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Author Topic: Lockstep Leomaer  (Read 579 times)

Description: Prince. Tiger Eye to Purple Dusk. Played by Myst.

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Lockstep Leomaer
« on: Dec 12, 18, 10:21:12 PM »
The Basics

Character Name: Lockstep Leomaer
Nicknames: Lock
Age and Birth Year: 30 (b. 164 AP)
Race: Dea al Mon
Caste: Prince
Birth Territory: Dea al Mon
Home Territory: Dea al Mon

Birthright Jewel: uncut Tiger Eye
Offering Jewel: uncut Purple Dusk



Play By: Lennart Richter
Distinguishing Features:

Unlike many Dea al Mon natives, Lockstep was never able to gain much muscle in his years of training and service in the Ebon Guard. The muscle he has is nicely toned; he was just uable to bulk up, despite his best efforts. The result is that he is lean, and sometimes called skinny because clothes tend to hide that he is toned.



Accustomed to luxury, Lockstep is prim and polished in both appearance and behavior. He is pretty and he knows it. In fact, he prefers the words pretty and beautiful to handsome, not that he would necessarily say that out loud. He's graceful and well-spoken, and makes sure he is always well-dressed. Nice clothes are social armor for him, making him feel more powerful while he is working. Being under-dressed is akin to being vulnerable, and Lockstep can think of few thinks more uncomfortable.

Anger manifests in several ways, depending on the situation. Fear that transfers to anger tends to be harsh, but anger can also show up in a way that can be described as sarcastic and bitchy. He's the type to roll his eyes (mentally more often than not now), and let out small, annoyed sighs.

Beneath the precise surface is a man whose life is in turmoil. The recent death of his father, taking over the family business, and then his brother's disappearance all cause him stress and anxiety. His response is to tightly control everything that he can, from his appearance to his employees, in order to compensate for the things he can't. It's not really adequate, which only makes him tighten his grip.

Lockstep is driven and determined to succeed at everything he puts his mind to, even if the process is detrimental to his own health. He demands the best of others around him, which has the unfortunate effect of sometimes having unattainable expectations of his employees. Lockstep sometimes recognizes this and does his best to correct it, but it doesn't always happen.

He is also generous. For all that he expects of his employees while they are working, he will also help them out if they need money or time off to deal with personal issues. He will also silently donate money to causes that he supports, and only rarely wants recognition for it.

  • Fanciness: in an elegant sort of way, Lockstep likes to look fancy. If it shines, he likes it. If it's made of expensive fabric, he likes that, too. These things are normal for him as he was dressed well as a child, and this continued into adulthood. Where others may have found this stifling, Lockstep embraced it as part of his personal image.

  • Combat: Although Lockstep strives to always appear to be composed, he does enjoy fighting, especially when he wins. His skills put him at slightly better than average, and he fights with the same grace that he moves with in all other aspects of his life.

  • Organization:  with so much of his life feeling out of his control, Lockstep likes to organize anything he can. Everything from his hair to the bags of belongings that he vanishes are arranged just so. The process of doing this gives him some feeling of normalcy and control, calming the turmoil he tries to keep in check.
  • Surprises: whether it's news—any news, good or bad—or someone doing something unexpected, or even a surprise party, Lockstep doesn't like it. He likes to know what is going on and when, or how people are going to react in a given situation. Not knowing or the possibility of being put on the spot makes him anxious.

  • Salty foods: A little bit goes a long way when it comes to salt. Too much and he has to work not to make a face at whatever he's eating, and then he's stuck making a show of pushing it around his plate to make it look like he ate something. He has mastered this technique, thanks in part to years of eating overly salty food made by one of his father's cooks.

  • Being Alone: This includes all aspects of being alone, emotional and physical. A tactile person, Lockstep dislikes the loneliness that comes from going long periods of time without any sort of physical touch, sexual or not. He finds it eerie to be alone anywhere other than, for example, his bedroom, but even then it can be unnerving. It makes him feel exposed and allows his mind to travel down the path of dark what-ifs.
  • For his little brother: Lockstep has not seen his little brother in months, and he fears that the boy's mother has taken him to join the Brood, as was her plan. He is terrified that this means that his brother could already have been taken by the Waste, and that the last of his family is gone (he thinks), and that he is truly alone. And if he does find his brother alive and well, he worries that the boy will have permanent emotional damage from things he may have seen. Lockstep is also afraid that since he has zero experience raising a child, he will not be what his brother needs.

  • Mice: One ill-conceived practical joke turned into a lifelong fear for Lockstep. Whenever he sees or hears a mouse (or something that might be one), he's dropped back into the memory of five mice scurrying over him under his blankets, along with the tears of laughter of his "friends" while he shrieked and tried to get rid of the beasts—mice and boys alike. Unfortunately the shrieking has survived alongside the fear.

  • Running out of money: Lockstep would struggle if he had to give up his lifestyle. He has never wanted for anything material in his life, but he has seen enough to know that he would not do well if he no longer had money. Especially now that he's taken over for his father after his death, it causes Lockstep enough worry that he goes over the books far more regularly than is necessary and will often personally investigate discrepancies. Being unable to do this as often as he would like while he is away searching for his brother only adds to the fear.
Craft Strengths:
  • Efficiency: Lockstep's decision to focus on his skills with efficiency craft began as an unconscious one. He had to make up for his lack of brawn somehow, and the way to do this was through making sure that every action he took during a fight was meaningful. His teacher noticed, then, and added focus to it through additions to his training regimen.

  • Reading Emotions: Knowing how another person is feeling is very useful during negotiations, and so Lockstep's father had his tutors practice this will him a lot in preparation for his intended role as an adult. Lockstep sometimes felt uncomfortable doing this, as though he is invading someone's privacy, but as a child also helped him determine if teasing is hostile or truly just teasing. The discomfort in certain situations remains, and he tries not to take advantage of it too much.
Craft Weaknesses:
  • Contracts: Although Lockstep is good at negotiating contract terms, the contract creation itself is not his strong point. His attempts to add consequences to them using Craft have largely been failures, as evidenced by the fact that his brother's mother was able to take him and run off.

  • Vanishing & Conjuring: Despite the organization that Lockstep employs with most other aspects of his life, including to containers of items he vanishes, Lockstep is not always the best at retrieving the things he vanishes. Sometimes he comes up with an entirely different object altogether; sometimes what he is retrieving will appear above his head or--Darkness forbid--above his head; sometimes it takes him several tries to conjure anything at all. Rather embarrassing, really. In an attempt to get around this, Lockstep will often vanish containers of items, although there's still a high probability that he will conjure the wrong container.
Life Story

Mother: Precision Leomaer, descent Yellow witch, deceased 170 PP
Father: Plethora Leomaer, Rose to Opal Prince, deceased 193 AP
Father's Lover: Modicum Birel (b. 158 AP), Yellow to Rose witch
Half-Sister (same mother): Depth Leomaer, descent White witch, deceased 175 AP
Half-Brother (same mother): Alacrity Leomaer (b. 150 AP), Summer Sky to Opal Warlord, presumed dead
Half-Brother (same father): Myriad Leomaer (b. 188 AP), future Summer Sky to Purple Dusk Prince


Lockstep's earliest years were spent being doted on by his loving mother and by his older siblings. He doesn't remember much of her, though; mostly feelings at this point because she died when he was only six years old. After that, he was raised by a nanny or a tutor because his father, Plethora, was too busy to spend much time with him. Plethora loved his son, though, and made sure he had good teachers and that the nanny treated him well.

Good money did indeed pay for good teachers, and Lockstep learned quickly. When he wasn't learning, he was playing with other Aristo children, and sometimes he attended events put on by his father. An event he would have avoided if possible was the funeral of his older sister. How she died was only whispered about, but Lockstep thought he heard the Waste mentioned more than once. Around this time, his older brother vanished as well, although the same was not whispered about him. Instead, they spoke of vengeance, though no one would speak directly to Lockstep about it.

He received the Tiger Eye at his birthright, a beautiful uncut Jewel, of which his father was very proud. It was one of the few times Plethora made a point of attending something for his son, and Lockstep was quickly back to spending time with the tutors instead. His learning expanded to combat, where he learned that his preferred weapon was a pike, as well as protocol, which he found that he genuinely loved.

Lockstep also learned the cruelty of other children as they grew and he did not. Eventually he caught up in height, but while they added muscle, he could do nothing but remain thin. He decided that even if he was not going to look like many of them, he would at least be the best dressed. Thankfully this went along with his father's requirements for his behavior.

Another proud moment shared between father and son was Lockstep's descent to the Purple Dusk, a full descent with another uncut Jewel.

As was required of all non-Warlord Princes, Lockstep was required to join the Ebon Guard. This was one of the more trying parts of his life; he found that he much preferred to be a strategist than actually doing all of the fighting. Certainly he enjoyed combat, especially showing off during sparring sessions, but thinking through the hows and whys was much more interesting.

After his compulsive time in the Ebon Guard was up, Lockstep chose to leave and he began learning directly from his father so that he could take over the family's business. It was strange, learning from Plethora like this since he had spent very little time with him before. It seemed that Plethora had had a change of heart, though, and realized all that he had missed.

Plethora also turned out to be missing companionship and brought a woman named Modicum into their lives. She was barely five years older than Lockstep, but he did his best to be civil to her. He couldn't help but look at her in a suspicious light, worried that she was only there for his father's money and influence, and she always seemed to resent him for that. Out of Plethora's sight, she was downright nasty to Lockstep, and the one time he tried to bring it up to Plethora, he was told to do his best to tolerate Modicum because Plethora loved her.

Soon that love brought about a pregnancy, and Plethora was forced to recognize how irresponsible Modicum was. Lockstep created a contract to give Plethora guardianship of the child even before the Birthright ceremony, which would then transfer to Lockstep should his father die before the ceremony. She readily agreed to it, having little interest in raising a child. In return, she was well cared for during her pregnancy, and afterwards.

As feared, Lockstep's father died when Myriad was four years old, and in those four years, Modicum had been a somewhat decent mother to the boy, so Lockstep thought that maybe it would be best for Myriad to remain with her and see how it went. But things did not go well. Lockstep was too busy settling his father's affairs to notice right away that Modicum was not treating Myriad as well as she should; what she really wanted was the money that was available for Myriad's care. Then Lockstep heard that she was considering joining the Brood. He immediately demanded that she return the boy to him, and instead of doing so, she disappeared, taking Myriad with her.

The search for Myriad took Lockstep away from home, although everything is handled well enough by his employees. Lockstep hired help to find Myriad as well, sparing no expense, and his sources pointed him to more and more dangerous areas, and even though months have passed, he won't stop until he finds his brother.

Show Us What You've Got

Character in Play:

"She is going to what?!" Lockstep said, positive he had heard wrong.

"You heard correctly," the Yellow Jeweled Warlord said with a solemn expression. Lockstep shot up from behind his desk and began to pace. Two steps in, he caught himself and stopped, clasping his hands behind his back to hide the way they shook. No one in their right mind would willingly join the Brood. Accept the Waste. It was a death sentence! And to plan to take a child with her?

A child who was four years old! Practically still a baby!

"How certain are you that this is true?" Lockstep asked, proud that he didn't let the fear encroach on his voice. He had known that something was up with her; it was why he hired someone to watch her in the first place. But this? It was beyond anything he could have imagined her doing.

"Very certain," he responded and Lockstep felt the fear twist into fury. The air around him chilled slightly, and the Warlord took a small step back, away from Lockstep's desk. He turned to away, the Warlord forgotten as he reached for the mind of his late father's lover. Being barely five years older than him, he never thought of her as a stepmother, especially because she was at least ten years behind him in maturity. He took a breath, leashing his temper so it didn't precede his voice along the psychic connection.

*Modicum. I need you to bring Myriad to me. Now.* Though Lockstep tried to remain calm, and the Warlord scuttled out of the room. It was probably the intelligent thing to do, even if Lockstep had no intention of harming the messenger.

*Why?* Modicum asked, as if she had no idea. Well, she would have no idea that he knew about her plans. Now alone in his office, Lockstep allowed himself to pace. A swipe of his had had the door slamming closed, followed by a Purple Dusk lock to ensure his privacy.

*I would like to see him,* Lockstep replied, hoping that she would make this simple. *I thought you might need a break.* As if he would ever do her any sort of favor. They both knew it was a lie; such was the dance they did, feigning tolerance. It was a dance they no longer had to play their roles in now that Lockstep's father was dead. Usually Lockstep did anyway for Myriad's sake.

*Oh, no, we're doing quite alright today,* Modicum said. This time there was a quiver of emotion with her words. Evasion? Fear? Lockstep wished they were having this conversation in person so that he could read her better. He growled out loud, trying to come up with a better angle without tipping his hand. If she knew that he knew... well, he didn't want to think about that.

Still, this was serious, and he had to do something.

*Do I need to remind you of the contract? Of who is truly Myriad's guardian?"* It was perhaps too aggressive, but maybe the reminder of the consequences of breaking the contract would bring her around.

*I know as well as you do that your skill in that part of contracts is... lacking.* That was true, but Lockstep was hardly going to acknowledge it.

*You will bring him back to me this instant,* Lockstep snarled over the thread. His fists were clenched so tightly that his knuckles were turning white as he glared straight ahead.

The only response was laughter, and she did not return with his brother.

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Player Name: Myst

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Re: Lockstep Leomaer
« Reply #1 on: Dec 12, 18, 10:21:37 PM »
Could I have a general roll and five family rolls, please? :D

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Re: Lockstep Leomaer
« Reply #2 on: Dec 12, 18, 10:26:13 PM »
Weighed by Mother Night...

You've risen from the Darkness twice blessed with an uncut Tiger Eye Birthright Jewel, and were gifted with an uncut Purple Dusk Jewel at your Offering.



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Re: Lockstep Leomaer
« Reply #3 on: Dec 15, 18, 12:42:10 AM »
Ready for Zen to have a look, and then for review!

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Re: Lockstep Leomaer
« Reply #4 on: Dec 15, 18, 01:11:52 AM »
I love hiiim! Give him to me fite Queen! <3

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Re: Lockstep Leomaer
« Reply #5 on: Dec 15, 18, 05:22:31 PM »
Added to the que
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Re: Lockstep Leomaer
« Reply #6 on: Dec 16, 18, 08:52:21 PM »
Email:   Discord: Dash#6159