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Established February 2010
by Jamie, Gina & Bowie.

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Gale Galoneth, Queen of Dea al Mon is desperate. 11 of her 12 daughters have fallen ill to the mysterious Waste. While the Brood of the True Born try to conquer her Territory she has opened its borders to call for aid.
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Author Topic: Nemesis Sigurd  (Read 1303 times)

Description: Prince. Blood Opal to Broken Sapphire. Played by Dash.

Offline Nemesis Sigurd

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      Prisoner of the Black Court

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Nemesis Sigurd
« on: Dec 19, 15, 05:26:50 PM »
    The Basics
    Character Name: Nemesis Sigurd (Born Taulamous Montecristo)
    Age: 4328 (Born 4138 BP)
    Race: Long-Lived (Dhemlanese)
    Caste: Prince
    Birth Territory: Dhemlan, Kaeleer
    Home Territory: Dea al Mon, Kaeleer
    Birthright Jewel: Cut Blood Opal
    Offering Jewel: Broken Cut Sapphire

    Role: Prisoner of the Black Court


    Play By: David Bowie
    Distinguishing Features:



    What was once a noble, albeit arrogant servant of blood society is now wholly devoted to fulfilling his own ambition and hunger for power. Nemesis is an example as to why the spirits of Dea al Mon should be treated with great trepidation, for not all of them are benevolent. What was a man of honor and principle is now a sociopathic individual deluded with self-images of grandeur and egocentrism.

    In the public view of the Dea al Mon Nemesis is a sage and polite individual. He offers his thousands of years of experience to any that ask, but does not volunteer the information needlessly. He is one of Spectre’s most trusted advisors, as he was to her mother before. In the Devinos Court he is seen as a pillar of the community, bound to his adoring wife, their children, and to the court. He appears to be selfless, offering hours upon hours of his personal time towards research to find a cure to the Waste. He is personable, charming, humble, and sage. He is the veritable wise wizard of the Court, and is trusted by most of those around him -- even some in the Territory Court who see outsiders with trepidation and fear.

    To his family he is a strict, albeit attentive parent. His children have never worried for his attentions, and while he is demanding of excellence he is not cruel. His wife finds him to be benevolent and remembers all of their important dates (their wedding, when they met, her birthday, etc..), and this too plays to the image of a wise yet aging man.

    Few understand the depths to his obsession with power and with control. Alusair, his eldest daughter and closest confidant, may be the only one who realizes that much of her father’s outer personality are the tools to achieve his goals. And while it is unfair to say they are lies, they are nonetheless the most effective methods to get what he wants. He is not a kind man because it is in his nature to be generous, but because it’s the best way to manipulate others.

    Only one individual knows how lost he has truly become, and that is the ancient spirit that has manipulated him for over a thousand years. The malicious entity waits, ever-patient, whispering words into Nemesis’s head of what to say, what to do, and how to get what he wants. This is so subtle Nemesis is not even cognizant of the fact he is in the spirit’s thrall, but he is not so unaware that he trusts the spirit completely. He does not yet understand the full scope of its power, and because his ego has been sharpened so finely over years he is blinded to its power over him.

    He has not quite fully realized the transformation that has come over him, how easily his ideals were given up piece by piece “for the greater good”. And in this he is tragic, because he still deeply believes he’s doing the right thing. He just believes that he, and only he, is the one who can make the best judgments for the future. Not only for himself, but for everyone.

    • Power: It is not enough to have it, but he must always have more. He does not even have a need for it, save to have it. New methods of Craft, more powerful spells, artifacts, political power, wealth, influence over others, he must have it. More. More. More. It is a thirst he can never quench, and he’s not even fully aware of it.

    • Prestige and Respect: And the ego that is so central to his person must be stroked. He feeds off of the adoration that Spectre gives him, that his children look to him, his wife, the Court. There are few things more enjoyable than the look of awe and admiration that those around him give him. And when he has finished his task everyone will treat him with the respect he deserves, even the most resistant of the Dea al Mon.

    • Creating Things: Nemesis puts a strong value in hard work. He has labored for years over specific projects, be it the binding of Akil’Hazon to his plan to release Balmung. But it is also the simpler things he makes, as he has a love of woodcarving and painting that he often indulges in. His study and his home are filled with these works of art, and he often makes gifts of them to friends and colleagues.
    • The Dea al Mon: The Children of the Ebon Wood have become his adopted culture and people, but for the most part Nemesis despises them. He did not forget their arrogance and the way they looked down on him, even though he would outlive many of them generation after generation. He dislikes their culture, their naming conventions, their way of life, and even their appearance. Some of this dislike is fueled by Balmung, who’s hatred for them far outstrips his own, but even if he were left to his own devices he’d not care for them.

      This has not prevented him from becoming one of them, or even marrying a few of them to breed suitable heirs to his legacy. But he nonetheless, deep down, wishes he could burn the entire forest to the ground and all of them with it.

    • Smalltalk and Useless Questions: He is ancient and wise beyond the reckoning of any living thing in Dea al Mon. Questions that could procure useful knowledge, like from his children about his research, he understands and encourages. But questions that disregard how important his time really is can set him into a foul mood. If it’s something trivial that really does not require an answer, he’s most likely to ignore it.

      Equally, smalltalk is a waste of time. He does not enjoy useless banter or conversation and if a person is not speaking to him for something concrete, he will simply stop speaking to them. Likewise, he insists people get to the point as quickly as possible.

    • Soledad and her Damned Pirate Sidekick: The meddlesome archaelogist broke his Sapphire, and he won’t forget it. Twice she has foiled in his plans and the last almost cost him his life. It had only been thanks to Balmung and Alusair that he survived to see the current day, and he plans to revisit her and Kur’noz as soon as he comes into his power.
    • Balmung: There is no denying its power. There is no denying its influence on him. While Nemesis seeks to free the spirit from its prison, he is afraid of not being able to control it. Furthermore, while he is certain his mind is his own, he has his doubts at times. This is why he’s worked so hard on Rakal, his youngest and darkest-jeweled child, for the hope that with the right conditioning he might be able to control it: And allow Nemesis to control Balmung through his son.

      But he’s afraid, deep down. Afraid that he’s wasted his years. Afraid that Rakal won’t be strong enough. Afraid he’s been a puppet. It is the thought that keeps him awake at night and toiling harder, and harder, to find a solution.

    • Taxet: His eldest son was responsible not only for Soledad and her pirate sidekick going after him, but ultimately for his expulsion from Dhemlan and the ruination of his reputation there. But while that might have been enough to earn his ire, Nemesis is also afraid of his eldest son. Taxet had an intellect that matched his own, was once his prized pupil and for a time, was aware of some of the research he was doing about Balmung.

      If Taxet was aware he was still alive, Nemesis has no doubt that his son will try to not only find him, but stop him. With the borders opening and news traveling of the Dea al Mon, he is afraid of this possibility taking place.

    • Running out of Time: Nemesis is old. He’s also somewhat tired. What once seemed like an eternity of time to work is now drawing to a close. Each day seems shorter, and his work is undone. He’s afraid he won’t see the culmination of over a thousand years (and several children)’s life work.

    Craft Strengths:
    • Intricate Craft: If you give Nemesis enough time, he can do just about anything. The more impressive the effect, the more time he may require, but eventually he’ll get it done. He was able to circumvent the Closed Borders of the Dea al Mon thanks to his genius and talent at this form of Craft, and further it was what allowed him to break the bonds that kept the spirit Akil’Hazon imprisoned.

    • Item Enhancement: Nemesis is a craftsman with few peers, especially when it comes to protective talismans and finely crafted blades. That is the primary reason he bound Akil'Hazon within Alusair's sword, because of his ability to dedicate such formidable strength to the weapon to assure it would not shatter under duress. He has a number of gadgets and talismans upon his person to serve a variety of effects in a pinch. But mostly he uses this to get in the good graces of the Dea al Mon and to arm his children.
    Craft Weaknesses:
    • Spontaneous Craft: While he’s a genius at long-term work, Nemesis is bad at Craft on the fly. If he needs it immediately, he’s not very good at it as his mind simply does not work on quick and sudden situations. Be it a shield in a pinch, a need to suddenly charm someone, or sneak away suddenly, if he hasn’t had at least an hour to think of how he’s going to do it, his Craft just isn’t as effective as someone else of the same level.

    • Offensive Combat Craft: This goes a step further than just his need for planning. While his shields might not be the best, they can still function in a pinch. But Nemesis is completely hopeless in a straight up fight. He can summon neither the ability to strengthen his limbs, nor throw out witchfire or power-bolts. In short, he relies on others to do his fighting or he simply runs away.
    Life Story

    Mother: Devenna Montecristo (Sapphire to Red Black Widow)* Deceased at Purge
    Father: Calimshar Montecristo (Blood Opal to Sapphire Prince)* Deceased at Purge
    Younger Brother: Orbaskyr Montecristo (Purple Dusk to Green Warlord)* Born 3849 BP.
    Current Wife: Hydrangea Sigurd (Yellow to Rose Healer)* Born 124 PP.
    Taxet Montecristo (Blood Opal to Red Black Widow Prince) Born 2300 BP.
    Delnatta Montecristo (Summer Sky to Opal Priestess)* Born 3112 BP. Deceased at Purge.
    Asinata Montecristo (Rose to Purple Dusk Queen)* Born 3001 BP. Deceased at Purge
    Alusair (Scion) Sigurd (Blood Female) 1/2 Eyrien. Born 516 BP
    Vision Sigurd (Rose to Summer Sky Queen) ½ Dea al Mon. Born 83 PP
    Apex Sigurd (Summer Sky to Opal Warlord Prince) ½ Dea al Mon. Born 123 PP
    **Filligan Sigurd (Yellow to Rose Prince) ½ Dea al Mon. Born 150 PP
    **Rakal Sigurd (Birthright Blood Opal Warlord Prince)* ½ Dea al Mon. Born 169 PP.

    *Note: Jewels were selected, not rolled, and thus are subject to change
    **Note: The ½ Dea al Mon Children who break normal naming convention are not his “official” children, and are as of yet a secret.

    Sometimes the greatest villains were once the greatest of heroes.

    Taulamous Montecristo was one of an old line of aristocracy in Dhemlan, Kaeleer. At the time of his birth he was an only child, and would be for several hundred years. His parents had always known that, despite how intelligent and bright their child was, there was something inherently different in him. His fascination with the application of Craft, and the way it could be done in ways beyond his instruction was at first seen as a hallmark of a genius. And certainly, the boy was a genius, a little too much for his own good.

    That genius, that spark of intelligence was stroked and praised, and in time so did his own ego. Instead of wallow in praise, however, he simply earned it. He focused upon his studies, upon the pecking orders of social circles, and in school he not only excelled, but was seen as exceptionally charming and bright. These were no illusions or masks, but instead the true face of whom he was being. Beneath that charm and wit was a hunger for something more. It was not enough to simply excel, he had to be the best there was.

    After graduating from the University he served in the Second Circle and then the Steward position of the Pirenza Province, and for a time that suited him. And for a time, his service to his Queen and to Dhemlan was enough. It was enough to be recognized as incredibly useful and powerful. It was this mixture of loyalty, charm, and resourcefulness that had helped avert several crisises in Dhemlan and to avert war. It was his network of agents and spells that gave him intelligence on a plot against Lady Alejandra sa Roya, the Green Jeweled Priestess Queen of Dhemlan. Through hasty action, Taulamous stormed the stronghold of the conspirators and with the assistance of Alejandra’s nephew, slew the ringleaders of the plot.

    His heroism elevated him to the position of Steward, acting as Alejandra’s close counsel and one of her best friends. He wed one of her daughters, and for a time, Taulamous was content and he was happy.

    But a thousand years went by, and then another, and Taulamous became bored. By now he had stepped down from the Steward position, though he remained close to Alejandra, and moved to other pursuits. He was the Dean of the University at the time, experimenting with a form of Craft that might, for a time, allow him to see the world with senses beyond his own despite the lack of Black Widow Training, when a voice in the darkness spoke to him in his laboratory.

    Taulamousssss the voice both hissed and whispered, a seductive sound that instantly garnered his attention. At first the Sapphire Prince was wary, thinking he may have been suffering a delusion, but the voice identified itself as something he had only read brief fantastical myths from in the vast libraries at the University: One of the spirits of the Dea al Mon. It identified itself as Balmung, the Elder Dark, and it was interested in him.

    Spoiler: Balmung’s History (click to show/hide)

    The serpentine speaking spirit smoothly flattered the egotistical Prince, and unwittingly Taulamous came under its thrall. Balmung promised Taulamous knowledge beyond any peer, and to prove itself showed him errors in his own magics that soon became frightfully powerful with just the spirit’s instruction, let alone it’s personal power. Balmung’s ability to communicate with Taulamous was limited, able to speak for only a few minutes a day before it had to withdraw back to its prison and avoid detection. Yet the seeds of its release were set, and over time Balmung nurtured Taulamous’s hunger for power and knowledge, as well as his own beliefs that he could control the spirit, and in time Taulamous left behind his family and his position to travel west to the closed borders of Dea al Mon.

    With Balmung’s assistance Taulamous was able to circumvent the closed borders, using a form of magic that would allow him to meld into the earth and to move beneath and through the spells and wards placed to keep out the rest of Kaeleer. Balmung guided him to the Court of Devinos, where Taulamous emerged from the forest, surprisingly able to avoid the notice of the Court’s sentries, and introduced himself to the guards at the gate.

    Normally any outsider would have been executed on the spot, but the fact that he had even made it to Devinos through the closed borders brought forth a need for investigation. Taulamous claimed that he had been an avid researcher of them from other lands, surprising the Dea al Mon with tidbits he had “heard”, and spoke the honeyed words with the assistance of his dark mentor and his Craft to say he sought only to be a chronicler of their impressive people; a researcher of their unique culture, and more, to do whatever it took to earn their trust and respect. His mind was searched thoroughly by the Black Widows of the Coven, yet they found nothing amiss of his story, for powerful as they were, they could not detect Balmung’s presence or his meddling. The ancient Spirit had thought long of its plan.

    Taulamous’s plea to earn his place was not easily considered, and for a time he languished in the cells of Devinos. He was irate at first, but the old spirit whispered “patience. patience” into his ear, and he listened. When he was allowed to try the tests he went through harrowing quests, and then finally was forced to serve in the Ebon Guard at the rank of Private for some ten years. This had been galling at the time, given how old he was in comparison with his superiors and his “peers”. But despite the aggravation and the annoyance it was clear he was making his mark, and with the old spirit’s guidance, he was able to succeed where none thought it possible. Taulamous was considered a probationary guest of the Dea al Mon as he completed his service with the Ebon Guard, and for a while he served with the Territory Court so that he could be properly watched. Now considered “equal” with the Dea al Mon, the two forces began their work in earnest, and Taulamous began laying the groundwork to release Balmung from its prison.

    At the time the Priestesshood was still in full force, and as such the Dhemlanese Prince had to be extraordinarily careful. While they were ignorant to the full extent of Balmung’s abilities and its communication with Taulamous, they were not naive to the danger of the old creature, and so Taulamous avoided the site that held his “partner”. Instead he began the long, arduous task of creating several powerful artifacts that would free the spirit from its prison, offering them as “gifts” to influential members of the Dea al Mon to earn his place. Those who accepted the relics found them to be extraordinarily powerful, unaware that they were poisonous presents that soon became family heirlooms handed down from generation to generation.

    While Taulamous was patient, he was finding that there were several walls he was coming across that simply needed more hands to assist him. He had been part of the Dea al Mon for three hundred years by then, and had well established his position as a respected outsider (albeit grudgingly so). He knew he needed others to help him in his glorious project, but he could not trust the Dea al Mon to do his work. So he resolved to bring in, or rather create, outside assistance.

    Leaving the Territory for a time through the same method he had entered, Taulamous went to several of the Short-Lived Territories: Scelt, Dharo, Little Terreille, where members of the Territory poor lived and died in an eyeblink in his own life. There he began to kidnap youths and teenagers, beginning to experiment upon them from his hidden sanctum in Dhemlan, not far from his family home. He still had friends there, and while some questioned where he’d been the last three hundred years, enough influence and money made questions go away.

    But some meddlesome individuals simply refused to be accommodating. His son, once his star pupil, for one. Taxet wasn’t brave enough to investigate his father himself, and rather hired a raucous pirate and some sort of archaeologist to look into his activties. Soledad Augustine was a name that, to this day, Taulamous curses, for she was the one who not only uncovered just what he was up to, but went to Mitra Sa Roya and had his name condemned for the whole of the Territory. His reputation, that of a pristine hero, was forever ruined by her transgressions. He fled before Soledad’s Ebon Gray lackey could apprehend him, but it was a near thing, and he only made it back to Dea al Mon with a single child that had survived the experimentation process: A blood female by the name of Alusair..

    But Soledad found her victory to be Pyrrhic, for the children who did not reach his standards for intelligence and inquisitiveness had been left behind; covered in craft that exploded to the last child when Soledad and her pirate lackey came upon his sanctum. At the time Taulamous believed she had been slain, but would come to find later that she had not only survived, but vowed to be his downfall.

    He returned to Dea al Mon furious, and plotted his revenge. For a time that occupied him instead of assisting Balmung, to which he had his daughter focus her efforts on. While she was an oddity, she was not out and out executed, as she was still a child when she had arrived, and even the feral Dea al Mon would not kill without cause. However Taulamous was warned that no other outsiders were to be permitted: The Children of the Ebon Wood did not desire a sudden immigration of outsiders.

    This stigma proved to be too much of a hindrance for Taulamous and Balmung to continue their work in full. Taulamous, independent of Balmung, decided to test their theories of breaking the spirit prisons the Priestesses had used. After charming a Priestess into not only becoming a lover, but soon a wife, Taulamous used that connection to find the location of the spirit Akil’Hazon, a spirit of fierce and terrible wind. With Alusair’s aid, they incapacitated the Priestesses guarding Akil’Hazon’s prison, and released the ancient spirit into the Tigrelan that was on watch nearby. The ancient spirit overwhelmed the Kindred’s mind, and made use of its body to murder the unconscious Priestesses, then set about on its revenge.

    While they claimed that both of them had sworn fealty to Akil’Hazon, he was just a patsy to their larger plot. The two of them went immediately to Queen Vision’s Court, then the Territory Queen of Dea al Mon giving her warning of the evil that had been unleashed (how unfortunate it was that Taulamous’s wife was one of the ones slain, and how fortunate it was that he had happened upon her location to visit her…), just before the spirit-possessed Kindred entered the Black Castle and began a rampage of carnage leading to her halls.

    Alusair and Taulamous both acted as Akil’Hazon’s host entered the room, and with the aid of the Queen’s Court, the beast was slain. As Akil’Hazon’s spirit attempted to enter Vision’s body, Taulamous bound it into Alusair’s blade, holding the malicious entity at bay. Vision was so impressed with their valor, and thankful for their actions, that she decreed that both of them would become honored members of the Dea al Mon. Taulamous named himself “Nemesis”, to remind any who would be her foe, would find him an enemy as well. Alusair named herself “Scion” to honor her father, and to hallmark all that she owed to him. Vision had the blade holding Akil’Hazon entrusted to the care of Nemesis and Scion, as both understood the magics that bound the spirit -- but they would be watched by the High Priestess to assure the spirit remained safe.

    That was, of course, fine with them both -- it had been part of the plan, after all.

    The act had done two things for Nemesis and his daughter: It had given them respect and an “in” to the Dea al Mon society, and it also assured the Priestesses would be more vigilant. To that end Balmung’s communication with Taulamous was limited, for he risked discovery by acting out. For a while they laid low and tried no further schemes. They had risked a great deal with their gambit and succeeded, but they did not wish to press their luck further. Time was on their side, after all. A generation of the Dea al Mon lived and died, and then another, and then another. Both of them worked hard on their research on Akil’Hazon’s prison -- for though Nemesis claimed to Scion and Balmung that he wished to free the ancient spirit, now he thought to claim Balmung’s incredible power for himself. With the ancient spirit unable to watch Nemesis closely, the aging Prince began to plot his ultimate plan to claim Balmung’s might.

    When the Purge struck, Nemesis was not prepared for it, though he was fortunate enough to survive it. Scion, in fact, saved his life. She had seen the storm tear through Devinos and raced for his home, bursting through the door and without a word knocked him unconscious before he could argue with her. When he awoke, the rest of his household -- his servants, his wife, his two young half Dea al Mon children -- were dead. While he did not appreciate the method, he could not argue the results, and as he rose to his feet in the wake of the Witchstorm, they went to work.

    The two of them systematically destroyed all records the Priestesshood had of the Spirits, their prisons, how to speak to them, and how to bind them. Their sacrifice had kept Loku from rising and devouring the Lands of the Ebon Wood, but the Caste as a whole had worked counter to their goals. They sacked alters, sanctums, schools, and private homes as over the course of two years they erased the teachings of an entire Caste across the whole of the Territory. As the Waste began to claim its first victims, Balmung warned Nemesis of its nature and that in time it would claim him as well -- unless he freed Balmung first. Free from their greatest roadblock Nemesis entered Balmung’s prison for the first time and began to catalouge the whole of the wards and spells placed on the ancient spirit. To this day that work continues still.

    He left Dea al Mon again, taking Scion with him. He wanted subjects to test the prison’s defenses, and could not easily find expendable subjects from the Dea al Mon. Once more he went to kidnap children from the short-lived, and once more he was confronted by Soledad. Their last confrontation was the most harrowing, as Soledad broke his Sapphire as she prepared to kill him. As Soledad pontificated, Scion hovering nearby, Balmung reached out to Scion for the first time. Taulamous had carried with him a single small amulet that was the focus of their communication, and through it the ancient spirit spoke to his daughter. "Release me" It had said. "Free me to save your father!" Before Soledad could strike the final blow, Scion released the fragment of Balmung’s psyche that Nemesis carried with him.

    Both Scion and Nemesis had misjudged the might of the sliver of Balmung's power, as the entire room was filled with darkness. That single fragment nearly killed everyone in the chamber in its attempt to destroy the Gray Black Widow. Soledad broke her own jewel in the effort to repel the spirit, and Nemesis reigned back the spirit’s shard and contained it again -- both him and Scion escaping before Soledad could claim her wits about her. They both retreated to Dea al Mon, having claimed both a number of individuals Nemesis could use to breed subjects with, and a number of artifacts that might assist in the release of Balmung. They hid the children from the Dea al Mon, knowing that the xenophobic people would not welcome additional outsiders. And in truth it did not matter: They were not long for this world in any event.

    The brush with the ancient spirit shook Nemesis’s resolve in releasing his “friend” of some thousand years. In that time he has sought other avenues in ways to bind the creature, not content to release it until he was certain he had a host that could resist Balmung’s control. While Scion researched and plied her work, Nemesis continued to serve as an advisor and friend to the Devinos Court. As Spectre came to power, he was one of her oldest and closest friends. As her paranoia of the Waste grew and she began to force its victims into prison-like-centers, she granted him leave to use them for experiments to “find a cure to the Waste”. In truth he used them to breed more potential hosts and test subjects, and until the last twenty years, he had found no success.

    But that has changed. Rakal, his youngest son, shows the potential to be the host he needed. He has gone to great lengths to prepare his son to serve as the conduit to Balmung’s release, as well as Nemesis’s control of its power. He acts now to orchestrate that great act -- convincing Spectre to bring to court two young Priestesses. He plans to sacrifice them both to assure Balmung’s release, and in so doing, gain the power that the ancient spirit holds.

    He is as of yet unaware just how deeply his secret plans are known to Balmung, nor how badly he’s been manipulated by the ancient creature. For now he moves patiently, convinced that his ascendance is at hand and unaware that he is walking into a trap -- one that could bring ruin to the whole of the Dea al Mon.

    Show Us What You've Got

    Character in Play:

    “We will be free!” The white-tiger roared, its eyes filled with sparkling light. Akil’Hazon’s power coursed through its feeble frame as it leaped through the air towards Taulamous, Alusair, and a room full of Lady Vision’s guards. The spirit’s rage was terrible as razor-sharp wind rushed with its feline form, throwing men up from the ground and slamming them against the wall with such incredible force that their bodies were mostly unrecognizable.

    “Steady.” Taulamous whispered to his daughter, a hand upon her shoulder, the other on his longsword. “Steady.” His voice he knew was as calming to her as any Queen’s to her bonded Male’s. While Vision trembled behind him and her Consort stood solidly between the spirit-possessed Kindred and his Queen, Taulamous did not move. He waited. And waited. While he waited men were dying, and screaming, and the white-tiger’s fur became to be caked in crimson hues of blood.

    “Now.” He said aloud, and when he did he enacted the self-destruct spell on the amulet that bound Akil’Hazon to its host. The Tigrelan roared, as did Akil’Hazon, as the spirit began to be unhinged from its body. For a moment the host was confused -- afraid -- uncertain what had happened, and then Alusair’s blade sank hilt-deep into its skull. Now she was caked in blood, much like the creature she had slain.

    Akil’Hazon roared and its ethereal body, part mist and part lightning, surged towards Vision. Taulamous lifted his blade into the air, and whispered the command word to enact the second piece of Craft he had prepared. Outwardly he hewed the spirit in twain with his magical blade, but the reality was his cleaving strike was the final act to bind it to the weapon.

    Where there was once a cacophony of screams, battle cries, wind, and roars, there was now silence. Silence and heavy breathing built on fear and shock. His hands trembled as he held the blade in his hand that contained a spirit older than written history. It raged against his mind, clawing desperately to find an escape, but the prison held. Taulamous surveyed the room and saw every set of eyes were upon him in a mix of shock and awe. He released his breath and looked down at the creature who lay dead at his feet -- Alusair’s blade sunk deep into its skull. A pity, really, that the creature had to give its life for such research. It was a graceful being, and much more tolerable than the Dea al Mon he was surrounded by. But sacrifices had to be made.

    “I owe you my life.” Vision breathed nearby him, her hands reaching out for him, but stopping short thanks to her protective outsider. “You. An outsider. Both of you. Both of you saved my life!”

    Taulamous bowed his head deeply, resisting the urge to smile in triumph -- that would tip his hand. “I only did what any man in Dea al Mon should do, My Lady.”

    In the back of his head, he heard Balmung laugh.

    Petitions (if any):  Reactivation

    Why did this character became inactive?
    Because I became inactive.

    What will you do to prevent this character from becoming inactive again?
    I can't promise it won't be ever again, but I have a high interest in writing him because of evil plots.

    What are your plans for this character?
    None of your goddamn business.

    But seriously, Dea al Mon Mayhem

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