before the arrows start flying.

  • 3. Speaking Aloud: Storm hates the sound of his own voice. To him it sounds rough, unused, and not as melodic as other Warlord Princes he knows. He prefers talking on psychic threads or, barring that, communicating with shrugs or grunts. The only person he lets hear his voice is Allure, and most of the time, he’s trying to keep her from doing something Allure-ish.


  • 1. Losing Allure: Allure is Storm’s north star, the constant by which he orders his life. Even when they were separated and he served in other courts, the only thing that made the pain of separation tolerable was knowing that she was out there and that he’d find his way home to her someday. Now that they’re together again, Storm won’t be separated from her again. It’s driven him to watch her while she sleeps, to shadow her where she goes, and to make sure that she is happy and content.

    But sometimes he dreams that he holds her dead body, that he’s a second too late to save her, or that he is dead and she is alone against a score of enemies. Those dreams drive him into an anger he can’t explain and one that grows harder and harder to control, despite Allure’s Touch and her reassurance that she is always safe with him.

  • 2. Being Alone: Despite his gruff and sometimes prickly demeanor, Storm enjoys having people around. He loves being near Allure. Having any of his bond-brothers close at hand makes him happy. He’s traveled the wilds alone for most of his life and, while he can handle small bouts of solitude, longer bouts drive him back to Allure as fast as his legs can carry him. He almost lost himself during his exile and that man still haunts the Warlord Prince's dreams at night.

  • 3. The Waste: This mysterious disease is terrifying and poorly understood. Until recently, Storm had only heard of the effects of Waste, but never saw them. Then his mother contracted the Waste and Storm strives to gather information on this horrible malady. The more he learns, however, the more his terror grows. Storm has not seen his mother in nearly a year since her assignment to one of the Devinos Sanctums. He fears that more people he loves could be taken by the disease. In the end, it’s something that not even his Gray jewel can combat. The idea of losing Allure, his bond-brothers, or himself to the disease keeps Storm up at night. 

    Craft Strengths:

  • 1. Conjuring/Vanishing Objects: Storm does not carry his weapons openly, but he is never unarmed. Not only can he call his bow and arrow to himself without concentration, but he is able to call them nocked and ready to fire with alacrity.

  • 2. Arrow Bolts:  Storm’s arrows hit with devastating force due to his ability to conjure his power bolts through them. His Sapphire is usually enough to give most foes pause, but when he’s forced to charge an arrow with his Gray, that arrow shatters shields of equal or lesser strength with ease.

    Craft Weaknesses:

  • 1. Social Craft: Storm spends the largess of his time guarding Allure or in the wilds working off his ruts. His Queen is more than familiar with his grunts and shifts in posture and knows his desire to be near her. This makes Storm poor company for nearly anyone else and barely fit for Court. As such, he’s eschewed the practice of Social Craft, preferring to leave the politics and managing of peacocks to Baelfire, Ruse, or Ranseur.

  • 2. Power Bolts: Without his bow, Storm’s power bolts are wild shots that rarely hit their targets. His attempts to correct this deficit over the years have met with more frustration than success.

    Life Story

    Mother: Willow Fenharel  :: Black Widow  :: 81 :: Purple Dusk to Green (afflicted by the Waste)
    Father: Dust Anduril :: Prince :: 80 :: Blood Opal to Sapphire :: deceased


    Dust Anduril and Willow Fenharel were an unlikely a couple. He was a member of the Ebon Guard and she was an aristo member of the Coven who’d formerly served in the Red Cloaks. They became lovers by chance and Dust hoped to convince Willow to marry him, but his untimely death in combat nixed those plans. Willow learned shortly after that she was pregnant and upon Storm’s birth, Willow kept him close, allowing him to grow close to the Black Widows of her Coven. Storm’s enduring respect and love for Black Widows stems from his mother and his closeness to the women of the Coven. Even today, when his aid is requested by a Black Widow, Storm is known to set aside most other pressing tasks (save those from Allure) to help members of the Coven.

    When his Birthright gifted him with the Sapphire, Storm beamed with pride as he showed his mother. Willow’s sisters in the Coven warned her that Storm’s life as a Warlord Prince would not be kind to him. The Coven leader, Shield Valdonath, nicknamed the young boy “the Wanderer” saying that he would never truly know a permanent home.

    The wilds call to your soul as they do the Arcerian cat, boy. Grass shall never grow long under your feet.

    Storm, for his part, liked to wander the forest and travel, so the portent from the old Black Widow sounded like a perfect life. Willow attempted to read her son’s future and saw nothing but endless images of her son alone against a horde of enemies, always moving, always running, without the comforts of love and family to see him through. Willow feared for her son as he grew up and the anger of the Warlord Prince grew stronger and deeper inside him. Combat came easy to Storm, another thing that unnerved his mother. While he excelled with swords and long-knives, Storm’s favorite weapon came to him as the result of losing a bet with his teacher. The young Warlord Prince suggested that there was no target that he couldn’t hit with his throwing knives.

    Whisper, his combat trainer, proved him wrong.

    Storm’s punishment for losing was to use a longbow for ninety days.

    He never put it down after that.

    Life was good, for a time, as Storm learned the intricacies of the bow and was introduced to court life. He spent much of his time with the Master of the Guard in the first court that his mother served in western Devinos, but also enjoyed learning the office of the Steward during his time there. While his first Queen was not the Queen of his soul, Storm learned the peace of the Queen’s Touch and what would be expected of him when his time came to serve. His Offering ceremony, attended solely by his mother at his request, gifted him the Gray. His second stop was his father’s grave, to tell him all that had happened in his life. He promised his father that he would make him proud and that he would be a Warlord Prince worthy of his caste.

    He signed a contract with the Eddersea court days later and worked to ensure the safety of the Court as one of the Master of the Guard’s best soldiers. While he could not join the Ebon Guard, Storm worked hard to make himself useful to the Court. He began scouting the District far and wide and providing information to the Master of the Guard and movements of the Brood and others within the area. His standing in the Abyss, combined with his natural talent for stealth, meant that Storm was often not seen unless he wished to be. At twenty-nine, Storm’s ability as a capable defender had earned him a few commendations from the Court. That year, he met Allure Alindolea, a visiting Queen who was barely eighteen and without her Offering.

    Storm can still call that moment to mind, can still taste her scent and see the expression on Allure’s face (she was frowning at an orchid) when he saw her in that courtyard. She felt him before she saw him and their eyes met across a twenty-foot distance that suddenly became intensely intimate as he cornered her near the oak tree near the library. It nearly brought him to blows with her chosen lover, Falconer, but the two eventually settled into a camaraderie that Storm craved as much as Allure’s presence. Storm grew to love each of his bond-brothers in turn, as they brought Allure happiness and spread the task of caring for her among all of them.

    They formed an informal “court” of their own, Storm, his brothers, and their Queen, and all was right with the world. Though Storm understands now that they’d thrown out an unintended challenge to the District Court, back then all that mattered was the family that he’d found. If he knew then what he’d learned afterward, Storm prays that he would make a different choice, that he’d quell his arrogance and counsel his brothers and Allure to do the same.

    They were commanded to stand down.

    They didn’t and they were defeated. Falconer died.

    Storm spent twenty-four years “serving” any court that would have him, working as a guide, and combating the Brood wherever he could. Years of court polish and manners eroded as the Warlord Prince, called the Gray Archer by some, ran from place to place, court to court, searching for something, anything that made him feel as wanted and loved as Allure did. Little by little, the anger began to eat Storm alive, and the memory of his Queen hurt as much as it sustained him. He never blamed Allure for what happened; rather, Storm blamed himself for not fighting harder, for not killing more of them when he had the chance. His Gray meant having the strength to enforce his will where he desired it and he’s done so a number of times since then.

    Storm’s Ruts were savage affairs that shamed him when he learned of the aftermath. In those first, hardest years, Storm broke three different witches and killed three men in the process of pursuing another. Those deaths weigh on his conscience and Storm sometimes worries that someday, he’ll pay a terrible Price for his lack of control. It was only through the intervention of his old teacher, Whisper, that Storm gained enough of a handle on his emotions to once again operate among civilized people. While he still dislikes courts, he can speak with a civil, if gruff tongue, if he chooses to speak. He hates the sound of his voice, so seldom does he use it, and chooses to rely on spear and distaff threads to communicate.

    The Brood’s increased pressure and attacks on Dea al Mon have given the Gray Archer a target for the largess of his rage. Every time he kills one of them, it feels like justice for the ones they’ve taken. On the Killing Field, Storm is most free to be who he truly is and he doesn’t have to be court perfect and polished. Death does not care about finery or social status. It’s the one place where all men are equal.

    The Waste, on the other hand, stymies him and Storm cannot fight it like any other enemy. He fears contracting it like any other member of the Dea al Mon, but its horror has struck him closer to home. Two years ago, his mother Willow has contracted it. Unable to locate a cure or even a semblance of one, Storm was forced to turn her over to the Devinos Sanctums. He is afraid that she will die there, alone, and that she will never forgive him for taking her from her home.

    The single balm for Storm’s wounds is that Allure has called him back to her. Someone is trying to kill her and Storm has made it his mission in life to find the party responsible and dismember them as a lesson to any others who would dare attack his Queen. He is saddened by Zeal’s (he’s not calling him Ruse, damn it) departure among the Seekers, but is glad that Allure has found someone she loves in Baelfire Elhenden. He is hurt by Bollide’s loss to the Brood, but gladdened that Ranseur has finally forgiven Allure. He thinks Falconer would be happy about that.

    For his own part, Storm is overjoyed to be with Allure again. It does not matter that he is not her lover; he is hers and she is his. She now rules Devinos, as she was meant to, and Storm is glad that she can put her talents to use. She’ll show everyone her quality and her strength, all of the things that Storm has always known she possessed.

    But Falconer’s death still causes him to wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat when he least expects it. Those are the nights that he creeps into Allure’s bedroom like a silent shadow and watches her sleep, to prove to himself that she is real and that he isn’t still in the forests of Dea al Mon, alone and bereft of company.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Character in Play:

    Allure was inside the house with Balefire and they’d be occupied for several hours. While he didn’t know Baelfire Elhenden as he wanted to, Storm Fenharel knew an important thing about the Warlord, the most important thing in Storm’s mind and it overrode any jealousy or anger he might feel toward the man if those feelings were present.

    Baelfire made Allure happy. He’d only known one other man with that ability and Falconer had been gone for so many years that Storm felt like it was another life altogether. Had they all really been that happy? Did that time really exist when they thought life could not get any better than being together, all of them, as they were? Memories of those five years sustained him through the darkest times in his life. Those memories had given him the strength to survive so that he could return to Allure when the time was right. 

    He nocked an arrow, aimed at the target, and fired.

    The shot struck home inside the deep red of the bullseye. Storm eyed the target for several seconds before deciding that he wasn’t happy with the shot. Even without enhancing his sight through Craft, the Gray Archer saw the unpleasant truth staring him in the face:

    His shot was a millimeter off.

    Falconer would call him obsessive. Zeal (he would not call him Ruse) would say that it didn’t matter if the shot still hit. Bolide and Ranseur would understand, but Ranseur had his own life now. He had no time for Storm’s obsession with perfection.

    Bolide was gone.

    Allure would merely rest her hands on his cheeks and whisper his two favorite words in all of creation.

    My Storm.

    He nocked another arrow, aimed, and imagined the face of the bastard hunting his Queen in his sights. He fired.

    The arrow slammed home at the target's center. Storm allowed himself a grim smile.


    He fired nearly one hundred arrows before he felt the brush of Allure’s mind against his own. Baelfire was gone but she didn’t want to be alone just yet.

    *I’ll be right there.*

    He vanished the bow, then gathered his arrows and vanished those, too. Then he conjured his favorite book and sprinted toward the house. His Queen needed him and she hated being alone.

    As long as I live, she never will be.

    Petitions (if any): Reactivation

    Why did this character became inactive? Plots slowed down. 

    What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?: More plotting this time around. Also, maybe wait one more day before inactivating

    What are your plans for this character? Storm's pretty angry at how bold the Brood are getting. He's out to protect his Queen and aid anyone trying to stop the Brood. 

    Number of previous Reactivations: 1

    Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any) : N/A

    Player Name: Gavin

Offline Gavin

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Re: Storm Fenharel
« Reply #1 on: Sep 11, 19, 03:50:30 PM »
Ready for reactivation.

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Re: Storm Fenharel
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