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Gale Galoneth, Queen of Dea al Mon is desperate. 11 of her 12 daughters have fallen ill to the mysterious Waste. While the Brood of the True Born try to conquer her Territory she has opened its borders to call for aid.
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Author Topic: Rapture Alindolea  (Read 306 times)

Description: Black Widow. Purple Dusk to Sapphire. Played by Leann.

Offline Rapture Alindolea

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Rapture Alindolea
« on: Feb 11, 19, 10:46:35 AM »
    The Basics
    Character Name: Rapture Alindolea
    Age & Birth Year: 40 (born 154 AP)
    Race: Medium-Lived
    Caste: Black Widow
    Birth Territory: Dea al Mon
    Home Territory: Dea al Mon

    Birthright Jewel: Cut Purple Dusk
    Offering Jewel: Cut Sapphire

    Role: Court Seer
    Faction: Devinos Province


    Play By: Ashley Benson
    Distinguishing Features:
    Rapture has light blonde hair reaching past her hips. She has multiple ear piercings, one ear with a chain of helix piercings, the other with a double lobe.



    Rapture is an inherently selfish individual, the only things that matter are the ones that personally affect her or the people she has somehow claimed. Her parents. Her sister. Her friends. Hers. Other people simply don't matter. Their feelings aren’t of her concern and their opinions don’t matter. 
    She's also a very curious individual. Besides touching just about everything in sight, Rapture will wander around new places, open and look through other people's things, and question just about everything. Why and how are typically the most important questions though the who, what, where, and when are sometimes interesting.

    She's fiercely loyal to the people she's claimed and often goes out of her way to help them or make them happy. Doing so raises the odds of them being there for her should the need ever arise. Rapture can be abrasive, dismissive, or rude to anyone outside of her accepted circle without the slightest bit of remorse or care. Her standards for inviting new people into her inner circle are inexplicable - she might be completely friendly to someone simply because she enjoys a physical characteristic, or slowly warm up to someone she’s ignored for years simply because they didn’t go away.

    Once someone belongs to Rapture, she goes out of her way to make sure that they are safe and healthy. Making sure that they are also content and happy is also important, and she will do her best to see that obstacles to these emotions are removed. She knows, though, that sometimes the healthiest and best thing is for her to stand back and allow her people to learn and grow on their own. (She’ll still nudge them in the direction she thinks they should go.)
    Rapture throws herself into physical activities with abandon – dancing, sparring, sex, running, climbing; anything that gets her heart racing and muscles straining. Though she’s always perfectly content to curl up somewhere quiet and relax – a bath, with her clay, snuggled up to someone she likes. She’s also developed a taste for curling up with a book – especially if the subject matter is one she enjoys.

    • 1. Dancing. Music calls to her. It’s a drumming primal beat that resonates with her heart or a lyrical melody that teases her senses. To dance is to connect with the music, to join her body with something greater than her own consciousness. It’s a form of self expression that can be more descriptive than words - that can allow her to work through her own moods and needs and desires.
    • 2. Clay. The Children of the Wood love their art. Rapture is unable to draw or paint, two dimensional art forms are beyond her, but as a Black Widow her mind works incredibly well with three dimensions. Sculpting clay allows Rapture a personal and private activity that's only purpose is to provide pleasure and personal satisfaction while giving her imagination free roam.
    • 3. Tactile Sensation. Rapture is a sensual creature, one attracted most to her sense of touch. She enjoys feeling the silky softness of a rabbit’s pelt and the scratchy roughness of a man’s five o’clock shadow. Wet, dry, gritty, smooth, sticky, spongy. There are so many different textures to discover that Rapture can only experience by actually touching. So she does, with the only exceptions being things that she knows or suspects to be dangerous to her health.

    • 1. Regimentation. Her five year service to the Red Cloaks scraped her raw. Being told where to live, when to work, how to do the work, rankled. There were plenty of women who enjoyed being a part of the Red Cloaks, that made it their life’s work. Rapture didn’t think poorly of such women, simply considered them different from her. She isn’t well suited to following orders, to be subject to rules and regulations that simply didn’t interest her.
    • 2. Outsiders. Rapture has listened to the stories of old. She knows that the Dea al Mon had been blessed and favored by Loku and the very Spirits of the Woods. They had been guided to close off their borders from the inferior Blood from the outer territories. The Children of the Wood had been taught by a Dragon, guided by Spirits, walked with the Kindred - had been blessed with longer lives and the entirety of their people have access to craft. Outsiders are simply inferior in all ways.
    • 3. Children. They start off as loud, whiny, fleshy things that ooze various fluids from various orifices and can’t communicate. Then they grow into little beasts that run around half mad, shoving everything they can get their hands onto in their mouths, and biting - their communication skills improve and yet only their parents seem to understand their inane babblings. Sure, one day she might want her own little genetically connected bundle of flesh and she’d probably love it. But it would be hers, and not someone else’s.

    • 1. The Waste. No one knows what causes it or how it spreads. There’s no cure, no treatment. Losing her art would likely devastate her. To slowly transform into some half human beast is beyond comprehension. As if the disease wasn’t bad enough, the threat of being tossed into a Sanctum or dumped into a Sanatorium is terrifying in and of itself.   
    • 2. Losing Allure. Allure went to a party in Eddersea without Rapture. While she was there she had been attacked twofold, once with a Widow’s Web and second with a mundane knife wound. Her beautiful, loving, wonderful, perfect sister bled from a wound that would not heal because of Widow’s Craft. And she wasn’t there to fix any of it. Thanks to Saffron’s training she’s better equipped to help her sister in the case of another attack, but if she’s not there she can’t do a damn thing. She could lose her sister and that’s unacceptable.
    • 3. Her Own Blood. She’s not afraid of the sight of blood, she’s afraid of the sight of her own blood. Although afraid is probably the wrong term as she gets light headed and nauseous and may or may not faint depending on the circumstances. Her own blood is supposed to stay in her own body cycling around and doing blood things. It’s not supposed to be exposed to air getting tacky and smelling metallic and feeling warm.   

    Craft Strengths:
    • 1. Poisons.The near obsession developed when her snaketooth grew in and she started to produce her own poison. There are more poisons, toxins, and venoms in the realms than Rapture could ever know, and each one produces different effects in people. Some are nearly benign and may only cause a headache or rash, some can incite paranoia and hallucinations. Paralysis, seizures, confusion, dizziness, drowsiness. Mixing them together in varying amounts creates even more side effects. Rapture delights in the artistry and happily sinks much of her time into learning everything there is to know about poisons.
    • 2. Psychic Cleansing Spells. Before her caste was known she followed her mother around learning bits of hearthcraft. She developed a particular talent for cleansing psychic scents, as there’s just something so satisfying about wiping a slate completely clean. Plus Allure couldn’t get mad at her for going through her things if she wasn’t aware of the snooping. 

    Craft Weaknesses:
    • 1. Power Bolts. Simply inelegant and uninteresting. Rapture has no inclination to sink her valuable time and effort into learning something so… blunt.
    • 2. Social Craft. If Rapture likes someone she is nice to them, if she’s nice to someone they tend to like her back. Anyone else could think what they will about her because she simply doesn’t care about them or their opinions. Any sort of empathy craft meant to foster better relations are manufactured and probably mean the utilizer has a low opinion of themselves.

    Life Story

    Mother: Desire Alindolea, White - Rose Hearth Witch
    Father: Guile Vanvir, Yellow - Tiger Eye Prince
    Sister: Allure Alindolea, Tiger Eye - Purple Dusk Queen; 52. (Born 142 AP)
    Grandmother: Epiphany Alindolea, Summer Sky - Purple Dusk Healer Queen


    Rapture was the second child born to Desire and Guile, the second daughter born twelve years after the first. As a toddler she was by turns overly affectionate, often demanding snuggles from her father or following her mother and sister around like a duckling, or perfectly aloof - wanting nothing more than to be left alone as she stacked little wooden blocks or pick out her own clothes.
    She adored her older sister, was fascinated by her and her caste - and annoyed by her own lack. So she followed Desire around more often, demanding to be taught hearthcraft so she could be like her mother when she got older - she couldn’t learn how to be a Queen like her sister. 
    Allure went through her Offering and came back with a Purple Dusk mere months before Rapture’s Birthright Ceremony where she returned with a matching Jewel. Enamored and completely thrilled with having a Purple Dusk just like her older sister she threw herself into her Craft studies with abandon.
    A few years after receiving her Birthright Jewel Rapture had her first moontime, and with it a snaketooth. She wasn’t a casteless witch in a family full of casted Blood - she was a Black Widow. She immediately began her Caste training and developed a slight obsession with poisons. Smart enough to recognize that the depth of her interest in the subject could be unsettling to others she never advertised her little quirk. Instead of asking too many pointed questions or for extra training she turned to books on the subject.

    Like her sister before her, Rapture descended the full three ranks at her Offering to receive a Sapphire. She spent the next month vacillating between extreme joy and pride in her new Jewel, pouting that she’d have to spend five years with the Red Cloaks when Allure didn’t have to, and completing her Hourglass training.
    Rapture had a hard time acclimating to the Red Cloaks, she didn’t enjoy being told what to do, or work particularly well with others. She used the time to her advantage, and sought out other Black Widows to exchange tips, tricks, and information. Rapture wasn’t particularly friendly and didn’t see the point in adjusting her interactions with the other women to better suit them. Though she did end up making a few friends she continues to cherish.
    As soon as her service was over, Rapture ran home and clung to her family for awhile, having missed their connection while she was away. After several months Rapture began training young Black Widows, helping her sister in her political pursuits, and working on personal projects.

    190 AP was a busy year for Rapture. Her favorite Healer Little Red (Saffron) asked her to create some sleeping droughts to be used on those afflicted with the Waste. Rapture and Allure then used the basis of that brew to create a pretty poison for Dulcimer that Allure had one of her bonded feed to the opposing Queen. An event that spiraled out wreaking drama and havoc until Allure snagged the Province Seat of Devinos.

    Little Red also asked for Rapture’s help in freeing someone with the Waste from a Sanctum. The price Rapture named for such a task was Saffron teaching the Black Widow the Healing Caste. The moment Saffron returned from the Sanctum Rapture called in the debt and began her training in between her duties to her sister, the Black Widow’s Coven, and helped the Red Cloaks when asked.

    Rapture’s craving for healing knowledge multiplied exponentially when she was informed that her sister was poisoned by another Black Widow and then stabbed at a party she, Rapture, had not attended while her sister was surrounded by her males. She became single-mindedly devoted to her studies of the craft and particularly demanding of Saffron’s time and attention to make sure she was properly and thoroughly trained.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Character in Play:

    Rapture was not all that interested in being at the party. She had been all for staying at home and working with clay for the night, but Allure had said that she should attend. It was the Offering celebration for one of her students… Cookie, Cake, Crumpet - something tasty sounding. The young Widow had an excellent understanding of weaving tangled webs, was decent enough in poisons not to accidentally kill herself each month, and absolutely useless with shadows.
    She’d do just fine in some Queen’s court.

    Rapture had been all set to go home slightly peeved with her sister and not talk to her for several days, but the party was decent enough. The food was delicious and the music was lovely. There were just too many people interested in chit chatting with her. Too bad Allure wasn’t around to kindly redirect the attention of the others. Not that she typically had any issue with being rude or unfriendly; she just didn’t want to expend the energy required to shoo away annoyed people.
    Focusing on her dress, the way the snug lace top scratched lightly at her arms, or the delightful caress against her legs as the flowing silk skirt rippled as she walked, Rapture wove her way through the crowd until she could shut herself inside the quieter house.
    She slid her fingers through her hair as she peered around the entrance. Tilting her head slightly, Rapture moved off to the right, away from the muted voices, and allowed her hair to slip out of her grasp. The Widow trailed her fingers along the walls and delighted in the slight burn of friction. The paintings on the walls were decent enough, and tended to follow a similar theme – so probably done by someone living within the house.
    Peering through a doorway, Rapture smiled slyly at the feminine bedroom. Glancing behind her, not only with her eyes but her psychic senses as well, she made certain that no one witnessed her strolling inside and shutting the door.
    The things people had were always more fascinating to the Black Widow than the people themselves. She made a beeline to the bed and brushed her hands over the covers –purring her approval of the delicate softness. It would be a treat to sleep naked curled up in the blankets. Next she fingered a bedpost and hissed under her breath. The inept carver did a horrible job sanding, she so very nearly got a splinter from the wretched thing.
    Turning sharply on her heel, Rapture opened the wardrobe and rifled through the clothing and found herself wholly unimpressed with the lack of textures, finding mostly well woven cotton. Rolling her eyes, she turned to the desk and paused, staring at a blue crystalline paper weight. Pretty. She tapped her fingers to the prickly tops before sliding down the smooth-yet-sharp sides. Picking it up, Rapture smiled at the rough rock bottom – this, this was an amazing little combination. She vanished the crystal and looked around the room. No, Rapture wouldn’t be annoyed with her sister.
    She left the room with quiet steps after removing every trace of her scent and went back outside. She could dance for a couple of hours before going home to play with her new toy.

    Petitions (if any):
    Why did this character became inactive? Real Life decided to turn upside down and shake me up.   

    What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again? Actually write.

    What are your plans for this character? With her sister the ruling Queen of a Province, Rapture is Court Seer. She’ll be playing with her sister, and probably Little Red, and probably messing with her sister’s bonded the way only an annoying little sister could. She’ll likely be liberating shinies from private homes and just generally wreaking havoc and mayhem.

    Number of previous Reactivations: Two for Rapture

    Changes Made to Application for Reactivation Process (if any): From the last reactivation, none. Recent revisions were: Updated Age and Play by. Fine tuned Rapture’s personality, and updated fears to account for aging and site canon. Also added the last few paragraphs in history to fill in her inactivity gap.

    Player Name: Leann

    Offline Leann

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    Re: Rapture Alindolea
    « Reply #1 on: Feb 11, 19, 10:48:18 AM »
    This girl has some slot.

    So, ready for review

    Offline Allure Alindolea

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    Re: Rapture Alindolea
    « Reply #2 on: Feb 11, 19, 09:15:24 PM »

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    Re: Rapture Alindolea
    « Reply #3 on: Feb 13, 19, 08:30:58 AM »
    Added to the queue.  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker

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    Re: Rapture Alindolea
    « Reply #4 on: Feb 13, 19, 10:02:59 AM »  •  Discord: phinn#0798  •  Writer Tracker